Revolutionary Girl Utena: Utena Enslaved Part 3 - Exhibition
by HunterOpera

"You're going to love this," Nanami said, and Utena blanched. Simply put,
anytime Nanami spoke to Utena these days, the pink haired girl found herself
blanching. Utena never enjoyed the things that Nanami made her do, but Utena
knew she was powerless to fight back, so long as Nanami had that damn
controller, the one that let her shock Utena at will. Worse, Utena had given
Nanami her word Anthy's freedom in exchange for Utena's slavery.

Thankfully, there had been no duels, recently. It was as if the power behind
the duels was waiting, trying to see what Utena's ultimate fate would be.

Not that Utena herself had any say in the matter.

Not any more.

Nanami used sports cuffs to lock Utena's hands in front of her, then ran a
rope down between her legs, attaching one end to the cuffs and pulling them
behind her, so that Utena couldn't pull her hands from her crotch. She
nuzzled the rope into Utena's folds, through the red shorts, and tied the
remained tightly around her waist. Utena gasped as the rope assaulted her,
making her warm and wet in places that still embarrassed her.

Nanami then hung a sign around Utena's neck, a sign that read simply 'for
rent.' Utena wondered what it meant, but had no real time to think it over
as Nanami commanded Utena to follow a couple of steps behind her, and to
not speak. Utena grimaced and complied.

As she walked, the rope between her legs cut into her more and more, causing
Utena to gasp as the rope mauled her most sensitive region, cutting into her
lower lips more and more. She fought for control of herself, but the going
was difficult, especially up stairs, which forced the rope that much closer
to her skin as she ascended them.

Utena focused on Nanami's back, her breathing ragged, as she tried to ignore
the wetness that stained her. As such, she wasn't really aware of where she
was being led, and did not realize that she was being taken into an elevator
that she did not recognize. She was just glad when Nanami gave her the chance
to rest, though not grateful that she had not cum, not now that she was all
worked up. She started grinding her hips into the rope, pulling her hands
away, but Nanami told her not to and threatened to zap her and Utena stopped
what she was doing, not willing to risk it the pain.

A handful of birds flew by, as they were halfway up the elevator.

Nanami smiled at her, and Utena felt like slapping the small blonde - but
even if she had been free to do so, even if the attempt would not have forced
the rope further into her, the younger girl would have zapped her for her
resistance, and then punished her... and Nanami could be very creative, Utena
knew. She'd suffered Nanami's creativity a lot lately.

The elevator stopped, and Nanami reminded Utena of her place, following a
couple of steps behind and silent. Utena glared at her, but did as she was
told, the rope once again cutting into her. Utena did her best not to moan
too loudly, but it was becoming difficult, and she could feel the heat in
her cheeks.

It took her a moment to realize that she was on some kind of platform. There
was a table, and some chairs, and on them sat the members of the student
council - Miki, Juri, and Saionji. No sign of Touga, though. Utena wondered
what they were doing here, what Nanami had planned, and then remembered the
sign around her neck and blanched.

Nanami couldn't be that cruel...

The three council members watched their approach with great curiosity. Juri
seemed somewhat detached, as usual, but Saionji merely looked at her with
naked lust, and Miki seemed somehow confused.

Nanami made Utena stop moving and wait, standing while she joined the other
council members and sat. She began to tell them about what had befallen
Utena, what had become of her and how she was now Nanami's slave. Utena
grimaced at the word, but Nanami pressed the button, and Utena fell to the
floor, convulsing as the electricity coursed through her. As it receded, she
lay on the ground, breathing heavily, eyes somewhat glazed. Nanami ordered
her to her feet, holding up the controller, and Utena forced herself up.

It took her longer than she would have liked, what with her hands bound and
the rope cutting her in half, but she managed to stand back up, holding
herself up with as much dignity as she could muster. Saionji leered at her,
and Utena felt herself going pale.

Nanami explained that she was willing to rent out her slave to the highest
bidder for the span of five days, after which bidding would begin anew.
Saionji's eyes lit up at this pronouncement, and Utena felt herself
shivering as his eyes roamed over her, from head to toe. Nanami told them
that she was not going to let them sample the wares, but would let them
watch how passionate the slave could be.

Nanami ordered Utena to her knees. Utena looked at the members of the
council, hoping that one of their number would help her, but all of them
merely watched and she could see nothing but lust in their eyes. Averting
her gaze, Utena bowed her head and fell to her knees, hoping to hide the
embarrassment she felt at having to act like this in front of these people,
all of whom had had so much effect on the events of her recent life.

Nanami extended a finger, and told Utena to come, as if she were a pet,
and to suck on her finger. Utena almost ran, but Nanami again held up the
controller, reminding Utena that she had no will in this, and Utena crawled
over as best she could on her knees. She parted her lips, and Nanami's
finger entered her mouth and ran itself along her tongue. The crawling over
had rubbed the rope into her, again, and the wetness she felt was almost
enough to help her forget about the people that watched her.

Almost, but not quite.

Nanami ordered her to put more heart into it, threatening to zap her again,
and Utena complied, sucking on the finger as best she could, running her
tongue and lips up and down it's length. She could feel the stares of the
other student council members, feel herself blush, and felt her hips swaying,
grinding into the rope all the more painfully.

Nanami pulled her finger from Utena's mouth eventually, and Utena gasped. She
wondered what was getting into her, that she could act this way, that she
could like it and miss the finger in front of the people that watched. She
reminded herself that she had no choice in what she was doing, even as her
hips still swayed.

Nanami grabbed Utena's hair and guided Utena's head between her legs, forcing
Utena to rub her face in and around Nanami's crotch. Utena could feel the
faint moisture there, smell the scent of Nanami as Nanami forced Utena there
with more and more force. Utena felt herself responding, felt her head moving
of it's own accord, her lips running along Nanami's legs, her tongue reaching
out to taste, and it took her some time to realize that Nanami was no longer
holding her there, and that she was acting of her own free will.

She pulled back, gasping, her eyes clothes, her lips wet, and wondered how
much of herself she had already lost.

Nanami cupped her chin, ran her fingers past Utena's face and to her hair,
pulling on the pink tresses and forcing Utena up, further up, past Nanami's
belly and to her breasts. Utena's tongue moved of it's own accord, darting
out where the nipples would have been, circling and tasting, as she felt her
gaze drop and the blood rush to her face. She could not believe she was
acting like some wanton slut, especially in front of her present audience.

Glancing up, she could see the haughty expression on Nanami's face, the look
of victory there as Utena obeyed her unspoken orders.

Nanami finally deigned to push Utena down, hands on Utena's shoulders, then
guided Utena further down, so that her head was on the ground and her ass was
exposed, her hands between her legs. Nanami repositioned her chair so that
she was behind Utena, and then pushed out with her foot, grinding her boot
and the rope into Utena, who gasped and writhed and did nothing to try and
get away. Her eyes closed, Utena let out a long, breathy moan as the foot
started to move, wriggling this way and that, and Utena felt herself shudder.

Nanami came down beside her, undoing the rope. Utena felt her hips move back,
trying to catch the rope, but failing as it fell away from her. The rope was
replaced though, and quickly, by Nanami's small and dexterous fingers,
pinching and prodding over that sensitive skin, and Utena found herself
pushing back, trying to force the fingers inside her, but to no avail. Nanami
knew how to tease her.

Utena's head hung low as Nanami pushed her fingers under Utena's waistband,
and began to pull her shorts down her long and athletic legs, exposing her
before the audience. Utena blushed as she remembered those who watched, but
still she offered no resistance, still she did not fight. She had no choice -
she had to endure this, for Anthy's sake, and for the sake of her own honor.

Those small fingers weaved themselves along Utena's abdomen, unbuttoning her
jacket, teasing her nipples and breasts through the fabric of her bra. Still,
Utena offered no resistance, just lay there and let Nanami molest her. The
fingers on her body left her even as the fingers playing with her now exposed
cunt continued to prod and tease and poke. Utena felt the knife, cold and
sharp, move along her stomach, then, and she gasped before the knife cut into
the fabric of her bra and cut it away, exposing her breasts, which hung down
below her. Nanami dropped the knife, batting at Utena a few times, and then
grabbed Utena by her hair, forcing her to stand.

And stand Utena did, the cold air roaming her body along with the eyes of the
student council, her mouth slightly open as she whimpered and moaned. Nanami
told her to lock her hands behind her back, and she did, as Nanami ran her
fingers up and down the length of Utena's legs, pausing to pinch and pull at
her inner thighs, and the valley of skin leading to the wetness between her

Nanami pushed one of Utena's legs up, resting the foot on a chair so that
her knee was bent at a right angle, and her most private flesh was further
exposed and gaped upon a little. And then the rope returned, caressing her
legs. Utena gasped, eyes closed, as something long and hard was traced down
her throat, between her breast, along her lightly muscled stomach, and lower
still, until it was only barely touched her, and then Utena shuddered and
jumped, her eyes open and glazed as she screamed her pleasure.

Nanami inspected her handiwork - the dildo pushed in to the hilt, locked in
place by the rope, Utena's sweating and gasping body shuddering with the
thing inside her, her eyes closed and her head hung in defeat. Nanami smiled,
and turned the vibrator on, and Utena shuddered all the more, her insides
shaking under the force of the thing inside her.

Utena stood there, her eyes open and glassy as her hips bucked and heaved,
her breathing shallow and her face a delicious red, as Nanami pushed on the
end of the thing inside her, forcing it further and further. Utena's lower
lips convulsed as her juices poured out of her, around the invader inside
her, and she could do nothing but whimper as Nanami smiled at the sight
before her, at the destruction of the once noble girl.

Utena fell back as another orgasm ripped through her, tearing her apart under
it's weight, and she fell back on her knees, hugging herself and bending
over, trying to hide herself, lost in the throes of ecstasy.

She felt fingers dig into her hair, felt herself raised painfully up as the
thing inside her continued to shake, driving her further and further towards
another orgasm. She forced herself to look up, her lips slightly parted as
low animal sounds escaped her, and she shuddered when she saw what lay before

Nanami had attached a strap on to herself and held it at Utena's lips. Utena
knew what was expected of her, and couldn't find the will to resist anymore,
not with her legs splayed open, exposing her shuddering sex and sweat soaked
skin and heaving breasts to any that cared to watch. The strap on hovered in
front of her, waiting, and she looked at it, not believing what she was about
to do.

Nanami did not grab her hair, did not guide her. She merely moved forward,
accepting, and took the thing into her mouth, running her lips along the
shaft as she had with Nanami's finger, earlier. Nanami bucked her hips,
forcing the strap on into her mouth, raping her face with it, and Utena
kept her hands behind her as the length moved along her lips and tongue
and throat, unresisting as the thing in her lower lips forced another
orgasm out of her.

Utena shut her eyes, her hips swaying as she tried to moan past the monster
in her mouth.

Utena forced herself up and onto the strap on, working it over as best
she could with the thing in her lower lips vibrating her with inhuman and
uncaring force. She sucked and cajoled, her tongue tumbling along the length
as it forced itself deeper into her throat, until finally Nanami gasped and
the thing pulled out, leaking fluids down her lips and face and chest.

Utena fell back, still but for shallow breathing and the swaying of her hips
as thing thing inside her continued to shake, continued to feed her lust. She
lay there, panting and exhausting, unable to move, as Nanami came down beside
her, running a hand along her abdomen and lower, playing with her clit before
moving up and cupping a breast, squeezing as she reminded Utena that there
was one last hole to show in this exhibition.

Utena gasped, her eyes widening as she realized what Nanami meant to do next,
but she was far too weak to do anything about it now.

Still, she tried. Utena moved her hands, trying to protect herself as Nanami
ran her fingers between Utena's legs, past her shaking lower lips and over to
the rosebud of her asshole. Nanami smiled at her, slapping her hands away,
and then ruthlessly rolled her over on her stomach, forcing the vibrator
deeper within her, and for a moment Utena lost track of her surroundings,
caught up in the white fire of yet another orgasm.

She regained enough of herself to feel the pressure against her rear, and
turned, an expression of horror on her face as Nanami battered past her
resistance and forced herself within. Utena cried, tears pouring down her
face as the last of her resistance crumbled beneath Nanami's onslaught, as
both of her lower holes were filled and she was rocked with the pain and
pleasure of it.

So impaled, Nanami grasped her hair again, forcing her up and onto the table,
so that she could see the faces of the student council members as Nanami
raped her, as she shuddered ands shook before them and offered no resistance.
Her eyes opened wide with tears, unseeing, then shut tightly as Nanami reamed
her ass, forcing her way in and out, and Utena shuddered and wept.

Nanami sat back then, forcing Utena back with her as she fell on a chair,
and Utena's hips continued to buck and sway and Nanami commanded her to fuck
herself. Utena did as she was ordered, too far gone now to care what she did
or who saw her, so long as the thing inside her continued to shake.

Utena gasped and moaned and shook, invaders in her ass and pussy while the
student council watched, smiling amongst themselves, wondering who among them
would offer the most money, and be the first to play with the new toy.

Nanami finally came, and pushed Utena off her lap and onto the floor, where
she lay, leaking juices and tears, lost in sensation, unable to listen as the
voices above her discussed who would rent her first...


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