Revolutionary Girl Utena: Utena Enslaved Part 2 - The Enslavement
by HunterOpera

Utena was beginning to hate Nanami. She wanted slap the girl, to send the
girl reeling to the ground in pain and hurt Nanami the way that Nanami had
hurt her.

Not that she could do anything about it right now.

Nanami had come to her shortly after school had ended. She'd let Utena go,
into the wild she had called it, after Utena had promised to be her slave to
save Anthy. Sure enough, Nanami had let Anthy go, and had expected Utena to
obey her every whim.

Utena had seen things in a slightly different light though. At least until
she'd gotten home, washed the cum off her, and noticed that she was still
wearing a collar. She tried to find a seem in it, someway to get it off, but
there was nothing save a clasp in the shape of the rose crest. The collar
was black, and thankfully small and thin enough that Utena could hide it
under her jacket, but it had elected some fairly interesting looks from the
basketball team.

Utena smiled despite her current circumstances. It was always nice to prove
that she was better than the boys.

And she was - that was hard to dispute. Not just the basketball team, either;
she'd beaten Miki, Saionji, Touga, and every other challenger. She'd been the
prince of Ohtori Academy, only to be outsmarted by a girl that had once been
described as ‘she who rules Ohtori from the shadows.'

And the girl had come to her, after school, and when Utena had protested
Nanami had shown her what the collar was for. With a press of a button,
Nanami was able to control Utena through the power of electricity, sending
Utena to the ground in a ball of gasping flesh.

She followed Nanami - her self proclaimed mistress - on hands and knees from
the school to the Kiryuu mansion, and then done what she had been instructed;
she'd lain on a heavy wooden cross, and let Nanami's girls women tied her to
it, her hands spread to either side, her feet left to dangle.

There was a hole just below the level of her most delicate flesh.

The hench girls had smiled and tickled her, then moved their hands up her
thighs and to the waist band of her shorts. The pulled the shorts down to mid
thigh, exposing her while restricting her movement, and then they had forced
a vibrator inside of her and turned it on.

She had tried to fight them, but Nanami would laugh and shock her whenever
she fought, and she quickly felt her strength ebbing from her, though she
managed to put up a token resistance when she felt the vibrator at her labia.
Still, she had been weakened, exhausted from her previous struggles and the
shocking, and the girl's had an easier time of putting the vibrator in her
than Utena would have liked.

Not that it mattered what she liked.

Not anymore.

The girls had then hammered a peg into the hole, sealing the vibrator in
place, and then pushed the cross up, so that all of Utena's weight fell on
the most sensitive part of her. They left then, laughing, as Utena tried to
struggle off, but there was no way for her to escape, and soon she gave up,
laying against the wood, eyes downcast as she whimpered and moaned.

She tried to think of how this began, of the moment that had led her to where
she was now. It was not a pleasant memory, but it was better than where she
was now.

It had begun simply enough - she'd been on lunch from the classes of Ohtori,
which she'd finally managed to catch up on - quite the feat considering the
chaos that her life had entertained since Anthy had come into her life, since
that long ago duel for Wakaba's honor.

Utena and Anthy had been walking, on their way to meet Wakaba. They'd been
talking, about nothing of any real importance, when Tsuwabuki, Nanami's right
hand man, had jumped out of the bushes with a pocket knife and charged.

Utena had pulled out an apple and been ready to eat it, just like she did
most days, and though the charge caught her off guard, she easily side
stepped it. It never even occurred to her that she was not the real target,
as Tsuwabuki stumbled past her and into the dirt.

She had looked down at Tsuwabuki, full of contempt, pausing only to take a
bite of her apple. That had been her mistake. Tsuwabuki had an apple, too,
one that looked more like the one that she had pulled out of her lunch bag
than the one that she had just bitten into, chewed, and swallowed.

She watched as Tsuwabuki smiled at her, and then her vision had gotten blurry
and her stomach had felt heavy and she had found it difficult to stand as the
boy just looked at her and she had fallen and all had gone black.

Though she did not remember it, she must have blacked out then. Utena could
only assume that Tsuwabuki had dragged her back to the mistress, could only
guess that this was when Anthy had been captured. Her bags and what was left
of her apple were left behind.

She must have been dragged. Tsuwabuki was not strong enough to carry her, and
there were dirt marks on the back of her shoes.

Though Utena was unconscious for it, she had seen the photos that Tsuwabuki
had taken, photos of Nanami tying her hands behind her, tying rope over her
jacket in traditional shibari, making her small bosom press itself up, as if
offering itself to be touched. With Utena so restrained, Nanami had done just
that, running her hands over the leather of Utena's jacket.

Even in the photos, even though she was unconscious, Utena had been surprised
to see her lips part, could imagine the low moan escaping from her mouth as
Nanami played with her.

There were more photos, of Nanami undoing the jacket buttons, one at a time,
but only the ones that covered Utena's breasts. Nanami exposed Utena's bra,
then used Tsuwabuki's pocket knife to cut that protective covering away,
exposing Utena in ways that only Anthy had seen.

Nanami had run her hands over Utena's globes, mauling them and tracing lines
around the nipples with her fingers, working until the tiny buds stood up to
her affections. Nanami had then bowed her head, licking at Utena's breasts
and savaging them with her teeth, all for the living eye of the camera.
Utena's expression, frozen in the photos, had been one of painful need.

Unconscious still, Utena had shook her head this way and that, as Nanami
continued to lick and kiss and bite, working her lips and tongue and teeth
over Utena's sensitive flesh, as she traced a line lower and lower, over
Utena's abdomen, down to her waist, underneath the waist band and towards
her most private areas.

The camera had captured the moment, of Nanami's hand in Utena's shorts, of
the fingers working their way in the red elastic cloth and lower, ever lower,
jutting in and out of what could only be Utena's nether-mouth.

And then, with flourish, as though she were a magician, Nanami ripped the
shorts off, revealing Utena's most intimate flesh, and the heavy wetness
that had settled there, even though Utena was not aware of it. All this was
recorded to film, though for what reason, other than to torment her, Utena
could not say.

Nanami took some more time to work her fingers into Utena's now exposed lips,
spreading them and pinching them, revealing every little fold to the light of
the camera, while, still not awake, Utena lolled her head in the background
and moaned. She lay, helpless and bound, and after a time Utena's face was
flushed and her hips were moving of their own accord.

It was then that Nanami moved away, and the camera captured Utena's
unconscious look of disappointment.

She needn't have worried.

Nanami returned, after all.

With a baseball bat.

Nanami had smiled, and moved the bat closer to Utena's lower lips, and that
was when Utena had awoken. She'd been stunned at first, looking around, but
even with her arms tied behind her she was able to trap the bat between her
well muscled legs and push away, keeping the bat from entering her. Nanami
smiled at Utena's shock, at her desire to fight, as she seemed to know that
she had won and there was nothing Utena could do - it was only a matter of

Utena screamed and fought and tried to talk her way out, even exposed as she
was, even sweating and wet, but Nanami would have none of it. She told Utena
what she planned to do, to the bat and to Utena, and redoubled her efforts,
but though she put all her weight into it, Utena was an athlete and her legs
allowed her to easily stymie Nanami's progress.

Nanami, however, would not relent, and her efforts were too much for Utena,
tied as she was, to push away completely.

Nanami pushed. Utena fought. Tsuwabuki took pictures.

This went on for a while, though Utena could not say how long. It was dark
outside, but it had been when she had woken up. It bothered her to think
about how long she had been under Nanami's thumb, and could only take solace
that things had not gone as far as they could have.

Eventually, Nanami ordered Tsuwabuki to put the camera on a tripod, to feed
it to a computer and set it to auto-flash, focused on Utena. Tsuwabuki, as
ever, did as his mistress bade him. Nanami ordered him to come closer, and
he did.

Nanami ordered him to play with Utena's most sensitive flesh, and he did.

Utena screamed and redoubled her efforts, but her hands were tie behind her
and she could not take her feet away from the bat, not without Nanami getting
the chance to push the thing inside her.

But as Tsuwabuki touched her sensitive little nub, she squirmed, her eyes
shutting as he rubbed his fingers over and around her, the breath escaping
her redden body and swollen labia.

It became harder to fight, harder to push, as Utena began to shake, her legs
giving ground, being pushed closer and closer to that which she had been
trying to protect. Nanami laughed to see Utena's weakness, as the bat grew

And closer...

And closer still.

When the bat reached the boundaries of her outer lips, so that the smooth
wood was brushing up against her hidden areas, Nanami reached out with one
hand and joined Tsuwabuki in teasing her, tormenting her already swollen

Utena let out a low moan, shaking her head in denial of what was happening
to her, saliva leaking down her mouth as her body expressed it's desire,
overwhelming her will and mind. And still, the camera took pictures, and
still, the teasing continued.

Over her sweating, treacherous body, Nanami and Tsuwabuki spoke of things to
do to her, but Utena was too lost in passion to hear their words, too lost
to do anything but feel the electric sensations that filled her and try to
remember to fend off the bat.

Tsuwabuki's hands left her lower areas, trailing north and he leaned her
back against him, groping her breasts, his hot breath on her neck and ear.
He began licking and nipping the edge of her face, his hands squeezing and
prodding her exposed breasts and pinching her erect nipples.

Nanami, meanwhile, leaned in closer, lapping at Utena's wet wet lips, teasing
and pushing her clitoris, before taking it in her teeth and pulling at it,
sucking at it ever so gently.

Utena cried out under their ministrations, could feel her will and her grip
slipping as one of Tsuwabuki's hands trailed lower and Nanami raised her
head. She half opened tearful eyes, looking down at herself as Nanami
redoubled her efforts, but this time there was no resistance, no hope of
stopping the unstoppable force of the bat.

As Tsuwabuki pinched her engorged clit, Nanami pushed again, and Utena could
hold it back no longer. The bat began to force itself into her, and Tsuwabuki
pulled his sopping hand back, forcing the sticky fingers into Utena's mouth
and wiping her own juices on her tongue. She felt her tongue curl around the
boy's fingers, of their own accord, sucking and swallowing the sweetness
enrapt upon them as she gasped and Nanami pushed.

Utena fell back, Tsuwabuki no longer supporting her, and let out a breathy

Her hips bucked up, her legs tensing herself up as Nanami continued to push.
It felt as if Nanami was going to split her in two, and that there was
nothing that Utena could do to save herself. She wept and begged and pleaded,
her eyes closed in twisted pain, Nanami's breath how on her bruised and
splayed lips, Tsuwabuki still playing with her breasts, the cameras still
recording all that was happening.

Again, Nanami ordered Tsuwabuki to do something, though Utena knew not what.
It was getting harder and harder to focus on the world around her, as the
massive shaft invaded her private channel, pushing against her inner lips and
forcing them apart. Tsuwabuki grabbed her legs out from under her, forcing
them up and over her head, and Utena was now much too weak to resist this
final, cruel act, this exposition of her most secret part.

Nanami laughed as Utena gasped and wept. Nanami began twisting the bat,
sending fresh waves of pain through Utena as the bat broke through her inner
walls and entered the deepest parts of her.

Tsuwabuki pulled on her legs again, raising her so that Utena was exposed to
the highest degree, and Nanami could force all of her weight down and into
her, forcing the twisting bat deeper and deeper into Utena, bruising her

Utena wept and panted, the pain overwhelming her, but also a sick kind of
pleasure that she tried to latch onto, if only to maintain her sanity as the
wooden shaft within her twisted and opened her in ways that she had never
even imagined possible.

Utena gasped, her body limp, unable to resist as the bat was forced further
into her, as her juices leaked down from her mound and onto her breasts and
face, into her suddenly dry mouth.

It felt like white fire lanced through her, claiming her, and then darkness
overwhelmed her and she was gone.

The camera had captured everything.

The camera had continued, as Nanami had removed the bat from inside Utena,
captured the juices that dripped off it and onto Utena's face. The camera
captured Nanami and Tsuwabuki removing her jacket, shoes, and socks, leaving
her naked and exposed, helpless before them.

They had certainly taken advantage of her, strapping her to the chair and
then leaving her, Nanami only freeing her to make her the deal - Anthy's
freedom for her slavery. It had seemed a fair trade at the time, as it was
the duty of a prince to suffer for her princess. Utena understood that.

But now, as she hung, exposed, the vibrator inside her changing it's rythym
constantly, leaving her breathless and reddened and panting once more, she
wondered what she had gotten herself into. That was about the last conscious
though she had, before the orgasms began to claim her, and it wasn't long
before her eyes were glassy and staring, unaware of the camera that continued
to record her humiliations for whatever purpose her mistress intended.

There was nothing Utena could do, save close her eyes and shake her head and
moan and vibrate in time to the toy within her. Cool air brushed against her
lips as they bruised against the wood underneath, all her weight dragged down
on her most sensitive parts. Her struggles weakened, her head lulled, as she
was helpless, defenseless against anything that was being done to her,
anything that her mistress wanted to do to her.

Had she been capable of thought at that moment, she would have wept. Though
Utena could not articulate it, not as she was, she knew that she had become
a slave.


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