Revolutionary Girl Utena: Utena Enslaved Part 1 - The Chair
by HunterOpera

Utena tried to focus on something, anything, but it was becoming increasingly

She was covered in a fine sheen of sweat, pale skin exposed and covered in
gooseflesh. She did not know how long she had been like this, as she had long
ago ceased being able to keep track of time. Very little really registered in
her conscious mind, other than the constant vibration inside her.

She would have voiced her protest, but the ballgag kept her silent. Her hands
were bound behind her, at the wrists and elbows, with leather belts that she
could not move, not for the life of her. Her legs were tied splayed and open,
thigh to shin, exposing her most delicate and private flesh. Or, at least, it
would have, if not the chastity belt that covered her and held in the hated
vibrator that had been placed inside of her so long ago.

The damn thing changed it's vibrations, often without warning, leaving Utena
a broken and gasping thing. Her hips swayed, trying for a release that the
vibrator denied her, as it seemed to shut itself off whenever she seemed on
the brink of orgasm.

A heavy collar bound her neck, and her breasts were pushed up to any who
would deign to touch them by another couple of leather belts that bound and
chafed and hurt whenever she moved. The collar had dulled metal studs inside
it that made it hard for Utena to breath, and rubbed her delicate neck when
she moved. She moaned, low and throaty into the gag, trying to find some kind
of purchase, some way to escape, but she knew that there was none. She had
struggled for hours already, and it would not have surprised her to learn
that her azure eyes were unfocussed and glassy. Saliva leaked down and out of
her mouth, fell on her breasts and trickled down onto her tight, athletic

She heard the presence of the other long before the other spoke. Utena kept
her eyes down, not wanting to betray her weakness to her captor, as the
captor stared down at her, deep violet eyes considering her. Utena could
picture the pert smile, the cold knowledge that she had won and beaten Utena.

Nanami stood in her school uniform, all woven gold and haughty arrogance, and
considered Utena for a while longer. This was the girl that had stolen her
brother from her, had made a fool of her on so many occasions, and now she
was here, and broken, and Nanami had a further surprise in store for her.

Nanami leaned down, resting her hands on Utena's knees, forcing them further
apart and forcing the vibrator further into Utena's recesses. Utena let out
a low moan, closing her eyes and raising her head, looking into Nanami's
smiling face.

Utena shuddered, helpless before this girl, but still strong, still defiant.
Nanami had not broken her, had not shattered her will.

Not yet.

"How are you doing today, dyke?" Nanami said, her voice pleasant. Utena
wished she could slap the smile off the girl's face, but she was bound and
helpless. "You look like you're enjoying yourself."

Nanami knelt, pressed the vibrator in further, turned it onto high, enjoying
watching Utena squirm under the sudden influence of the machine inside her.
Utena threw her head back and whined behind the gag, and Nanami smiled,
moving her hands up to Utena's breasts, kneading them and playing with the
sensitive nipples, licking around them before bringing her teeth down upon
them, eliciting a sharp breath of pain from the bound girl.

Utena half opened an eye, pleading, begging for the release that Nanami would
not grant. Nanami thrilled at the power she held over the girl, the prince of
Ohtori. Seeing the once confident girl tremble at her touch filled Nanami
with a cold glee that just made her want to continue her actions.

Not that there was anything stopping her. Not that there was anything Utena
could do about it now.

Utena seemed to want to say something, and this amused Nanami. She undid the
gag, let it fall out of Utena's mouth, a thick wad of saliva following it as
Nanami watched the girl try to catch her breath. She panted, and so Nanami
turned the vibrator down, waiting, eager to hear what Utena would have to
tell her.

"Let me go," Utena gasped, and this was greeted by that almost psychotic
laugh that Nanami was known for, the sound of it sending chills up Utena's
spine. "You can't keep me like this forever, Nanami. Not even your position
on the student council will protect you from this." Nanami just looked down
at her, silent and calm, and that frightened Utena, how chilling Nanami could
be. Nanami's eyes wandered over her splayed legs, her heaving breasts, her
stiff nipples and sweaty flesh, and Nanami smiled.

She bent down again, and undid the chastity belt that held the vibrator in
place. She pulled it out, cruelly, and Utena gasped, shocked at how empty she
suddenly felt, at the cool breeze that played and danced over her engorged
clitoris. Nanami flicked the sensitive organ, grabbed it and pulled at it,
causing Utena to squirm and struggle, to try and break free, but there was
nothing that Utena could do to free herself.

Nanami put two of her fingers inside Utena, then worked them in and out,
hooking her fingers and running them along Utena's inner walls. Utena closed
her eyes and bucked her hips, but Nanami just pulled the fingers out, cruelly
denying Utena her release once again, and then held up to Utena's eyes
something that horrified and shocked her.

It was another vibrator, but larger than the one that she'd had inside her,
and studded and veined besides. Utena felt her mouth gape, and Nanami laughed
at her, her expression and her helplessness, and then began to work the
monstrosity inside her.

Utena pushed forward on the chair, trying to defend herself, trying to close
her legs, but there was no helping it as Nanami forced the thing into her.
It was so large that the girl had to try, and Utena could feel herself
stretching just barely enough to allow the thing inside her. It made it's way
past her labia, but stopped at her inner lips, the delicate flesh putting up
resistance against Nanami's ministrations.

Nanami did not relent, though, did not give up her persistence, and Utena
could feel herself beginning to give way, could feel the invader enter her.
Her body spasmed as it entered her, as she howled her despair, but Nanami
had brought her to the Kiryuu mansion, and there was no one around her that
would hear her, no one around that would save her from Nanami's wrath.

Utena felt the thing fill her, and felt as if she would split down the
middle, all words stolen from the savage animal pain that filled her. She
felt the thing inside her grow impossibly bigger, and forced her eyes open,
not realizing that she had closed them. She whimpered when she saw what
Nanami was doing the vibrator was inflatable, and Nanami was inflating it,
stretching the cruel device and her insides, and then the horrid thing began
to vibrate and Utena found her head rolling in the throes of painful ecstasy,
having never felt anything like this before.

Nanami just laughed, forcing the thing in and out of her, a fierce look on
her face as she forced the device deeper and deeper into Utena, pulling the
pink tresses of Utena with her free hand, forcing the girl to watch her
growing violation as tears escaped her eyes.

Nanami knelt down lower, forcing the thing up on an angle, so that all of
Utena's weight was forced down on the vibrator as it continued to grow and
shake within her. So powerful was it's vibration that all of Utena's limbs
shook uncontrollably, and she faced the ceiling and screamed as the first
orgasm took her, and still Nanami did not stop, still she forced the thing
further into Utena, forced Utena to moved up and down upon it's girth.

Utena wept at her helplessness, at her violation, as wave after wave of
ecstasy crashed into her, turning her into a whimpering, panting ball of
tension, as Nanami continued to prod and poke and would not stop, would
not let Utena rest.

Nanami smiled as Utena's eyes grew glassier and glassier, but she frowned
when she saw that last speck of strength still within her, that bastion of
strength that had allowed the girl to overcome the council and her brother.
Nanami smiled - she had been hoping to see this, the evidence that Utena
was still there.

Nanami had every intention of breaking Utena to her will.

Nanami turned the vibrator to it's fullest setting, pushed the thing in and
out of Utena as hard and as fast as she could. Utena struggled and whimpered
and begged, reduced to simple animal sounds, but Nanami would not stop, not
even when Utena's mind could handle no more and she finally fell unconscious.

Still Nanami tormented her, laughing as Utena's helpless form continued to
twitch and moan softly. Still, she was getting ahead of herself. With great
reluctance she pulled the vibrator out, and smiled at the sticky white cream
that poured out of Utena as her labia twitched and seemed slow to fall back
in place. She brought the vibrator to her tongue and tasted Utena, wondering
how much she could sell these juices for to the girl's hundreds of adoring
fans around the school.

Nanami undid the girl's bonds and let Utena fall to the floor. She studied
the prone girl for a time, looked at her long well toned legs and tight body,
and had to admit that the girl was pretty. She smiled, attached a leash to
the collar, and waited for Utena to awake.

She did, eventually, coming back slowly. Nanami ran her tongue along Utena's
cheek, and though the girl's eyes were still glassy, she pushed Nanami away,
seemed ready to fight for her freedom, but Nanami had that covered. The leash
had a button on the end, and Nanami pressed it.

Utena tensed as electricity coursed through the metal studs inside her
collar, shocking her and bringing her to her knees. She couldn't even draw in
the breath to scream. She fell, holding herself and then the shock was over
and Nanami was laughing as Utena hugged herself and shook, trying to collect
her breath.

Nanami pulled on the leash, forcing Utena to follow, threatening to shock her
again if she tried anything. Utena started to stand, but Nanami shocked her
again. When Utena had recovered from this, Nanami ordered her to follow like
the bitch she was, on her hands and knees, crawling like a beast. Utena
glared up at her but complied, walking a little behind Nanami as Nanami led
her out of her cell and outside.

Nanami rambled on about some kind of surprise, but would not elaborate, and
Utena found herself trembling, trying to imagine the horror that Nanami had
prepared for her.

Nothing could have prepared her for the sight that eventually greeted her.

Anthy was chained to a tree, her legs splayed, her arms bound above her. A
massive double sided vibrating dildo had beef forced inside her, causing her
to quake. Her eyes were empty - moreso than usual - and her face was twisted
into exhaustion. Utena gaped, unsure what to do, but Nanami tied her leash
to a metal hook in the ground and walked towards Anthy's writhing form.

Utena felt like weeping, to see Anthy at Nanami's mercy the way that she
herself was. Utena could handle the humiliation and pain herself, could rail
against it, but seeing Anthy like this broke something in Utena, and made her
want to fight all the more, but Nanami still held the device with the button
on it. She held it up, waggled it for Utena's benefit while finishing her
march towards Anthy.

To Utena's horror, Nanami stepped on the portion of the vibrator outside of
Anthy, forcing the part inside to vibrate much more intensely. Anthy gasped
and bucked and moaned, seemingly lost in the pleasure of it. Utena knew that
Anthy was naturally submissive, but this display shocked even Utena, and she
knew not what to do as Nanami continued to torment Anthy, and Anthy seemed
to love it.

Utena pulled on her leash, voicing her protest, but Nanami had locked her
to her position and she could do little more than kneel with the slack that
Nanami had given her. Anthy opened herself to Nanami's abuse, gasping with
it, her dark body thick with sweat, as Nanami bent down and kissed her, and
Anthy welcomed the attention, returning with a passionate kiss of her own.

Utena closed her eyes and looked away, unable to face the display before her.

Nanami stood, undoing Anthy's bounds, and the dark girl ran her tongue along
Nanami's boots, up her thigh, clutching to Nanami as if to life itself.
Nanami ran her hands through the girl's purple hair, tugging mercilessly upon
it, and turned to face Utena, and made Utena her offer.

If Utena would give up, would agree to serve Nanami, to be Nanami's willing
slave, then and only then would Nanami let Anthy go. It was a trade - Utena's
freedom in exchange for Anthy's.

Utena thought about it, struggling with her decision, trying to find away
out, but she knew that there was none. She was merely delaying the inevitable
as Anthy suffered, as Nanami forced Anthy's head into her crotch, forcing
Anthy to nuzzle into it while she played with herself. Utena held herself,
bowed her head, and agreed to Nanami's terms.

Nanami asked Utena to repeat herself. Utena, after a moment, did, feeling the
heat in her cheeks as she did so. Nanami made Utena call her mistress, and
Utena did. Anthy bowed at Nanami's feet, as Nanami ordered Utena to display

Under Nanami's orders, Utena lay back, and then rolled over on her stomach.
She pushed her knees up under her, forcing her ass into the air, and spread
her legs, so that her lips fell slightly open. Nanami ordered her to splay
her bottom cheeks and lips with her hands, one hand for each hole, and Utena
blushed and did so.

When Utena thought to resist, or did not act quickly enough, Nanami tortured
Anthy, and soon Utena was trying to obey Nanami as fast as she could. The
sight of the once fierce girl now under her command made Nanami smile. Nanami
said she could drop her hands, and Utena did so with some relief.

Utena tried to maintain her position, her hands limp at her sides while
her ass hung in the air. Nanami sat on her ass, and Utena could hear the
haughtiness in her voice as she told Utena some of the things that she
planned to do to her, things that Utena would no be powerless to stop.
Utena began to cry as Nanami slapped her ass, again and again, bringing
her pert hand down on Utena's buttocks and splayed lips. Utena winced in
pain with each blow, but did nothing to stop them from landing.

She knew better.

Anthy struggled to her hands and knees, and began to make her way over to
Utena as Utena felt Nanami's fingers enter her, running back and forth along
her inner walls, causing her to gasp. She looked at Anthy for solace, for
warmth and comfort, but Anthy's eyes were still strange and distant and
Utena found no comfort there as the deft fingers moved in and out of her,
stretching and hooking, exploring and pinching her insides, and Utena found
herself panting, mouth open, a little bit of drool escaping as she heat
flooded her face and a heavy weight settled in around her nether region.

Nanami taunted her as Anthy got ever closer.

Anthy reached her, but Anthy did not offer comfort. Instead, she held the
exposed portion of the double dildo inside her, offering it to Utena, and
Nanami ordered her to suck, still running her fingers in and out of her.
Utena gasped, lost in sensation, so Nanami used her free hand to reach
around and grab Utena's hair, forcing her up. Utena opened her mouth in
protest, but Anthy had positioned the dildo underneath Utena's face and
forced the dildo into and past Utena's lips, cupping Utena's face in her

Utena stared at the thing as it approached, her eyes wet and vision
unfocused, as Nanami explained that the things Utena did to her side of the
dildo would effect Anthy, and that she could give Anthy the comfort that
Utena herself was now denied. Utena had thought to fight it off with her
tongue, but now she opened her mouth with grim acceptance, as Anthy forced
the dildo past her lips and onto her submissive little tongue.

Anthy forced the thing in, deeper, deeper, all the way to the hilt, until
Utena was almost choking on it. Anthy pulled back out, then, and then thrust
back in, fucking Utena's face with little enough concern for Utena. That
didn't matter to Utena - all that mattered was giving Anthy whatever comfort
she could.

She felt Nanami get off her and walk away, but that didn't matter, not with
Anthy trembling before her, expectant and waiting. Utena had always loved
Anthy, from the moment that she had seen her, and saw this as a last chance
to show her love. She began to suck in earnest, her ass in the air as Anthy
sank back on her haunches, letting Utena do the work, gasping as Utena ran
her tongue up and down Anthy's artificial shaft, bobbing her head up and
down and sucking, pressing her lips down along the length.

She heard Nanami return, behind her, but it seemed somehow unimportant as she
continued doing what she had been ordered to do.

She felt hands on her rear, lifting her up. Anthy followed, forcer her up
so that she was straight legged but bent at the waist, her mouth still full
of Anthy's cock. She rested her hands on her knees, and felt strangely
thoughtless as the heat and warmth and passion drowned out everything else.

She felt something hard against her bottom lips, and assumed that Nanami had
gotten another dildo. She didn't know that Nanami had gotten one similar to
the one that Anthy wore, and that she planned to rape Utena with it. She
smacked Utena's bottom with it, then forced the hard mechanism into Utena's
sphincter. Utena tried to voice a dim protest, but weak as she was it was
drowned out by Anthy's enthusiasm.

Nanami forced herself in, and Utena lacked the strength to scream or resist
in any way.

Utena was forced down to her knees again, still sucking on both ends, as
hard shafts penetrated her ass and face. Anthy grabbed her hair, forced her
in harder and harder, pulled her this way and that, gasping her pleasure as
Nanami rammed her from the rear, hard and painful, with no concern for her
at all. Nanami grabbed Utena's hair again, forcing her lips to Utena's ear,
licking them and calling her whore and slave and worse, taunting her with
how weak she had become.

Utena stayed silent, unable to defend herself, meekly accepting what was done
and said to her, as she had no other real choice. She tried to maintain her
balance as Anthy moaned and shook at Nanami reamed her from behind, pulling
her hair taut.

Anthy moaned all the harder as Utena continued to suck, continued to moan
under the ministrations of the other two girls. Nanami taunted her as Nanami
pulled out and forced her to the ground, Nanami laying her wait on Utena's
pack as Anthy grabbed her arm and sprayed her juices all over Utena's face,
another benefit provided by the device. Utena's eyes were glassy, and there
wasn't much left of her, not much left of the woman that she had been. Nanami
knew this and smiled, ordering Utena to catch Anthy's juices in her mouth and
swallow them, to lick up what she had missed even as Nanami continued to rape
her from behind.

Nanami pulled back when Utena was finished, tugging on Utena's pink hair and
forcing her up, forcing her legs apart so that she lay on top of Nanami, her
most delicate parts exposed. Anthy needed no prompting - she walked forward,
ignoring Utena's protests and pleas, and forced the dildo into Utena,
trusting in with brutal intent. Utena screamed and gasped and moaned as Anthy
played with her breasts, forcing her way in and out, and even Nanami could
feel the vibrations of the other dildo through Utena's thin membrane. The
feeling made her gasp as Utena's eyes opened in shock and other, more primal

Nanami and Anthy kept at the violation until Utena had passed out, and then
continued some more, until they were both spent. Nanami thanked Anthy and let
her go, then turned to consider the cum drenched Utena, lying helpless on the
green grasses outside the Kiryuu estate. She smiled, trailing her hands up
and down the helpless girl's back, and laughed when Utena let out a soft


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