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Revolutionary Girl Utena: Stable girl
by Dagger

Nanami entered the stables of the Othori Academy. Next to her walked Utena. Pink haired girl had a rose collar around her neck. It was a mark of her new status. After she lost a duel with Touga, she offered herself in the place of the Anthy. He accepted her offer and made her his property. But there was someone who was angry because of that. It was Nanami.

She discovered that Touga made Utena obedient for the owner of the collar. It was natural, Utena was much more strong minded to simply accept her new status. To her own amazement, Nanami found that the collar makes Utena to not only listen to Touga, but to his sister as well. So finally, she had a control over the girl she hated the most. She called one of her henchgirls to come with her and take a camera. She took Utena with her and walked down to the stables.

Pink haired girl followed her in silence. Rose collar made her accept the owner's wishes. Nanami walked to the section where a tall, black stallion was. It was her favorite horse. She always cared about him much. And it was perfect for her plans. She told Utena to crawl under the horse and kneel there. Having no other choice, Utena did what she was told. She had a bad feelings about this, because she knew how vile and cruel Nanami was. A strong stench of the horse filled her nostrils.

"Now, you'll do whatever I'll make you to, right?" Nanami knelt next to Utena. She took Utena's palm and placed it on the horse's dick. She made Utena stroke the shaft, watching as the cock grows hard. Blonde used her other hand to rub Utena's tits as she whispered to her ears "Horse cock is great, you love it, you crave for it, it makes you hot and warm..."

Utena barely noticed when saliva started to pour from her mouth as she was stroking animal's dick. Nanami took her hand away, it was now Utena only rubbing her palm against the big piece of meat. Her eyes went open from disbelief, she couldn't imagine the horse's cock can be that big. Whole situation was disgusting and beyond imagination, but Utena couldn't stop feeling hot while massaging the cock.

"Isn't it great? A big, veiny cock, nice and yummy, perfect for a dykes like you" Nanami whispered to her ear. "Here, stroke it more, feel it".

Utena did what she was told, moving her both palms up and down the cock. Something inside her was telling her to stop, trying to say that she is all wrong, but she couldn't stop it. The stench was strong, it was filling her nose. Nanami pushed her a little closer, positioning her head right in front of the cock.

"I bet you dreamed many times about such cock, weren't you? Dykes love great, animal cocks. Smell it, inhale the aroma."

Utena was unable to disobey Nanami's command. She sniffed the cock, savoring the intensive, musky smell of the animal's genitals. In the same time Nanami unbuttoned Utena's blouse and tossed in away. She did the same to Utena's bra, so pink haired girl was bare naked now. She still caressed and sniffed horse's cock, just like she was told to. Nanami gave a sign to her henchgirl to start taking a photos. It will be awesome to show the entire school how filthy their beloved "prince Utena" is.

"Now, since you like it so much, why don't you kiss it?" she whispered to Utena's ear. Pink hared girl again found herself unable to disobey a suggestion. She kissed the tip of the cock, then started planting a kisses all over the shaft. Nanami closed her palms over Utena's breasts, massaging them slowly. She could feel Utena's nipples are getting hard.

Utena's mind was a mess. Her voice of reason was literally screaming, warning her that she is committing something really vile and disgusting. But something else was telling her to go on. A strange, unknown pleasure was dancing inside her belly with every kiss and every breath. She felt a familiar wetness between her legs.

"Horse cock is great, dykes love horse cocks..." whispered Nanami as she played with Utena's boobies. She cared to keep the pink haired girl aroused. Nanami's fingers pinched Utena's nipples. "It makes you all hot and horny, isn't it? Lick it more, Utena" she said.

Utena needed no more encouragement. Her tongue danced around the tip of the huge penis. Drool dripped down her chin. A beads of the horse's precum shone on her lips. She found herself thinking if she'd be able to take it all inside her mouth. At first it was disgusting and humiliating, but she couldn't get rid of such idea. Nanami made sure that her henchgirl still takes a photos. She guided Utena's palms to the animal's balls, making Utena caress them.

"So, are you horny enough to take it inside your mouth? I can see you're hungry for some big, nice horse cock" she whispered again, right to Utena's ear. "It's a natural for a dyke to suck horse cock, isn't it? Open your mouth and taste it, Utena". She twisted Utena's nipples again, causing pink haired girl to groan from pain and pleasure as well.

Utena couldn't stand it anymore, she opened her mouth as wide as possible, taking the cock inside. It was hard, since the thick pole spread her lips painfully wide, but Nanami held her head, pushing it forward, making Utena unable to withdraw. Inch by inch, the cock was making it way inside her mouth, being lubricated by the saliva.

Realization of what she is doing, hit Utena with a strength of the hammer, but she couldn't move back. Nanami's words were dancing in her brain. While her mouth was stuffed with a huge, thick penis, Utena still heard the words like "Dykes love sucking horse cocks", "You're hungry for a horse cock" and so on. She had to breath through her nose as her entire lips were gagged with a pole.

Nanami gave her no time to rest, forcing Utena to move her head back and forward, giving a horse a blowjob. Confused girl was doing what she was told, licking and sucking big, veiny dick. Nanami played with her breasts all the time, she moved one of her hands between Utena's legs, rubbing her pussy through the material of the shorts. Utena's body was all hot and aroused, her nipples were hard as diamonds and her pussy was moist.

The blonde couldn't believe that she made Utena suck cock. Surly, she knew that she was able to humiliate that arrogant dyke bitch, but she wasn't sure if she'll be able to make her go so far. But it seemed that Utena was now sucking the cock by her own will. Nanami released girl's head to find that Utena is moving by her own will. Grinning with satisfaction, Nanami moved back, telling her henchgirl to take a big photo of Utena, kneeling and sucking horse cock in the stables. When the photo was taken, Nanami returned to Utena and continued playing with her body.

A pink haired girl wasn't able to accept the entire cock inside her mouth. She manage to take about the half of the penis and the tip was already touching her throat. Her head was moving faster, spit lubed the cock enough to slide back and forward fairly easily. Her fingers caressed the balls of the horse. Because the throbbing of the cock, she could feel that horse was not very far from climaxing.

"So, how it feels to suck a horse cock? A proper thing for every dyke... You crave for horse cum, you want to drink it all..." whispered Nanami as she stroked Utena's warm, most pussy. There was a dark, wet stain on the front of Utena's shorts. Blonde moved her fingers faster, keeping Utena horny all the time. Finally, Nanami put her palms on the side of Utena's head and started to move it faster.

A geyser of sperm erupted from the cock, instantly filling Utena's mouth. Nanami held her head tightly, giving her no chance to move back. Still, it was too much for her, semen started to pour from the corners of her mouth and soon it shoot out of her nose holes. Nanami released Utena's head and the pink haired girl moved back instantly, with semen oozing from her open mouth. She fell on her fours, coughing and vomiting with animal's cum.

Nanami looked at Utena with smile and contempt. A more cum shoot out of her cock, spraying girl's face and hair. Utena coughed and gasped, with her face covered with sticky goo. Nanami grabbed a handful of Utena's hair and jerked her head up, so her henchgirl could take a photo of Utena's miserable look. Bare naked, with horse semen dripping from her face, Utena barely looked like a school's beloved tomboy.

Nanami couldn't stop laughing. It was a perfect revenge. And she already had even more ideas how to break and humiliate this dyke that tried to steal her brother.


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