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Revolutionary Girl Utena: Be-Witched (ff,herm,oral,ncon)
by Dagger

It was late evening at the Utena's room. Utena just left the bathroom, while Anthy walked there to take a shower. Suddenly, a loud sound came from the bathroom, along with cry of pain. Utena jumped out of the bed, towel fell on the floor. She stormed into the bathroom, totally naked and afraid as well.

"Anthy?" she asked "What happened?"

She saw Himemiya on the floor.

"I'm sorry, miss Utena, I stumbled and fell down, nothing's wrong with me..."

Utena blushed when she realized that Anthy is naked, just like her. She couldn't waste the chance to take a look at Anthy's body, slim yet very sexy, with full, round breasts and narrow waist. She looked down... and her jaw opened when she saw something totally odd and out of place.

Between Anthy's legs... there was a penis. At first she thought that it's some kind of delusion or hallucination. But no, there was clearly a penis, no doubts about it. She walked on and knelt to take a better look. Anthy seemed to be embarrassed by this sudden discovery, she blushed.

"Miss Tenjou, I..." she said, trying to cover herself a bit.

Utena looked with an eyes wide open at the big cock. She had no idea that woman may have a dick. Well, she never saw a real cock, but it was big, even if it was semi soft. She knelt and looked at it carefully. Some strange impulse made her to touch it. Just when her delicate fingers touched the cock, it went hard, almost smacking her face.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." she said. She noticed that Anthy begun to breath harder.

"I'm sorry, miss Utena, but I can't take it anymore" groaned Anthy as she grabbed Utena's head and suddenly forced the entire cock inside Utena's mouth.

"Mghlmmllphmm!!!" Utena tried to withdraw, but her spit coated the dick, making it slippery. Anthy's hand kept her head, forcing her to bob on the dick. Brown meat invaded Utena's mouth, hitting her throat. The cock grew to the size that it was forcing her mouth open wide.

Pink haired tomboy was in shock, but she couldn't stop sucking. She could hear Anthy's moans as her lips polished hard dick. All struggle seemed to be useless, Anthy held her head in her hands and despite Utena's efforts, there was no way she'd let her go.

"Antthhmmmy... lhhmmt mphhmmee ghhhno..." she tried to say something, but cock gagged her effectively. Having no choice, she licked and sucked, hoping that it will end quickly. But Anthy seemed to have quite a stamina. It took long time before she made a last, long moan. Warm semen filled Utena's mouth. She almost choked, trying to swallow the disgusting stuff. Small portion leaked from the corners of her mouth.

Anthy finally let her go. Utena fell on her fours, coughing and spitting the sperm on the floor. She breathed hard, not fully understanding what just happened. Was it some kind of nightmare? She couldn't simply accept the fact that Anthy has dick. And that she actually made her to suck it. She looked up, but there was no Anthy in front of her. Where was she?

"Miss Utena... it was great..." she heard a voice coming from behind. "Let me show you my gratitude"

"Anthy, what the hell?" asked Utena and then she felt something poking her pussy. "Anthy, don't..." she cried in sudden realization but it was too late.

"Arrrrghhhh!!!!" she cried when the hard cock invaded her pussy. Utena's virgin womanhood was spread wide. Her hymen broke with a fist thrust of the dark penis. Anthy put her hands on Utena's hips, moving back and forward, as her cock fucked helpless Utena.

"Stop! Stop it! You're hurting me!" cried Utena, but Anthy seemed not to care much about her pleas. Pink haired girl tried to free herself, but Himemiya's hands were surprisingly strong. Also, every thrust of the penis was making Utena weaker.

"It will make you feel good, miss Utena, you will see!"

"No! Nooo! It feels horrible! I beg you, stop it!"

In the answer Anthy doubled the pace. Her cock was now fully in Utena's throbbing, wet pussy, slamming inside and spreading her tight virgin snatch. Utena found herself unable the resist, this strange feeling of being filled with cock was making her feel weak and spent.

"Haahaahh.... aahhhhh" she moaned as Anthy fucked her more, giving her no time to rest. She rocked on her fours, her slim body was covered with sweat. Her pussy ached from the size of the cock, but there was also some strange pleasure in this act. Utena's body was warm, every thrust was rocking her insides. Her loud moans echoed in the bathroom.

"I'm cumming!" cried Anthy as she slammed her dick into Utena's pussy one last time. Utena made a long moan when something warm and thick filled her. Both girls moaned in unison as the climax shook their bodies like an earthquake.

Utena fell on the floor, spent and weak, with a cum leaking from between her legs. Her body trembled, she still had a problems to accept the fact that Himemiya just raped her. She heard that this girl is odd and dangerous, but she could never understand what it meant.

As she slowly begun to rise, she saw Anthy standing above her. There was a little of this silent, timid girl in her eyes. Anthy looked much more mature and somehow majestic. A cock hung down, covered with Utena's juices. Utena couldn't take her eyes of this thing. She tried to persuade herself that it was just an illusion. But her pussy couldn't forget the shape of the massive thing that was just inside her. It was too real to be illusion.

Anthy placed her palm on Utena's head and looked into her eyes.

"Do you want more, miss Utena?" she asked. Her usual polite tone was mixed with something else. Like it was not a question but a statement.

If there was something that Utena really wanted then it was to stop this madness. Her pussy still ached, just like her jaw. She wasn't sure if Anthy actually impregnated her or not. Her slim body trembled. All she thought was to escape from the bathroom, even on her fours, because she hadn't much strength left.

But something in Anthy's tone made her to forget about all these. Or was it the cock? It looked so big, so tasty. She wanted to feel it again, to touch it, to lick it, to taste it. It doesn't matter that it just violated her. This big, beautiful thing should be adored. It was mesmerizing her while hanging there. She could say only one word.


And with this word, she rose her head and begun to lick the tip of Anthy's cock, smiling as it grew harder under the touch of her tongue. Anthy patted her head gently, guiding her cock right into Utena's waiting mouth. Like every witch, she knew how to use her magic rod, after all.


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