Warning: This is a work of lemon fanfiction, that means it contains graphic
depiction's of sex in it, so if you are under the age of 18, you should not
be reading this (too late). Otherwise, read on, my friend, questions,
comments, and Email at the end of this story.

Johnny Quest and related characters are the property of Hanna Barbara Inc.,
I'm just borrowing them for awhile to write this little story.

Story notes: I'm using the "Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" story line for
this (The one where Race has a daughter, Jessie, who's the same age as Jonny)
and all those participating in this story are at least 18 years old, so there
will be no funny looks from the audience please, thank you.

** **-indciates dream sequence
***-indicates viewpoint change
< >-indicates flashback

Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:
The H Adventures Of Jonny Quest - One Night In Athens (no sex)
by LoneWolf2501

Part 2 - A Relaxing Day???

Dispite the unusual events of the morning so far, the two were ready for a
day of relaxing, some site seeing, and some shopping. This was their third
day here, so there wasn't much they hadden't seen, but there were a couple
spots they hadn't gotten to in the other two days. On their way to the
elevator, they saw their fathers emerge from their rooms, ready for their
day at the foriegn ministry that they had to attend. This meeting was, in
truth, the main reason they were here at all. Dr. Quest and Race were asked
to attend the sessions for five days in the hope of settling some conflicts
the government had been having lately, and they let Jonny and Jessie tag
along for some fun as they weren't any trouble.

"Hi Dr. Quest, hi dad," Jessie said to the two men informally.

"Well, good morning you two, sleep well last night?" Dr. Quest asked the
two teens politely.

"Uh, yeah dad."

"Er, yes sir," the teens answered reluctantly.

They really didn't want to go into details about anything, dispite him
probably being some help to them both, but with Race there they didn't want
to chance anything. Regardless, they all entered the elevator, and Dr. Quest
pushed the button to the lobby floor.


Race wasn't oblivious to any of there reactions by any means, but he didn't
let on to that. Over the couse of both the teenage years of both Jessie and
Jonny, he knew that they were the closest people due to there living
conditions, and if there were any two people likely to be together it would
be them, but he also had his doubts that any move they made too each other
would have that simple of an intetnion. (Afterall, he is a father and it is
his duty to look after his little girl, no matter who it is from). This sent
his mind to a very dark place, one he didn't like to think about, but for
some reason, was still a possibility: His little girl, being used sexually
by his employers son for the fact the he could do it, turning her into his
own private sex toy, and enjoying every second of it it. While he hid the
reaction of anger at this thought, the aura of it seemed to permiate through
out the elevator.


"Oh man, Race is pissed about something. Please don't let it be me." Jonny
thought anxiously. He saw from the look on Jessie's face that she was
thinking along the same lines he was.


Dr. Quest looked at the trio cautiously. He could clearly see that the teens
were acting very anxious around Race today, probably with adequate cause too.
He had talked to the bodyguard a while ago, ao he knew what Race must be
thinking. He thought back to that day, and that conversation...

<"Race your being ridiculous, this is Jonny and Jessie were talking about
here, not some sleazy foreign magistrate who's into that sort of thing and
some brazen mid wife or concubine."

Benton said to his frustrated friend "I KNOW I KNOW, IT'S JUST... just...
just that I've seen it happen before, and worse, and I will not have daughter
become some sex slave to anyone, or anything like it."

Race fumed to the doctor, "Jesus Race, aren't you being just a little
meladramatic here? I mean, shit, these are our own children you're thinking
his about!" Benton exasperated.

"I know," Race said meekly, "But what can we do?"

"I don't know, maybe its better we do nothing, and what ever happens,
happens. That's perhaps the only thing we can do" Benton offered.

"Yeah, your right, your right, but that isn't as comforting as you would
believe," Race replied to his friend.

Benton jokingly remarked, "Well, for all we know it could be YOUR kid doing
that stuff to Jonny."

"WHAAAAAAT!!!" Race's eyes looked about ready to fall out of thier sockets
at that remark, but before he could retaliate, Benton dashed out of the

Deciding that a serious swing of mood is in order for the elevator, Dr. Quest
asked the teens, "What did you have two have planned for today?" From what he
knew they had seen most of the historical sites and landmarks, even a few of
the museums, so the would most likely be shopping most of the day; but if it
got all their minds off of the pressure and tension for a time, this would do

Jonny answered "Oh, not much, some shoping, maybe go to the gardens, nothing
much really."

"Yeah, just some little, unimportant stuff for fun, you know." Jessie added.

Both sounded less tense than a minute ago, thankful for the small talk
tension breaker. Then, the elevator stopped at the lobby, and the door
opened, to which they all exited accordingly.


After some coffee and a little fruit, the two teens and their fathers
sparated to go about their days, one to tour around, the other to ministry.

For the most part, Jonny's and Jessie's day was so far uneventfull, in
several senses of the word. Neither were really paying much attention to the
national gardens, exept for a few plants that held either teens interest long
enough so they could be distracted from the tension building between them.
And they both knew it was there, all either one had to do was glance at one
another for a second and endding up looking into each others eye's long
enough for both to look away slightly embarrassed. To some degree it was kind
of fun, but on the other hand, the tension was almost killing them; here they
were, in the middle of one of the great old cities of the world, a place that
seems to secrectly ooze sexuality and romance, and then there were them; two
frustrated teens who would like nothing more than to express those feeling to
each other, but being held back by their own fear of how one another would
react, as well as Race Bannon, one of the unconcious causes for thier

After a while, at around noontime, Jonny got the guts to ask, "You hungry,
Jessie?" as unambiguiously as possible.

"Huh? Oh, sure, lunch would be good." Jessie responded some what absent
mindedly. "Anything to get this pressure off my mind" she thought.

A short while later, thye sat down together at a table, eating their
souvlaki's as slowly as possible, so they didn't have to speak to each other
and say something stupid. Unfortunately, that didn't keep them from thinking
about the whole situation, far from it, the silience between them seemed to
make them think about each other even more. And the they both noticed one
thing: the had finished there sandwiches.


"Oh man, what now," Jonny thought anxiously, "I have to say something, or
this is gonna get even more uncomfortable. Okay think a second." He then
said the first thing that sounded appropriate in his mind, "What do you
want to do next?" He then realized just how that could sound to her,
especially under the curcumstances. "Great, now I've done it, there's no
way she could have missed that," he thought, trying to hide the painfull
expressionon his face.


At first Jessie was surprised that Jonny said something at all, then she
absorbed the question and the look on Jonny's face. She blushed slightly as
they both found the unintended double meaning to the question. "He didn't
mean it like that, come on now, woman." She thought chidedly to herself.
"Okay, answer, answer.....Yes, that might work, I hope." And said to him,
"How about we head back to the hotel?" Surprise, then a similar expression
to Jonny's covered her face, "Did I just say that. Did I just say... Oh
god!" she thought.

This was getting worse by the minute; first his question, now this, they
were stuck in the last train of thought either wanted to be on, but now
there they were, full steam ahead, then she heard Jonny's voice again.
"Huh?" she asked meekly.


"I said, I need to ask you something." He almost didn't say it, but figuring
now was the best time, he continued. "Well, we've known each other for a
while now, right?"

"Yes," she answered, not sure as to where this was going, but willing see how
it would end up.

"And we both uh, um, like each other, right?" he asked quietly.

She then realised where this might end up, if she was willing answer the
questions. Jessie answered some what in an awkard voice, "Yes."

"Well, I, we, ummm, errr," Jonny was now having a difficult time now, he
wasn't sure where to go next with this. His head hung down as if in defeat.
"Man, why can't I just say it. Why can't I just say "I love you" to her.
Maybe if I did this somewhere less public. Yes, that might help."

"Jessie?" he asked with determination.

"Yes, what is it?" She asked him, trying to hide her emotions.

"Okay" Jonny thought "Can we go some where and talk, in private?" he asked
her carefully.

With a look of concern, she answered, "Alright, If you say so." She thought
to herself, "Uh oh, he's trying to make this easier for himself, this must be
harder than for him than I thought, I'd better keep this moving before he
backs out."

With that they left their table, and went walking for the "better spot."
Three hours later they finally sat down to another cafe where they might be
able to talk, but still neither were able to say anything. Jonny thought
to himself angerilly, "Damn it, this should have been easier, and I can't
just leave her hanging like this, and..."

Then he heard something, like screeching tires. He looked at Jessie, who must
have heard it also from the expression on her face. The next thing they knew,
a car speeding it's way through the street was headed near, if not at, the
table where they were sitting. Thinking of the only thing to do, they got up
on the table, stood up on it, and jumped onto the car just as it reached the
table and hit it.

Landing on the roof of the car, they both realised three things: One, the
people in the car didn't care who or what they hit, Two, that this car most
likely had a bomb on it and was probably headed for the ministry, Three,
they were the only ones who could stop the car before it did any real damage
to anything major.


Not even thinking about the day before had, they both switch to a sort of
"Action Mode" which they used in situations like this (Which in all honesty,
still happens sometimes to them no matter what). They looked to the back and
saw police cars following the one they were on, and waved to them, then
pointed to the docks. One of the front runner cars waved back, clearly
understanding what they were intending to do. Jonny went to the front of the
car, and Jessie to the back, and then went into action.

Openning the doors on the left side, they jumped and shoved their way in,
causing a great deal of confusion for the people inside, enough the get a
handle on the situation, and Jonny to get his hands on the steering wheel
and turn it toward the dock area. Not being a good judgement call when
you've got someone trying to get the wheel from you and drive at the same
time, no one noticed until the last minute that they were going off of a
dock. After the subsequent screaming, they all fell in to the sea.


A short time later Jonny and Jessie came up out of the water, their heads
above the salt water sea, and saw the scene on land: several police cars, a
few dock workers, nothing to bad. Then another car pulled up, and two people
came put of it who they recognized immeadiately, they were the fathers,
talking to who they guessed was the guy in the front squad car who had
understood their plan earlier. They both went dockside to get out of the
water, and mentally took stock of the situation: there they were, in the
Mediteranian Sea, with a sunken car, one sunken disabled bomb, several near
drowning would-be terrorists, dozens of angry people and police officers at
the docks yelling a steady stream of obscenities, and to top it all off,
both there fathers fishing them out of the bay. In short, the worst possible
way to spend the day in a place like this.

"I'm glad you two are alright," Race said to the two teenagers, helping them
out of the water and on to dry land.

"Yes, very glad," Dr. Quest added. "Now, the officer has expalined everything
to us, and I think the best thing for you two to do now is go back to the
hotel while we try to clean this mess up, Alright?"

Neither were in any mood to argue, so they went to the police car and headed
for the hotel.


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