Disclaimer: This is an adult fan fiction story for the sole purpose of
fantasy entertainment. If you find stories of erotic nature offensive or you
are under the age of 18 then don't read this. All trademark characters are
used without permission.

Here is another story based on Disney characters starring Donald's girlfriend
Daisy, and Donald's nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie from Quack Pack. I don't
want to give away too much of the plot so I'll only say that Donald only has
a cameo. Enjoy.

Quack Pack: Weekend At Daisy's (bbbF,pedo)
by Riley Carlson

It was a sunny summer day in Duckburg. But Donald Duck didn't notice. He was
too depressed over the fact that his boss Kent was dragging him into one of
his hair-brained schemes and had to spend the weekend with him.

Daisy agreed to have the boys over at her place. She waited at the door to
give him a big kiss goodbye but Donald was in such a mood he barely noticed
and when he did notice he was halfway out the door and he leaned back and
gave her a peck on her cheek and left.

Daisy gave a blank stare into space for a few moments. She thought that she
should have been used to this sort of thing, but she wasn't. Now Daisy was
slightly depressed. She walked over to the living room to check on the boys,
they were playing video games.

Daisy leaned against the doorway and watched them trying to get her mind off
how neglected she felt. Then thoughts entered her head, which brought on a
devious naughty smile. She walked up to the boys as Huey's turn at whatever
game they were playing was over.

Daisy: Could one of you boys please help me with something upstairs for a

Huey: Um ugh...

He looked to his brothers and they responded by waving goodbye to him, he
was elected.

Huey: Sure Daisy.

She gently patted him on the shoulder and guided him toward the stairs. Dewy
and Louie were so into their game that they didn't notice the wicked smile
on Daisy's face as she followed Huey up the stairs.

Dewey and Louie continued their game they were having a ball. After a while
though, something seemed to be missing, or rather someone.

Dewey: I'm going to see what's taking Huey so long.

Louie: Daisy is probably having him help pick out clothes or something.

Despite that possibility Dewy went on to see what the hold up was. When he
got upstairs he heard sounds coming from the bedroom. He couldn't quite make
them out but it was definitely Huey and Daisy. He walked over and opened the


What he saw nearly caused his eyes to jump out of his sockets and his jaw to
fall to the bottom of the floor. Daisy was standing bent over with Huey
thrusting his rod into her from behind. Daisy looked up and saw Dewey staring
at them in total shock and gave him a wicked smile.

Huey on the other hand was to lost into what he was doing to notice or care
about his brother's presence. He continued his movements until finally he
clenched around Daisy's hips leaned back and pressed himself deep into her.

Huey: ARGHH!

His organ shot out its semen into Daisy's tunnel. Huey finally looked in
front of him and saw Dewey but all he could do was fall to the ground as he
withdrew his rod. Daisy on the other hand, stood up straight and with Huey's
semen still dripping from her opening and that smile on her face she walked
directly toward Dewey.

Unable to turn away from her eyes he stood there and the only motion he was
able to make was swallow. Daisy leaned forward and gave him a deep kiss, and
then pulled him to her in a close embrace to feel their bodies up against
each other's.

They slowly wriggled and swayed back and forth and side to side for a few
moments then Daisy reached down and grabbed Dewey's rod. First she fondled
it for a few seconds, then she bent down and to take it in her mouth.

Dewey looked up into the air as he took deep breaths while Daisy orally
hardened his organ. When he was ready she pulled him to her again and guided
his rod into her tunnel while they were still standing. She bent her knees
as he leaned back with his legs going underneath her. He held tightly onto
her hips and she held him by the waist to keep him from falling down to the

Dewey used his hold to repeatedly pull himself upward and press his rod
deeper and deeper into Daisy's slot. Daisy eagerly complied motioning herself
up and down in rhythm with his movements.

Daisy: Oh yeah! OH YEAH! OHHH AHHHH!!!

Daisy came with great satisfaction as Dewey continued his motions. He was
now in the same state of mind that he found Huey in, completely oblivious to
everything around him, which naturally meant that it would soon be time...

Dewey: NGAHHHHH!!!

Dewey's rod erupted shooting fluid up into the she duck's duct.

(I'm sorry, I know it was a bad joke but I couldn't resist)

They let go of each other and Dewey fell to the ground with a thud. Daisy
looked down at him with pleasure while rubbing her entrance.

Daisy: Two down one to go.

As she walked out of the room a few drops of the fluid the he just ejaculated
into her dripped down onto his face. Huey and Dewey laid down in disbelief
over what was happening. It took them some time for disorientation to ware
off but finally they gathered the strength to get up and go down stairs.

Sure enough, they found Daisy leaning against the arm of the couch on her
side with one leg in the air which Louie was holding to help pull himself
toward Daisy as he jabbed his organ into her tunnel. When his brothers
reached the bottom of the stairs Louie grabbed Daisy around the waist and
pressed his rod in as deep into her as he could.

Louie: AHHHH!!!

Now Daisy had the semen of all three of them inside her. Louie withdrew
himself and sat down on the rug. He looked up toward Daisy and she leaned
over and kissed him on the cheek. He promptly fell back down overwhelmed
with astonishment. Daisy quietly chuckled to herself and looked toward her
audience. She pointed to Huey and crooked her finger to signal him toward
her. Completely under her spell he complied and she gently tugged him to
her as she reclined to the floor.

She laid down on her back with her legs raised up and apart ready for the
eager young duckling.

Daisy: Now that we're all together you boys don't have to hold back.

Huey put his rod into her gateway, leaned over her and began thrusting like
crazy. His brothers listened as Daisy made sounds of pleasure they watched
her legs moving franticly around air.


Huey shot another helping of his seed into Daisy and he rested himself on
her body.

Daisy singing: Your turn, Dewey.

Dewey walked over to her as Huey took what strength he recovered and got out
of the way. Dewey picked up right where his brother left off. Daisy advice
was working; after Dewey had been penetrating her for a while she was
overcome by an urge to clench the rug.


Daisy came while Dewey kept on jetting himself back and forth inside her. It
wasn't long after that when he released his seed into her again. Which led
to Louie's turn. Louie put his rod into Daisy's tunnel and gave the same
treatment that his brothers did. Huey and Dewey got behind him and watched
his organ going into Daisy.

Louie wouldn't have cared if he had noticed. He just kept thrusting wildly
into Daisy until his semen shot out into her. When Louie's turn was over she
gently pushed him off, rolled over and got on all fours with her behind
pointed directly at Huey.

Again, one after the other the boys took turns entering their rods into
Daisy's opening with total abandon until they came inside her, this time
from behind. The sound of their pelvises slapping against her buttocks was a
welcome added pleasure to the fun. This round Daisy came twice but they were
far from done.

Daisy got the boys to lie down next to each other in order and one by one
got on top them filling her tunnel with each rod. As she motioned up and
down on their rods she would look down at the one she was on and smile at
him wickedly.

Each of the boys made efforts to thrust upwards, but Daisy wanted to do most
of the work this time. She came once during this round as she got all three
of them to fire their semen up into her. All four of them rested on the rug
waiting for their strength to return. After a few minutes passed, Daisy got
up, stretched, and walked back up the stairs.

The boys soon followed and found her in her bedroom fingering herself while
she was waiting for them to join her. They all hopped into the bed with her
and began kissing and fondling her body and she played with and their organs
to get them erect again.

The boys went back to taking turns penetrating Daisy's tunnel with their
rod. Nearly every turn or two they would try a new position, the boys giving
it everything they had each time.

They went on like this until the Huey Dewey and Louie had completely drained
all the sperm that they could into Daisy for the day. Daisy smiled and
enjoyed the feeling of satisfaction as well as the fact that there were two
more days until Donald returned.


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