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Quest For Camelot: Quest For Cumalot, The Other Story (FF,FFF,inc,oral,toys)
by Victor2K ([email protected])

Once upon a time...

There was a place; in the middle of the fields and forests that would later be part of the United Kingdom, where resided a small kingdom known as Cumalot. Cumalot was founded by a man called Peter Goodcock, a legendary adventurer who found in that place a way to make his breed continue. He married a woman named Mary, and soon set forth on making his vision a reality, and thus set forth to build his dream kingdom with a loyal band of followers. Despite the doubt of some, Goodcock triumphed, making his vision a reality, made of stone, brass, gold, and wood, amongst other things, but at the center was the key ingredient; passion.

His vision was of a truly free kingdom, one not bound by the restrictions of the religious zealots and mystics who had much of the population in their controlling grip.

Cumalot soon grew, its initial population consisting largely of those who had aided Goodcock in building it. Soon enough, it flourished into a burgeoning kingdom, as word of mouth spread to those seeking a good place to live in these harsh and primitive times. It was a prosperous and happy place for many long years, where, unusually for its time, people would be free in all its matters, not just in rights and financial matters, but especially in sexual aspects. The first Law Peter Goodcock made for the city was that everyone were free to have sexual relations anytime and with anyone if they so desired, indeed this was written into the Constitution of Cumalot. The Cumalot people were thus sexually free ones, without any of the boundaries which restricted those in other kingdoms. Peter, for example, had a lot of sex, not only with Mary, but with several other women. Mary had no problem with this, for she too indulged her sexual desires with men and women. Open marriage was the norm in Cumalot.

For a time, it was good. The sounds of cumming echoed through Cumalot through the years.

But the peace would be shaken by the Prudes. Prudes were an emerging kind of people with magical powers who hated Cumalot and all it stood for. They were the radical opposite of Peter Goodcock's ideology. No one knows where they originated, but it is thought they were founded by several religious hardliners and a disgruntled former friend of Goodcock. They were vehemently against any demonstration of sexuality of any kind, animal or human. A Prude was known by his or her large outfits, which couldn't show anything of the body. Thus the Prudes carried with them a mystique which made them intimidating, for they concealed themselves from others, making themselves truly unknowable.

Lead by the charismatic and powerful Mary Ann, the Prudes wanted to destroy Cumalot the instant they learned of its existence. They were disgusted, and felt that a place that was free in sexual affairs wasn't a proper place for people live. But there was also fear, fear that Cumalot could corrupt the people of other kingdoms, the Prudes feared such sexual depravity would spread to their people and destroy their culture.

Then, one dark, moon-less night, the Prudes attacked Cumalot. In a brutal show of strength, they poured into the kingdom, quickly overwhelming the few defenses Cumalot had. The people of Cumalot were not concerned with defending their realm, for they felt their sexually open ways were a threat to no one. Indeed, Peter Goodcock believed that no one would attack Cumalot because "Cumalot has harmed none, we are at peace with all kingdoms and have no imperial ambitions beyond our own realm".

The residents of Cumalot were caught unawares, largely because many of them were busy having sexual relations, what the Prudes called "Sinful interlocking" The General of the Prude army, Arthur Nopussey, led his men toward the kingdom stronghold, and the "Cumalotians" were quickly rounded up and locked into chastity belts.

Soon enough, Mary Ann arrived with her entourage, to see for herself the conquest of the hated Cumalot. The people of Cumalot, including Goodcock's wife Mary, were hauled in front of Mary Ann, who stood before them, dressed in a large billowing coat of many layers which concealed every inch of her. Even her eyes were concealed by a deep blue veil.

"This reign of depravity will end, your perverted ways will be no more, they will not even be consigned to history, for you shall be written out of history. Never again shall the lands of England be ravaged by your deviancy. This place shall henceforth be known by its new name; Chastis."

The crowd of Cumalotians dared not defy Mary Ann, for the power of the Prudes was both magical and physical; it was said that a Prude could make fire appear from nowhere and that they were masters of alchemy. Also people said that they had "ears and eyes everywhere", so they could see what someone was doing and punish if he or she were going against the new rules of the Prude rulers.

Another rule of the prudes it was to destroy the symbol of the union, friendship and free love of Cumalotians, the Screwlibur. According to the legends, it was a gift from the goddesses to Peter, that offered it to Mary in the day of their wedding. It was a translucid blue steel dildo, nearly 10 inches long, shaped like some sort of sword. The people said it was favorite toy of Mary Goodcock, while Peter was away on trips or having its way with other ladies. Also the legend put that the Screwlibur had magical powers, such bringing a great orgasm to its holder.

From that, Mary Ann ordered to her army to destroy such instrument of depravity and debauchery, but when they were about to take it, the object wasn't found. Nobody knew what happened to it or if someone got the toy before the Prudes looked after it. It was for Mary Ann matter of state finding the whereabouts of it.

Since the taking, Cumalot, or now, Chastis, was a very different place. Instead of joy and happiness, a weird sensation of apathy and melancholy. Near everything that the land was to support, fell by earth with Mary Ann and the prudes. People looked at each other like the next one could be some kind of enemy, since even talking with a friend to protest against the new rulers wasn't allowed, by the fear of being arrested or killed. The freedom of speech and being was killed in definitive.

But it were some areas that resistance was the only thing that they could do. These places were incorporated villages, which did not make real part of Cumalot/Chastis territory, given to Peter's pacifism, but it became somehow part of the territory as being raised by citizens and also newcomers, who heard about the news of a place where people were happy and horny.

One of these places was Cunt Village. It was a small village laid northwest of Cumalot/Chastis, following the Great Pine Way from the city's northern gates, through the woodlands. The settlement was founded by Neale Holehumper and his wife, Mona, a few years after Cumalot's foundation, and it was a small village, composed mostly by peasants and "country people". The "incorporation" to then-called Cumalot was forged by a treaty between Neale and Peter, which made Cunt Village one of the providers of food and other goodies to the kingdom, being the counterpart the laws of Cumalot also reaching to the village, making Cunny, which they called for short, a place where freedom, specially the sexual one, was the purest thing to be defended.

They knew not much fast about the taking of Cumalot/Chastis by the Prudes, but they felt at least safe since there was a big woodland between the kingdom and the village, and sometimes even the Great Pine Way looked too dangerous for anyone who crosses it (when Peter ruled the land, it were built a few of "observation houses", where the guards could help the farmers and also the travelers to make a safe trip to the kingdom). But, still, there were reasons to be aware of danger: some settlements around Cumalot/Chastis were destroyed by Nopussey's army, for "subversion and promotion of hideous values", as the new laws were written. Also, other places were spotted by "crusades", which anyone who were to disrupt the law would be doomed. Due to that, the order given by Neale and Mona was to keep it in low profile and try to act as much chaste as they could, but still preserving the original laws of Cumalot, the ones which the villagers respected by truth, doing their "sinful interlocking" almost in secret.

One of the people of the village was Kayley. She was a young, 18-year old girl, who lived at Cunt Village since her birth. She was the only daughter of Sir Lionel Slitdigger and Lady Juliana, his wife. Lionel was a valiant man, childhood friend of Peter Goodcock, the founder of Cumelot. He was with Peter during the settlement of the kingdom and it was the first knighted as "Sir" by Peter and Mary, in the day of his wedding with Juliana, daughter of a knight who was also one of the "fathers" of Cumalot. Sir Lionel was longtime counselor of Peter and his knight round, advising him on every aspect of Cumalot's laws and agreements.

He was the one who arranged the pact between Peter and Neale Holehumper, which created Cunt Village. Lionel knew Neale from his trips around the British lands, charming the man with the stories of a realm where people were happy, friendly and had large sexual intercourse all the day. He brought Holehumper and his wife to a piece of land along the Great Pine Way, where they settled the village, and also, the place which Lionel chose to live, along with his then pregnant wife.

Kayley lived much on a calm and free place, where people did parties for almost no reason, mostly just for the sake to dance, eat, drink and sleep with each other. The brown-haired girl witnessed during her growth many lewd acts between the villagers, no matter who was with whom. And, also, her parents got big part on this routine: Sir Lionel was knew even before marry Juliana as a "ladies man", using his gentleman charms, his easy talk, and at most, his large cock, measuring 9 inches, which ladies, at same time, feared and begged to have. He even was appointed to "caretaker" of Mary Goodcock, while Peter was on trips, and of course, he took much care of her, in all the ways.

Lady Juliana, by her side, wasn't behind her husband. She had a few flings with men and women at her youth, but chose to marry Lionel, the man she loved. Her marriage was full of lust, where they made love no less than two times a day, using all positions known and not known. Also she wasn't only a woman of one man: the men and women of the village knew the powerful lust of the woman and always took their time to please her. Kayley was aware, since childhood of those stuff, but their parents decided to wait her to be "prepared" (around 13-14 yo) to let her learn by herself the mysteries of life.

The young girl seemed to have learned well, by watching her parents and her neighbours doing sex. Kayley got the attention of the guys and the girls of Cunt Village, and it were the latter that was the flavour the young girl liked at most. The entire female population of the place, or at least, the most of it, lusted for her, specially her own mother. The laws of Cumalot did not specify if incest was forbidden or allowed, so every one could have its opinion about it, since it was a very deep matter, and Cumalot was a land which granted the right of anyone to refuse to engage an act which he/she felt not fit with his mind. Kayley's family was ok with the family-love matter, and so they lived.

But the peace was broken with the taken of Cumalot by the Prudes. Following the invasion and posterior rebranding, Sir Lionel led a force of hundreds of men, which were intended to save the kingdom of Mary Ann's rule. During the battle, Lionel was made prisoner and tortured by Nopussey's personnel. Seeing its refusal of accepting the new rules, he was brought to his army, and brutally burned in front of him, meaning a threat for the one who would go against the Prudes. Later, his personnel were defeated and only his shield and sword remained to be given to the family, something that nearly brought down Lady Juliana, and even more Kayley, which saw her father as her hero, a man capable of all things to make its family and friends happy, and help the ones that he cared.

The absence of Sir Leonel forced Julianna to take part of the ruling of her house, and Kayley had to get to work at the farm, taking care of the hens and also helping with the chores. For the young girl, this sucked, but it was needed, because her mother was alone in the world and needed help from everyone in village. Her dream was different: she wanted to go on a trip, where she could meet all women outside Cunt Village and get acquainted with them, this means in sexual terms. It was something Kayley hoped to do when she would turn 18, but the things wasn't easy.

When the girl talked with her mother, long discussions and arguments were taking between them. For more that she wanted to see her own and only daughter happy, Lady Julianna was roughly against the will of Kayley, always pointing that, if she leaves home, her mother would be alone and worried if some Prude attack her, or even that the village get raided by them and Julianna get caught. Despite the stuborness of Kayley, the desire of the mother always prevailed. Other desire of the young girl was to avange Lionel's death and kick Mary Ann and the Prudes out of Cumalot/Chastis, given that Kayley loved her father adn took him as an idol and role model for her. However, Julianna also was strongly against this.

One day, Kayley went to take care again of the chicken, waiting for an egg to come or some bird be enough fat to be killed for food. The work was cruel and such, but it was the only way that she could train her sword skills without disapproval of Lady Julianna, who was at home, seeing new garment for her and her daughter.

"Kayley, could you come inside for a moment?" asked Julianna.

"Yeah, mum....ghh...just let me finish it", said Kayley, in the middle of a "fight" with a bird that ran away of its nest and nearly hit the other ones, which could cause a big mess. The young girl used her strategies to grab the chicken and put to its place.

Then Kayley left the farmhouse and went inside her home, where her mother and a few women tried garments and dresses. Julianna held an white silk on her hands.

"Want to talk with me, mother?", asked the young girl

"Yes, Kayley!" Julianna answered, as her and the women rounded the 18 year old female, and started to took measures of her body. "Let's prove the new dress I made for you".

"Another? Is the ninth in a week!"

"Please, dear, don't start to rant. Me and the girls made that just for you", Julianna went a tad mad with Kayley's reaction while the two women went to put the piece of fabric on her body.

"Mom, I-I...Mmm...Hey!", it was all that the teen girl could say while the dress was put into her.

"Look, you are just beautiful like a flower!", the mother of the teenage girl looked at the girl in the mirror fixed at the wall of her house, smiling to see Kayley in that white dress, who marked the beauty of her young and tender body.

"It fits perfectly!"

"Please, mom! Life is more than just dresses, said Kayley.


"Mum, you know how I feel with this...I hate being here proving dresses and taking care of the birds while the whole world is crumbling down", argued Kayley.

"No, please Kayley, don't start that again", replied Julianna.

"If you let me do what I want, we would never fight that way"

"Look, darling. You know what I think about that", said her mother

"Please mum, why don't you let me get on the road and meet all the girls in the world?", Kayley said, in a argument that she has done lots of times before.

"Look, I told you many times that is dangerous, and even more with the Prudes all looking over us to take the village down", explained the dark-haired lady.

"Please, mother! It will be not dangerous. I will be in lands that Prudes cannot touch"

"Listen, Kayley, it's still dangerous. What I should feel if I get to acnknowdlege that my only daughter could be in danger"

"I will be not in danger. I am 18 now, I know how to defend myself, and you know that", said Kayley, while Lady Julianna touched the shoulder of her daughter and turned her face to her eyes match her daughter's.

"I know you are a very strong girl and you are grown-up now. But, and what if you gets in danger or something bad happens and I am not here to protect you. Or, worse, if you are not here to protect me if something bad happens?" explained the woman, with a comphreensive tone, trying to convince Kayley.

"So, just let me go to Cumalot and save it from the Prudes!"

"No! You know that is even more dangerous. You cannot go to Cumalot! You know I forbid you", shouted Julianna, now looking even more closer to her offspring.

"Why you say these things to me? I am not a child any more, I am a woman", answered the young girl. "I cannot be stuck in here, with all these animals and all these boring people I see every day", the young girl ranted, as the women that accompanied Julianna looked with offended face.

"I say because it is only for your good", Julianna said, with both hands on Kayley's shoulders and looking deep at the eyes of the girl, with the face in a not much close distance to Kayley. "I know, if I got the guts, I would go myself to there and join the fight. But, I cannot risk to lose my life by the powers of them. The Prudes are strong and can do the worse things to their enemies".

"But mum...", murmured Kayley.

"Kayley, listen to me very carefully. Being away of home in this hard situation is very dangerous. I know you are strong and can do everything by yourself, but I can't imagine what would be my life without you. I would feel very guilty if something bad happens to you, dear.", said the woman, nearly dropping a tear.

"Please, mum", replicated the youngster, stroking Julianna's hair. "Don't say that!. Trust me, please! You will not lose me. I will not disappoint you"

"I know, dear...b-but..." Lady Juliana whispered, with her face closer to Kayley's than before.



As they finished the whispering, both women kissed each other in a way much people would find disgusting, but it was common between them. The whole tension generated a tender and passionate moment between mother and daughter.

While they kissed, the women around saw the scene like watching the cattle or the villagers. It was something that Kayley and Lady Julianna did usually, and did not shocked them when both women used their hands to explore each others' bodies while their mouths and lips and tongues interlocking themselves into a hot and sensual dance.

"Shall we end this argument?", asked Julianna after breaking the kiss.

"If you don't feel hurt because of what I said", replied Kayley.

"I am not hurt, and I will never be", stated Kayley's mother, kissing her in the cheek and looking to the women who were there. She stood away from her daughter and came closer to them.

"You, girls, are all dismissed, except for you Moira. You stay", said to a average size brunette, with with bust size almost as same as Kayley, with long hair till the upper back and resembling to be 25 year-old, dressed also with a long purple dress. Kayley said once that she was "her girl" in the village.

"Yes, ma'am", said the women, leaving the house and only the brunette girl remained, with hands on heir back and a posture that awaited for orders.

"Moira, come with us to the bedroom, and there take off your clothes", ordered Julianna as the trio moved into the room, which it wasn't luxurious, but it was neat and clean. After they reached there, Moira closed the door and then they looked at each other.

"Moira, now you know what to do, right?", asked the mature woman

"Yes, Lady Julianna!", replied Moira, as she started to remove her dress, for amusement of Kayley and her mother, watching the piece of garment going out of her luscious body.

As Moira got naked, Juliana and Kayley, which were still dressed up, rounded Moira, who stood in position in front of the two.

"Perfect Moira!", said Lady Julianna, touching and slapping the right buttcheek of the girl, which smiled while the woman made the gesture, making a naughty grin.

"So, mum, don't you think that we should follow the procedures now?", asked Kayley, smiling at ther mother and touching the other cheek of Moira's ass.

"If she doesn't mind...", giggled Julianna, taking her dress, with the help of her daughter. The long outfit that covered the whole of her body fell on the floor, and a nicely shaped body was revealed. Julianna liked to say that living in the field helped her to mantain herself good, due to work and else.

Soon it was Kayley's time to be naked. Julianna took out her clothing, that were a piece of leather suit, a long shirt and pants. It was worse to remove thant the two women, but the young girl always loved to dress more "manly", so it was nothing that they could argue there. When the three girls were naked, Julianna laid her daughter on the bed, as her and Moira laid to be next to the girl's breasts.

"Kayley, darling, how much I can say that you have nice breast", complied Moira.

"Thanks, nice to hear that".said Kayley, before apologizing to the woman. "And sorry for that thing before. Really, I didn't meant."

"Don't worry. I know that I am your favorite", replied the brunette, as she and Julianna started to work out with their mouths the breasts of Kayley.

"Ohh...yeah! Ahh... that's good"

Gently moving their lips and mouths, the two women licked the nipples of Kayley, which moaned with the scene. She loved on how her mother took care of the business, circling the tip of the breast with the top of the tongue, followed by the househelper, which kept the pace.

Meanwhile, the young girl felt the urge to reach one of her hands to her wet crotch, touching and feeling how excited she was for all that. Kayley decided to take some of the business by herself while being licked.


Julianna moved her tongue around the nipple, rounding it and twisting the skin and then swallowing it with the mouth. An expert at the subject, the woman put her knowledge at practice in that situation. While that, she repeated the gesture of her offspring and also started to masturbate herself, which Moira soon went to do.

Soon where the three girls enjoying each other's and themselves with the act. Kayley was feeling the two tongues going onto her nipple and breast, while moaning with masturbation, with the same happening with the two other women.

Then Julianna went through the next step, leaning herself to kneel in a fluffy hay "stair" in front of the bed. She could be facing her daughter's genitals, exposed with the girl fingering and pettying herself by the Moira's now sole act of boob sucking.

"Kayley, let me do what you like it most...", said the older woman.

"Mother, you will do like I like it?"

"You know I do whatever I have to do to make you happy", replied the village lady, taking off the hands of her daughter and approaching to the wide open lips of the young adult's vagina. Lady Julianna then made sure to maintain the labia open by using her hands and put her head at the girl's cunt, starting to lick it.

"Mother! Oohh!"

Slowing moving her tongue around her clit, the mother of Kayley brushed and teased the area with patient and thorough moves. Kayley moaned at each stroke of her mother's soft muscle, while Moira now went to tease the young girl, by kissing her. Were short kisses, but both females had their tongues been pushed against each other's throats.

Soon Moira positioned herself in a similar bottoms up way like Julianna was doing, but now she was with her breasts hanging in front of Kayley. The way it was unfold made the youngster narrowly not avoid touching them by accident in certain ways.

Kayley "accepted the offer" and went to slowly lick village woman's nipples, as she could moan from her mother's oral stimulation. The kisses and the laps were mostly interrupted while Julianna licked her pussy and even got some tongue act into little girl's ass crack.

"Here, let me fix myself better", said Moira, as the brunette climbed onto the young adult and sit herself on Kayley's face, putting her genitals virtually touching the youngster's mouth. Her thighs touched the girl's head and she faced the eyes of her lesbian mistress.

"While your mother 'take care' of you, let me make you take care of me too", said Moira, as her hips and groin rubbed themselves against Kayley, who was yet trembling from her mother's careful work in her cunt .

The young girl replied when her tongue touched right Moira's clit, sending her in a trip to the Pleasure Village. While the brunette woman stood to rub her crotch against the face of Julianna's daughter, Kayley made effort to put her hands to firmly grip the thighs of Moira, like in a "Stop here!" sign. Holding Moira from any harsh move, the teen proceeded to eat the brunette.

"Uhhhh yeah! Eat me Kayley!"

The partially incestuous threesome went as they didn't wanted to stop. Moira moaned with Kayley licking her pussy, as the girl had much fun with Julianna doing the oral work in her slit. The dark haired girl kept rubbing her crotch against the youngster's face, covering Kayley's lips and chin with vaginal juices.

"Yeah! Ahh! Kayley! Eat me!", shouted Moira

"God, Kayley, sweetie! You licking Moira makes me get horny as hell!", said Julianna, still taking a tongue on her offspring's genitals.

The village woman knew that both women not only shared blood, flesh and the family ties, but also the skills that could make that sex last longer. And the intent was just that.

After a while, they changed positions and now it was the time of Julianna service Moira, Laid on the bed, she spread her legs to the mother, that started to tongue-play with her clit, slit and labia. Meanwhile, behind the woman, it was Kayley, munching the not-so forbidden cunt to her.

"Yeahhh! Oh, Kayley! Ooohh..."

"God! Lady Julianna!"

The licking fest did not stopped, due to the three girls becoming frenzy to please each other. The Lady exploring each place of Moira's pussy with tongue and lips, tasting the pleasures that she knew the village girl had. Also, she was happy to see her child making her have pleasure.

"Mom! I loooovve...ah....your pussy!", screamt Kayley

"Thanks, but please dearrrr... don't raise much your tone! I told ya!", said her mother.

"Ooops...sorry", excused the girl, reminding that they had to keep it down low if they didn't want to get caught.

The youngster savoured each tasty bit of Lady Julianna's vagina, using her mouth and tongue to explore her mother's delicious intimacies. Also she added a little to the kinkiness as she slit her index finger inside the ass of her lover, fucking the bunghole of her own progenitora.

"Uhhhhh yeahhhh!"

With every moan of Julianna, Moira tried to make sure that she didn't forgot to do her, so the servant girl could be sure that the Sir Lionel's former wife would not neglect her in such pleasing moment.

But as much as the trio indulged themselves into the sexual act, they wanted more. And Kayley surely knew that they had something that could add to the act.

"Mom, later could we..."

"What?", Julianna asked

"You know.. use it...", Kayley answered, like they knew what the girl was meant to talk about

"No, please Kayley! No!", her mother denied the request.

"But Mum! Please! You know you like it!"

"Kayley, sweetheart... You know we can't use it much! And if the Prudes catch us and take it with them?", questioned the mother of the girl, all while they are doing it...

"We did it lots of times and they didn't caught us! Please mum, please...", Kayley argumented with a low and sweet tone, trying to convince Lady Julianna to accept her request. Moira, being caught by the pleasure, didn't payed much attention to what was happening around her.

"Kayley, for God's sake..."


After the insistence on trying, Kayley won and Julianna left the thing, and went to a place in the room, where hidden by a hole covered by a stone, it was a wood carved box. What that box had of so important that the girl requested her mother to get?

"Ok, We will use it, but let's try to not use it much. You know that last time I feared for our security", said the woman.

"Mother! You are so kind! I love you!". Kayley jumped in happiness before hugging Lady Julianna and kissing her cheek.

"I love you too sweetie, but now let's get back to work..."

After that, Julianna opened the box and there it was... Screwlibur! The sacred toy that it was supposed to be disappeared after the Prudes took the control of Cumalot. But before being caught, Sir Lionel got the task from Peter to hide the instrument before Mary Ann and Nopussey had to find it. Lionel asked Julianna to hide it at home, seeing it as an easy way to find it when Cumalot was taken back other than just burying in the forest. Luckily, the instrument was saved from Sir Lionel's arrest and posterior death and also from the intrusions of the Prude Army.

At first, Lionel asked Julianna to not use the toy by any means, but a little after he was executed, the urge of having sexual pleasure was bigger than her willpower, and even if she had men and women available to do her everyday, the urge was bigger when she was alone and had nobody to confort her, so she had to resort to the Screwlibur. She thought to herself that it was just once, but soon she got use of it almost daily and also used the toy with her daughter and some village women.

"That thing shines a lot everyime I see it!", said a surprised Kayley.

"I doubt if your mother would resist on not putting that thing into her...", commented Moira, to Julianna send a small repealing look.

"Moira...", Julianna raised her eye and said with a reprimend tone.

"Sorry, ma'am"

"Well, so are we going to use that or not? I am horny and I gotta need to cum!", protested Kayley

"If it's your wish, sweetie... but remember, that is the last time we are going to use that", said the mother, with big emphasis in the 'last time' words.

"You said that in the last months and I think it was too many last times", spoke ironically the teenage girl.

"You don't want to spoil this with a lecture, don't you?"

"No, mum...", answered Kayley.

Julianna, satisfied with her daughter's withdrawal of arguing, promptly moved back to the bed and asked Moira to make the legs of her daughter the widest she could do. The young girl could protest against it, but the incoming pleasure worth the sacrifice and even the pain and nuisance of being in that position.

The woman crawled in the matress holding Screwlibur, with the 'head' turned to Kayley's slit. She used some of her own love juices and Moira's to help lubricate the sacred toy before going into the teenager.

"Enough teasing, mother! I want this thing inside me, now!", begged Kayler.

Without taking longer, Juliana introduced Screwlibur inside her offspring. The head of the toy slid easily into Kayley's pussy, while the teenager moaned with that. At first, the mature female penetrated slowly the thing, but soon almost the whole sacred dildo was into the girl.

"Uhhhh.... Sooo goood!"

Kayley gave brief shouts of joy with each fucking by Lady Julianna. At first, the woman was going slowly, in order to make her daughter confortable, even if she used that a lot with her.

"I know I said it a lot of times, but now I see why you like so much of Screwlibur...", commented Juliana. Meanwhile, Moira was now using her tongue to lubricate even more the toy, licking the clit of the young female and adding another feature of pleasure to the scene.

"Miss Kayley...keep going... let me lick your delicious clit!"

"Lick me Moira! Fuck me mum! Ohhh! I luv it!"

Soon Julianna was doing her daughter at a fast, but not much speed, rasing the tempo and intensity of each stroke. Her daughter was feeling her sexual desire consume herself at each fuck, moaning and squealing with Julianna's dildofuck and also Moira's clit tongue manipulation.

"I love watch you being fucked. It turns me on a lot!", said the mother, touching herself with the other hand while still doing Kayley.

"So that's why you like to peek me and the girls while we do it, mum?", asked wickedly the young female.

"Let's discuss about that now, please?"

"I bet seeing is better than talking about...", replied Kayley, while Julianna, pretty much embarassed to know her daughter knew that she spied on her doing sex, only resumed to stick the long toy inside her daughter's dripping snatch.

Moira kept licking the clitoris of the girl, driving her to more pleasure she could handle. Meanwhile, the tips of the fingers played twistedly with her nipples, pinching and squeezing it like some kind of torture.

The whole scene was enough arousing for all the female involved, specially to Kayley, a girl used to that kind of thing, but everytime Screwlibur was involved, it was like she was getting nailed by a powerful male.

It didn't took enough to all girls find themselves in the way of the orgasm. The dildo fuckign was intense as ever, with Kayley being frenzly banged, much to delight of her mother, now using two fingers of her free hand to also please herself. Moira was still busing tongue-playing with the young one's clit and also doing her nipples. The steamy sex act would have a big and huge happy ending soon.

"I am soooooooo close mummmmmmmm!"

"Me too, Kayley, me too!"

"Uhhhh... so hot!"

It wasn't that longer they finally reached to the break point. Kayley was the first to cum.


Kayley's orgasm was big and strondous, almost heard from the Prudes castle, if you could say that. The climaxes of the young girl were usually like that, but when the fantastic magic toy was in action, she came as it was her first orgasm, floating juices everywhere from inside her cunt.

"Ahhhhhhhh Yeahhh.... Oh My Goodddddddd!"

With Kayley still in ecstactic trance, Julianna was the next one to orgasm. Her cum was quick and brief, but it was as good as her child.

"Goood.... Cummming....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhh!"

Moira came last, with less intensity as mother and daughter, but it was somehow satisfying to her. After minutes of ecstasy, the three girls fell on bed, exhausted with the sexual act.

" was... it was... awesome!, said Kayley, betwen panting.

"I knew you would like, darling", replied Lady Julianna

"But... today... it was incredible! You two knew where to find my best hotspots"

"We know you so long to figure out where and how you like to get pleased", explained Moira.

"A-And I cannot deny!", said the young girl. "Specially when mum sticked Screwlibur inside me and fucked me like a horse does the mare!"

"Kayley, honey... don't need to talk stuff like that!"

"But mother?", protested Kayley.

"Please... Enough about this! Now, I'll have to put Screwlibur in safe place again before I get myself ready again and you and Moira can take a bath. You two must be sweating a lot.

"As your request, ma'am", said Moira.

The two girls left the room, covering themselves with their garment as Julianna used her hands to clean the sextoy and put back in the box. "God, why I had a daughter like that?", said to herself the woman...

The days came by and everything seemed as easy as it could be around Cunt Village. Kayley, as usual, was busy with the house chores and also pleasing the ladies that went by her house, including her mother. But the peace was about to be broken.

"Mother, there is something wrong with the hens", announced the young girl, running to her home with an empty basket around her right arm.

"What it is?", asked Julianna.

"I was to check if they laid their eggs properly, but when I came closer, they ran afraid of me"

"Afraid? How is it possible?" pondered her mother

"I don't know. Is just they were already like that and I tried to calm down then, but it was impossible to", Kayley explained, letting Julianna to think about.

"Strange, very strange... But I had heard that when some animals behave like that, it's because something dangerous is about to come"

"Dangerous? How? Are you not talk about me, mum?", suspected the girl.

"Is not about you, darling! It must be something in the air...", thought Lady Julianna. Right after that, the atmosphere of the place changed.

"Did you noticed something Kayley?", asked her mother.

"No, I didn't. Only that...MOTHER!", even before Kayley answered the question, several rocks broke into the humble residence, almost hitting both women, which had to duck to avoid being caught by them.

"What the....?"

"I think they might found us, Kayley..."

Soon "they" were at her door. Surrounded by an army of fully-padded soldiers, all covered with iron and such stuff, Mary Ann and General Arthur Nopussey walked inside the residence, looking at the place with a triumphant pose.

"You two cannot enter in my house like this, you scums!", protested Julianna, standing up again after the ending of the attack.

"Who are you to tell us what to do or not, whore!", Mary Ann showed an superiority air on her voice.

"You don't put fear on me, Mary Ann. Not you and your string puppet that you carry along with you!

"You perverted disgusting bitch! Watch your language!", was the answer of an anger Nopussey.

"What are you doing here?", said Kayley, now hugging her mother to protect both of them.

"Well, well, dear little one. I just heard you might know where to find something I want", explained Mary Ann, which surrounded the village with her entourage and threatened to arrest all inhabitants.

"Forget it! We will not collaborate with you, at no kind!", Julianna promptly refused to talk with the Prudes about what they looked for.

"It doesn't depend on you, slut!", replied Nopussey "We know that Screwlibur is hidden in this place and we will find it!"

"First, watch your language, you loser! And second, if we had Screwlibur here, we wouldn't give back to you!"

"Julianna, you are just like your husband... he never knew with who he was meddling...", commented Mary Ann, to much dislike of Kayley

"Watch your fucking mouth to talk about my father, you bitch!", Kayley argued, pointing the finger in direction of the Prude leader. "My father was a honoured man, a family man. And he died fighting for what it worths!"

"Depravation and perversity worths something to be defended? Ha Ha Ha Ha...", Mary Ann used a bit of her sarcasm after hearing the young girl. "You are such naive girl...."

"Kayley, please...", Lady Julianna tried to take her daughter back with her, but the young girl didn't obeyed.

"No mother! We gotta defend ourselves. Not just the village, but for Cumalot!"

"You little tramp! You know that it's forbidden to refer Chastis as this dirty and tainted name?", argued the Prude general.

"For me, it will be always Cumalot, not this crap name you invented", said Kayley.

"Mistress, can we get them already to the dungeon? That little bitch is already pissing me off..."

"Not now, Arthur! Now we gotta find Screwlibur...Guards! Don't let any part of this house but unseen!", Mary Ann ordered as a small group of soldiers went to check every part of the home, while two soldiers held the girls, one with each.

"You will never get out with this, Mary Ann!", argued Lady Julianna.

"Sorry if I have to inform this to you, Lady Julianna, but there is nothing that you can do to stop us from searching it"

"Fucking bitch!", shouted Kayley

"Enough you! Why I didn't brought with me the mouth gags? Well, anyway, back in the dungeon we will make the proper punishment for your debauchery", said Mary Ann, before turning to Kayley and look her young adult form and rage on her face. She was admired herself of a girl of that age was so daring and also prone to defend her land and family.

"Well, my little one. I heard you are the biggest slut of the place, even outmatching your own mother, already in such age as yours"

"Get the hell out of my face!", protested Kayley.

"Well, I don't like myself to see such young girl like you get distracted by all those 'munchies'. I cannot believe that a girl like you had engaged in so many slit-licking. You are just like your mother, two whores who cannot shut your pussies up!"

"What me and my daughter do is not of your business, Mary Ann", Julianna made another argument toward the Prudes, but being held by a guard, so as Kayley

"When it comes out to brake several rules of Chastis it is of my business!"

"We found it, Madam!", a soldier shouted as a box was taken from Julianna's room to the place that they were. The box was soon opened and then, it was Screwlibur....what they wanted for so long.

"My exists! There is a Screwlibur!", said Mary Ann, almost mezmerised by seeing that shiny object with her eyes, glowing like a golden crown or a jewel.

"Is really really amazing, Mary Ann!", commented Nopussey.

"What are you thinking to do with this?", asked Julianna.

"Well, it's something that is not of your business. The only thing you need to worry is that pretty thing is mine and you two are going to the cage", explained the Prude mistress.

"Exactly. And there, I will overseer your punishment for your devious behaviour. I grant soon you will learn that those things are not allowed in Chastis"

"And who do you think you are to do this to us, your tiny little bad man?" the question of Kayley instantly triggered an angered reaction of Arthur, which disliked at any instance of being called little because of his size.

"HOW DID YOU DARE TO CALL ME LITTLE, YOU SLUT? You will pay for this, little girl. And pay in the painful way!"

"Not if I can avoid! Run, mother, run!". With a strenght that only could appear in such moments, Kayley moved her shoulders quick and get rid of her imprisoner. The solider tried to get Kayley back, but the girl pushed him into the wall with a headbutt.

"Guards! Get the girl!", ordered Mary Ann.

Soon, Julianna also repeated the move of her daughter, and it was free of the soldier that held her hostage. Kayley had a little fight with the guards, running and bumping into them to reach to the door. Mary Ann and Arthur were static, don't believing the girl soon got "powers" or something.

"GET THAT GIRL BACK", shouted Nopussey, as a bunch of Prude soldiers run to find Kayley. Julianna, on her instance, didn't got the same luck as her girl and went arrested.

* * *

The search for Kayley was called off when the sun came down. Since it was late, the Prude army retreated to Chastis with Lady Julianna, several inhabitants of the village arrested. But the worse it was discovered later, when Nopussey found that Screwlibur was left at Cunt Village.

While the Prudes vowed to retain the magic piece back, Kayley was hidden inside the bushes the surrounded the village. Quiet as the night, the 18-year-older heard the horses, the shouts of the soldiers led by Mary Ann and Nopussey with their torches, the steps, everything. She didn't leave the place when the night came down, and being totally wore and tired with the chase, she fell asleep there.

The following morning, the girl woke up and returned to Cunt Village. Instead of the bright, friendly and cozy place she used to see, it was a torn out town, with homes destroyed and burned, everything messed up, broken windows.

When she went to the down to check further, she only saw a few people, who could be the ones that the Prudes didn't found a reason to arrest.

Soon, she approached an old man, shaken in fear. The elderly gave her the bad news.

"They took it everything... they took your mother... they left only us..."

The sound of "they took your mother" in her head was enough to leave her desperate. In a quick burst, she ran into her house screaming "Mother", as looking each place of the home and even outside. But she soon realized that her mother was really away. And as a prisoner of the Prudes. Kayley couldn't control herself and bursted on tears.


The young girl cried as much as she could, now alone in the destroyed town, without anyone to confide, to protect, somebody who could protect her. She was all alone, for the first time of her life.

The crying took longer, but Kayley then noticed a small bright spot on the floor of the kitchen. She went quickly to find what it was, and when she found, on a corner, the Screwlibur was there!

"Perhaps when I run into one of the guards, it fell off the box..." Kayley thought to herself looking at the dildo and realizing that she had a mission. "I'll have to carry this with me, but how? And how I will save my mother and the villagers?"

Those questions where answered when Kayley got a few "weapons", like knives and daggers, plugging them around the belt, and where it was also Screwlibur, perfectly hidden from anyone who would steal it from her. As soon as she was ready, she left the village, looking toward the direction of the ancient Cumalot, and ran into the bushed roads.

"I will save Cumalot even if I die trying to do this!", said the young girl after leaving.

THE END (For Now)


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