Pretty Woman: Back In Business (MF)
by Jaycee Leverett ([email protected])

Her antique bed always felt coldest after making love to her husband, Edward.
She still loved him, no doubt there, but it was alwys about him: his wants,
his needs. His satisfaction.

Vivian knew he tried to please her too, and she loved him for it. But it was
never enough. Some where in the back of his mind, she knew he still saw her
as a prostitute and the same old routine with him always on top was getting
as old as their bed.

It was strange. Vivian figured most women would look at their husbands laying
beside them and think about all the happy times together, like their wedding.
All she could think about was all the things she had given up for him. Sure,
she had more money now, and nicer clothes. But Vivian missed spending every
night with a differtent man and all the orgasms she had missed out on since

If ony there were some way to have the best of both worlds.

Then she remembered. There was an article in the paper the other day about
high classed escorts had been moving into hotel suites and working from

Of course, that was it! She could be one of those women, and since moving to
New York only a week ago, no one even knew her here.

Quietly, while Edward lay snoring away, Vivian packed up her clothes and left
him a note on the dresser saying she was gone with her wedding ring on top of

Just before she left, Vivian whispered, "Good-bye Edward," and walked out the

It didn't take her long to get settled. Within a few days, Vivian had moved
into a suite on one of the upper levels of the Ritz Hotel and started to
look for customers.

Getting jobs was simple. The first night, she pulled on a red elegant looking
backless dress. The only underwear she had on was a black silk thong that
helped accentuate her ass.

Her hair, she piled up on top of her head. She let her curls fall just enough
that they whispered against the back of her neck. Make-up, she just applied
lightly. Vivian was so beautiful that she didn't really need the stuff.

When she walked into the bar downstairs, every head in the place turned.
People started whispering and she knew it was all about her. Vivian was sure
that a lot of it was lewd comments about things they would like to do to her
body. She wondered how long it woud take them to find aout that for the right
price, chances were, they could.

The bartender poured her a glass of red wine as she sat down. "How ya doin'?"

"Fine, thanks."

Before long, a man took a seat on the stool beside her. Right away, she
looked him over to see if he would make a suitable client. After all, she
said who, she said when, she said how much. A lot of things had changed, but
that little creed hadn't.

He was handsome. Not breathtaking, but doable. His hair was cut in an almost
shaggy fasion and reddish-brown. He was dressed in a suit and tie, but
nothing fancy.

His eyes were a different story, though. They were hazel, with a pattern more
intricate than much of the lace of her lingerie.

"Well, hello there," she said, starting the conversation. Already the ways
of her old life were coing back to her. "Are you looking for a little

The man looked at her, glancing her over from head to toe. "Maybe. What is
your name?"

"Vivian. What's yours?"


James offered to pay for her drink before buying a scotch for himself. He
downed the amber fluid in one swallow and turned back to the elegant woman
beside him. "Would you like to get outta here? Maybe take a little ride?"

Vivian presented James with her perfectly manicured hand. "Whatever you
want," she said with a sultry smile.

He led her outside and with a raise of his hand, James's limo appeared.
Like a perfect gentleman, he opened the door for her. Vivian slid inside,
automatically bringing her long legs up to curl beside her. She pulled the
skirt up a few inches, letting her thighs start to show.

James climbed in next to her and gave the chauffer directions to just drive.
When the car started moving, he wasted no time. James grabbed Vivian by her
ankles and manuvered her so that her legs straddled his hips. Vivian's red
skirt had been pushed up by his waist so that the bottom was level with the
crotch of her panties.

She could feel him starting to get hard for her through the layers of clothes
that seperated them. It had been so long since she had been able to enjoy
herself in this kind of situation that right away she wanted to rip open his
fly and force his body into hers and fuck the man.

But James had other plans. Gently, he tugged at the shoulder straps until
they slid down her arms and rested in the crook of her elbows. The mterial
covering her breasts didn't fall away on it's own, so James lifted Vivian
just enough so that his teeth could grip the thin material and pull it down.

Vivian sighed to herself. As James started to remove the cloth from her
chest, she could feel his nose scraping down the valley between her breasts.
He let the cloth fall away, and while she was still over him, he started to
plant little bites on the globes of skin he had just revealed.

Her expensive panties started to tighten. She could feel her vulva starting
to swell and moisten at the excitement of her flesh being sweetly attacked
by teeth. It was ensations like this that made her glad that society had
labeled her a whore, because only a whore could respond like this with such
a fever.

As she went back down into his lap, his mouth moved up her breasts. His lips
at last made it to the point that they could grip her nipples and suck them
into little peaks. Vivian's eyes drifted closed as James's hands joined into
the exploration of her chest. Slowly, he gripped her breasts at the sides
and started kneading them with his palms and fingers.

Vivian drew in a sharp breath. She wanted his hands to continue forever and
already her body was shuddering in pre-climax. Then, his hands started to
roam lower. James' hands caressed their way over her belly, feeling the
muscles shudder inside. At last, his hands rounded under her ass as she
quietly gasped and felt his fingers tangle in the silk of her dress.

He grabbed the folds and pulled the red silk over her head to leave her naked
except for her panties and her high heels. James reached up and kissed her
once just beneath her jaw. "Lean back against the seat behind you."

She did as she was told. The plush of the seat tickled her back. Right away,
James kneeled on the carpeted floor in front of her and laid his head to her
navel. Gently, he started to tounge the little place and Vivian lifted her
body to him. "Mnh," she groaned.

He hadn't even touched her sex and already her panties were soaked through.
The smell of her arousal perfumed the cabin. Vivian was sure her juices were
leaking through and onto her shirt.

At last, his tounge began to snake lower. It reached the hem of her panties
and when she felt his breath that far south, it sent her over the edge. Every
nerve in her body exploded in orgasm and she could feel her juices start to
thicken with come.

James started to trace the wet patch on her underwear with kisses. She was so
lost in the sensations of sex that she felt more than heard his mumbles of
approval at her taste.

He looked up at her and smiled at her before returning to his activity. In
that one moment, Vivian saw just how soaked his face was with her arousal.
If only he could kiss her now. It had been so long since she had tasted
herself on a man's lips that she had forgotten what it was like.

James must have sensed her wish somehow. He lifted his body to cover hers and
planted his mouth against her lips.

Her juices were sweeter than any other wine she had ever tasted. She let her
tounge part her lips just enough that she could clean his mouth in tiny
strokes, collecting more and more of her flavor.

"NUH!" Vivian let out a startled groan moved between her legs to her slit.
His fingers began pushing the cloth of her panties into her body, almost like
a silk condom for the digits he was sliding into her.

She came again, but this time the panties drench with her earlier emmissions
made some sort of sheild to prevent her cream from escaping her body.
"MMM-NAH!" she screamed, as her vagina started to flood itself with her own
juices. Never in her life had she ever felt anything like this. The sensation
itself was screaming sex louder than any of the moans coming from her throat.

At last, the man removed his fingers. Instantly, he was met with a flood of
her come. There was so much of the stuff that Vivian could feel it streaming
around the edges of her underwear and down her thighs.

She felt his hands at the waist of her panties. Slowly, Vivian felt the
soaked silk being pulled away as it had to work to unstick itself from her
pubic curls and the skin of her sex. Instantly, James's mouth replaced them,
covering her vulva and tugging on her curls with his teeth.

Vivian gripped his head and pulled him closer to grind her clit on his face.

Eventually, he broke free of her grasp and sat up to release his rod from
his pants. The member sprng to life before Vivian's wide eyes. In a flash,
he was the entrance to her womb.

James shoved into her drenched hole with one thrust. He grabbed Vivian by the
cheeks of her rump, lifting them from their resting place an putting her body
in a better position for their act.

He shoved himself into her over and over. Vivian ground her clit into James.
Her body grew so weak from the power of her orgasms that she couldn't support
herself. She crashed against his chest, the sound of her gasping breath
filling his ears.

Vivian screamed as James puleed out of her. She knew it was over when he told
the driver to head back to the hotel.

Vivian was dressed by the time they pulled to the curb and she got out.
James handed her a large green roll of money and watched his "date" walk back


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