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Go easy on me, it's my first attempt...

Pretender: Miss Parker - The Interrogation (MF,F-dom,ncon,bond,light S&M)
by Furball

The waking mind is a strange thing; it makes observations without analysing
them. For example, I realise I am hanging naked from the ceiling by my arms
long before it occurs to me this is almost certainly a bad thing. Once I do
realise this however, my conscious mind takes over in a remarkably short
time. I try to move, and find restraints around my ankles too. I am
suspended in a narrow "X" shape, my restraints padded, a hood over my head,
and a dull ache in my shoulders suggesting I've not been here long. While I
can't move much, at least my feet touch the floor, so straightening my legs
relieves the pain in my arms.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

The slow sound of heels, and a tasteful hint of expensive perfume makes me
reassess my situation. I am in serious trouble. I don't know the name of
the scent, but I do know the one lady who wears it. Everyone who works at
The Centre would know it. Miss Parker is standing behind me.

"Good morning." The voice is a purr, almost friendly, but coming from her it
has a razor edge. "I'm glad you're awake at last, now we can get started." I
feel her hands at the back of my neck, and the hood is lifted away. The room
is white, featureless except for the large mirror on the wall facing me, and
a metal box I can see in it behind me. Miss Parker is immaculate as ever,
dressed in a tailored grey skirt and matching jacket, with crisp white blouse
open at the throat. Her legs are clad in black silk, her shoes black patent
leather with short stiletto heels. Her shoulder length, straight dark hair
cut with fearsome precision. Sleek as a panther, and twice as deadly.

"I've always known Jarod had a mole in the centre," she says, slowly circling
me, "but I didn't know it was you until last night." She steps up and leans
close to me, her face next to mine, eyelashes just barely grazing my cheek as
she blinks. Softly she states, "Now you're going to tell me where he is."

So now I know why I'm here. I count Jarod as more than a friend; If it
weren't for his help, my sister would be dead. I won't give him up easily,
whatever Miss Parker has in mind. Or in that metal box.

She takes a step back. "Did you know it's customary for the torturer to show
the victim the torture instruments before using them, and explain their use?
The anticipation heightens their effect." Her head tilts to the side, her
expression that of a predator sizing up its prey. "Well in this case, I am
the torture instrument. I have noticed men's priorities change when they
get ... sexually aroused." She starts to circle again, this time trailling
her long painted nails gently around my torso. "I find that useful, as an
interrogator." She casually moulds her body against my back, her arms around
me and her lips next to my ear as her voice drops to a whisper. "As of now,
you are mine. I will play you like an instrument. You -will- be aroused. You
-will- tell me." Her right hand glides down my stomach, and briefly cups my
manhood before she slips away.

If that's all she's got, I have a chance. Tap. tap. tap. I watch her hips
gently sway in the mirror as she walks to the box. There's no denying it,
she is a very beautiful woman and she knows how to move. I have to watch
that; this is Miss Parker. If she thinks this will work, she must have
something up her sleeve. She's as intelligent as she is dangerous.

She bends at the waist, giving me an excellent view of her perfect ass in
the close fitting skirt, and picks up a folder from on top of the box. It
takes me a moment to realise what it is. Crap. She has my psych file. Of
course. She turns to face me in the mirror as she idly thumbs through it,
one hip elegently thrust out to the side. It's a show, put on for my
benefit. She probably knows every word on every page. Very thorough, very
efficient, Miss Parker. "This makes for interesting reading." She glances
up at me. "You'd be surprised how extensive it is, how many people we
interviewed to build this profile. Family, friends, ex-girlfriends. There
are things in here you don't know about yourself. I might just enjoy using
some of them." She looks up again, a slight smile on her pretty lips, but
there's no warmth there. Just confidence and anticipation. She doesn't just
think this will work, she -knows-. What am I missing?

She turns and bends down to the box again, carefully putting the folder back
in its place. This time the skirt rides up a little and I catch a glimpse of
stocking top. Yes, she has done her research. As she walks past me her
fingernails trail across me again, until she stands in front of me. Her head
cocks to the side again as a thoughtful expression crosses her face. "Now,
how shall we proceed? Slowly I think." She leans in close again, breasts just
grazing my chest through that crisp white shirt. Perhaps I can feel nipples,
I'm not sure. The touch is too light. Her hands caress gently over my body,
dancing over my chest, my back, my face. It feels good. Her lips brush mine.
I pull my head back, there's no point in helping her. "Oh dear, a little
reluctant, are we? We'll see about that."

Her hands move lower, and those fingernails start to gently rake my balls.
Damn, it feels good. One hand starts to gently caress my dick. I can't help
it, I start to react. She feels it. "That's better." she purrs. As I get
harder, she grips the shaft and starts to slowly jack me. Hand twisting as
it moves up and down. She walks around behind me again, never letting go,
and presses herself against me again. Her other hand comes around and grips
my balls firmly, but not roughly. I am very conscious of her breasts pressed
against me. There is a bra. She whispers in my ear "Feels, good, doesn't
it...?" I'm watching myself in the mirror. The sight of this beautiful woman
giving me a reach-around handjob while doing a slow dance against my back is
really turning me on. There is no way to resist. I start to give in to it.
She steps away again and moves in front of me.

"I'd ask if you find me attractive, but I already know." She says, indicating
first the folder, then my dick. "Your tastes run to slender women with
smaller breasts," She caresses hers, stretching the material of the shirt
across them so I can see their perfect shape. She turns to the side "and a
firm ass. Perhaps I should let you feel my ass." She waits a beat, then turns
and presses against me again. This time her slow dance grinds her ass into my
dick, and my face is an inch from her neck. I can't resist it, her neck is
perfect too. I give it a little kiss. "Mmmm, you're starting to get the
idea." she breathes. Her ass moves forwards a little and she reaches behind
herself to jack me again, a little faster this time. Then she's gone, walking
back to the box. She moves the folder to the floor, opens the box and reaches

"Reading between the lines of your file, I had an idea. Let's see if I'm
right." Out comes a short wooden plank, with a piece of soft rope attached
to one end. She slips a small bottle into her jacket pocket. She lays the
plank at my feet, rope end towards me, and lifts the other end of the rope.
She ties it around my scrotum, so the end of the plank is lifted a little
off the floor. She steps back to admire her work, and gives an approving
little nod. She looks me challengingly in the eye, as her hands go to the
waistband of her skirt. A button pops, a zipper zips, and the skirt falls
to the floor. God, she's beautiful. Those legs are as shapely as I'd
imagined, clad in those lacy-topped black stockings. No garter belt though,
maybe her research wasn't as good as she thinks.

She strikes a few poses for me. I'm particularly fond of the one where she
stands with her back to me and thrusts her ass out, looking at me over her
shoulder. It makes her shirt ride up so I can see the black lace panties.
They match the stockings. The bottle briefly comes back into view as she
pours some oil into her hand, and prowls up to me. There's no other word
for that walk. An oily hand closes around my dick and a shock goes up my
spine. I'm really hard now, and thinking of nothing but her. Then she steps
on the plank, and my balls get the idea. It hurts, but not enough to break
the mood. In fact, just enough to heighten it. Damn, she's good. She looks
in my eyes, and she knows it. "Mmmmm, you like that, don't you?" The pressure
goes away, and her oily hand gets a little more insistant. Then she's gone
again. "Wouldn't want you, ah, -peaking- too soon, would we? In fact, You
probably don't want to peak at all, given the circumstances." What the hell?

This time, a gun comes out of the box. It's not large, but its presence is.
She walks around and shows it to me real close, in her open palm. Her calm
voice is as soft as silk as she reveals the reason for her confidence. "In
fact, if you come before you tell me what I want to know, I'm going to shoot
you in the head." Her smile is pure poison. It says she's going to enjoy

She turns to the mirror and bends over to lay the gun where I can see it.
The fact that I also get a very good view of her ass while she's doing it
is certainly deliberate. The material of those black panties stretches
across her pussy so tight I can easily make out the crease. Instead of
standing up immediately, she reaches up to the waistband and ever so slowly
peels the panties down. OK, so that's why no garter belt. I should have
known. Her bush is neatly trimmed, of course, and the lips of her pussy
glisten pinkly in the bright white light. She holds the pose for a moment,
then slowly straightens up. This time when she presses herself against me,
my dick is trapped in the Y between her upper thighs. She starts the dance
again. "Now the fun really begins."

I try to resist, but somehow knowing how much trouble I'm in just makes it
worse. I had softened when the gun came out, but the feel of her soft, warm
body against mine and the feel of my oiled cock nestled in her slowly
gyrating crotch get me right back where I started. The occasional tap of
her foot on the plank adds more spice to the mix. Her hands flutter up and
down my spine as her lips caress my neck and ear. A sexy, sinister chuckle
escapes her. "Do you like being helpless like this? I think you do. Your
cock says you do." Miss Parker talking dirty is a bit of a surprise, but
it's a well calculated one. It's dangerously sexy. She reaches behind
herself and tickles my tip between her legs. I'm trying to concentrate on
math, ugly people, anything to take my mind off her, but it's no use. She
has me.

"You know what I'm going to do next? I'm going to suck you." She says it as
a threat. "I'm very good at it." I don't doubt it. She never does anything
by halves. She walks back to the box, takes out a nother rope then comes
back and kneel in front of me. One knee either side of that damned plank.
She shrugs off the jacket, and her hands rise to my shaft. She ties the
rope tightly around the base of my cock. It's the fingernail treatment
again, then one hand firmly gasps the base, pulling my dick towards her
face. First she plants little kisses around the tip, then her tongue comes
and starts drawing abstract patterns around it. She suddenly takes one of
my balls in her mouth, all the time looking straight into my eyes, and a
shiver runs the length of my body. She runs her tongue along the length of
my shaft from root to tip, and her mouth engulfs me. It's heaven, but if I
give in I'm going straight to hell.

"Mmmmmm mmmm," she hums as her lips travel up and down. She drops back to
a handjob for a moment. "You're doing very well. Most of my, ah, subjects
don't get this far. Maybe you'll hold out long enough to get some of my
pussy?" a wicked smile, "No, I don't think so." Her mouth traps my member
again, and starts to slide down. And down. She's deep throating me. The
sight of her perfectly made up face with her lips down at the root of my
shaft, looking up at me with a challenge in her eyes, nearly makes me
come. Then I look at the gun and I find enough resistance. She looks
disappointed, but not beaten. Her hand presses the plank, and her mouth
goes into overdrive. Christ, she is -so- good at this. The blowjob lasts
for what seems like years. She swaps between gentle, slow, fast and rough,
tapping, pressing and releasing the plank all apparently at random, but
she knows what she's doing. She really is playing me like a musical
instrument. Along the way the shirt comes off, and the little black bra.
Her small, delicious breasts get oiled and rubbed against my leg, my
stomach and my dick. Those tight little nipples tickle my tip. The
sensations threaten to overcome my fear, but somehow I manage to hold on.
Eventually she sits back on her feet.

"I must admit, I'm impressed. You have more self control than any of my
previous toys. I'm going to have to fuck you." It's said in a matter-of-fact
tone, but it's another threat nonetheless. There's fire in her eyes now as
she rises to her feet, and to the challenge. She strikes a few more poses,
showing off her slender, athletic body - now naked except for the stockings.
It takes a lot of work to look that good. Then she's wrapped around me again,
the firmness of her oiled breasts sliding across my chest as my dick slides
against that sweet little pussy. I can't help but watch us in the mirror, it
really is a glorious sight. She turns her back to me and continues the dance.
She reaches between her legs to play with my cock, pressing it against her
clit as it slides back and forth, then she bends forward at the waist and
slips me inside her. She's warm, and very wet. She's really getting off on

Her hips swivel and grind as I slide in and out. She leans back against me,
slowly rocking and writhing against me, working it for all it's worth. I'm
holding on for dear life as this evil angel has her way with me. Another
sinister chuckle and she steps away, but it's only to turn around again. She
hooks a leg around me, and guides me back inside her. Her smile is now pure
dark lust as she takes me in her arms again. She just holds onto me tight
while the muscles in her pussy massage my shaft with exquisite skill. "Soon
now, I think. If you don't tell me soon, it'll be the last orgasm you'll ever
have. Is he really worth it? Tell me, and I'll make it the best instead."
I'd forgotten. She starts to caress my back again as her hips start making
little circles. Her lips and tongue play with my ear. "Tell me, tell me."
she breathes. Her leg unwinds from around me, and pushes on the plank. It's
too much, I can feel the pressure building, and the telltale tingle in my
balls. I tell her. "Thank you. I keep my promises. Enjoy." she whispers.

She uses me like a stripper uses a pole, stopping when I get close, then
starts again over and over until I just can't take any more. I come like I
never came before, unloading inside her endlessly. All the while she dances
on me, finally kissing me deeply as I collapse against my bonds, spent. She
caresses my face, then steps to the mirror and picks up the gun. She holds
it to my temple and looks me in the eyes. "No, maybe next time." She lowers
the gun and walks to the mirror, which hinges open revealing a doorway. Just
before she leaves, she turns back for a moment. "Don't go away now, I'll be
right back. He'd better be there."


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