Crossfire: Crossworlds - Pretender: The Art Of Pretending (f/solo,mc,celeb)
by Arcane ([email protected])

Miss Parker had failed to catch Jarrod more times than she cared to remember.
And the more she failed, the more suspicious the Centre became of her. Not
that she herself had nothing to suspect them of. Every month it seemed like
another dark secret reared it's head. Yet still she remained working for the
Centre, doing it's dirty work in their frantic hunt for their Pretender. They
had come close so many times before but always he seemed to slip away.

The Centre wasn't happy.

Miss Parker knew it.

What she didn't know was what they intended to do about it.

She paced from wall to wall of her hotel room. It was times like this that
made her wish she hadn't quit smoking. At least that would have given her
something to do.

All she could do was pace and think.

A knock came from the door.

Parker crossed over and opened it.

One man in a suit, two goons with him.

"Miss Parker." he said softly, "I'm Drake, Centre internal security."

"I figured out who you were. What do you want?"

Drake took a step inside and Parker let him pass, the two body guards moving
with him.

"The Centre is concerned with your loyalties Miss Parker."

"Look, I do my job."

"You job is to catch the Pretended, a job at which you have failed

"I don't see any one else doing any better."

"Indeed. However, it is the fact that you've been asking questions that has
been most disturbing."


"Yes. About the centre in general. Sticking your nose where it isn't wanted."

"Look pal, cut to the chase. What do you want?"

Drake nodded his head.

Suddenly one of the guards moved, jabbing a needle into her arm.

"What I want Miss Parker," he said, watching her stagger as the drug took
effect, "will become perfectly clear in time."

Parkers world spun and was gone as she collapsed into the waiting arms of the

* * *

"You're sure?"

"Of course Sydney. I checked. Miss Parker was simply gone. No signs of forced
entry or a struggle, nothing missing. Just gone. Do you think she could be in

"I certainly wouldn't put it past anyone. Did you collect her things?"

"Yes. And I didn't even go through her case."

"Very admirable Broots."

Sydney clipped open the case. searching for anything out of place. He found

"What's on this?" Sydney handed Broots a disc.

"Give me a second..." he plugged it into the computer. "Text file. Just a
sec.. There."

Both men stared at the screen.


If you're reading this then I'm guessing they got me.

A special branch of the Centre has been scouting me for a while.

Loyalty division. Very deep cover.

I don't know what they intend to do but I want you to do anything you can to
find me and get me out. Anything.


They sat back, stunned.

"I've never heard of loyalty division."

"Neither have I." Sydney noted grimly. "But I want you to find out anything
you can."

"What are you going to do?"

"Miss Parker said anything. And I know someone who happens to be an expert at
getting away from the Centre."

* * *

Jarrod scouted the newspaper in front of him, looking for signs of what his
next life might be. As yet nothing too wonderful had come to mind, but it
would soon enough.

So long as he wasn't interrupted.

A buzzer went off.

He looked up from the paper to a security monitor.

The caretaker room he presently inhabited wasn't exactly high quality, but he
could monitor all the surrounding tunnels through camera networks.

What he saw couldn't help but catch his attention.

There was no mistaking the outfit or the face. Only the action seemed to be
out of place. The woman moved erratically, almost as though lost, confused.

He wasn't taking any chances.

Jarrod got to his feet, lifting the gun from the desk in front of him.

He walked across to a ladder and dropped down it.

"Don't move." he said, pointing the gun at the back of the woman. "Turn

Slowly she did. It was Miss Parker all right. Though she certainly didn't
look as confident as she usually did.

"Michael?" she seemed to gasp in relief. "What's going on here?"

"Are you getting me confused with someone? Perhaps another person you're

"Hunting? What are you talking about? One moment I'm on set the next I'm

She took a step forward but stopped when he lifted the gun.

"I don't think I'm fooled by that act. You're not the pretender."

"Pretender? Michael, who do you think I am?"

"Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you're Miss Parker."

"You know I hate being called that. Just use andrea. And tell what the hell
is going on?"

"You're not seriously expecting me to buy this."

"Buy what? Michael, why are you acting like this?"

"I don't know who Michael is but I'm Jarrod."

"Oh no. This isn't some publicity role play thing is it? Because the
producers can forget it. I'm not playing this without being consulted first."

"Now you're beginning to scare me."

"Scare you? I'm in the middle of shooting, some white light flares, I end up
here and you pull a gun on me."

"On that subject, give me your gun."

"My gun? Michael.. okay Jarrod, this isn't even real."

"Throw it over slowly."

She did so, hefting the gun to the ground at his feet.

He knelt cautiously, lifting it. He examined it curiously.

"This is a replica."

"That's what I told you."

A phone rang.

Still pointing the gun, Jarrod reached into his pocket and clipped out the

"Jarrod. This is Sydney. I know I shouldn't call but.. Miss Parker has gone

"Actually she's right here."

"What? Jarrod, she was taken by the Centre. Loyalty Division."

"That might explain why her head is messed up. She keeps calling me Michael,
she says she's Andrea and she's carrying a fake

"Jarrod, where are you?"

"Sydney, you don't really expect me to.."

"I'm dead serious Jarrod. Miss Parker may be in serious danger and I may need
your help. I assure you, no one else will be involved."

"All right. Here's the deal."

* * *

Miss Parker felt tired.

She rolled over, stretching her arms as she gradually reawoke.

A small white room. It seemed a perfect cube, perhaps ten feet in diameter.

No windows, no door, only more white.

Her suit had been replaced by a white gown, making her feel even more

Her only comfort was that whoever had her, didn't want her dead. If they did,
she would already be disposed of.

It was not a great comfort.

She rose to her feet, not even bothering to look for an exit. She refused to
give her captors the satisfaction of letting her panic, instead taking even
breaths. The air was cold and pure, clearly filtered.

The walls were smooth but not hard, compressing under her touch. In addition
there seemed to be no difference between the walls and the roof and floor.

All the same, all white and formless.

"Welcome back Miss Parker." came a voice from nowhere in particular. She
immediately placed it as the voice of the man claiming to be Drake.

"Where am I?"

"You're nowhere."

"So why am I here?"

"Loyalty training."

"Really? And just what does that consist of?"

"I'm sure you'll find out soon enough."

"Is that supposed to frighten me?"

"I suggest you treat me with more respect Miss Parker. So long as you are in
that room, I alone will be your god."

"Whatever. Get on with it."

The room went pitch black.

The floor lurched and Miss Parker fell to the floor, the new floor. Then the
room lurched again, the cube rotating in random directions.

In the darkness, Parker had no choice but to try to keep her feet.

* * *

Andrea sat on a park bench alone when Sydney found her.

"Miss Parker.."

"Andrea. Look. okay I'm going to call you Sydney for the moment.. Now if this
is a scam then it's a big one. Phones don't work with any number I know and
I'm hundreds of miles away from where I thought I was. So for the moment I'm
going to accept that this is.. real.. whatever that means. I can only assume
you want me to play Parker."

"Er.. So.. You're not Miss Parker?"

"No. But I can be if needs be. Though before that happens, I really would
like an explanation. Mic.. Jarrod was rather edgy."

"I see. Er.. Andrea, we think that you're actually a Miss Parker, working for
an organization called the centre. You were captured by a special group who
may have brainwashed you."

"I don't think so. Firstly, I know what the centre is and I know the plot of
everything from capturing Jarrod to the fact that Miss

Parkers mother was murdered. I also have a perfect memory of my entire

"Your life?"

"My name is Andrea Parker. I'm an actress."

"I'm somewhat confused."

"Join the club. Look one moment I'm on The Pretender set, the next I'm in the
real thing."

"The Pretender? Are you saying this is all some television show?"

"Exactly. But don't let it knock you. It seems pretty damn real to me."

"She's telling the truth."

Andrea and Sydney turned to see Jarrod emerge from a bush.

"She has better knowledge of things that I've done than anyone could ever
have. She has details that miss PArker never could have. She's who she says
she is. Apologies for the hiding Sydney, I had to be sure."

"Of course. But how can she be..."

"I did a little digging on quantum theory. Parallel worlds."

"And you think that Andrea is.."

"Exactly. Well it's the best theory I could come up with."

"So that would mean our entire lives are just entertainment for people."

"But we still have to live them. The spiritual questions aside, we still have
a problem. The real Miss Parker.. or rather, the fictional Miss Parker, is
still missing. And at the moment we have no idea where to start looking.

* * *

Parker rolled over on the floor as the cube finally came to a rest.

The cool air had risen to hot, a mist gathering about her. The cotton clung
to her skin as she was flung about aimlessly in the room, trying her best to
keep balance. Now at last it had stopped, though her feet had yet to raise
her up again.

"What was the point of that?" she gasped.

"Disorientation." came the reply. "Feeling dizzy?"

"I'll manage."

"I doubt that."

Once again light flared and Parker was temporarily blinded. When she finally
came to see the room she almost toppled over again. Each of the six surfaces
was now a complete mirror, casting back her own reflections, multiplied to

The mere sight made Parker dizzy.

Then the cube began to rotate.

She crashed against the soft mirrored surface, unable to designate any sense
of up or down.

For the first time Miss Parker screamed.

* * *

"It's no good. The files are too well protected." Broots leant back in his
chair and sighed. "Besides, almost all information on Loyalty division would
be in hard copy and that would be inside the Centre."

"So why don't I go and get it?" Sydney suggested.

"You don't have the clearance. You're medical division, not security. And so
far as I know those files are tightly guarded, voice print, retina, the

"But we have those." Jarrod noted quickly.

"We do?" Broots turned.

"Andrea. She has the same eyes, the same voice."

"We don't know that. Jarrod, she's not Miss Parker."

"But I can be."

"Wait a minute." Broots raised a finger in question. "You're suggesting that
Andrea pretend to be Miss Parker, gets secret files from inside the Centre to
find the real Miss Parker?"

"Something like that."

"Won't that cause a lot of confusion to people who don't know?"

"I should hope so."

Sydney contemplated for a second. "And you're all right to do this Andrea?"

"Why not? After all, I must be here for some reason. And I even have the

* * *

Miss Parker lay, face down and eyes closed. The room had ceased to rotate but
she had been left disorientated and exhausted.

The gown clung to her skin, sweat soaking her skin, plastering her normally
orderly hair to her face. Her mind was reeling, fading in and out of reality.

A jolt of stinging energy brought her back to full awareness.

"How are you feeling Miss Parker?"

"Stuff you." Parker groaned .

She winced as another jolt surged through her.

"I believe we're ready to advance to the next stage. Miss Parker, remove your

"No... nggaa!" she yelled as the pain lanced through her again.

"Remove your gown."

"Go to haaaaggh!"

Parker struggled, trying to drag herself to her feet. She managed, her legs
barely supporting her tired body.

"Raaaah!" she howled as another surge sent her back to the floor.

"Remove your gown."

"I.. won't dooOH! NOOO!" Parker screamed as her nerves was ripped apart by
the pulses.

"Remove your gown."

Gasping, Parker slid the wet gown from her shoulder. Sliding and shimmying
she felt the wet fabric, her only remaining protection, slide off, past her
hips, past her ankles until it was a soaking heap on the floor.

"Excellent Parker. How do you feel now?"


Parker screamed as the the energy crackled over her wet, naked skin.

* * *

Andrea walked down the hall with all the confidence she could muster. So far
it had worked. If anyone could pull off playing the role of Miss Parker, it
was her. After all, she practically was Miss Parker. Had she looked different
then would Parker..

She shook her head slightly. It didn't bear thinking about. There was nothing
to be gained by studying the big picture of why she was in a fictional
universe. Right now she had to find information.

She walked to the terminal that Sydney had told her about, placing her hand
on the glass panel.

A beam of light ran over her palm, scanning her finger prints and hand

For a second she was anxious not, sure whether or not this would work.

The light went green.

"Name?" Requested a voice.

"Parker." she replied.

There was a second of processing an the door slid open.

She was in.

She crossed to the filing cabinet labelled Special Ops. As much right as she,
or rather Miss Parker, had to be in this room, she didn't want to stay here
for any longer than she had to.

Loyalty Division

The words caught her attention like a beacon.

To her dismay the folder was almost empty. there was a general description of
the unit, dealing with potential risks to security.

Andrea didn't know what 'reeducation' referred to but she certainly didn't
like the sound of it. That was all she could find.

She flipped the paper over, looking at the blank side.

There, in barely legible pencil was a single word: Nightsbrook.

She hoped the others might be able to make sense of it. After all, it was
their world, not hers.

She slid the files back into the cabinet, turning and heading out the door.

Halfway down the corridor a voice stopped her.

"Miss Parker?"

She stopped and turned to the source of the call, a young man in a suit, no
one she recognised from the show.

"Can I help you?" she asked as coldly as possible.

"I'm Morris. Internal security. I was wondering why you were accessing the
operations files."

"Why else? Because I have a lead on Jarrod."

"Really? And this has what to do with the files?"

She took a step closer, grabbed his tie and pulled her face close to hers.

"What this is about is not having to trip over a special Centre team every
time I get close to him. So I'll get any damn information I want and if you
get in my way, god help me I'll make you suffer."

He swallowed nervously as she let go of his tie.

"I.. yes.. of course."

Abruptly he turned and headed in quite the opposite direction.

Andrea turned back to the exit, concealing a smile.

"Somebody give me an Emmy."

* * *

For some time, Parker had been left alone in the humid darkness, tormented
and exhausted.

Now there was a light.

It was a single point of red that moved in a circle around the roof.

Parker lay on her back, breathing deeply at watching the light as it spun
around and around above her.

She was so fatigued from her torturous experiences that the light was
remarkably peaceful, spinning about her head, whirling across the black space
above her.

As she watched the red light spinning, she became gradually aware of another
green light. It was moving on the same circle, at the same speed but in the
opposite direction. Both lights moved about, crossing the path of the other
over and over again.

The room was hot, Parker could feel sweat running over her nude body, but the
more she watched the lights he less concerned she became about her physical

Yes. That was the trick. She had to focus, to block out the physical
discomfort so that she could resist whatever it was they were tying to do to

A blue light appeared now, moving on a smaller circle inside the other.

Parker watched the swirling patterns as they were joined by more lights of
many colours, all pinning at different speeds in different circles. It was
calming, especially after the torments she had suffered.

"How are you Miss Parker?"

"Fine." she replied softly, keeping her focus on the lights above her.

"I want you to watch the lights, just watch them spinning. Round and round.
Do you think they're pretty Parker?"

"Yes." she agreed, eyes fixed above her.

Dozens of lights spun in patterns now, their glow shining down on her,
filling the chamber.

"You like watching them."


"Good. I want you to watch them. I want you to look deeper and deeper into
those lights."

Parker let out a relaxed sigh as she stared up, loosing herself in the

* * *

It was a relief to be out of the Centre and back among people she guessed she
could trust. After all, they were the good guys in the show.

"Nightbrook." Andrea said to the others. "It was written on the back of the
file. There was nothing else I could see that was any sort of clue."

"Nightsbrook?" Broots asked. "Sounds charming."

"It's a mental hospital." Sydney said, catching the attention of the others.
"When it closed down fifteen years ago, the centre took over. Used it for
various experiments. But it was closed down after the new facilities were
opened on site."

Broots chewed a pencil. "So you think this is where they're holding Miss
Parker? The other Miss Parker I mean."

Jarrod, leaning back against the wall, finally chose to say something.

"If she is then they'll have security. We'll need to find a way in. They'll
be expecting Sydney or Broots to turn up, or at least they'll recognise them.
Which leaves us two to mount the rescue."

"Jarrod." Sydney pointed out, "if they recognise you then you may end up back
in their hands again."

"If I don't then Parker will end up insanely loyal to the centre and track me
till the day she dies. I'm helping myself by helping her. Andrea?"

"Not that I actually owe her anything but I guess we're rather
interconnected. I take it you have some sort of plan?"

"Of course." Jarrod smiled.

* * *


"Yes." she replied dreamily, lost in the spinning lights.

"I want you to do something for me."

"Why.. I..."

"You like the lights don't you?"


"Well, if you want to keep watching the lights, you're going to do what I
say. Understand?"


"Parker. I want you to masturbate."

"No! No.."

"Parker. Watch the lights. The pretty lights. You like the lights."


"I want you to watch the lights. You want to do that don't you?"


"I want you to masturbate and watch the lights. You want to do that don't

"Yes." Parker agreed.

She lifted her hand and slid it over her stomach, touching herself between
her legs.

"I want you to watch the lights and the deeper you go, the more aroused you
will become. Deeper Parker, more and more aroused. Do you feel that?"

"Yes." she gasped slightly as she felt herself drawn deeper into the lights.
He finger tips brushed against her tender flesh, pressing and stroking as she
felt a warmth and a wetness flow from within her.

The lights, spinning and swirling, almost as if they were stroking her own


Parker winced slightly as the huge words flashed in her vision. When she
looked all she saw were the spirals again twisting and twirling their
delightful patterns. It was hard to say if she had seen anything at all.

He probing finger slid into the slick dampness, rubbing over the wet lips,
fingering every tender spot. There was little doubt of her arousal now. The
more she watched the lights, the more sexually excited she became and the
more she wanted to rub those fingers faster and faster.


Parker shuddered slightly but ignored it as her finger brushed over her
clitoris for the first time. Gently she began to stork herself, eyes not
breaking from the lights.

* * *

What agent Jefferson saw , served to make him jump right up from his desk,
spilling coffee on his seat.

A man in a suit had just entered the front door. There was nothing remarkable
about him at all. But his companion couldn't be ignored. Looking half asleep,
hardly able to keep her footing had the man not been holding her up, was the
very same woman they were supposed to be holding. Jefferson didn't know the
inner workings of Loyalty division. He didn't really want to, but he knew his
job and there was no doubt that this woman was Miss Parker.

"What?.. But I.." he rose to his feet confused.

"I don't want to hear it." the man in the suit cut him off. "I don't want to
have to baby sit Loyalty division so don't give me any excuses as to why you
let a prisoner escape. Whose in charge here?"

"That's.. Drake."

"Well where is he?"

"Through.. in there?"

He pointed to a metal door.

"Well buzz me through then."

"I think there are some issues I need to..."

"Do I look like I give a damn about paperwork? Just open the door."

Jefferson nodded and punched in a code on the keyboard.

The door lock disengaged and it slid open.

"I hope there won't be a problem."

"I'm sure there won't. Hold her for a second."

The man nudged Parker over to the agent who caught her before she fell. Her
eyes looked vacant and distant, the effects of some potent drugs no doubt.

"Is there any.. Ow.."

Jefferson looked down to his arm.

A needle. Parker looked at him with suddenly vibrant eyes.

Then his eyes became as glazed as hers had seemed.

* * *


Parker gasped as the words flashed before her vision but she could no longer
stop herself.

She was so drawn into the light now that her arousal was overwhelming. She
could feel her erect nipples reaching up for the swirling lights, her breasts
shining in the glowing light.


She slid her fingers in and out of her body, rubbing and stroking at all the
areas she wished. The wet mop was slick with her fluids but she ignored them,
letting the slimy sensation and the scent of sex drive her deeper into


She spread her legs out wide, bending her knees, arcing her back as she
brushed her finger over her clitoris again and again, faster and faster.


Her entire body felt alive, her heart beating in her chest, lungs taking
gasps of air. Sweat caressed her body head to foot.

Her fingers rubbed faster, massaging her wet mop, spreading her juices over
her skin. She could feel her desire coming to a head, surging towards an
inevitable climax.


Parker stared at the words above her, feeling the energy peaking inside her.

Her finger stroked over the nub within her vibrating as it pressed the


Parker came.

She grunted and groaned, her tired body shaking as she watched the light spin
above her. Raw passion flowed through her, exciting her nerves, flooding her
with bliss.


As she watched the words, she felt herself becoming light headed, the force
of her orgasm driving her from consciousness.

She faded out with a smile on her lips.

* * *

She came to slowly, rolling over on a bad.

"She's up." a voice called.

Her eyes slowly opened, focussing on a face.

"Sydney?" Parker groaned.

She shook her head slightly. She felt tired, yet relaxed, almost like after
a good night of sex but.. she felt sticky too, in definite need of a shower.
She was in bed, in a white robe.

"Sydney? What's going on here?"

"You were captured by Loyalty Division. Do you remember?"

"Loyalty division.. Oh.. Yes.. I remember." she felt enraged, embittered and
sickened as the memories returned to her of the torture. The last thing she
recalled was flashing lights.

"You rescued me?"

"It was something of a combined effort. Jarrod saved you."

"Jarrod?" Is he.."

"Long gone." Sydney calmed him. "But there's someone else you should meet, if
you feel up to it."

"Go ahead." she lifted herself up slightly.

Parker looked at Parker.

She blinked. It wasn't a mirror.

"I suppose there's an explanation for this?"

"There's a theory." Andrea shrugged.

"I.. see." Parker rolled out of bed. "I'm going to take a shower. If you're
still real when I get out, then we can talk."

She exited the room swiftly.

"Miss Parker?" Sydney called after her.


"What do you think of the Centre?"

"I think I'm going to make someone pay."

She closed the bathroom door.

"Well at least you got there in time."

"Just in time." Andrea noted. "If Jarrod and I hadn't been able to reprogram
those last few commands, who knows what she might be thinking now."

"I wonder what Jarrod did to Drake?"

"I'm sure it was very creative and just. An Eye for an eye. That's usually
the game Jarrod plays."

"So what are you going to do now?"

"Well it's not like I have a choice. Until some new rip in space time pulls
me back, I'm stuck here. Besides, you could always use another Miss Parker."

"You're not really Miss Parker though."

"No." Andrea smiled. "But I can always pretend."


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