Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people
underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm
disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also
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Additional Credit: The plot of this story came from Phantom on the CSSA
forums where I lurk. I contacted Phantom through email to discuss many
aspects of this story and gained a lot of useful input as well as the main
plot from his forum post. Quite frankly, without Phantom this story would
not exist.

Description: The ultimate hunter comes to Earth to hunt, defeat, rape and
take skull trophies from five of Earth's greatest female warriors in a single
night: Deadly Little Miho, Natalie Cook, Beatrix Kiddo, Lara Croft and Agent
Paris Hilton. Can he succeed?

Predator/Sin City: Five Women. One Night Part 1 - Deadly Little Miho
(MF,rape,cream pie,snuff,viol)
by JD ([email protected])

In the room below an alliance was being hashed out between Wendy, leader of
the Girls of Old Town, and Vivian Ward, former hooker, wife of an extremely
powerful financier and indirect runner of almost all the girls in the city
of angels. Vivian had a lieutenant with her and another at street level,
while Miho was alone on the roof to prevent any disruption of the deal from
that angle. There were a lot of people who would happily see Vivian's power
broken, or who see the girls distance from Old Town as a weakness to be

She crouched silently - though everything Miho did was silent - in the dark
shadow cast by an air-conditioning unit. She'd identified the most likely
routes of a gang or mercenary attack, and paid equal attention to the less
likely routes. The almost shabby black of her loose kimono helped her blend
in with the shadow, while concealing a range of bladed weapons. Where others
would complain about the intense heat of the early evening, she just adapted.

The petite Japanese-American assassin knew beyond any rational doubt that she
was alone on the rooftop. She also couldn't shake the feeling that she was
being watched, and watched closely. Very slowly, she drew her both Katana
swords from their sheaths and raised herself in the shadow. There was still
nothing that --

Miho's eyes narrowed. The steam rising from a roof vent thirteen feet away
had momentarily appeared to curve wrongly. Just for a second she seemed to
see an almost human shape, but too big.

The hunter had found his first target very quickly. The monitored phone calls
between the women had been translated to show the location of the meeting.
Best of all, Miho was alone on the rooftop rather than in close packed and
inhabited surroundings below. This would be true one-on-one combat, without
interference from the weapon-wielding women downstairs! He paused, Miho's
shape outlined in infra-red against the air-con. He could tell she knew he
was there.

He de-activated his personal cloaking device and shouted his challenge to the
tiny female. As the hunt progressed and he himself was hunted by the human
authorities, he would not have this luxury.

"What the fuck was that?" asked Vivian, downstairs, taking the words from
Gail's mouth.

"Whoever it is, Miho can handle them," said Wendy, getting back to business.
Gail gripped her semi-automatic tightly. Vivian's lieutenant watched her
closely, but made no move. Gail realised she wanted to go and check things
out, even though she knew deep inside that Miho could handle anything the
world might throw at her.

The mighty predator Gogedheh was not of this world.

Miho was faced with an eight and a half foot biped with greenish-brown skin.
It was masked, but she could see what looked like dreadlocks hanging from
it's head. It wore a plate metal breastplate across it's chest, wire mesh
over much of the rest of it's flesh and a sort of loose leather buttoned
pouch around it's crotch. Other little details filled in; the large clawlike
hands, the pod on the shoulder.

The prostitute's enforcer had never seen anything like it in her life. Too
tall to be a man in a costume, surely, and no human could appear from thin
air. The word in her mind was demon. Still, even faced with the unknown and
perhaps supernatural she still recognised the blades on it's wrists, the
spear strapped to it's back. Several other pieces of equipment that carried
the aura of weapons. Miho's face was impassive as she raised her swords and
moved slowly forwards in the centred stance of a warrior.

Gogedheh was stronger; Miho was faster and had longer reach with her kitana
blades. She slashed, he parried. Metal on metal. He moved around, looking for
an opening. The joy of the hunt filled his veins, strong and intelligent prey
cornered. Miho concentrated, trying to avoid the bone-shaking blows of the
demon's blades against her own. He put a lot of strength into the attacks; he
had to weigh six or seven hundred pounds. She crouched down, going low and
went for his legs.

The predator caught each of Miho's kitanas between his wrist blades and
twisted away hard. The hilts were tugged from Miho's hands. One blade
skittered over the rooftop, the other across the roof. Miho didn't even
pause, twisting in her low position to kick twice - hard - against the
demon's leg.

He felt the blow! Gogedheh snarled, than span into a kick of his own. Miho
hadn't expected such agility from the creature. His huge foot caught her in
the stomach. Ribs cracked as she slammed back hard into the low wall at the
edge of the roof. Pain shot through her spine. She ignored it.

The demon could be hurt. The demon could be killed. Miho's face was still
impassive, her expression unchanged.

"Die you Halloween costumed fuck!" Gail emerged onto the roof with a
semi-automatic at the ready. The dusky skinned hooker levelled it up, and
started to squeeze the trigger. Three red dots appeared on her neck as
Gogedheh targeted. He fired before she did, sending a plasma bolt through
Gail's throat and out the back via her spine.

Miho was on him in the perceived distraction. She threw shuriken at him as
she moved, and used her other hand to swing a smaller, but no less wickedly
sharp, blade at the creature's mesh-covered leg. She assumed there had to be
an artery there. Gogedheh turned away even before the standing dead woman
fell, and caught Miho's thin wrist in his grip. The mesh he wore slowed
Miho's swastika shaped shuriken, but the blades still sank into his tough

Now it was Gogedheh's turn to ignore the pain as he crushed Miho's wrist to
a pulp of bloody flesh and bone. The blade dropped from her limp and suddenly
useless fingers as pain signals fired up her arm into her brain. The little
assassin was hurting bad, but still betrayed no trace of emotion in her
Japanese features. She knew pain. It was her friend. She was going to --

Gogedheh spun the prey to slam her face down over a steam vent. Miho's broken
arm was forced back on itself by his grip; bone ground agonisingly against
bone. The predator followed through by driving one of Miho's own blades
through the back of her good hand. He impaled Miho's small palm flat against
the roof. Hot steam poured from the vent, soaking into Miho's tiny breasts.
Her nipples would have been clearly visible through the Kimono's thin
material if they weren't pressed into the vent.

The predator felt the taste of victory now. He'd hunted, and he'd bested a
most challenging prey. Now he would destroy her and take the night's first
trophy! He released Miho's crushed wrist and watched as she tried and failed
to use it. She was still tugging on her blade-nailed hand. Suddenly, Miho
kicked backwards. The blow was incredible, born of rage and growing fear and
a lifetime's skill. She caught the Predator right on the knee joint, and even
the wire-mesh couldn't properly distribute the force of the blow.

Gogedheh's howl of rage and pain echoed across the rooftops. Wendy, Vivian
and her lieutenant heard it and quickly barged out of the room. They found
Gail's body - minus most of her throat - laying at the bottom of the roof
stairs. There was a look of intense surprise on her face, and she still
clutched her gun to her breasts. Wendy blinked back tears at the sight of
her friend's cooling body.

Up on the roof Gogedheh punched down hard. He put a major force of strength
into his muscular arm and slammed it hard into Miho's lower spine. He
shattered vertebrae and paralysed her from the waist down. Miho lost control
of all her lower body muscles and began to empty her bladder.

The angry predator unsheathed his wrist blades again and slashed down with
greater care. He shredded Miho's Kimono and revealed her bare ass without
damaging it. Urine pooled on the floor. She wore no panties. Miho's crushed
arm dropped still after the demon broke her back. She could move it, but the
fight was going from her. Still, she felt more rage and shame than fear. She
found herself wishing that the demon had broken her back higher up so she
didn't have to feel her crushed arm and pierced hand, though more as an
inconvenience. Blood still flowed heavily where her arm bones poked through
the skin. A single tear stared to slide down Miho's left cheek.

The pain was almost all gone from Gogedheh's leg-joint, though he considered
himself to have learned a valuable lesson from an apparently beaten foe. He
popped the buttons on his crotch pouch, revealing his semi-stiff phallus. The
basic shape of the green-brown flesh was the same as a human male's, while
the end tapered to a smaller rounded point. The hole at the end was larger
than a human male's - the species pissed and climaxed in quantity. There was
only a small lump at the bottom instead of testes; the Predator's sperm had
evolved to be stored internally to keep it at the needed heat levels of the

He saw the intense heat of Miho's crotch in infrared through his mask. Combat
aroused her highly. The assassin couldn't feel her pussy anymore, but she
knew the creature would find it wet - even if the sound of dripping fluid
hadn't alerted her to how she'd wet herself.

There was a burst of gunfire from the direction of the stairs. There had
been a brief but heavy debate over going up to the roof to help Miho
against whatever was up and had killed Gail. The debate ended with Vivian's
lieutenant unloading her gun's entire clip into Wendy's head and chest before
Wendy could draw her own firearm. There was already a sound of distant
sirens, which told Gogedheh he had to hurry to avoid confronting the human
authorities too soon.

Miho could only lie there with her legs paralysed, one bleeding hand impaled
to the roof and the other crushed to uselessness. She was too good at
avoiding shock to force herself into it, so she simply waited stoically for
death. She heard the slap of the demon's hand on his flesh as he stood behind
her and stroked his monstrous prick to full hardness. 12 Inches long and as
slightly thicker than a soda can for most of its length; it was more like a
weapon than a sex organ.

In her life as an assassin, Miho had never realty met the right guy for
her. Usually, she calmed down after a fight with a few hours of intense
masturbation. Though her pelvic muscles were slack after Gogedheh shattered
her spine, she was still very tight through inexperience. He grunted
appreciatively as he pushed into her slick hole. Miho's slippery snatch
stretched around the Predator's hot skin as he slid his meat in as far as
her cervix. Miho felt nothing, but due to her petite size seven inches of
thick alien cock were still outside her tightly stretched lips.

The hunter lent low over his prey, pressing down his weight on the top of
Miho's arms - just below the shoulder. Sweat and condensed steam dribbled
into the vent from Miho's chest while the crushing weight on her shoulders
drew the softest moan from her lips.

The sirens were close now, but this was Gogedheh's first ever human pussy,
and he wasn't going to last long anyway. He pulled out slightly, dragging
her labia along his thick shaft, and then sank all twelve inches into the
defeated girl. He tore brutally through Miho's cervix and battered her womb
with punishing jabs. He pulled out only a short way each time before putting
the strength of his hips into the internal-battering rape.

Miho keened quietly, feeling some of the sensations of the rape but not
much. Still, her whole body was rocked with the rutting predator's powerful
fuckthrusts; her barely covered breasts were dragged painfully across the
rough vent grating, while the knife through her hand cut deeply each way.
This was the very worst defeat of her life, out-fought, brutally raped, sure
to die soon.

The hot wet tightness of his first human female was too much for Gogedheh. He
sank a final thrust deep into Miho's stretched out cunt, tearing her small
womb open with his size and brutality. The Predator snarled again and began
to shoot his abundant supply thick spunk deep into the Asian's torn up womb.
His seed was a lot hotter than a human's, and the pressure of the ejaculation
made it audible, even to less sensitive ears.

Miho heard it all, felt her body rocking as the demon humped against her ass
a couple more times while still firing his load inside. This was the best way
to end a hunt he thought, as he withdrew his still spurting shaft. A torrent
of thick Greenish-white fluid, stained with Miho's womb blood, drained
heavily from her gaping cunt. The Predator rubbed his phallus, sending the
last few hot spurts onto her Japanese ass.

His stamina was such that he wasn't even out of breath. Now to claim his
trophy! Gogedheh leaned over Miho and pulled back hard on her thick black
hair. She looked through tear blurred eyes across the filthy rooftop. A
strand of drool dribbled from the side of her mouth. The predator un-sheathed
the wrist-blade on his spare arm and brought it down below Miho's neck.

"Die you Halloween costumed fuck!" Gail's voice, bounced down at Miho by
her rapist, just before the blade sank into her slim throat. Blood sprayed
heavily, though there was surprisingly little pain from the sharp blade.
Gogedheh's hand closed over the back of her head. He tugged hard and pulled
it away along with most of Miho's broken spine. He twisted her face between
his huge hands and stared into her eyes just as they rolled up and the light
went out of them. Miho's decapitated corpse twitched, though it was mostly
still as blood drained from her wounds.

His first human trophy! Blood dripped from the wrist-blade as he tugged the
green-blooded shuriken from his thigh and slipped them into his belt pack.
He stowed the gory trophy into a netting holder, before buttoning up his
crotch pouch over his wilted phallus.

Officers of the LAPD cautiously emerged onto the roof moments later. There
was no sign of the reported `howling beast.' All they found was a still warm
and very bloody headless corpse that appeared to have been viciously raped.

The hunt continued...

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