Powerpuff Girls: Sex In The City Part 2 - Showertime Fun
by Hairy Gregory

Another fine morning was beginning in Townsville, and Bubbles was awoken
by the sound of her alarm going off at a little after half past 7 in the

"Unhh...not another schoolday", Bubbles groaned, as she pressed the off
button on her clock. The sound of something plastic being smashed carried
in from a couple of rooms down the hall, followed by the sound of Buttercup
cursing loudly at the sun for rising once more. Even in her worn-out state,
Bubbles couldn't help but giggle slightly at her sister's antics.

Sitting up, Bubbles slid on her fuzzy bunny slippers, taking a moment to
revel in the feel of the soft material against her soles, and then padded
slowly into bathroom. Gently cracking her eyelids open, she rubbed the
sleep out of them and stretched the kinks out of her back before looking
in the mirror, and inspected herself closely for any blemishes.

Thinking back over the previous night, a smile came to her lips and her
eyes sparkled as she relived the events. "That was...a wonderful dream",
she murmured to herself. However, as she reached for her toothbrush,
something cold dripped from the sink onto her bare lower leg.


Looking closely, she noticed a small puddle of some pale, mostly clear
liquid slowly oozing down the front of the basin, and curious, she sniffed
at it gingerly. Somewhere, deep in her memory, this triggered memories of
the previous night.

"But it was just a dream...wasn't it?" Bubbles asked herself, before noticing
a dried wet patch on her nightie, at the juncture of her legs. She touched
the nightdress, and pushed the material into her crotch just a little; her
hips jerked outward in response, to meet her hand, and she shivered at the

"So it wasn't a dream..." she said in an awed whisper, afraid someone might
hear even though there was no one there. Shaking her head to clear of it her
thoughts, she continued with her daily early morning rituals, as she still
had to get ready for school; brush teeth, shower, dress, brush hair, have

Bubbles was halfway through brushing her teeth when she noticed that her
right hand, which had been simply resting on her stomach until now, had begun
to stroke in small, soothing circles over her nightie, and she could feel a
faint tingling feeling between her legs, as though she needed to take a piss.
So, doing the logical thing, she quickly finished doing her teeth, and then
went to the toilet, but was disappointed when this failed to alleviate the
sensations down below.

Taking her time - school didn't start 'til 9, after all - Bubbles divested
herself of her soiled nightie and stepped into the shower, turning it on and
setting it as hot as possible for a nice, relaxing soak. She picked up the
shampoo and poured a very generous amount of it out, and lathered it into her
hair, avoiding causing unnecessary tangles.

As Bubbles' fingers massaged the gel into her scalp, the hot water splashing
against her body soothed the tension out of her tired muscles, and made her
feel so much more awake; as it ran over her pussy, she bit back a moan and
pushed her hips forward to catch more hot water. She utterly failed to stifle
the moan however, and her arms lost momentum as she just rubbed back and
forth across her temples, being careful to keep shampoo from getting in her

"Mmmmmmmmmm.....oh yes...", she groaned. Quickly becoming disoriented,
Bubbles stumbled, and ended up leaning against the wall of the shower,
turning around to rest with her back to the wall and the spray of the
shower head angled down at where her chest had been, now splashing down
almost directly on her clit. "Ooooooooooooooooooooh...." Her arms went
totally limp and dropped to her sides, and her head lolled to the side,
tongue stuck out in concentration as she began rubbing her pussy with
her left hand, while her right teased the tips of her nipples ever so
tenderly. They stuck out hard as little stones in scant seconds.

Stopping her ministrations momentarily, Bubbles stretched upwards from her
current position to grab the shower head, and changed the setting to focus
the spray much more tightly, now drumming rapidly right against her clit. Her
legs nearly gave out from the sudden increase of pleasure, despite bracing
herself more firmly against the wall, and her eyelids fluttered close of
their own accord.

* * *

Downstairs, the Professor had just finished making a stack of waffles for
breakfast - the girls' favourite breakfast of all - when Blossom and
Buttercup appeared. Blossom seemed wide awake and eager to begin another
day of learning, while Buttercup muttered "Mornings should be made illegal",
as she grabbed a waffle from the stack and shoved it whole into her mouth.

"Girls, where's Bubbles?" the Professor said, as he poured some maple syrup
over his own waffles. Buttercup mumbled an unintelligible answer, spraying
crumbs everywhere. Ignoring her and turning to Blossom, he posed the question

"Umm, I think she's still taking a shower", said Blossom, tuning her
super-hearing in so that she could hear Bubbles' activities upstairs. Almost
at once, she tuned out again, face flushing a furious shade of red such that
a tomato would be proud of, and staring fixedly at her plate. She felt a
faint warmth between her own legs too, at the thought of what her sister was
busy doing to herself above them right at that moment.

O God...I can't believe she's doing that up there, and so loud! Blossom
thought to herself, feeling her breathing coming shallower and faster as the
warmth spread from her crack to her anus, and she felt both holes becoming

"...Blossom, honey?" Professor Utonium was saying. Buttercup just gave her a
weird look.

"Yes, Professor?"

"Are you alright? Maybe you should take a day off school", the Professor
said, as he put a hand to Blossom's forehead. "You feel hot." Luckily,
Blossom wasn't eating or drinking anything at that particular moment, or
she would have choked on it at that statement.

"N-n-n-n-n-no Professor, I'm fine, honest", she said. She carried on eating
her breakfast, thinking calming thoughts to try to keep herself focused and
not listening to what Bubbles was doing, or how loud she was moaning, or the
fact that it now seemed as if she was fucking the shower head itself...

Don't go there Blossom thought, shifting her position in her chair a little
and feeling a noticeable *SQUELCH* sensation from between her ass cheeks.

* * *

In her growing sexual frustration, Bubbles had stretched up and grabbed the
shower head on its cord from its holder on the wall and had proceeded to
grind it against her pussy, lying now flat on her back, knees bent in the
air and covered in nothing but soapy lather, to which she was still currently

"Unnnhhhh... oooooohhhh godddddddddddd uuuuunnnnnnhhhhhhhhh...
fffffffffffff-f-f-f-f-f-uuuuuuuuuuuu... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! OHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh... AaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

Bubbles' screams of pleasure were once again muffled, this time by a handy
bottle of shampoo. It was still loud enough, however, to draw the attention
of her father and sisters from downstairs. A few moments later, Blossom
floated slowly up the staircase to Bubbles' room, to find the girl in
question drying herself off with a large fluffy towel, taking special care
to dry her dripping cunt, dragging the towel repeatedly back and forth
between her legs slowly and sensually. When Bubbles saw Blossom watching
her, she smiled at her older sister with an almost predatory look in her
eyes, and Blossom found herself unusually flustered by her "baby" sister's
current state of undress.

"Umm...Professor w-w-w-wanted to know why you were screaming,
B-b-b-bubbles..." Blossom stammered out.

Bubbles thought quickly for a plausible excuse, caught on the hop - so to
speak - about her moment of pleasure.

"Oh, there was a bug in the shower", she said, calmly, "but I got rid of it."

"Oh. Oh well...okay", Blossom said, averting her gaze from Bubbles,
still towelling herself. She dug the toe of her Mary-Jane into the ground
nervously, gave a sheepish half-smile to Bubbles, and scooted backwards out
of the room, unable to fully draw her gaze away from this sight, the warmth
and moistness in her crack still present.

* * *

Later that day, the girls had netball practice at school. As always, Blossom,
Bubbles and Buttercup were barred from playing school sports with their
classmates, but the school rules still required them to play sports; so, they
spent the games period playing catch with a baseball.

After the events of that morning, things had returned pretty much to normal
as far as Blossom was concerned; during the course of the day, she had the
occasional feeling that Bubbles was watching her, but whenever she looked
across at Bubbles during class the other girl was always busy with her
schoolwork. The warm, wet feelings in her snatch and her ass had not abated,
and had caused several embarrassing sounds during their classes.

Blossom went to the bathroom both morning recess and lunch to clean herself,
only to find to her dismay that she was now constantly leaking, dribbling
cum mixed with excrement. When she got it all over her hands in the cleanup
process, she resisted the urge to sniff her fingers. When they changed into
games kit, Blossom had been careful to make sure no one saw the wet, brown
stain in her panties as she quickly changed and didn't linger in the changing
rooms once she was done.

Now the whistle was blown, indicating the end of the lesson; the girls,
having travelled across a couple of states in the course of their game,
arrived back in the school locker rooms to find them already empty.
Thankfully, Games was the final lesson of the day, so it didn't matter.
Buttercup showered and dressed at super speed, and headed home, glad to
be out of school for the rest of the day. Blossom and Bubbles headed
separately into the showers to begin cleaning off from the afternoon's

Bubbles was in her shower stall, just beginning to finger herself yet
again that day - she had done so throughout most of the day's lessons while
watching Blossom surreptitiously, and smelling her arousal in the air - when
she heard a soft moan coming from the next stall; it could only be Blossom!

Peering through the wall of the cubicle, Bubbles could clearly see the naked
form of Blossom, nipples hard from the cold water, with a large soapy loofah
thrust up her backside, ostensibly for the purposes of cleaning her sticky
ass-crack. Ironically, it was probably only making the problem that much
worse. Bubbles noted that Blossom's eyes were closed as she bit her lip and
struggled with the pleasure that she was unintentionally causing herself, and
that her knees seemed to be trembling something terrible.

In the next moment, Bubbles zipped around and into Blossom's shower cubicle
as Bubbles' own arousal overtook the normally rational side of her mind, and
whipped the sponge out of Blossom's rear end hard, causing the redhead to
gasp in shock.

Blossom spun around and her eyes went wide in amazement when she saw Bubbles,
standing naked right in front of her, standing so close that their still
faintly pudgy tummies were just lightly touching.

"B-b-b-b-Bubbles?! What on earRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...." Blossom managed to choke
out in surprise, before her sister shoved a finger sharply up her sopping wet

It was such an unexpected action, Blossom was rendered motionless for several
seconds, even as her juices rapidly coated Bubbles' finger. Bubbles wasn't
leaving herself out of the equation either though, as she wrapped her legs
around Blossom's thigh and dry-humped her in a frantic attempt to get herself
off. Not quickly enough though, as Blossom reached up and shoved Bubbles back
against the cubicle door away from her, panting for breath from the physical
stimulation Bubbles had given her, and looking pretty much terrified out of
her wits.

"What the fuck was that all about?" she screamed at Bubbles, in between heavy
intakes of breath.

Bubbles just continued to stare wide-eyed at Blossom, all thought now
completely subsumed in her constant, pounding, sexual arousal. Then she leapt
at Blossom again, this time spinning the confounded girl around on the spot,
so that she was facing the wall and unable to do anything in retaliation, and
then, noticing the smell of arousal mingled with shit coming from the other
girl, bent down behind Blossom and without evening thinking, shoved her
tongue straight up Blossom's crack.

"Whoooooooooooooooooa maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaa!" Blossom screeched, and her
knees gave way instantly, collapsing her into a doggie-style position on the
shower floor in front of Bubbles. She quickly rolled onto her back and backed
away from Bubbles, covering her chest futilely with one arm and her pussy
equally futilely with the other.

"C'mon Blossy..." Bubbles cooed, having regained her senses somewhat, "you
know you like it". She winked at Blossom as sexily as she could manage.

"Bubbles, what'"

Slowly, Blossom's breathing slowed down, as did her hammering heartbeat, and
her eyes went wide again as a whole new slew of feelings shot through her;
chief among them, need and desire.

"You're right Bubbles...absolutely right...what is happening to me?" Blossom
asked, confused and yet still aroused regardless, as she began to finger
herself openly, gazing out through half-lidded eyes that were glazing over.
A trail of something brown was dribbling down the inside of her leg, and it
was sticky, and it was very, very warm...

Bubbles floated up towards her, and extended two fingers easily into
Blossom's throbbing asshole.

"...MORE!" Blossom panted. Bubbles added a third, then a fourth finger,
before finally plunging her entire fist into her sister's behind.

"Ohhh good God, that feels wonderfuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUHHHH!" Blossom yelled,
cutting off in a grunt of pure bliss.

Bubbles swung around in the air, keeping her fist up Blossom's rear, and
planted her pussy firmly on Blossom's face. Blossom quickly caught on to what
Bubbles wanted of her, and, too caught up in the moment to think of doing
anything else, stuck her tongue into Bubbles' soaking wet channel and swirled
it about as best she could, teasing Bubbles. Both girls kept up their
ministrations as the shower rained down on them from up above, making them
slick with soap and water and their own juices.

Blossom was shaking with the growing pleasure; Bubbles shivered in response
as Blossom found a particularly sensitive patch of skin and enjoyed,
immensely, running her tongue back and forth over it, and around and around
in such deliriously amazing circles.

"Bloss-s-s-s-s-s, you're freezing..." Bubbles said in something just above a
whisper. If Blossom's mouth had not been otherwise engaged at the time, she
would've said that made no sense, as she was sweating profusely, even in the
cold shower water, from the heat they were producing in one another. Bubbles
was unable to say anything a few moments later as well, as Blossom, speedily
learning new skills, used her tongue to send Bubbles over the edge.

Without any way to stifle the sound, Bubbles' sonic scream ripped out of her,
shattering several tiles off the cubicle walls, and blowing all the lights in
that wing of the school building. After coming down from her high, Bubbles
squirmed away from Blossom's mouth, as her clit became too sensitive to the

"Eee....okay okay okay, stop now...hee hee..."

She didn't stop her own diddling of Blossom's hiney though, who came as well
just ten seconds later, in a fantastic and fiery explosion. Her body erupted
in blue flames, except that neither girl was burnt by them in the slightest.
Bubbles could only gawk at the vision of a naked Blossom, surrounded by these
cold flames like some parody of the Human Torch (she read Buttercup's comic
books occasionally if she was bored), before the blaze died away, and both
girls, now exhausted, collapsed to the floor in a tangle of limbs.

Blossom was the first to sit up, and said, in a rather flat voice, "

"Yeah", Bubbles agreed, a sparkle in her eyes and a suitably big shit-eating
grin plastered on her equally shit-covered face. "It felt great..."

"But we're sisters, Bubbles", Blossom countered. "I mean, I love you, but I
shouldn't love you like that."

"True, but it was great, wasn't it?" Bubbles said in a flirtatious tone,
gently stroking Blossom's foot, which her hand was resting on.

Finally, a smile grew on Blossom's face. "Yeah, it was." Then she became
serious again, as she added, "but other's mightn't think so."

Well, Bubbles thought, perhaps we should persuade them then...


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