Popular: Right Way To Eat A Banana (ff,MF,Ff,Mf,inc,food)
by DCForever ([email protected])

Barely able to keep her eyes open, Sam saultered into her and Brooke's
adjoining bathroom. She laid her head under the sink's faucet and allowed
the cold water to wash over her hair and face. Slowly, she began to wake
up. Finally, the bathroom no longer looked blurry to the young teen. She
tried to look at her reflection in the mirror, but there was too much steam
to see anything. Figuring Brooke had just showered, she shot back in her
room to gather her clothes. The bathroom doors closed as Sam prepared for
her morning shower. Unlike most females her age, she was in and out in
minutes...not by her choice though. It was obvious that Brooke had pretty
much used up all the hot water. An irrate Sam McPherson, slightly still
wet, grabbed a towel from a shelf above the toilet. She wrapped the towel
around her nuble, naked body and started to storm out the bathroom when her
foot landed on something smooth laying on the bathroom floor. Looking down,
she noticed that she was standing on a pair of white, lacy panties. She
picked them up and immediately knew they belonged to Brooke, but they weren't
wet and didn't seem to smell or anything. Sam realized that if Brooke had
just showered she either put the same pair on from the night before or she
wasn't wearing any. Sam opened the hamper and grabbed pair from the top of
the pile. They were somewhat soiled. The idea of Brooke walking around the
house, without wearing panties, shocked her. Knowing that Brooke always laid
her clean clothes on the towel shelf, her eyes looked toward the shelf.
There, still laid out on the shelf were Brooke's clean shorts and shirt.
Sam had a look confusion on her face. If Brooke wasn't wearing any panties
and all her clothes were still on the shelf, what exactly was she wearing?
Looking back in the hamper, Sam observed that Brooke's overnight shirt wasn't
to be found. Sam couldn't believe that she would be tracing around the house
only wearing her nightshirt. This, she had to see with her own eyes.
Forgetting herself that she was only wearing a towel.

Sam made a mad dash out the bathroom, through her room, and down the stairs.
Upon reaching the first floor, she could see Jane and Mike were at the table
eating breakfast and reading their newpapers. They didn't even seem to
realize that their young, sexy, teenage girl was entering the kitchen wearing
only a wet towel. Sam was glad that they didn't pay any attention to her...
when she realized her state of dress. Thinking about running back upstairs,
she saw a shadow moving in the kitchen. Figuring the shadow belong to
Brooke, she continued her way into the kitchen. There, looking in the
refrigerator, was Brooke. She looked to be chewing on something...possibly
some of the sausage that was steaming from a plate on the nearby counter.
Sam walked up behind Brooke and asked for a banana from the bottom drawer.
Brooke obliged and leaned over and searched for Sam's banana. Sam took
advantage of Brooke leaning over, to kneel and see for herself what she had
earlier suspected. Very quickly, she found her suspicion to be right. Sam
now had a clear look at a bare pussy only inches from her gazing eyes. But
Brooke's dangling, bare, smooth breasts stole the show. There was just
something about seeing Brooke's breasts, exposed only to her and her
opportune, kneeling position. Brooke had no idea what Sam was doing...her
draping shirt blocked all her view. It never hit her that if her shirt
blocked her view, then a certain someone had a hell of a view of what she
was covering...or not covering. Still searching for something to eat, Brooke
handed back a banana towards Sam's direction. Sam thanked her for the banana
and moved backwards toward a counter, almost slobbering over the erotic view
before her. Sam peeled the skin from the banana and started to insert it in
her mouth when a wicked, oh so dirty thought hit her. Before she could talk
herself out of it she made her way back over towards Brooke. Brooke began to
retreat from the refrigerator when she felt a hand on her upper back. Sam's
hand kept Brooke's head in the cold refrigerator just long enough for her to
stuff the entire banana up Brooke's cunt. Brooke wanted to scream, but the
sausage she was chewing on muffled her attempt. Sam took her advances
further by reaching under Brooke's shirt and squeezing her breasts. She had
never, in her life, felt anything that was so soft, tender, and delicate as
the breasts that now filled her hands. Brooke was shocked by these turn of
events, but as long as Sam kept her pinned in the refrigerator and she kept
choking on her sausage, she was at Sam's mercy. Sam knew this as well. Sam
glanced back at her parents sitting at the dining room table, but they had no
idea that she was sexually assaulting their other daughter...and enjoying the
hell out of it. Not sure why she was doing what she was doing, or why she
was enjoying doing it, another kinky idea hit her. Her own juices started
flowing, knowing that any minute her parents could drop their papers and her
life as she knew it would be over. Smirking at the idea, Sam reached back
for a link of the smoking, smoked sausage that occupied the counter. She
grabbed a sausage and dropped her only defense, her only covering, and
inserted the first inche or two into her own folds and then aimed the other
end of the sausage at the awaiting, banana stuffed cunt. Brooke jumped at
yet another intrusion and hit her head on the top shelf. And still, the
girls' parents didn't budge from their papers. Sam further leaned over
Brooke, causing the banana and sausage to drive slightly further inside the
helpless girl. She started a much anticipated humping motion that caused
excitement to build in both girls. Brooke knew what Sam was doing to her was
wrong, but something deep in her...and it wasn't the sausage...was making her
feel something she never had before. The sensation was incredible...
erotic...dirty, kinky, completely wrong...and she was loving it. Sam swore
that Brooke was know rocking back on the link and this made her push deeper
and harder. Not only was she giving, but she was receiving as well. Every
thrust caused her end of the link to drive against her clit. The feeling was
almost too unbearable, but nothing was going to stop her. As wrong as she
knew this was, something about it was completely right. She was sure that
Brooke was getting into the motion when she felt Brooke's hand reach back for
anything she could get a hold off. Sam gave one last squeeze on her breast
before she guided Brooke's hand to cup her own breasts. The stretch was
hard, and quite painful for Brooke, but she grabbed Sam's tit between her
fingers and squeezed with all her might. Sam knew right then that this
couldn't least not here...and now. She backed away allowing
the sausage to release from the grasp that Brooke's cunt now held on the
sausage. Leaning over to Brooke's ear, she whispered, "I'm quite hungry. My
stomache, for some reason, is craving a banana. Anyone up for breakfast in
bed?" Leaving her towel behind on the kitchen floor, a bare Sam rushed up
the stairs. Brooke took a minute to compose herself and grabbed another
banana from the refrigerator and grabbed the plate of sausage links from the
counter. Next, she was seen flying up the stairs behind Sam, with her bare
ass exposed under her short, night shirt.

Dropping their papers, Mike and Jane stared at their daughter's ass as it
ascended the stairs. They looked at each other and smiled. Mike commented,
"Can you believe the asses on our daughers? They look good enough to..."

"Don't go there Mike!"

"What? But they do."

"I know they do. Its a given, but its nothing we need to discuss at the

"Fine! If we can't discuss that, can we go upstairs and discuss their other
features while you take care of the problem growing in my pants?"


"Hell Jane, watching those soaking wet pussies run up our stairs has given me
a raging hard on. And either you can take care of it now or I'll get some
slut at the office to help me out. You do know that Sam's friend, Carmen, is
working with us now. I wonder what her pouted lips would feel like wrapped
around my 10 inches? Better yet, I'm sure I would enjoy fucking her big ass
even more, especially while sucking on her tits. What size would you say
they were Jane? Double C's...possibly doube E's?"

Jane quickly threw her chair back and reached under her skirt, removed her
panties...straddled her husband...and dropped her pussy directly on Mike's
material covered, hard on. He let at a gasp of air on impact. Within
seconds, Jane fished out his rod, raised up, and again slammed her pussy on
Mike's rod. The aim was perfect and pentration was made...with ease.

With determination, "Now fuck me like you would fuck Brooke, Sam, and all
their friends." The fucking commenced.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Sam was feasting on a breakfast for champions...and
Wheaties were no where in sight. Her tongue was worming its way through the
gooey mass, while her hand, sausage in tow, was working on Brooke's ass.
Brooke tried her hardest to hold back the screams, but as events unfolded,
it was becoming harder and harder to suppress her release. Sam stopped the
tonguing and literally started eating the banana filled cunt before her.
Slowly, but surely, Brooke could feel less and less banana and more and more
tongue. The sensation was too much for Brooke to bare and her final release
was plenty to help wash down the last of Sam's banana helping. Sam had never
seen a more beautiful face...a face of satisfaction...a face of someone who
had just experienced erotic bliss. As satisfied as she looked, poor Brooke
had a rude a wakening. Sam smiled at her step-sister and then pushed her
legs and pelvis toward the ceiling. She now had a perfect view of Brooke's
sausage stuffed ass. She screamed, "Any one for seconds?" A shocked
expression shot across Brooke's face as she felt Sam's tongue and finger join
the trapped link. Brooke felt the effects as Sam slowly and erotically
chewed bit by bit from the link. It wasn't long before Ms. McQueen released
a second and third orgasm. Though the sausage was now history, Sam continued
plunging her tongue in and out of the puckered hole. Brooke had never
contemplated that she could have multiple orgasms from an ass fucking. It
never crossed her mind, but at the moment, that was all that was crossing her
mind. Now, within an hour's time, Sam McPherson had gotten Brooke McQueen
off for a personal record...4 times. Sam could see the exhaustion Brooke was
experincing and for some reason it turned her on...more and more. She knew
Brooke wouldn't be able to take much more, but she had one more thing that
she wanted to try. Brooke was stunned again as she saw Sam licking away the
residue that covered her pussy.

"Sam, no more! I can't take it."

"Brooke, my sweet, before, did I care what you thought? So just sit back and
enjoy the ride...pain or no or no energy. I guarantee you I
will get you off again. Hell, at least two more times...for sure."

Brooke gave Sam a pleading look, but Sam wasn't having it. She arched up
slightly above the lifeless body and laid her 34B, hardened nipple against
Brooke's oh so swollen clit. An electric shock shot throughout Brooke's body
causing her to straighten up in the bed...just as Sam pressured her breast
into the folds. Brooke screamed at the top of her lungs...not of pain, but
of pure exotic pleasure. Sam's breast fit perfectly in the pussy before her.
Using her hand, she guided it in, out, and around...occassionally allowing it
to rub against Brooke's clit. Sam was literally fucking her with her tit.
She tit fucked her to another orgasm. Brooke couldn't see how she was able
to still orgasm as tired and as beaten as she was. Sam knew she had promised
two more orgasm so she had one to go, but wasn't sure if she had enough
energy and will-power in her own body to obtain that last orgasm. In one
last attempt, Sam swung her leg over Brooke's face and sat her own cunt over
the blonde's lips. No instruction were needed...Brooke dove right in...
within seconds Sam had her third own orgasm of the morning. Brooke had to
quickly get acquainted with the musky smell and the salty taste, but wasn't
long before she was eating pussy like the best of 'em. Sam didn't realize
how hot she really was until she had her fourth orgasm which also emitted
Brooke's sixth orgasm. Both girls were exhausted from the morning's

"Brooke, we will definitely have to do this again."

Barely able to speak, "Same time next week...same bed...same outcome? I'm
there!" The girls slept in all each other's arms.

One week later, Sam McPherson woke in the same fashion from a week ago.
After splashing cold water on her face to wake up, she removed her own
panties and made her way toward the stairs. Brooke was already downstairs,
head in the refrigerator, wearing no panties, only her short night shirt.
Suddenly, she felt a cold pair of fingers on her cunt. They slowly pushed
forward, causing a moan to escape Brooke's lips.

"Ohhhhhhh Sammmmmmm!! That feels wonderful! I see you didn't forget. What
will it be today? Sausage and bananas again or shall we experiment with a
multiple selection?"

The finger slide out and immediately replaced with a warm, moist tongue.
Brooke knew she was in for another wild experience on the Sam express. With
tongue still intact, Brooke once again felt her breasts engufed with hands.

"Oh Sammie! We need to make this an every week event. Oh
make me so wet. What a tongue? Oh godddddd, yessss! Shouldn't we move this
upstairs now? Wouldn't want the noise to alert mom and dad."

"Oh honey, I don't mind! Scream all you want."

Brooke screamed, "MOMMMMMMM???????"

Without hesitation, Jane shoved her daughter further into the refrigerator
and started licking the hell out of her cunt. Suddenly, Brooke could hear
a faint noise coming from sounded like Sam's voice.

A muffled Sam, "No Mike! No, you can't...NO!!!!!!!!!! FUCK NO!!!"

Jane smiled on as she knew what monster Sam was experiencing.

Coming up for air and whispering to Brooke, "Don't worry sweetie, your Dad
won't forget about you. He wanted to fuck your ass so hard, but I won the
coin toss, so I get first taste. So he's upstairs taking his disappointment
out on Sam!"

Brooke struggling to get her words out, "Disappointment? Why me?"

"Oh, that's easy, new meat for me! And your sister believes she is now a
lesbian so Mike is fucking that out of her system. So...You didn't know?"

Now able to stand up, "Know what?"

"You didn't know that Sam and I have been fucking ever since I caught her and
your friend Nicole lip locked in the bathroom a few weeks back. What a great
tasting pussy she has too! Nicole's isn't too bad either, but she has a
mouth like a hoover. Now I'm here to find out what exactly you have to offer
to the dinner table."



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