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Summary: Sam & Nicole become project partners and more. Add Brooke into the
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Popular: Popular Partners Part 13
by DCForever

Entering into the McQueen/McPherson residence carrying bags of freshly bought
lingerie. "Can you believe it? Who would have thought that the three of us
would ever do anything together? And on top of that, do something as bold
and adventuresome as screwing in Victoria's Secret of all stores? We so have
to do that again."

"I second your disbelief, Sam, and right there with you on making a return
visit. Hey Sam, maybe your teacher's daughters could give Nicole here
another round."

"Haha...laugh all you want. I so can't believe you can just stand right
there and talk as if I'm not in the room. How could you two just watch as
those girls abused my ass? Not to mention what the older one did with the
clotheshanger. I can't believe you two...and to think I thought you two
cared. If I ever saw them girls would be too soon."

Coming up from behind, Brooke slapped the girl's ass. "Ouch! You bitch!"

"Now isn't that the bitch calling the kettle black. Just look at it like
this, least she didn't fuck your pussy with her keys. That would
have been a whole lot worse."

"Yeah, Nic. Look at the bright side for once." The girls' laughter started
breaking through the moment of harsh silence.

"Yeah, Nic? Is that all you have to say, Sam? Maybe I need to shove my keys
up the two of your's pussies and see if you care then."

"Ah, poor Nic...we do care. Haven't you ever heard that love hurts?" Sam
and Brooke started laughing.

"And don't look over here thinking for one minute that your keys are going
anywhere near my pussy either."

The girl's small squabble was interrupted by Sam's mom calling them from the
living room.

"Sam. Brooke. Is that you?"

Sam and Brooke's faces turned a pale white as their mother and
soon-to-be-stepmother called out from the other room. Sam desperately hoped
that her mother hadn't heard any part of their sparing conversation. Looking
at the other two girls before responding. "Yeah, mom, it's us." She rushed
over to the living room's entrance so she could face her mom. "Sorry we're
late, but Nicole talked us into going shopping with her at the mall."

"Did you say, Nicole? As in Nicole Julian? The girl that you ha..."
The young brunetter rushed over and placed a hand over her mother's mouth.
"Shhh...she's in the other room.

"Did I not just help you proofread a journalism questionaire a week or so
ago where you in fact ripped the girl in every direction? If you recall I
remember saying something like, 'don't you think you are being a bit to
hard...even for Nicole.' You do recall that talk don't you?"

"Things have sort of worked themselves out for the better since then. And
you so can't bring up the assignment when she's around. She doesn't know
about the questionaire. She's asked about it a few times, but so far I've
managed to avoid the topic. And since the teacher has been sick she hasn't
been able to bother her either. So, you's all working out for the

"If you say so. I'll never get you teenagers of today."

"Yeah, mom, me either. It seems like we can change our entire outlook on
life on a dime. I kind of feel bad for some of the things I wrote. Even
after our first make out session. Oops...sorry that one slipped."

"Your what? Please don't tell me that you acted out your lesbian desires
with her...not a Julian? Of all people, darling...why Nicole? What is
so wrong with Lily or Carmen? They both adore you to death and I'm sure
within minutes of you telling them your secret you could be in both of
their pants...not that I'm even suggesting or encouraging you to do
anything with those girls...or any girls for that matter. But if a
girl-girl relationship is what you want then I would prefer you to have a
relationship with either one of those girls or even both of them. Have
you forgotten that your nickname for the girl is Satan? You've said time
in and time out that she was the lowest of the low and couldn't be
trusted...she was the epitemy of the devil himself...and I agreed. She's
a Julian and no rightful person could ever reason with or like and
definitely not date a Julian. A relationship with her would be as worse
as say...I don't wanting to get in Brooke's pants. Thank God
that won't ever happen." Sam's eyes sprung up and back down before her
mother could catch on to her nervous movement.

Fighting back a mocking, smart response. "Yeah, mom, we know that would
never happen. Okay some of the things I said still stand, but Nicole has
changed...a little. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt, at least
until she gives me some reason to doubt her. Don't worry mom, she can't
do anything to hurt me so you have nothing to worry about. She doesn't
have anything on me that I don't have on her. Hey, I'm not worried so
neither should you."

"But, Sam, honey..."

Cutting off her mom, "Mom! Everything is fine. I know how to take care
of myself. And though I don't agree with everything she does, I like her.
More importantly...I like what's between her legs."

Raising her voice to a higher level. "SAM! That's enough! I certainly
didn't need to hear that." Her voice quickly leveled back down to a whisper.
"I'll support your sexual preferrences, but I draw a line at hearing any of
your exploits in detail."

Reaching over to hug her mother. "Thanks, mom. We're going upstairs to try
on some of the stuff we bought. So if you need anything just yell or knock
before you come in...wouldn't want you to see Nicole in all her delicious
naked glory."

"I'll be sure to scream really loud. So did you buy anything I'd like?"

"You know you're more than welcome to borrow my clothes at anytime. I don't
know, I'm quite sure Mike wouldn't have a problem with you wearing a couple
of my new lingerie pieces."

"That's what you bought?"

"Victoria's Secret, baby. I love that place."

"Yeah, I know you do. Maybe later I'll come up and check out the goods.
Oh, before I forget, Lily called earlier and said that you were expecting
her tonight."

"Yeah, I asked her to come over earlier. Would you mind just yelling up the
stairs when she gets here?"

"Sure thing, honey. Have fun playing dress-up."

"I'm sure we will." Sam exited the living room and re-joined her lovers as
all three girls started up the stairs. Sam couldn't help to pinch Nicole's
still sore ass as they ascended the stairs. Once behind the closed and
locked door, Nicole jumped Sam; tickling the girl any and everywhere she
could find an opening. Brooke jumped on top of the two girls and assisted
her best friend with her assault on the brunette.

"Hey, no fair, two against one."

"Sounds like pretty good odds to me." Brooke chimed in.

"Sounds good to me too. Even better if a couple strap-ons are in the mix."

Sam's eyes bugged out at the shorter blonde's comment. "What? Not in me."

"Nic, I thought you said you hated that baton up your ..." Brooke insisted.

"That damn thing had splinters...they hurt. That girl only wished she had
taken my cherry. I'm just naturally tight...ask Sugar."

"Why would we want to do that when we could have fun finding out for
ourselves?" Sam reached her hand down the back of Nicole's pants and
pressed a finger into her tight, never giving ass.

Brooke shot in front of Nicole with a burning question on her mind. "So
Nicole...I got to he adequate?"

"Who...Sugar? Hehe..he has nothing to worry about in that department.
Brooke, I'm sure he wouldn't mind showing you just how big and skillful
he's become." Sam nodded her head in agreement as she recalled having
seen the monster retract from Nicole's body.

"I don't know about that Nic. I like her holes just the way they are.
They are nice, tight and sweet...kind of like you feel right now. If
Sugar got a shot, there wouldn't be anything left but the sweetness."

"Okay, I get it...he's hung. At least that knowledge gives me teasing
ammo for the guys."

"Brooke, you are unsationable."

"Well maybe if you worked harder at trying to satisfy me you wouldn't have
anything to worry about." Sam and Nicole both looked at each other and then
back at the taller, slimmer girl. Seconds later, Brooke found herself naked
with Sam and Nicole's tongues busy working over her bare breasts and pussy.
Sam immediately recognized a difference between their previous romps. There
were no quick jabs or vicious oral attacks...just smooth long sensual kisses
and pecks among lovers. Hardcore fantasies had come and gone and yet the
girls still found themselves in each other's arms. Even through their
passionate love making, Sam hid secrets from her lovers. She knew the ice
cream parlor attendant's sperm had been floating around inside of her as
Brooke earlier and now Nicole, feasted on her mound.

Two hours passed and the girls had yet to extract their latest buys from
their shopping bags. All three girls laid prone, naked, and sweaty across
Sam's bed as they stared up at the ceiling and marveled at the day they had
had and tried to recover from their long drawn out love session. Sam had
almost drifted off to sleep by the time her mother yelled from downstairs.
Popping her head up, Sam bounced off the bed and quickly threw on a robe
before making her way down the stairs.

Standing in the doorway to the living room was her best friend Lily.

Tying her robe closed as she reached the bottom floor. "Hey, Lily."

Turning to face her friend. "Hey, Sam. Are you ready to work on the

"Petition, sweetie? What kind of petition?" wondered Jane McPherson.

"It's a petition to try and get condoms placed in the vending machines at

"Ohhh...well is there an out cry of unprotected sex in the school?"

"Mom, it's mainly a precautionary measure."

"Yeah, Ms. McPherson. If the condoms were in the machines then they would
be available for easier access by the students. What's more convenient than
purchasing a condem while purchasing a drink or a bag of chips?"

"You do make a good point, but needless to say I'm sure you will have a fight
on your hands to get them put in."

"That's more than half the fun of the battle. I love a good confrontation."

Meanwhile, back upstairs. "Hey Brooke, what do you say we go back to your
room? Sounds like the Espisito girl is downstairs. This way we can continue
our fun in your room while Sam entertains her guest in here."

"Good idea." The two girls hop out of bed and gathered their clothes from
the floor before heading through the bathroom doors that connect the two
girls' rooms. Once in the other room, Brooke pulled Nicole over to the bed
and let the girl's body fall atop her's as their lips embraced.

Back down stairs, Lily and Sam were still talking with Jane McPherson.

"I'll let you girls go. Don't let me hold your business up."

"That's okay, Mrs. McPherson. If you want, I can stop by sometime later in
the week and we can continue our conversation then."

"I would like that, Lily."

Grabbing the short latin girl's hand, "We'll be up stairs if you need us."

"Lily why don't you go on up...I need to talk to Sam for a moment."

"Lil, we better use Brooke's room...mines unguestworthy at the moment."

"See ya up there then." Lily turned and started up the stairs while Sam and
Jane waited for privacy.

"Unguestworthy? That's a good one."

"I had to say something, mom. Nicole's asleep in my bed. Be a bit ackward
explaining that one."

"Well, I could hear you girls a little to clearly down here, so you mind
sticking your head in and telling Nicole to bring the noise level down a bit.
I'm sure Brooke doesn't enjoy you two having so much fun. Do you think
Brooke will mind you two invading her space to do your work?"

"Nicole is her friend. I'm sure Brooke won't mind going to my room to do
whatever she is currently doing so that me and Lily can hae some privacy of
our own."

"Maybe you should go up and check before hand."

"Okay, I'm going." Sam walked out of the living room and started for the
stairs when she heard rushing and board crunching sounds getting closer.
Lily's feet landed with a thud as she tried to rush past one of her best
friends. Sam reached out to grab the girl, but failed in her attempt to
slow her down. Lily turned to look at her before opening the door and
noticed that through Sam's attempt to stop her, her cloth robe had
partially come undone, exposing a bare breast. She soaked in the sight
for a second and rushed out the door. Sam stood in the doorway and
watched her friend runaway at a fast pace.

Jane McPherson walked up to her daughter. "Was that Lily?"

"Yeah, mom. Guess she forgot something or got a call on her cellphone."


"Yeah, even for her." Sam closed the front door and turned towards her mom.

Jane quickly caught sight of her daughter's exposed breast and immediately
reached over to recover it for her. "Oh, my. Maybe that is why Lily smiled
at me before opening the door?"

"Possibly. And possibly why those boys on the sidewalk had stopped their
bikes. You should be a little more careful when wearing those

"Sorry, mom."

"Nothing to be sorry for. You're an attractive girl with a healthy set of
breasts from what I see. Nope, nothing to be sorry for."

Tapping her mom on the shoulder with her fist, "Mom! You naughty girl you."

"Just remember, naughty is...only as naughty does."

"I'll remember that. And mom, just between us...if you know...
don't be scared to ask."

"I'll try not to keep that in mind, but thanks honey for the offer."

"Anytime mom. Guess I better get back up to Nicole."

A couple minutes later, Sam stood outside the open door to Brooke's room,
staring in at the two blondes as they worked over each other's bodies.
Stepping into the room and closing the door beind her, she stomped over to
the bed and the entangled bodies. "Did anyone see you two?"

The two girls stopped their movements and stared at the girl in confusion.
"Sam, who would have seen us? You and your mom were down stairs with Lily."

"No one I guess. It's just that anyone could have seen you two. Did you
ever think to check and see if your door was wide open, Brooke?"

Sitting up and looking at the door. "Looks closed to me."

"That is because I closed it. So why the change of locations?"

"Thought you and Lily would want your room."

"Well that was considerate of you two. Just be little more careful the next

"So where is your friend?"

"She suddenly had to go home. Must have been a family emergency or know how her mom gets."

"So are you just going to stand there or are you going to join us?"

"Nah, I think I'll let you two have some time to yourselves. Going to
take a shower...and I stress this...a shower by myself and then do a little
homework and hit the sack."

"Homework? On a weekend?"

"Better to get it out of the way so I can spend some time with my friends
this weekend. Something that I've been neglecting since hooking up with you
two. I don't want anything to come between me spending time with them."

"Damn, you're too sweet. That is something else that I love about you, Sam

"Thanks, Nicole. Hey Brooke, why don't you reward Ms. Sweet talker on my

"Which half would that be?"

"Most definitely the lower half." Sam and Brooke smiled at each other as
the taller blonde started sliding down the shorter blonde's body.

A short time later, Sam's naked body was being assaulted by the steaming hot
water sprouting out of the showerhead as she lay down in the tub. With a
soap lubricated washcloth she repeatedly washed around and inside her vaginal
opening as the water targeted the same location.

"God I hope and pray I was lucky this time," thought Sam as she tried to wash
and rub her skin raw.

* * *

As Monday morning arrived and the start of a new school week, Sam was
awakened by a building moisture between her legs. Eyes still closed and
drowsy from the lack of sleep over the weekend, she reached down to dam up
the source with her hand, but instead came in contact with a head full of
hair. Opening only one eye, she watched as the strands of blonde hair
bounced up and down. Having not much to see from her vantage point she
closed her eye back while resting her hand on Brooke's head. Her hips
bucked in unison with the driving and piercing tongue. As her hips
touched back down on the mattress, Brooke's body pressed against Sam's as
she slowly crawled up to her face. Leaning down and kissing an eyelid at
a time, Sam respectively reopened them to look at the gorgeous blonde
hovering over her.

"Good morning, Brooke."

"Good morning, Lover." Sam's cheeks raised up on each side of her face while
turning a slight shade of pink. "I bet this beats an alarm clock any day?"

"Most definitely." Brooke leaned down as they shared in a drawn out kiss of

Pulling away her head away from the brunette. "You really should think about
getting up and getting a shower."

"Can I expect some company?"

"Too late for that. I found it was harder than I thought to wake you.
You finally awoke in the middle of your third orgasm. You have fifteen
minutes to get washed, clothed, eat, and ready to go when Nicole swings by
to pick us up."

Looking over to the alarm clock. "Lets live a little and make it ten."
Sam sat up in bed. Using both hands, she pulled down the straps to Brooke's
black top and cupped her hands under her pushup bra. Lifting her hands
higher, the bra easily slipped off and leaving her hardening breasts exposed
to the air around them. Moving in closer, Sam latched her lips around one
perk orb and then the other and for the next five minutes she devoted all
her attention to Brooke's breasts.

Having stained her undergarment and her pants leg during the previous
minutes, Brooke shared the shower with her soon-to-be-stepsister.

Nicole sat and waited impatiently in her car, as she was parked outside the
McQeen/McPherson residence. Finally the girls appeared, rushing out the
front door still trying to button their shirts and conceal their flesh from

As soon as the girls were in place and buckled up, Nicole sped down the
street. Looking over at Brooke in the passenger seat and then Sam through
the rearview mirror, "Last minute tango?"

"Nope...just a late wakeup call." Sam smirked at Brooke's response.

Nicole didn't believe the taller blonde for one second. Making sure her
left hand was securely on the wheel, the shorter blonde reached over and
pushed her hand into the other blonde's crotch. "Seems you forgot to zip."
Ignoring the zipper, her hand pushed through the material. From the
backseat, Sam admired Brooke's poise as her shoulders rose and fell at
the ministrations of the driver's hand.

Leaning her head to the side of the passenger side headrest, "I almost
couldn't tell what was happening up here. Guess you need a little more
practice at disguising yourself." Sam leaned back against the backseat
and marvelled at the screams and moans her lover was expressing.

Retracting her hand from her best friend and lover's pants, "We definitely
need to work on the volume." She brought the fingers to her lips and
disposed of the evidence.

"Be due time." retorted Brooke as she waded up a couple
kleenex's and placed them inside her panties before zipping up. Turning
her head to look in the backseat, she smiled and blew Sam a kiss. "Like
you will take practice." Sam just smiled as she read over some
notes. Turning back around, Brooke looked at Nicole and placed a hand on
the inside of her right thigh. "We will make it...won't we?"

"Brooke, sweetie, the school is only a little further."

Seeming a little down, but serious. "No, that isn't what I meant. I woke
up this morning thinking something big was going to happen. I can feel's like our love is going to be tested."

"We're strong. Nothing is going to happen."

"I want you to know that I love you, Nicole Julian." The other girl simply
smiled as she returned her full concentration on the road ahead.

From the side, Sam could see a look of doubt across Brooke's face as she
turned back to the front and settled back in her seat...ocassionally taking
glances out the passenger side window.

(To be continued in Chapter 14)


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