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Summary: Sam & Nicole become project partners and more. Add Brooke into the
mix and you've got popular partners.

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Popular: Popular Partners Part 10
by DCForever

"Sam and I will meet you at the house, Nicole."

"Whatever. Just don't start without me."

Rolling her eyes, "No worries. Just need to drop the car off and grab the
gold card."

Winking her eye, "Sure Brookie. I'm sure that's all you and Sam will do."

"I'm not promising anything." chimed in Sam before they all left school

Later, outside the McPherson/McQueen residence, "So B, what is taking Sam so
long? Did you wear her out that quick?"

Shaking her head mockingly, "No idea. She has been in her room since we got
home. I'm sure she won't be too much longer."

Meanwhile in the house, Sam is running back and forth from her and Brooke's
rooms rummaging through clothes. She finally decides upon one of Brooke's
low cut black skirts. Minutes later, she rushes out the door and jumps into
the back seat of Nicole's car.

Brooke and Nicole, "Well, it took you long enough."

Brooke asks quizzically, "So, what took you so long?" Recognizing the
clothes, "And who gave you permission to wear my skir..."

Brooke went silent as Sam slumped lower into the leather, interior back
seat; propping her feet up on the seat. This vantage point gave Brooke
and Nicole's mirror reflection an unobstructed view of her newly trimmed,
brunette fuzz.

Smirking at the two blondes, "Now, what were you saying Brooke? Didn't
catch the last bit." All kidding aside, "So what do you think?" running
her hands over the bottom of the skirt, "Just thought I would add a little
spice to our mall adventure."

"No complaints from the driver. Though instead of just showing us, why
don't you do something with it."

Brooke smiled at Nicole's comment and turned back towards the back seat to
watch Sam's best impression of improv. For the entire ride, Sam stayed
slumped down in her seat; continually rubbing 2 fingers in, around, and over
her slit-like opening.

Nicole watched the best she could through the mirror, but it was Brooke who
had the best seat. Brooke attempted to help the girl with her ministrations,
but was only able to lend a fingernail at the right moments. Her head
couldn't quite reach the target, but don't think she didn't try her best
without having to jump into the back seat. When they arrived at the mall
and had found a parking space, Nicole immediately reclined her seat and
quickly pulled Sam's spread legs over her face.

Smiling ear-to-ear, "Brooke, now this is how you do it."

For the next few minutes, Sam and Brooke engaged in a passionate,
tongue-filled kiss while Nicole busied herself with her own version of a
French kiss.

Minutes later, the girls walked through the mall's entrance. "So girls, now
that we're here, where to? 'The Secret' or what?"

"Hey Sam, for some reason I think Nicole might want to visit Victoria's."

Shaking her head and playing along, "Now what on earth do you think she would
want from there?"

"No idea. I'm not Cleo...I can't read her thoughts."

"Okay girls! Enough! I'm standing right here."

"Oh yeah, you are. Hehe...our bad."

"Okay, all joking aside. Time to shop."

"Damn it, I thought you were going to say its time to f..."

"My, oh my. Our Brooke sure does have a dirty mind.

"Don't know about you honey, but the way I see it...dirtier...the better."

Staring the brunette and the other blonde down, "Dirty? Dirty? You haven't
seen how dirty I can go."

Re-thinking her options, "Okay I'm starting to think we should leave this
shopping thing for another day. I have to see just how dirty she will go.
What you say, Nic?"

"Ahhh, but Samantha...Victoria. What about Victoria? I wanted to buy you
some of the eccentric angel collection."

"I know you did. did? How thoughtful. We can always come back.
You were probably gonna rip it off of me anyway."

"You're right! I guess I can settle with ripping off Brooke's...for now."

"Why Brooke's?"

"Remember, you aren't wearing any undies..." Quickly pulling up the bottom
of Brooke's skirt, "but she is."

Brooke fought off her best friend's hand and smoothed her skirt.

"Nicole Julian! How dare you. There are people around."

"Sorry B. Just couldn't help myself. I think Sam gets the picture."

At that moment, Brooke had a sweet idea come to her. "Hold that thought,
Nic. Be right back."

Looking at the other girl, "Sam, any idea what she's up to?"

"Not a clue."

Minutes later, Brooke found herself in the mall's Jack Rabbit Photo Center,
sitting in a photo booth.

Speaking to herself, "They want the picture...I'll give 'em the picture."

Brooke slipped a ten dollar bill into the side of the booth.

"Perfect. Good for eight shots. Better make them count."

Ten minutes flew by between the first and last pose. The girl quickly sucked
off the remaining traces of her quickie, redressed, and exited the booth. As
she stood outside the booth, straightening and smoothing out her blouse and
skirt, the store's attendant walked towards her.

"Excuse me miss. May I have a word with you?" Brooke immediately felt her
popularity fall by the waste side.

"I'm in a hurry."

"Oh, it'll only take a minute." The blonde knew she had been busted. The
sign outside the booth clearly stated no vulgar or inappropriate pictures

Pulling the girl towards one of the corner counters, near the back of the
center, "You were loud."

Stunned by the girl's statement. "Excuse me. Could you run that by me
again? Is that what you pulled me over to tell me? I was loud."

"Yes! You were loud...and quite entertaining. Made my day."

"Ohhh, I see." Looking harder at the attendant. "I don't know you do I?
I've never seen you at Kennedy High before."

Shaking her head, "I go to a school across town."

Smiling, "Well, since we don't seem to know each other and you did like what
you heard..." Hesitating a moment, "...would you care for a photo?"

The girl's eyes grew in size. "Absolutely!"

"Mind me asking your name? Your name tag is hidden." The wide-eyed girl
moved her hair to the side exposing her nametag. "Hope Libby. Beautiful
name...for a beautiful girl." Brooke leaned in and kissed the girl on the
cheek. Hope blushed a bright red from the unexpected contact.

"What was that for?"

"Hey, gotta keep my fans happy." Hope quickly hugged the blonde and returned
the kiss...lingering for seconds longer.

"Thanks. Do you think you might come back to the store anytime soon?"

"We'll see." Brooke started walking back towards the entrance, but suddenly
turned around. Yelling back towards Hope. "What days do you work?"

Blushing once again and yelling back, "Every weekday after 4 and all day

Brooke thanked her with the nodding of her head and walked back to her

"Brooke, where did you go?"

Turning and pointing towards the direction she came, "The photo center. And
guess what...I brought you something back...for both of you."

Sam and Nicole looked at each other in confusion then turned to face Brooke
again. Brooke didn't say a word. She just pulled out the leftover seven
pictures from the photo booth and handed them to the girls. "So Sam...if not you now...get the picture?"

All three girls cracked up at the irony of the whole thing. Brooke looked
back as Hope was standing at the entrance to the photo center. Sam and
Nicole both caught the mutual glare.

"So who is she, Brooke?"

"Yeah, is she someone you know? Doesn't look familiar to me."

"Her name is Hope...Hope Libby. She said I was loud."

Sam chimed in. "Loud? What is that supposed to mean?"

Swiping her hand across the brunette's shoulder, "Idiot, idiot, idiot. She
said she was too loud. Get it? Loud. Just look at the pictures."

Sam realized the connection and threw her hand against her forehead. "Oh."

"Now that Sam has caught on...I say we get out of here." They all three
agreed. Brooke looked back at Hope one last time before departing with her

(To be continued in Chapter 11)


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