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Summary: Sam & Nicole become project partners and possibly more

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Popular: Popular Partners Part 5
by DCForever

Sam's bedroom door slammed shut and a locking sound followed suit. She
turned on her stereo and threw herself on the bed. Too many thoughts were
racing through her head. She had no idea why she had just attacked Nicole...
especially in the way that she went about it. Why had she viciously attacked
Nicole's womanhood? More importantly, why did she taste the results of her
attack? Where the hell did that come from? Sam was having difficulty
deciphering her actions, thoughts, and feelings. Even worse, it had been the
second time in as many days that she had tasted a woman. The first being
herself. She tried to forget the taste that lingered on her tongue, but it
wasn't going to be easy.

Knowing that she had to forget about everything that happened at the Jullian
residence, she reached into her bookbag and removed her journalism notebook.
Folded in the back of the book was the pair of panties that she had stolen
from Brooke's room earlier in the day. Bringing them to her nose she could
still smell Brooke's scent. As disgusting as the thought was, Sam knew she
couldn't resist the opportunity. She brought the material closer to her nose
for a deeper, more scentful sniff. Brooke's aroma filled her nostrils and
gave her a slight head rush. Without further delay, she ran her tongue
across the scent-filled material. There, in her room all alone, she was with
a pair of her soon to be sister's soiled panties...and she was getting an
aroused feeling building up deep within, but her thoughts were too blanketed
to know what she was really feeling. For some reason on this night, she
wanted to be a bad and very naughty girl. The feeling seemed to have leaked
over from the previous night where she got off while teasing the hell out
of Brooke. She lowered her hands to her jeans, unsnapping the main button,
hand lingering on the zipper as she slowly pulled it down. She allowed her
hand to dip beneath her cotton covered undies and searched out her excited,
yet lonesome love button. She proceeded to insert not one, not two, but
three fingers deep within the folds. The pleasure mounted quicker than she
thought possible and a low sounding moan escaped her lucious lips. More were
soon to follow. She continued playing with herself and relished in the
pleasure she was causing her body to experience. She then lowered her
panties filled hand and gently guided the soiled material over her pleasure
zone. The deed was uncalled for, but yet very erotic. She started filling
sensations she didn't know existed. Finally Brooke had entered into the
picture. For the first time, she pictured Brooke wearing only her panties
and the two of them lustfully grinding themselves against each other. No
longer was it her panties filled hand, but the actual sensation and feel of
crotch against crotch. The thought was unbearable, unheard of, incestuous
even, but she couldn't bring herself to quit fantasizing.

Never had Sam McPherson thought that she might have feelings for another
female. It had never crossed her mind, but then again, she hadn't ever had
a dream or fantasized about a guy either. In all her personal explorations
into womanhood, Sam McPherson had never allowed an image to partake in the
pleasures she was receiving. It was always just her and her hand and the
pleasure that resulted when the two came together. And now, the pleasure
seemed to have a face that went along with belonged to one Brooke
McQueen. Sam moved her head from side to side destroying what once was a
nicely made bed. Her bed coverings and animals thrown all about was the
least of her worries. The pleasure was too great to keep in and a moment
later, unconsciously, screamed out, "Oh Brooke, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that's it
baby, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssss!!!
Sweet Jesusssssssss Yesssssssss!!"

A certain person, occupying the next room over, laid naked in her own bed.
Her throws of passion were working her over as well, but the only noise she
heard were her own and the music filtering out of her headphones. She had
her own face of pleasure and it belonged to a one Sam McPherson. She
ravished herself almost to the point where she was rubbing herself raw.
Brooke's passion filled dream was much more than Sam was able to bring to
her own fantasies. There was no softness in those hands. The word delicate
and sensual didn't exist in her world. The only words that filled the air
was that of lust, raw, and pure unadulterated sex. The fantasy was intense
and her penetrating fingers matched the intensity one stroke at a time.
There was no turning back. The feelings she was feeling wasn't of curiousity
or unsurity, it was of raw passion and love that had been kept hidden inside
for way too long. She was playing out an altered version of the previous
night's events. What if she had taken Sam's honey coated finger that was
offered to her and had placed it to her own lips? What would have happened?

The alarm sounded in Sam's room waking her with a starling scene. There she
was, lying on her pillow with a certain material still clutched in her hand.
The events that had unfolded during the night were mind boggling to her and
she knew it was all just a fantasy...a dream...not of reality. Therefore no
one knew and no one would get hurt in anyway. She grabbed her clothes from
her dresser and made her way to the room adjoining bathroom. She walked in
and realized that Brooke's door had been left open all night long. Could she
have heard...oh what was she going to do were the only thoughts racing
through her mind. She stuck her head into the other room and saw a still
sleeping blonde. She acknowledged the fact that Brooke looked beautiful in
her natural state...of sleeping. No makeup, no hair stylist's experiment,
no top of the line clothing, just her beautiful self and a oversized t-shirt.
Listening closely Sam could hear music and her heart stopped pounding when
she saw the headphones still wrapped around the girl's head. Walking over to
the bed, Sam quietly turned off the radio and removed the headphones, laying
them on her bedside table. She knew that she had an hour or so of sleep left
so she grabbed the bed covers and proceeded to pull them up when she caught
sight of a lone, naked breast. The angle she had leaning over Brooke allowed
her to partially see down the night shirt she was wearing. And there it was,
a beautiful, built up mound of conical flesh coursed in softness. Female and
male alike would all welcome the sight Sam had before her. In that instant,
Sam saw Brooke in a different light. She gleam followed a path from the
breast up to the lines in her chin, then to the dimples on her face, the lips
that air was escaping from, and finally to the eyes that could see nothing
behind closed eyelids. Sam leaned down and touched her lips to the closed
eyes beneath her, then the lips that followed and the finally to the curve in
her neck. She then finished pulling the covers over the sleeping blonde and
started the water for her shower. Dipping back into her own room she grabbed
the material that had helped her get through the night and stuffed it back
into her notebook. She never wanted to leave it just laying around for
someone to stumble across it, plus for some reason she wanted to keep
something of Brooke's close by.

Brooke later woke to an empty house. Not sure how her headphones got on her
night stand or why she felt goose bumps all over her body, she showered and
dressed for school.

(To be continued in Chapter 6)


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