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Popular: Popular Partners Part 2
by DCForever

It was a good thing that the girls' parents weren't home or they would have
had hell to pay for the damage they were causing. After the girls called a
truce they took some time and observed Sam's masterpiece of a room. Nothing
was in its rightful place, pieces of pillow cloth and cotton stuffing was
thrown all over the room. The girls both caught sight of Sam's shattered
lamp. Brooke couldn't stop from smiling. She had hated that ugly lamp since
the day Sam and her mother moved into the house. Sam noticed the expression
on Brooke's face and immediately knew its source.

"Well Brooke, guess you don't have to worry about my eye-sore of a lamp

"Guess not! Can't think of a better way to see it go. It fought a hard
fight, but a losing one. hehe."

"Alright! We've had our little fun. We better clean up everything before
the parents get home. So, where do you want to start?"

"My bed sounds good to me. Night Sam."

"Oh no you don't." Sam playfully grabbed at the back of Brooke's camisole,
accidentally ripping it. Brooke swung around upon hearing the ripping sound,
but her reaction only caused more of the thin, tan material to rip. She was
disgusted when she realized that Sam was holding more material in her hand
than was left covering her own body.

"Happy are you? You see what you've done? I just bought it last week."
Grabbing the material from Sam's hand, "Hope you have enough saved up to buy
me another one."

Brooke's anger turned to a state of bewilderment as she realized Sam was
paying her any attention.

"What? What are you looking at?"

Staring down at Brooke's chest, "When I really think about it...nothing."

It dawned on Brooke that her camisole was the only thing she had been wearing
at the time.

Looking down at her own breasts, "First off, what do you mean by nothing?
Secondly, what are you doing staring at my chest? What? Do my breasts
arouse you?"

Pointing a finger at Brooke's chest, "Check again Brookie. I'm not the one
that seems to be aroused at the moment. Maybe I should be directing your
question to you. What? Do you enjoy displaying your body like this? Or are
your exhibitionist desires getting the best of you?"

"Don't you dare change the subject. I could careless if you saw me in any
form of undress or in the throws of the greatest orgasm known to woman. Its
not like you haven't seen me or other girls naked before. Hello! Showers at
school. Anyways, its cold in here. And since you seem to be easily humored
on my behalf, its only fair that I be humored as well."

With no hesitation Brooke grabbed Sam's oversized, blue night shirt and
pulled with all her might. Sam, not wanting a ripped shirt, bent over and
allowed the material to slide free from her body. She had always been
carefee and if her soon to be step-sister wanted an unobstructed view of her
body then so be it. She certainly wasn't ashamed of her body. She knew she
was in great shape and had a nice figure. All her curves were where they
were supposed to be. But in losing her shirt she did forget one thing that
would surely bring slight embarassment...even to her.

"Wow Sam! I had no idea. No undergarments...whatsoever. Bold, pretty
bold...even for you."

Ms. McQueen knew for sure that the tables had turned, or had they. Sam just
stood there in front of her. Though slightly embarrassed, she held true to
form and never even flinched. Brooke couldn't believe that Sam had the nerve
to show off her body in that fashion...even worse, she found herself ogling
Sam's body. Brooke had never realized that Sam's body was so tanned and
taunt, so beautiful, so...perfect. Sam wished she had some coverage, but
nonetheless, she posed like a model and took on the ogling, staring eyes of
Brooke McQueen. Thinking back, she never had time to get her undergarments
before Brooke stormed in on her and now she had to pay for it. However, she
was getting some amusement out of her predictament.

Clearing her throat to get Brooke's attention, "Now, mind me asking what you
are looking at?"

"Huh, what did you say? Uhh, sorry."

"Earth to Brooke!! You in there?"

Brooke awoke from her trance.

"Sorry Sam. Not to be rude or sound perverted or anything, but I must
commend you. You have a magnificent body. Why in hell do you hide it from
the world by wearing all those baggy clothes?"

"Hey, all my clothes aren't baggy."

"Fine, on occassion you wear form fitting clothes, but even those don't do
your body justice."

Sam had no idea how to take Brooke's words.

"I've never admitted this to you, but ever since the first day we met I knew
that you were more attractive than myself. And now that I've seen the rest
of complaints from this gallery. No man or woman could resist you
in this state of undress. Your skin; toned, slightly tanned, smooth," her
hand lightly ran over Sam's skin, "very smooth, and tight. Your breasts are
like celestial orbs with cosmic rings as your aerolas. They are out of this
world...yet again, no complaints," moving her hands down further, "love your
belly button. I love it when you wear belly shirts because you have the
cutest belly button. Bet a tongue would fit perfectly in there." taking the
initiative, Brooke leans down and runs her tongue over Sam's belly button...
causing Sam to giggle.

"Brooke, before this goes any..."

Brooke stood back up, cutting her off by pressing her finger to the girl's
lips. "Yep, I was correct...a tongue does fit perfectly in there. Shall we
continue?" hearing no complaints, "I think we should. Ahhh, the treasure
that I seek. Quite intriquing...never knew you shaved. Aren't we learning
a lot tonight? Would you mind?"

Sam hesitated, but obliged the blonde by spreading apart her legs, "Oh isn't
that the essence of pure beauty. I wonder exactly how sensitive you are down

Brooke's long fingers slowly closed the distance on Sam's outer folds. Chill
bumps arose, but no sound or motion of caution was made. Continuing with
her caresses, Brooke slowly spread Sam's legs even further apart. The two
girls weren't sure how long they were going to keep this up, but neither was
sure that they wanted it to end. It was obvious to both parties that Sam's
legs were starting to shake from built up excitement. They had become
unstable and it was ineditable that she would soon fall...well, sooner than
later. She and Brooke collapsed to the floor...fingers still intact. Gravity
assisted Brooke in giving Sam an earth trembling orgasm. Her cries and
screams were of pure pleasure and the evidence was soon wiped away as Ms.
McQueen sucked her fingers dry. The taste was so over whelming that she
lowered her ehad until it disappeared between her legs. Sam's scent of
arousal was mere inches away. Sam had no idea why everything was happening
but she wasn't going to complain. She had never had an orgasm so intense in
her life and to think Brooke was the one to give it to her. What a moment
in time. What ecstacy. What... her thoughts were cutoff as she felt a moist
object entering her from below. She shot her head up only to be met my a
lovely cum coated smile eradiating from Brooke's lovely face. She once again
lowered her head and soaked up the moment for all it was worth. Brooke on
the other hand was in heaven, by all meanings of the word. As she licked the
last remains of juices from Sam's love canal, she was stunned to find a sound
asleep Sam McPherson. She didn't think it was possible, but Sam looked even
more beautiful while she was sleeping. She slowly crept up Sam's body
readying herself for an ensuing kiss when.... her alarm suddenly went off.

Brooke immediately stirred awake and was quick to realize that it had only
been a dream. She saw that her bed was soaked from perperation and bodily
fluids. Immediately, she wanted back in her dream. She wanted her naked and
willing Sam back. Her thoughts were interrupted when Sam flung open her door
and told her to get up. They both were caught off guard; Brooke by Sam's
intrusion of her privacy and Sam by Brooke's state of soakened nakedness.
The sun was causing the sweat droplets to glitten off her body. She had
never seen Brooke like this before...but knew right away it was a look that
could easily be marketed.

"Sorry for barging in. I'll go and let you finish whatever it was you were
doing. From the looks of things, must have been steamy. So who was he?"

"Get Out!" screamed Brooke.

"Alright, I'm going," turning to leave, "by the way, nice tits, sis!" Sam
departed the room.

Brooke was embarrassed and shaken up by the incident. She could have swore
that Sam had complimented her breasts and called her sis. She pinched a
breast to make sure that she wasn't still dreaming.

The alarm sounded again. This time she actually stirred awake. What a night
she had had. She went to pinch her breast, for real this time, but her hand
didn't touch touched the upper region of her camisole. She then
new that she had finally woken up. She leaned up in the bed, stretching her
arms as high as she could while yawning ... then reality struck her. Her
bed's white, satin sheets were soaked to the point they were transparent
enough for her to see that she was pantyless under the covers. As surprised
as she was, her attention was quickly drawn to Sam's voice piercing through
her door.

"Okay sleepy head. Time to get up. Mike and Jane left a message on the
answering machine saying they would be home late. Something came up so they
weren't able to get back last night. Are you up Brooke? Did you hear me?"
Sam flung open Brooke's bedroom door only to be met with the sight of a
sheetless bed and no sign of Ms. McQueen. Assuming Brooke was in the shower,
she started to leave the room when her eyes were drawn to a pair of silk
panties lying beneath the bed. Looking around for any sign of life, Sam
walked over to the bed, stooped down and swipped the undergarment. The
clothe's dampness gave her the reason to believe it was Brooke's early
morning moaning that had woken her from her deep sleep. In the process she
found her own soakened sheets. Upon this declaration, Sam brought the
soakened garment to her nose. The scent erotically blew Sam's senses away.
She welcomed it as a prize and stuffed the material into her own bra and
exited the room.

Meanwhile, Brooke was in the adjoining bathroom trying to catch her breathe.
Sam had almost brought one of her dreams/nightmares to life. She knew Sam
would have haunted her the rest of her life if Sam had barged in on her.
With breathing now under control, she stepped intot he shower where she
re-played the events of her dream. She had no idea what had brought on the
dream. Not just a dream, but a satisfying erotic dream at that. Then it
dawned on her. Last night, after she had gotten home she raced upto Sam's
room to talk to her about Nicole. Without knocking she barged into Sam's
room and was met by a truly memorable sight. Sam had not long retreated from
the shower. She was in the process of beinding over, with her panties in
hand. Brooke observed Sam's hand as it feverously worked over her slit. It
was a beautiful sight. Both girls were caught off guard. Sam realized she
was no longer alone in the room. Figuring it could only be Brooke, she
repeatedly ran her finger inside herself as deep as she could manage.
Feeling temporarily satisfied, Sam put on her panties and turned to face
Brooke. Shortly after, Brooke witnessed another first when Sam sensually
brought her fluid coated finger up to her lips. Holding her finger in place,
she closed the distance between herself and the blonde. With face, lips, and
finger within an inch of Brooke's face, "Would you like a taste?", Sam asked.

In disgust, Brooke quickly left the room, slamming the door behind her.
Brooke knew it was those few precious minutes in time that had taken her into
dreamland the same night. What she didn't know, after she ran from Sam's
room, was that Sam broke into a fit of laughter and whipped her fingers clean
with a nearby tissue. Sam couldn't believe that Brooke actually thought that
she was trying to seduce her. It was a crazy thought. She walked over to
the dresser mirror and looked at her glistening lips. Without thinking, she
rolled her tongue across her lips and was met by an unusual taste. Suddenly,
she realized what she was tasting.

Brooke finished her shower and dressed for school in record time. It wasn't
until she reached the kitchen that she saw Sam bending over looking for
something in the refrigerator and immediately she felt moisture building
between her legs. She wasn't able to bring herself to even look in Sam's

Hiding behind the bar counter, "Sam, not hungry. I'll grab a bottle water
when I get to school. Have something I need to tend to so I will see you

Sam looked up to see Brooke walking out the door. She couldn't find anything
to eat herself so she just grabbed her books and headed for the door herself.
A smile arose as the doorway had a very familar scent.

Speaking out, "Damn, that girl must be on fire. Ben or Matt must have
stopped in on her dreams..." laughing slighty, "Or, maybe she was dreaming
about me. Now wouldn't that be interesting." Sam left the house humming,
smiling, and yes...skipping merrily on her way to school. "Oh yes, what a
day it would be."

To Be Continued...


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