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Popular: Popular Partners Part 1
by DCForever

"Come on Brooke, you have to take the class with me. I won't survive without

"Nic, why are you taking a journalism class anyway?"

"Remember all the times I left out of English class last semester? Well, the
teacher was kept an ongoing count of the time I was missed and it didn't
warrant a grade the caliber of my college's rep. This journalism class is
the last English/Literature based class there is. Not only do I have to take
this class, but I'm expected to join the newspaper staff as a journalist for
at least 30% of the time I am taking the class. Can you believe that?"

"Glad its you and not me. I mean, not sure I would be able to work that
close to Sam. Have you forgotten that she is on the staff? If I remember
correctly she is also taking that class; for extra credit. She'll make a
great reporter some day. Hey, here's a thought. Maybe you can set your
bitching and fighting aside and learn a thing or two from the girl."

"Thank, but no thanks. That will never happen as long as I'm breathing."

"It was just a thought. We better get to class before one of us has to
makeup another subject and gets stuck in a class with say...Carmen." Brooke
knew if there were two people that got under Nicole Jullian's skin, it was
most definitely Sam McPherson and Carmen Ferrara.

* * *

The journalism teacher started calling the role and as usual, Nicole Jullian
was late. Not a great way to start off a class that is a necessity for
graduation. "For the third time, is a Ms. Nicole Jullian present?" The
teacher slammed her role book closed as Nicole entered the room.

"Here! I was helping out the principal. Believe me or not...look for
yourself...he is right down the hall. No lie."

The teacher strolled to the door and looked down the hall at the principal.
Nicole yelled down the hall and the principal acknowledged her yell. The
teacher actually fell for another one of Ms. Jullian expert, but completely
fake excuses. She may not have school smarts, but she is the master of all
con artists.

"Okay class, since everyone is here, I guess we can start class. I would
like to welcome everyone to 'Journalism of Tomorrow.' Before you ask, yes,
the class title was mis-printed in the course booklet. See, we already have
a good reason for having a journalism class. hehehe... As a class, there
will be only 3 grades for the entire semester, therefore each grade will
count for 1/3 of your final grade. Guess that means everyone will be on time
for say...Every class. Isn't that right Ms. Jullian?"

Nicole's non-response warranteed nearby stares. She was too caught up in a
tradional stare down with her nemesis Spam; Nicole's nickname for Sam
McPherson. The two were caught up in a deadly stare down. It was quite
obvious to the teacher that Ms. McPherson and Ms. Jullian definitely had
some issues with each other. Sam wickedly smiled as the teacher re-asked
her question and yet Nicole still wasn't alert to the question being asked.

Raising her voice, "Ms. Jullian!! When I ask a question I expect to receive
a reply. Do we have an understanding? I could just frop you from the class
and save u both the aggrevation. Your choice."

"I'm sorry Ms. Ross! Could you please repeat the question?"

"Ms. McPherson, would you please do me the honor of repeating the question to
Ms. Jullian?"

"The question in question was; You will be here for each class and on time
since each grade is 1/3 of our final grade. Correct?" Sam snickered

"Yes, Ms. Ross! I will be on time for each class, but.."

"There are no 'buts' in my class Ms. Jullian. You either agree and stay or
disagree and leave. Again, your choice."

"Yes ma'am."

"Well, I think it is quite obvious which two students will make-up group
number one for the semester. Sam! Nicole! You two will be partners for the
entire semester and there will be no more discussion on the matter." The
girl's expressions were undesireable in the least. They both felt as if they
had left Kennedy High and had entered Hell! The semester was starting to
look pretty interesting!

* * *

"Eghhh. I so can't stand that girl! I know she's a bitch, but does she
always have to be one? No idea what Brooke sees in that girl."

"Hey Lily, sounds like 'The Bitch' has gotten to our poor helpless Sam...yet

"Yep Ms. Ferrara, I do believe you may have a correct assumption."

"Ha, ha...very funny you two. Can you believe it, Ms. Ross, the new
journalism teacher has partnered me, Sam 'The Journalist' McPherson with
Nicole 'The Bitch' Jullian for the whole semester. I'm thinking about
re-thinking the idea of extra credit. No one deserves this kind of abuse.
No One!"

"We feel for you Sam...oh yeah, we do! So why on earth is Nicole taking a
journalism class? Isn't there some 'I Suck as a Cheerleader' class that she
hould be taking..."

Lilly interrupting Carmen, "...or better yet a 'I will Suck to be a
Cheerleader & Popular' class." Laughter spread through the halls.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the Novak (girl's bathroom), Nicole was releasing all of her
built up anger on the innocent 'I didn't know any better' Freshmen. Sally
and Rachel Stevenson left the Novak crying; not tears of joy. Brooke hated
to see her best friend when she was enraged. She just sat back and watched
the show as the freshmen would enter normally and leave wishing they had
never heard of the Novak or Nicole Jullian. She truly was a bitch at times
and this was a 'Golden Bitch Moment.' Oh how she hated Samantha McPherson.

* * *

Later that evening, Sam and Brooke discussed how their day had gone. Seemed
both had about the same day.

"When you say she was ticked off...what do you mean? Was she angry? Mean?
Ready to kill someone?"

"Sam, whatever you did to her or she thinks you did to her must have been
pretty serious. I'm sure she phychologically ruined a few freshmen for years
to come. Her hair was a mess and she didn't even notice how smeared her
lipstick and eye liner were."

"WOW! That enraged? Point for me." Sam snickered

"Yeah you really got to her. So what did take place between you two?"

"Nothing really! She was probably using my name in vain when what she really
wanted to do was to take her anger out on Ms. Ross, the new journalism
teacher. She was the one that did the embarrassing...though I guess I did
contribute a bit. hehe..."

"You are too much Sam. Well, I do need my beauty sleep so I guess I will see
you in the morning. Your story will have to wait until then."

"Beauty sleep? Brooke, haven't you figured it out by now that you got geeped
when someone sold you on that line. Sleep hasn't helped your looks since day
one. So it is beyond me why you feel that you still need beauty sleep."

Before Sam could react a pillow was flung up against Sam's face...and the
fight was on!

To Be Continued...


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