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Popular: Note to Self
by DCForever

*Naked. That's how she felt. Naked and exposed for everyone to witness. All
her flaws, vulnerabilities laid bare like an open wound. She hated feeling so

"Ms. Julian, are you okay?" asked Kennedy High's school nurse as she knelt
beside the fallen student's body. "I think this small bandage will fix that
finger right up...paper really cut you deep huh. You're definitely a bleeder
and that might leave a scar on your head," stated nurse Campbell as she ran
her finger over the area where Nicole's head bounced off one of the hall

*Guess even high dollar heels break on occasion.*

"How about you tell the teachers that, maybe they'll cut out homework all
together...stuff could be dangerous to students' health...with all that
handling of paper and all," comment Nicole, whose face showed her grimmicing.

"That's pretty cute, Ms. Julian. Are you sure you're feeling okay?" Nicole
nodded her head in agreement, but cringed at the pain coming from her head.

*Of course she wasn't okay. Was she pissed, cussing, having a hissy fit?
Hello, so not the Nicole Julian I know. Nicole Julian, high and mightiest
bitch in the entire county, Ms. I'm better than anyone except for Brooke
McQueen. No she wasn't okay. Just look at her, her shoe's heel is in two
pieces, the contents of her personal life...being her purse, is spilled
all over the floor so everyone can gawk at the exposed condoms, tampons,
and bra pads. She couldn't feel any more naked than at this very moment.
Always wondered if she stuffed...guess the secrets out. Note to self; pay
Lily the five dollars I owe her...she had me on that one. Just look at this very moment Nicole Julian is a stray, helpless little girl
who can't seem to find her way out of embarrassment hell. God sure does
work miracles in unusual ways. Thanks big guy.*

Nurse's hand reached under the blonde cheerleader's arm and briefly struggled
to pull the girl up to her feet.

*Wow, maybe that bump to the head was more of a deal than I thought. Now
that's going to leave a nasty little bruise. Nicole's looking a little woosy
there. Ah what did I fact...I didn't. It was about time she had a
little reality ass kicking. Maybe now...shit, shit,, no...ahhh, why
is nurse Campbell pointing towards me? She couldn't possibly want me to help
that bitch. Just play dumb Sam.*

"Ms. McPherson? Yes, I'm, pointing at you."


"Sure thing, Mrs. Campbell."

*Why did I even respond? Oh no, I just couldn't mind my own business and walk
away. Won't someone call my name...ring the damn fire alarm...something. Why
did I have to linger and gawk at someone else's misfortune.*

"Yes?" Sam answered.

*Why am I being so nice to this lady? Doesn't she know anything about Nicole
and me? Hell, the bag lady at the market even knows of our royal disgust for
each other.*

"Sam sweetie, would you mind helping me get Ms. Julian here back to my

*Hell yes I would mind! We're bitter enemies don't you know?*

"Of course, Mrs. Campbell. I'll get this arm if that's okay?"

*Yeah, I'd like to take her arm and beat her with it.*

"Thank you Sam," responded the nurse as they started down the hall.

*Hmmm...wonder what namebrand perfume she's wearing. God I can't stand this
girl, but I admit she has some very good taste in clothes, perfumes,...
everything in fact...even best friends. Man, Brooke couldn't be more right,
this girl could stand to loose a few pounds...twenty at least. She's killing
my shoulder.*

Sam and nurse Campbell set Nicole down on the small bed that lined the far
wall of the cramped office.

"Will you be needing my assistance for anything else?"

*What the hell, mind as well have a little fun with the poor nurse after
putting me through this ordeal.*

"Oh yes...would you be a darling and stay with Ms. Julian for a little while,
while I go salvage whatever I can of her personal belongings.

*Damn, screwed over again. I could so go and get her stuff..though I
wouldn't...I'd just use it as an excuse to get out of the presence of pure

Continuing, "There are somethings that a lady just doesn't want others to

*Yep, sure is and she had all of them knocked out of her purse. Oh what a
wonderful way to start off a school day. Time for the McPherson charm. I'll
have this lady eating out the palm of my hand.*

"I have homeroom. I'm really sorry. I would really, really love to stay and
help you out if I could...but I'm sure you understand that I can't."

*Damn, I'm good. Nailed the slight pout and all.*

"Oh that isn't a problem, Sam. I know you're an excellent student and I
wouldn't do anything to jeopardize your good standing. I'll just drop in and
inform your homeroom teacher; I'm sure she'll understand. So add a few more
minutes to my being gone okay. You're the best you know. You would make a
good nurse yourself some day."

*Note to self; start up new Christmas tradition...burn nurse Campbell's
present...every year. Better yet, just burn her house down.*

"Sure thing. It will be my pleasure to babysit...I mean keep a watch on

*5, 4, 3, 2,...oh come on, leave already. I'm so going to tear this girl a
new hole. She'll never live this day down...not ever. And 1. Perfect. No
nurse. No friends. No witnesses.*

Sam turned to face Nicole whom remained laying on the small bed. She walked
over and dropped to her knees to get closer to the girl. "Nicole. Nicole.
Nicole. What will we ever do with you?"

Nicole's hands shot up from her side and entrapped the brunette's head in her
grasp and brought their lips together. Sam tried backing away, which would
have been much easier if she were still standing. Nicole's weight and tight
grasp gave her all the leverage. Sam was trapped.

*Is this really happening. Damn it, why did I have to bring myself down to
her level?*

The kiss lingered a while before she released Sam's head. Sam immediately
jumped back; her face that of an enraged, furious woman, though her eyes
spoke of a different emotion. She was confused, but three little words set
the teenager at ease.

"Thank you, Sam." Nicole mumbled.

Sam maneuvered closer to observe the glazed over look in Nicole's eyes. She
had no idea what she was doing. The girl was almost completely out of it.

*Oh great, she would have to have a concusion. Guess I have something else to
hold over the girl, miracles in bunches...who would have thought

"You've such lovely lips...I ever tell you that?"

*Okay, what's going on here? Hold everything! This isn't happening. This is
supposed to me my moment...I'm supposed to be in the middle of
ripping that new hole. Sam, get ahold of yourself. Damn it girl, don't
listen. Pay her no attention.*

"Very kissable."

*Okay..listened already. I so heard that. I did hear that didn't I? Maybe I
imagined it? Yeah, that's it...but why would I ever image such a thing? Does
that mean that I way in hell.*

"May I feel them again?" Nicole requested while smiling up at the brunette,
eyes closed.

*Does this girl know what she's saying...what she's implying? Does this mean
that she likes...maybe it does. Nicole Julian likes me...damn, how fucked up
is that.*


*Oh what's a girl to do? I can't just keep ignoring her...though most days I
would cherish the thought. What the hell...I could take one for the team...
but which team would that be for? Ah fuck it. Sorry Brooke, you'll have to

"No Nic, it's me...ahhh Brooke. Sam...she hasn't been by. I guess I could go
and try to find her if you want, but I don't think you are in the fighting
spirit at the moment. Sooo, about that kiss."

"I'm sorryyy. Guess I'm a little out of ittt. You've such wonder lips you
knowww. We should sooo, soo do it again."

*Like no we shouldn't.*

"Not so sure that's such a good idea."

Nicole reached out her arms waiting for the answer she wanted to hear, yet
her eyes remained closed.

"Fine, just one. Wouldn't want rumors starting up...about you and me and

"I'd welcome them."

The two set of lips met once more, though this time Sam was lost in the
girl's tender caress of her face as Nic's tongue slipped into her mouth.

*Oh wow, she's really good at this. Like the lip nibbling. Ohhh...maybe being
with the girl wouldn't be such a bad thing after all. Little fighting here,
few punches there, multiple makeup kisses like this...not a bad life to

Not even realizing her movement, lips still entact, Sam laid atop Nicole's
body. Slowly, the kiss heated to a fevered pitch amongst their bodies, Sam's
hand slipped under the navy blue, sequined top, finding the mature breasts
locked away behind bra cups.

The door to the office snapped open with a voice trailing behind. "Yes
Principal Krupps...I'm about to check on her right this minute. Yes, I'll be
sure to let you know of my findings. Thank you, sir."

*Thank goodness she's a talker. How are the clothes? Fine. Escaped that
embarrassment. Whoa was that ever close.*

Nurse Campbell walked back into the room and looked at Sam waiting
impatiently for her return and then at the patient. "Thank you, Sam. You've
really helped me out here. Is she okay?"

*Okay? She's got me as hot as hell and you ask me is she okay?*

"She seems out of it. My guess a slight concusion from knocking her head
against the locker."

"Yeah, I figured as much. I've called her mom and notified the hospital that
she may be coming their way a little later. I wanted to let her rest a bit
and see how things go from there."

"So am I done here?"

*Say yes and I'm out of here. Sure hope she can't see a stain. Yes or no

"Oh yes, by all means. You shouldn't get any grief from your teacher. She
seemed okay with the idea of you helping me out."

"Well, guess I'll see ya...yeah, see ya around school. Later."

*What was all that? Sam, get yourself together. It was only a kiss. Okay two
really, but a kiss is a kiss right? Right. If it was only a kiss then why on
earth have I wet myself? Sure hope my cheeks aren't as flushed looking as
they feel.*

Sam rested her head against the hallway wall, the nurse and Nicole just on
the other side.

*Face it loved loved the close loved
getting all the attention. The kiss was fabulous and if given the chance you
would have ripped the girl's clothes off and had your way with her right
there in the nurse's office...even though you would have had no idea what you
were doing. Just admit you're a closet lesbian. Could Nicole and I really be
a this this town?*

Sam quickly pulled herself together and rushed to find the closest bathroom.

* * *

The following day at lunch, Sam, Lily, and Harrison were seated at a lunch
table chatting away when Mary Cherry dropped her school tray down hard upon
their table and proceeded to sit down beside Harrison...Joe as she liked to
call him.

"Uhhh, Mary Cherry, don't you think you're at the wrong table?" Lily
suggested and pointed over to the girl's usual table. "Brooke, Nicole, and
the rest of the Glamazons sit over there if I'm not mistaken."

"Huh, so I see you listen to the great music of classic blond bimbos?" Mary
Cherry commented lifting a pirated copy of Ashlee Simpson's cd off the table.

Not even looking at the girl, Sam responded bluntly, yet sarcasticly, "Hah,
so when did Brooke and Nicole learn to sing?"

The comment took Mary Cherry a moment to compute, "Oh sugah, you gots it ah
wrong...Brookie and Nic...they're not the blond bimbos you silly girl. The
Simpson gals, Jessy whatever and that sweet ass little sistah of hers."

"Oops, my bad." Chuckled Sam and her friends.

" was just told wrong...Brookie and Nic...they're the blond lesbos."
Mary Cherry tried to keep a straight face, her smile fading away.

Sam's eyes shot up. "What did you just say?" She quickly glanced over her
shoulder at the two blonds giggling away at their usual table.

"If I'm not mistaken, I believe Mary Cherry just said that...hehehe...this
is so funny...she just said that my Brooke and Nicole lesbian fantasy...yeah,
it's come true. Ahhh what I wouldn't give to see some of t..."

" know that thing that most guys like to do when girls aren't
around...yeah, finish that statement...and well that, amongst a
few other things, will not be possible to do again...ever again."

"Yeah, I think I'll just go back to eating this delicious sandwich." Harrison
smiled and quickly dropped his head to stare at his tray.

"Yeah, you do that...and I'll be right back." Sam quickly stood up and
stalked over towards Brooke's table.

"Oh I'm sorry...bookworm losers sit over there. Spirited, popular, sit over
here," commented Nicole as she spotted Sam's presence.

"Stick and stones may break my..."

"Yadda, yadda, yadda...we've all heard it before, Spam." Brooke shot a hand
over friend's arm to calm her down.

"Enough already, Nic. I'm Sam's friend as well, sister even...or have you

" to little ms. step-sister. I'll be over by the trash can when
you're ready to find some alone time." Nicole stood up and grabbed the
leftover core from an apple and walked off.

"Thought she would never leave. So...what is this I hear about you and
Nicole...being a couple and all?" asked Sam, nervously bouncing her knees
under the table.

"Well...if the truth be known...I just filled in where my oh so loving sister
left off. And before you say anything...I just like to say thanks. See I
didn't pull everything all together until after I spoke with the school's
nurse. You know she's single right...and I did catch her looking at my ass
when I was leaving her office. I mean, for a lady in her early thirties...
she's pretty hot. Maybe there might be something for you there."

*Busted! Who would have known there was a brain behind all that blond hair...
and she even knows how to use it.*

"Not interested."

"Yeah, but I'm sorry...Nicole...well, she's spoken for already. How could
you, Sam? Taking advantage of a girl in Nicole's state after that fall. Did
you know she was at the hosptial for four hours last night? Did you?"

"I didn't take advantage of anyone. She kissed me."

"Sticking to your guns I see. Anyway, after we left the hospital last night,
she thanked me for being such a kind and helpful person in her time of need.
She told me how much she just loved the feeling she got when our lips met
for that first time...and that...immediately she knew she was in love with
me. When I heard all this of course I was floored. I didn't know what to say
in response. I knew she wasn't talking about me so yeah, it was easy to piece
together after my chat with nurse Campbell earlier this morning. But nothing
mattered after her long, wet, and very sensual thank you she provided me last
night. And just thought she could kiss good with that tongue of missed out on its many other talents."

"Sounds like it was a meaningful thank you to me. Maybe I did miss out on
something truly great, guess I'll never know. But Brooke, from one sister to
another, how do you think you're going to feel knowing that every time she
goes down on you, she's actually going down on me? Think about that one will
ya. Looks like my friends are calling me back over to our table. Guess I'll
be seeing ya, at home no doubt."

Sam patted Brooke's shoulder in mock support as she stood up, about to depart
from the table.

"Before you go, Sam. I just thought about it. My answer. I'm going to feel
damn good...that's how I'm going to feel...every time. Trust me, what you
sparked in my Nic...she's long forgotten after last night." Brooke stood up,
leaned in close to Sam's ear. "And I know this...because I've made her scream
like a wild banchee...ohohohhhh..and made out with her bra when
she had a concusion no less. Sorry sweet'ems...she's mine and no time soon
are there plans to share her with anyone either." Brooke smirked at her
sister, reached up and caressed her face before pecking her on the lips, and
then she grabbed her tray and headed off toward the trash cans to meet up
with her sweetheart.

Sam stomped her foot down on the floor in disgust.

*I should be furious. I should be chasing after that bitch; ripping her head
off would be great right about now. But if I'm feeling like this...then why
am I staring at her swaying ass in those skin tight jeans...and blushing to
boot. Oh God...what have you done to me you devil you. Note to self; never
let a good thing slip through my hands again. Never let a Nicole Julian of
all people, steal your heart, at least not before having sampled all the
goods beforehand.*

The End

March 3, 2005


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