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Summary: Sam awakens in the arms of another girl, but she has no memory of
how she got there. This is the story about that night, told in multiple Point
Of Views (POVs).

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Popular: About That Night
by DCForever

It is one thing to want to lose your virginity in a mirage of great sex and
its another not remembering any part of the act itself. All I can remember
of that faithful night was getting wasted at a party and then vomitting for
hours on end in an upstairs bathroom. I wasn't alone. There was another girl,
blonde, contradicting my darker curls as we fought to seek relief from the
porcelain god. We tried to give it back what we had earlier consumed in the
form of alcohol. I'm not a big drinker so why had this happened? That is
what's so strange, I can't remember. I only really remember bits of pieces
of the night. I remember waking up early in the morning and feeling the
coolness of bathroom tiles along my naked lower back and bare legs as my head
rested in the blond haired girl's lap. She was still asleep, sans clothes
herself. I knew her. Actually I've known her for a good part of my life. You
couldn't exactly call us friends, no enemies would be more along the correct
lines. But I have to admit, I had never seen her in the light with which I
was looking at that moment. Her blonde lockes framed her peaceful, at ease
face. Her steady breathing was like a sensual melody. I couldn't not stare
and linger my gaze on her bare breasts. They were gorgeous looking and most
definitely turned me on as they slightly rose and fell with each breathe the
girl took. I felt as if I could stare at those hardened nipples for an
eternity. I knew I had to be dreaming, but I wasn't. She was real. I was
real. And we had obviously had a good time during our drunken stupper the
night before. But one thing erked me...I couldn't remember how we had gone
from puking at the toilet to being in our state of undress. To this day I
still can't remember what happened, but I want to remember...more
importantly, a part of me has to remember.

The next day I received a call on my cell phone, more like a picture message.
The message read, "Seems last night was quite eventful. What I wouldn't have
given to have partaken in the festivities. Don't worry, your secret is safe
with me. I couldn't resist when I saw you two in the bathroom this morning
during the after party cleanup so I snapped off a few pictures. I'll treasure
them always. Not everyday you find two of the hottest girls in your high
school naked on your bathroom floor. I've attached copies of such pictures
with this message. Enjoy. Can't wait to see what comes of this once school
starts back this Monday. See ya around, Sam. Your fan, Todd MacDougal."

I knew I should have been mad, steaming in fact, but I just couldn't bring
myself to stop looking at the pictures Todd had sent me. He was right, she
was beautiful. It is a shame it took a night like that for me to see her in
that light. I tried calling her on multiple ocassions, but none of my phone
calls were ever returned. The same went for the few emails I sent her way.
It was like she wished it had never happened or something. But if I'm to
have any luck in determining any details from that night, she's my only
chance, but there is nothing saying that she even remembers what happened.
Hopefully today I'll get some answers. Its been three long weeks since
school has started back and I've yet to have a chance to talk to her and
everytime I did find an opening she would shut me out. Today has to be the
day. I am determined she isn't going to shut me out this time.

As editor of the school newspaper, my morning usually started out pretty
early, giving me time to get to school and check on the paper before starting
another routine school day. But this morning, the paper wasn't on my mind,
she was. When I settled in behind my computer this morning, I typed up a
letter, hoping she would read it and be willing to give me a moment of her
precious time. This was really starting to get ridiculous. Since school has
started back I haven't been myself and my friends have picked up on it. I
want the normalcy of my life back so I'm willing to do anything it takes to
get some answers. I printed out the letter, folded it, and raced to her
locker to shove the letter through one of the metal vented cracks. Now
hopefully all I had to do was wait.

Thirty minutes later, Kennedy High's hallways were bustling with students
going to and from her lockers. I stood amongst my friends, trying to keep up
with the conversation, while keeping my eyes on the target. She was laughing
amongst her friends, obviously getting laughs at others' expense. I watched
her fingers working through her locker combination. I knew the time had
finally come. What would she do? Would she be curious and read it? Would she
ignore it altogether and crumble it up? Whatever she did, it caused her to
leave her conversation. Her face turned serious and then she turned and
caught my stare. She had indeed read the letter. Now what was to come of it.

* * *

Two periods had gone by and still that serious stare was lingering in my
mind. I hadn't been able to concentrate on anything the teachers or my
friends had been saying since that moment. My life had become all consumed
around her and only her. Yes the more I thought about it the more I had
questions, but it wasn't just questions I had anymore. No, there was more.
I found at times I couldn't stop from searching her out amongst the masses
roaming the halls, or staring at her face as she drunk from the water
fountain, or her bare skin as her blouse rose up while retrieving a pencil
from the floor. I think I was falling for in a death defying leap
from a high rise building.

Lunch finally came around. Man was I starving. I sat with my friends and ate
my lunch as I normally did, but I couldn't help noticing that she wasn't
sitting with her friends. Her routine was off for once. In fact I didn't see
her sitting anywhere in the cafeteria. Suddenly I found myself excusing
myself from my table and left the cafeteria. I needed to know where she was.
Lunch would be over in the next fifteen minutes so I didn't have much time
to find her, talk to her if possible, and get back to finish off my lunch
because I really was starving. I guess the scientist were right about excess
worrying could cause hunger pains.

I'm not a runner, never have been, but on this day I found myself running
the halls, searching out every classroom I came upon. She was nowhere to be
seen. The only place I hadn't looked was the girl's lockerroom out by the
gymnasium. So I started heading in that direction. Upon entering the
completely tiled room, I heard an echoing sobbing sound. Someone was crying.
I slowed my pace and quietly walked towards the source of the sound and
there she was, sitting on a wooden bench in front of her locker, holding a
picture and my letter, while crying. I wish I had had at that precise moment
a camera for I had never seen a more picture worthy moment. She was crying
while reading my letter, but what was the picture she was holding?

I took a few steps back before hurrying back to the entrance. I wanted to
make enough noise to let her know that someone else was in the room. As I
reapproached her I found a much different scene. Her body was laid out on
the wooden bench with her head resting on a folded towel, feigning sleep.


The sound of my voice was easily recognizable, especially between the two of
us and all the verbal assaults we had bestowed upon each other over time.

"What is it, Spam?"

That hurt. Why did it hurt now moreso than the thousand other times she had
previously said it?

"Nicole, we need to talk."

"No time. Can't you see I'm catching up on my beauty rest? We beauty queens
have to take every chance we can get to stay ahead of the game. Power naps
help out plenty. So if you don't mind, I need my rest now."

"Why haven't you responded to any of my calls or emails? I've really needed
to talk to you. Just what happened between us that night at Todd's party?"

"What do you want from me? You were there. We were drunk. It ranks up there
as probably my worst mistake ever."

"So then you do remember?"

"Remember? What are you trying say...that you don't remember? How could you
not remember? We took each other to an all new high? Don't you remember any
of it?"

Suddenly Nicole was on the defensive. Why was that? Just a moment ago she was
dissing the night and now she seems upset that I don't remember anything.

"The vomiting. I remember that...and then everything after I woke up in your

She sat up quickly and stared me in the eyes. "You woke up? I didn't know
that. I thought I had gotten away from there without you knowing. Todd sure
knew though. I was half dressed when I ran into him in the hall. He handed
me this." She reached into her locker and produced the picture she had
earlier been soaking with her tears. "He told me that I should cherish every
waking moment with a girl like you. Then he said that our secret was safe
with him and that there was no reason for anyone else to know. He also said
that he would be giving you copies as well."

"Yeah, he sent them to my cellphone."

"Oh. So how disgusted with yourself were you; on a scale of 1 to 10?"

"Disgusted? As if. How could I be disgusted at looking at a naked version of
the most gorgeous girl in this school?" Shit, shit, shit. I can't believe I
just said that out loud. Oh the humility this will sure bring upon me. "Did
I really just say that?"

"Yeah, shocked me as well."

"Well the cat's out of the bag now. That morning, I felt in my gut that I
was seeing the real you. I saw a gorgeous blonde sleeping peacefully while
comforting me. I felt that wonderful tingling sensation as our nakedness
rested upon each other. I fought the urge to reach out with my tongue to
taste the expected saltiness of your breasts and to kiss those inviting
lips. And since that day, nothing else has penetrated my mind. You've all
I've been able to think about."

"Wow. I don't know what to say to all of that, Sam." Did I just call her Sam?
What's going on here? She's putting me up on a pedestal when I don't deserve
it. If she only knew what really happened that night.

"I didn't search you out to spill the beans, but it's out...can't take it
back now. That morning was wonderful and all, but I need to know all of what
happened between the time at the toilet and me waking up in your lap. Did know...all the way? And if we did, I'm okay with that, in fact I
think I would be estatic about it. But if we didn't, did we do anything small
maybe along those lines? I just know something...I mean, my body is telling
me something happened that night. For one, I lost my virginity, so I know
something went down between us. I would really like to know just how far we
did go?"

"We may have gotten a little carried away. I say it was quite the experience.
And while we're being completely honest with each other,'re a
fabulous kisser and I couldn't get enough of your taste. You didn't seem to
have a problem with me either." What am I saying? I know we've hated each
other for the longest time, but can I really sit here and just lie through
my teeth like this after she's bared her soul to me? Am I really that devious
of a person? If she really knew what happened not only would her hatred for
me sky rocket to a much higher level, she might would go as far as to kill
me. Can I really keep it from her?

"It sounds like we had a wonderful time. That's what I thought that morning,
watching you sleep. I knew my body wasn't wrong. So...did you mean what you
said earlier? Do you really think it was that big of a mistake?"

Just how big is this lie going to get? I just can't say it. "No, Sam, it
wasn't. It was beautiful and I'm glad I got to have my first girl-girl
experience with such a beautiful person as yourself." Nicole, I sure hope
you know what you're doing. "You were without a doubt absolutely amazing."

"Wowwww. That good huh?" Can I really ask her? She's going to freak. She'll
call me names. Can I really afford to give her ammunition like this to use
against me? Screw it. I have to know. "Nicole, if it was as great as you make
it out to there any chance..." You can do this, Sam. Just ask her
already, "that might consider..ummm..maybe consider doing it
again?" Oh wow, I can't believe I actually got it out?

Did she just ask me what I think she did? Sam my girl, you've got balls. Five
minutes to the bell. "We have five minutes. Care to try for a quickie to see
if this is something you might want to persue?"

"Quickies are good for lots of things, food mainly. So if it works for the
million or so fast food restuarants then who am I to go against what works.
Yeah, I guess I could go for a quickie. So what now?"

"Plop your little tight ass on this bench first and then we can go from

I did as she said and I didn't regret it. It sure didn't feel like a full
five minutes, more like a few seconds. I didn't want to let her go. Her lips
and mine were as one. We were in the moment and then that stupid bell had to
ruin everything. She was dressed and out of there in a flash while I had to
remain so I could clean myself off in the bathroom. How could someone that
had just recently been my worst enemy, in just a few minutes, make me soak my
panties by only kissing me? What kind of hold had I given Nicole over me in
such a short period of time?

The rest of the day slowly drew itself out, though it didn't really matter to
me. I had our moment to keep me entertained. I just wish there had been more.

* * *

[Nicole's POV]

Why was I so foolish? What could I have possibly gotten out of kissing Sam?
Why did I go along with her request? Stupid, stupid, stupid, Nicole. Now I
can't seem to get her out of my head. Be honest with yourself, Nic. After
being with her twice now, why would I want to get her out of my head? Other
than the horrifying fact that someone could have seen us or overheard us?
Then the worst thing that could happen would be the placing of labels; loser,
homo, gay, lesbo, carpet muncher, uncool, unpopular. I could go from near
the top of the social ladder ranks to be bured beneath it with just one
horrifiable scandal against me. Yeah, that would suck. Brooke would so
totally rule supreme then. No, I'm too close to taking over Brooke's reign
as queen of Kennedy High. I can't just give all that up for whatever is going
on between Sam and I...or can I.

I guess if I was willing to give all that up, Sam would be one of a few
worthy of such a gesture. How could someone be so sexy and beautiful and not
see it themself? She wasn't the only one that had noticed the look, feel and
delicate feminine curves the morning after the party. Feeling her naked
breasts against my bare legs was undescribeable. And the feel of her wavy
dark hair running through my fingers..., but how can I think of that? How
can I even conceive of having a relationship with her? I don't deserve
someone like Sam. If she knew that I had orchestraded the whole thing...if
I was the one that deceived her to the point of no return...that I wasn't
the one that deflowered her. If she knew what really happened there would
never be a chance for an us. Why did it take a night like that night for me
to see the real Sam see the one girl that I could call my girlfriend?

Maybe I should just end it all. I could sink lower within these suds and
drown myself. Then I wouldn't have to deal with this guilt. I wouldn't ever
have to face Sam again. And she wouldn't have to ever know the real truth.
I don't deserve you, Sam. Knowing all that I know, how can I possibly show
myself at the palace tonight? Sam will be there. Brooke. Their parents.
Brooke, why couldn't you have agreed to come to my house tonight?

* * *

"Hey Nicole."

"Hi ya, Brookie. I have a favor to ask. Any chance we can forego supper and
just spend the night in your room?"

"I'm kind of hungry, Nic, but I guess I can just take a plate up to my room.
Is something the matter? Are you feeling okay?"

"Peachy. Just not in the mood to run into your sister is all. You know how we
get around each other. Just not in the fighting spirit I guess."

"Yeah, sure. You can go on up if you like. I'll be up as soon as I fix me a
plate of food."

"Will do. I'll be waiting."

* * *

[Sam's POV]

I heard the familiar voices coming from the downstairs. Nicole had arrived.
She wasn't there to see me, no she was there to see and talk with Brooke. I
wondered if my name name would ever come up or if an imaginary girl friend's
problem would be discussed. I heard Brooke walking in the kitchen and then
the pitter-patter of Nicole's feet ascending the stairs. I had to see her.
I jumped out of my desk chair and ran towards the stairs and there she was.
She looked shocked to see me. Her eyes and mine each performed a quick scan
of the other's body. Was she thinking what I was thinking? Indeed she was.
I was lost in the feel of her lips upon mine. Things were right in the world
at that moment. This was really happening. I, Sam McPherson, was falling in
love with Nicole 'Satan' Jullian. Who would have every thought it possible?
But I had no clue if she loved me back or if I was just a physical play toy
for the time being. She never had been able to hold onto relationships ever
since I've known her. Could I be the one to break that trend?

It was powerful, but it was only a kiss and nothing more. It was really
over before it began. She was probably worried about being caught by my
step-sister, Brooke. They were best friends after all and were probably
the two most popular girls in school. I could see how an outing of sorts
could cause some disruptions amongst the ranks. I'll just have to accept
what I can from Nicole for the time being. This was all new to me anyways,
so why should I try and rush it. Maybe slow and steady was the right way
to take this blossoming new relationship. I promised myself I would give
us time.

* * *

"Wow Nicole, that was some story."

"Brooke, how many times do I have to tell you, it was a movie I saw with my
grand dad a while back. I just remembered it recently is all."

"It sure doesn't sound like a movie I would want to watch, but I'll admit it
does sound interesting."

If she only knew. Telling her it was a movie was the best I could come up
with. I had to get someone's reaction...another person's perpective. "So
you're saying that rape sounds interesting to you?"

"Well no. Not really. It was a movie right? It isn't like it was real or
anything. It still sounds interesting. I mean don't get me wrong. I think
the guy and the girl should have been both killed for what they did to that
girl. Yes, the rape was uncalled for and a very bad thing, but on the other
hand the underlying romance between the two girls in the end is just to
precious to overlook. So did the girl ever reveal to the other girl what
really happened?"

"No, the movie went off with the two sharing a kiss. Guess we will never know
what transpired afterwards. What do you think would have happened? Do you
think the secret would have been revealed?"

"I would like to think that the mean girl would have confessed the truth due
to her love for the girl and that after getting checked out for pregnancy or
disease that the two would find themselves in each other's arms again. I
can't help it, I'm a romantic at heart."

"Yeah, yeah, that's exactly what I hoped would happen as well."

"But with it being a movie and all, after the secret was revealed the mean
girl probably would have had her neck sliced open while she was sleeping.
You know how Hollywood does things."

"Ohhh, yeah...yeah you're probably right. Good thing it was just a movie

"You're telling me. Though if anything closely resembling that every happened
to someone that I care for or love then there would be a nasty, bloody
beatdown. I wouldn't rest until someone was dead...even if I had to die in
the process."

"Okayyyy, new subject?"

"You know Nicole, this has gotten me riled up. I know, how about we invite
Sam in on this discussion. You can retell her the story and then we could get
her insight on the matter. I bet she would have a lot to say on something
like this."

"Nah, this was just between us. I don't want it to get out that I watch
movies like that...especially with my grand dad. Can you phatom the humility
I would be under? So Nicole, you like watching sick and twisted movies with
your parents...oh I'm sorry, I meant to say your grandparents. Sicko.
Pervert. Do you see where I'm going with this? I just thought since we're
bestfriends that I could discuss this with you without there being any

"Don't worry, Nicole. If that is how you feel then I won't say anything to
anybody. It will just be mine and your secret. That's what friends are for

"I knew there was a reason I chose you as my bestfriend way back when."

Man was that close. For a moment there I thought Brooke might accept the
scenario and look for the true love possibilities, but then she got serious.
If this is how mild mannered Brooke McQueen felt then I wouldn't have a
chance with Sam 'wear your opinion and attitude on your sleave' McPherson.
There just is no easy way out of this. What is a girl to do?

* * *

[Sam POV]

I wondered what Brooke and Nicole had been talking about over there? There
had been a brief moment of what sounded like a shocked voice, but then it
died away and there hadn't been any other sounds coming through the walls
or through our adjoined bathroom. I wonder...could they, not our
Brooke...she wouldn't...she couldn't...oh fuck, I bet they are screwing
right now.

I had to know.

I softly opened the bathroom door and quickly made my way across the cold
floor to the closed door separating me from Brooke's room. I tried turning
the door knob and was surprised when I found it not to be locked. Without
hesitation I turned it a bit more and slightly pushed it into Brooke's room.
I was relieved to see the two teenage girls just listening to music on their

Brooke was facing Nicole and the bed while Nicole was facing my direction.
Something voyueristic came over me. I opened the bathroom door all the way,
stepped into Brooke's room, and pulled down my shorts and panties.

Why had I just done that? It didn't matter because I got the result I was
seeking. Nicole flashed her eyes up for a second and then back down, but just
as quick shot back a stare at me. Her eyes had to have grown in size. She
couldn't take her eyes off of me. I guess Brooke had noticed Nicole's glare
because she started to turn towards me, but thankfully Nicole cut her off at
the pass.

Out of the blue Nicole grabbed Brooke's hand and shoved it under her shirt.
Brooke and I were equally as startled. Next, Nicole was smiling and laughing
and singing seductive lyrics from a Liz Phair song. Brooke and I both knew
how Liz's songs went. Fuck, suck, pleasure were just some of the very erotic,
tasteful lyrics she loved to sing and write about. Brooke just took it as
being a joking gesture. Me, I took it as being an equally erotic sight as
what I had given Nicole. And Nicole, she was probably thinking she was on
cloud 9 about to enter the pearly gates given the chance to have her
bestfriend fondle her bare breast while enjoying herself at my half-naked

I knew not to push my luck. I pulled up my clothes and stepped back into
the bathroom and closed the door. As I walked back to my room, the door to
Brooke's room opened and closed. I stood frozen, not wanting to look back.
Then I heard it. And what a wonderful sound it was. It was the sound of a
lock clicking in place.

Seconds later, I could feel the rough edge of the marble covering our vanity
poking into my lower stomache; my face mere inches from the large mirror
that hung stationary on the wall. In the reflection was Nicole's smiling
face peering over my left shoulder, her hands digging and forcing my shirt
to bulge out as she searched out my breasts. It didn't last though. Her
reflection was ripped from my eyes as she forced me to turn and face her. My
body was lifelessly lifted and set upon the vanity. Her left hand speedily
forced itself into the elastic waistband of my shorts. Now it was I who felt
as if she was heaven bound. Again time quickly slipped away, but not before
I had the luxury of feeling those heated lips pressed once again upon my own.
She had once said that I was a great kisser, but she wasn't half bad herself.

Everything was why did I have to ruin it by saying those three big
words. I can't believe I confessed my love for her right then and there. A
light switch couldn't have flipped off as fast as Nicole's movements. There
were no words. No explanation. There wasn't anything, but the opening and
closing of Brooke's door; and there I was unfinished, half-naked, sitting all
alone on the bathroom sink. Tears were already forming in my eyes. Had I
really just blown the one chance I had at complete happiness. Why couldn't I
have kept my mouth shut and just enjoyed the physical and emotional pact we
had formed?

I slipped off the sink and my feet hit the floor, along with my shorts. I
leaned down and pulled them back up around my waist and retreated back to my
own room, my sole sanctuary.

* * *

[Nicole POV]

Why did she have to go and say that? We were both close to release? Of
everything going on, now why in the world am I pissed off about not getting
off? There are much worst things to be worry about. Like how much I screwed
up my chance with being with Sam. I totally freaked. Guilt fucking sucks.
Being horny at the wrong possible time sucks just as much. Sorry Brooke, but
I hope I don't disturb your sleep, but your sister started something and now
I have to finish it myself.

* * *

[Brooke's POV]

Damn, Nicole must be really riled up. I wonder if what she did earlier while
listening to Liz has anything to do with it? There is no possible way she
thinks I'm able to sleep through this. Maybe she wants me to know. She did
make the first move earlier. It was the first time I had touched a breast
other than my own...other than as a child. It felt nice. Maybe she's waiting
for me to make a move. Do I dare? Should I take the chance? Can I really
afford to lose a close friend if I'm miss reading this?

I whispered in her ear, "May I lend a hand." She stopped. That was expected.
What wasn't expected was her seeking out my hand and covering her wetness
with it.

"What kind of friend would I be if I refused?" She responded with a whisper
of her own.

That was nice to hear, but what came next wasn' fact, I didn't know
what to do.

"Sam you're too good to me."

Had she really just said that about my step-sister? Was it just a slip of the
tongue? If that wasn't bad enough, that was when I spotted a glimmer of light
coming from a crack in my bathroom door. Someone was there. Sam. She saw, but if that wasn't bad enough...did she hear everything? How could I
have let this happen?

"Harder, Brooke, harder." My fingers were gliding in and out of Nicole's
pussy with ease. She was most definitely on fire. My own spark of fire wasn't
too far behind.

Nicole obviously hadn't noticed Sam's presence. All she was concerned with
was me helping her get off. I knew I should have stopped, but Nicole's hand
rested upon my own and she was running the show. Her hand was leading my
hand. With my peripheral vision I could see the shadow lingering by the
door. Was Sam really watching me get Nicole off? Did Sam know about Nicole's
attraction to her? Were the two of them an item? Am I wedging my way into
what could already be secret relationship? Just what is going on here and
why am I enjoying the sound of Nic's moans?

* * *

[Sam POV]

What does Brooke think she's doing? She doesn't realize that she's fucking
my girlfriend. What should I do? Should I storm in and stop her? And why is
Nicole letting her? Or is she? Did my words cut through Nicole's feelings
for me that quickly? Am I that horrible of a person? I shouldn't be watching
this so why am I? Why can't I move my feet? Nicole, I love you. I hope you
truly believe that. If you won't accept me, then maybe you'll accept Brooke,
just as long as you're happy. Wait, what am I saying? Am I just going to
give her up without a fight? No, that isn't the kind of person I am. I stand
up for what I believe in. Brooke, have your little fling with her tonight,
but tomorrow, she's mine again.

I never left the bedroom doorframe. I stayed in a crouched position and
watched Nicole show Brooke the ropes. Brooke was already tasting the fruits
that I've only dreamt about to date. I didn't understand how Nicole could so
easily open up to Brooke moreso than to me. No matter how hard I tried to pry
my eyes from the motions of the bed I couldn't. Watching the two blondes
attack each other in a sexual ferver was such a major turn on. Now I had a
true understanding of why Todd had said what he'd said about wishing he could
have watched Nicole and me in the bathroom that night. I had never been more
turned on than I was at that moment. Watching Nicole brace herself against
the wall while Brooke buried her face upon her apex, feasting off Nicole's
honeyed treasure, just pushed me over the top. One second I was crouching
down watching an erotic show and the next I was on my back letting my fingers
satisfy my burning needs.

* * *

The next morning I was dressing for school when Brooke appeared in my
doorway. Next thing I saw was her closing and locking my bathroom door and
then stepping over to lock my bedroom door.

"Can I help you with something Brooke?" What right did she have to barge into
my room like that?

"Not really. I just needed to talk with you before you left for school."

"Okay, spit out whatever it is you have to say. I'm kind of in a hurry. By
the way, where's Nicole?"

"She was gone when I woke up this morning. Guess she was in a hurry as well.
I know Sam. I don't know any other way of saying it. I know about you and

"What? I don't know what you're talking about."

"Well if it isn't Nicole that you have a thing for, then we really need to
talk because last night there were only two naked, sweating bodies thrashing
about on my bed. One being Nicole, the So is there something
you've been hiding from me, Sam? Is there something Mike and Jo should know
about? Because if there is, I might could be persuaded to do something about
it, minus the parent of course."

"What? Me and you? Don't be ridiculous, Brooke. Okay, so I was spying on you
two. Don't worry, it won't happen again."

"You didn't answer my question. Which of us were you diddling yourself over
while crouched in the bathroom? Was it Nicole's body or mine? I need an

"Nicole's! Are you happy?"

"Hehehe, I was just yanking your chain, Sam. I knew it was Nicole. In fact
I've determined that everything about last night was about you and her. This
morning while I was taking a shower I started to process everything Nicole
and I had done and talked about. Now there are one or two things that don't
make much sense and that I need to seriously talk to Nicole about, but
everything else makes perfect sense. So how long have you two been fucking?"

"Finger fucking...sense last night in the bathroom. All out
beat me to it."


"But the kissing and playing around, exploring of the body...for a little
while now."

"You're lucky to have someone that makes you happy. I envy you, Sam. Guy.
Girl. It doesn't matter. You be good to her."

"Well see, that would be where a slight problem comes in. We aren't together
anymore. At least I don't think we are. I told her I loved her last night
while we were making out in the bathroom and she bolted on me."

"Ahhh, so that explains the cd player."

"The what?"

"Last night when she pulled my hand to her breast. You were there weren't
you? She was diverting my attention so as I wouldn't see you. I get it now.
Nicole left her cd player here and while I was straightening up I figured I
would see which Liz Phair cd she was singing from. I had to know what had
started last night's chain of events. In a way I thought maybe it could our
song or at least another song on the album, but when I looked in the player,
she was listening to Melissa Etheridge instead. I felt it was odd that she
would just throw caution to the wind and make a move on me while singing
lyrics to a song she wasn't even listening to."

"Woah, you really have figured everything out."

"Well not quite everything. So the makeout session you referred to. That was
when she went to bathroom after my breast grabbing incident wasn't it? I knew
she was acting strange. So that's when you told her you loved her and why she
came to be all horny and all. You two never got a chance to finish. Boy do I
feel foolish. Her masturbating woke me up and I figured from the breast
grabbing and the obvious carefree masturbating that she was trying to provoke
me into helping her out. So I asked her if I could help. From that moment on
everything just got wild and crazy. That's when I noticed the light coming
from the bathroom and saw your shadow. I couldn't exactly see clear enough to
know it was you, but I knew it had to be you. And then you fell and the door
opened up wider and that's when I knew you were trying to relieve yourself.
"Seeing you like that turned me on even more than I already had been."

"Wow, listening to you, its like listening to a detailed instant replay."

"Sorry, guess I did get a little carried away. It is kind of hard forgetting
anything as erotic as last night turned out to be."

"Well you did miss one little incident. You see the reason Nicole was so bug
eyed during your music listening was because I had flashed her my beaver."

"Awesome! I never knew my sexy step-sister was an exhibitionist."


"Ah, just stating the obvious. We are telling each other the truth right?"

"Yeah I guess we are. You know this is probably the most interesting
conversation the two of us have every shared in. It's kind of nice."

"Yeah we should do this more often." Should I press her? Is now the right
time? "Sam, did anything out of the ordinary happen to you in the last few
weeks? Something other than your relationship with Nicole? Has anyone tried
to come onto a forceful manner perhaps?"

"No, nothing like that."

"So there isn't anything else you would like to talk about? Okay. Since we're
being all honest and all, mind sharing how you and Nicole actually hooked

"Remember Todd's party? Oh right, you stayed home to watch movies and bond
with Mike."

"I know of the party. Heard it was quite the soraray."

"Well that's where it went down. I guess I got a little too drunk at the
party and ended up in an upstairs bathroom puking my guts out. Nicole was
here as well doing the same thing, though I didn't know it was her at the
time. Then the only thing I remember is waking up on the bathroom floor
with my head in Nicole's lap and our clothes piled up by the tub. I was
confused as to what happened for a few weeks until Nicole finally filled
me in. She said we were wonderful together and from the way I felt after
the party I accepted her at her word. Since then we've been making sure
neither of us forgot anything about any part or action our bodies take
with one another. Until me blowing it last night it had been great."

"Stop, Sam. Please, just stop. I don't think I can hear anymore of this. If
you don't mind, I'd like to continue this conversation after school. We both
have to finish getting ready for school now."

Brooke suddenly snapped. What could have caused that outburst?

"Sure, whatever you say. I'll be ready in a few minutes if you want to ride
in early with me."

"Will do."

* * *

"You Bitch!"

"What's gotten into you, Brooke? Is this how you treat all your bed conquests
after the fact?"

"Screw your sarcasm and screw you, Nicole Jullian. You best tell me that
movie we discussed last night wasn't a real event and that the mean girl
wasn't you and the innocent victim wasn't Sam. I'm giving you three seconds."


"Well some people around this school think that I'm a pretty smart cookie.
Sam included. Guess you didn't think that step-sisters talked with each other
huh? Or that you weren't listening to Liz Phair last night. Okay forget that
last part. You have the nerve."

"It was an opportunity to get Sam back for some of the horrible things she's
done to me. I thought it would be fun. Okay, not fun, but it would show her.
I didn't know Phil and Tyler were going to drug her as well. They were just
supposed to feel her up and come on to her strong enough to get her so
excited that she would be willing to do anybody. Then they were supposed to
leave her to me."

"Oh is that all?"

"It wasn't supposed to go down the way it did okay. They drugged me as well,
only enough to make me woozy, but enough for me to go along with their plan.
Phil and Tyler...they were the ones that raped Sam. It was their idea. At
first when I realized what was happening I tried to stop them, but then they
started to come onto me and I really got into the mood. I couldn't stop
myself muchless two sober, much stronger, horny males. Plain and simple...
Sam became our play toy. And at first we didn't count on Sam still being a
virgin. Phil started feeling her up downstairs and penetrated her with his
finger. When it came back up with red on it, they both went crazy. They
finished undressing her and then started to rape her. I didn't stop them. I
can't say for sure it was the alcohol or the drugs or just my mean spirit.
When they were done with her they put her back in the bathroom. I stayed
behind to clean her up. I fell asleep with her wrapped in my arms. So that
morning when Sam woke up she took the situation for something far different
than what it was. It wasn't until we were back in school that she told me
what she felt that morning after and between her confession and the guilt I
still felt for what went down, I realized that I could have feelings for her.
You seem to pretty much know the rest."

"Nicole, if at anytime in your life you displayed to me that you were in any
way smart, you would get out of my sight right now. Because if you don't...I
can't say what I would or wouldn't do to you right now and my would
be quite bloody."

"Brooke...I can't take back what happened. I regret it. I had already made
up my mind to turn myself into the cops. And for Sam, I won't ask for a light
sentence. I won't take any plea bargains. I'm truly sorry, Brooke. I know I
hurt her and now you, but I love that girl with all my heart. She brought
that out of me."

"Are you still around? Do you have a death wish, Bitch?"


* * *

I know its been little over three months since your trial and sentencing.
Ten years isn't that bad and with good behavior you could be out even before
then. I'm glad you were willing to testify against Phil and Tyler. I'm sure
it won't take their full 30 years to become someone's butt monkey. Even
though I'm writing you this letter, I want you to know that I'm still pissed
at you. Brooke and I both are in many ways still pissed. I've replayed
everything I could remember about that night, about our short lived
relationship and then I've replayed every minute detail that Brooke had to
tell me. I seem to find the first memories much more pleasant. Yeah I know,
I really shouldn't be making jokes about it all. Know this...I miss you.
Brooke even told me about the discussion you two had about a movie. I tend
to lean towards what you wished would happen. I hope that makes you feel
better, because I don't want you to have to suffer in that hellhole. Look at
it like this, if that night hadn't happened then our love for each other
would have never flourished. I'm trying to look for the positives instead of
focusing on the negative. Oh I almost forgot. You don't have to worry
anymore, neither Phil nor Tyler impregnated me.

I also wanted to let you know that though you are missed I've currently
moved on and I'm in a happy place. Lily has been there for me through thick
and thin and we even hooked up for a few weeks, but then I saw through the
jeolousy of another and realized there was something there. Believe me when
I say, that night at the palace, you awokened a sexual beast. Brooke has
been able to please me in ways I didn't know possible. You taught her well
and now she's having fun experimenting and being the teacher. We haven't
come out to our parents yet though and we aren't too sure that would be such
a good thing anyway. She loves me and wants to be with me and she accepts
all that is physical with our relationship, but she also knows that my heart
belongs to another. It belongs to you Nicole. No matter what has been said
or done in the past I can't get over just how much my heart and body longs
to be in your arms again. You hooked me, Nicole. I'll forever be yours if
you'll have me. So, whether it's ten years from now or before, look me up
when you get out. Brooke and I will be waiting. See I'm not the only one that
fell for you. It took a lot of talking amongst ourselves and some therapy for
us to sort out our true feelings for each other and towards you. We both
await your return home.

Love and always,
Your Sammy"

I so don't deserve you Sam or you Brooke, but I'm thankful that I have you...
both. For Sam...without a complete me.

The End


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