Pokemon: Poke Girl - Christina And Her Bunny Part 3: 2 X-Treme
by Hamster

It is a chance to prove herself, and Christina never, EVER failed to prove
herself when the opportunity came along.

"Are you sure about this, master?" Honey asked, concern creased her pretty

"Don't worry honey." Christina wasn't sure if she meant honey as an
affectionate term or if she was her alpha's proper name. She gently brushed
the bunny girl's cheek. "I'm the best rollerblader in the Sunshine League."

"Oh yeah baby, 'Tina is the bomb. There aint no one who can out blade her.
Just one question, though." Mondo said.

"Yeah?" Christina asked.

"Err, how the heck is that going to help you ring that bell?"

"Just tie my hands behind my back and watch me go." Christina said as
she shot a dirty look at the Storeowner who had dared to question her

'Is 'extremeness' a word?' She wondered to herself.

Christina had in fact noticed several interesting things about her

After her wrists where tied to the storeowner's satisfaction. Christina
skated away from the bell tower as quickly as possible. Once she was a good
distance away she nodded to Mondo's Fire Side-Kick Katie who nodded back.
Katie had become considerably stronger since Mondo had given her firestone.
Now the sidekick imposed herself between Christina and the bell tower.

Christina charged in Katie's direction at top speed. Just before she would
have run her over Christina bent her knees and jumped in the air. Katie
caught the bottom of Christina's blades and flipped her high in the air in
the direction of the bell tower.

Christina tucked her knees in and rolled in the air then kicked her legs out
hard to ring the bell as she crashed into it blades first.

"HELL YEAH!" Mondo screamed as he raised a fist in the air.

"She did it! Yay Yay Yay Yay!" Honey cheered as she jumped up and down.

"Ouch." Christina whimpered inaudibly from the bell tower.

"Wait a sec." The storeowner said. "She cheated. She said she wouldn't use
her Pokegirl."

"She didn't." Mondo said as he wrapped an arm around Katie's slender waist.
"Katie is MY alpha."

* * *

Meanwhile above town watching the events below from a hot air balloon...

"What's going on?" Kane asked.

"That female tamer just finished showing off." Kandee replied.

"Did they buy mining equipment?" Kane asked.

"Nope. And I still think your wrong." The Fearleader replied.

"Shut up about that. I'm the tamer and you are the alpha you do what I say.
Understand?" Kane asked.

"Yes master." Kandee said with such unabashed sarcasm it filled Kane with

Kandee always thought of herself as Kane's partner not his slave, not his

The pair glared angrily at one another for over a minute.

"Jiggely?" Melon asked.

"YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Kane screamed at her.

"DON'T YELL AT HER YOU FUCKING FAG!" Kandee screamed in Kane's face.

"I AM NOT GAY!" Kane yelled back at her.

"Whatever." Kandee said disgusted. She was mad he didn't tame her and he
didn't respect her.

"Maybe I should PROVE it." Kane said consumed with rage. He ripped the front
of Kandy's uniform open and roughly groped her breast.

Kandee was filled with disgust.

"Kane...Kane stop... I. SAID. STOP." Kandee slapped Kane across the face and
his head spun as blood flew in an arch.

"Jiggely!" Melon exclaimed as she interjected herself between her alpha and
her tamer.

What happened next all seemed to go in slow motion for Kandee. Kane slapped
Melon. Kandee got right in Kane's face and began to yell at him at the top
of her lungs, releasing all her anger and frustration, feeling the tremendous
surge of relief as she let her rage out in the open. Then Kane pushed her.
But she didn't hit the floor. She just kept falling. Why didn't she hit the
ground? Oh yeah she was in a balloon or WAS in a balloon, she saw it above
her now and it was shrinking. Not good.

Then there was darkness.

* * *

Christina had just exited the bell tower when the white and black form
crashed into the ground in front of her with a sickening thud and crack.

"Oh my god!" Everyone rushed to the girl.

She was unconscious. She was breathing.

On instinct Mondo pokeballed the Pokegirl before her life could slide away.

"What just happened?" Honey asked in shock.

"I-I don't know. She fell out of that balloon. Mondo we need to get her to a
poke center, fast." Christina said.

"Yeah lets go."

* * *

Melon was wailing incoherently, she stared out at the ground crying and
screaming and hopping up and down. Kane put her in her pokeball and sat in
the balloon basket.

"What have I done?" He whispered. "Oh my god, Kandee please don't be dead.
Please, please don't be dead. Why, why did you say those things? I shouldn't
have gotten mad. We fight all the time it, it never ends this way. It would
only end this way only once I suppose. I'm talking to myself. I have gone
crazy... I think that obvious though...I would have to be crazy to do what
you did...You did?...Yes you idiot...Who are you?...I am you...Really?...
Yes...Can you explain what just happened...Yes...What?...You killed the woman
you loved...I, did?...Yes...I'm evil...Yes."

* * *


The Nurse Joy smiled at Mondo and Christina.

"I'm going to have to call the Police." She said. "She has bruises that are
not related to her fall and her shirt was ripped open. There is blood under
her fingernails that doesn't belong to her. But the good news is her wounds
are healed she is alive and O.K. but she isn't talking."

"What's going to happen to her now?" Christina asked.

"She isn't registered to any tamer, since you two err found her you're
entitled to claim her," the Nursejoy said.

There where, in fact, times when being a tamer kind of sucked.

"Hey I'll claim, her." Mondo said. And if I find the waste of life that did
this to her I'm going to kill him, he added mentally.

Katie squeezed his shoulder and smiled at him approvingly.

Mondo stepped into the room where the Fearleader lay bed-ridden. She was
staring silently at the ceiling. His friends waited outside, Mondo's palms
where sweating. He did not know what to say. He sighed.

"Umm hi. I'm Mondo. Me and my friends found you when you fell." Mondo said.
The Fearleader, Kandee looked at him now. "If you want to, you can come with
us. I can take you with me when we go to the Strawberry Festival Tournament.
You don't have to come if you don't want to." He said looking down, had he
said the right thing?

'He's asking me?' Kandee thought. 'He is asking me not telling me. He cares
what I think. Why?'

"I guess you don't know how to talk or you can't or don't want to talk, but
if you want to come with me I promise you, I'll never let anyone hurt you
like this again, you wont even half to battle." Mondo said. Something about
her bruised, broken form had touched him, had affected him. "Well I'll go

"Wait. I will come with you. I want to." Kandee said, her dark eyes locked
with his.

"Cool." The goth-cheerleader looked like one of the sexiest creatures he'd
ever seen in his entire life. ôSo ummmm shouldn't we like you know because."

"Are you going to tame me or what?" Kandee asked with an arched brow.


Mondo pounced on the girl who yelped. Mondo whipped her blanket off and began
to squeeze her tits through her cheerleading outfit. This was why he became
a tamer in the first place. His hand slid up Kandee's thighs to her spanky
pants. She was a little surprised at his enthusiasm and more than a little
flattered. He grabbed the crotch of the spankys then yanked them down. Once
he pulled them down her thighs, past her calves and off of her ankles he went
to his own pants which he unbuttoned then unzipped. Kandee lifted her skirt
then her legs and spread them wide. Mondo dove on top of her and kissed her
as he began to slide his man-meat into her wet pussy. The pair moaned and
felt each other up as they began to fuck. Kandee could feel the power of her
sexual release bonding her to Mondo. And that was good, because she never
wanted to even think of Kane again.

* * *


The group was picking their way through the hot rocky desert. They hadn't
seen any sign of anything that might resemble a Pokegirl for days.

"I knew you guys weren't miners." Kandee said.

"What?" Honey said.

"Never mind." Kandee said.

"Hey everyone." Christina said as she created a hill. " I see something."

The others all climbed the top of the hill and looked off in the distance.
The saw a large building and a hand full of smaller ones surrounded by a
chain link fence. Odd, Christina thought, in the middle of nowhere?

The party made their way down the hill to where the chain link fence began.
The building looked abandoned and they couldn't see anything that could be
seen as evidence of any occupation...except a few tracks.

"I think this could be a lair for feral Pokegirls." Christina said.

"Cool." Mondo said. "Lets check it out. Umm Kandee you wanna get in your

"No I don't actually. I'm fine really. I'm a Fearleader I scare other
Pokegirls, they don't scare me." Kandee explained.

"OK." Mondo said.

I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous Katie kept repeating to herself.

The group approached the abandoned building after Katie melted part of
the chain link fence and heard some rattling and crashing inside. Peeking
through the window the two tamers saw something interesting. A pair of
feral Scorpinas where poking around inside the building looking for

"This rocks. If we capture them we can sell them for enough cash to fund our
little quest for a year. Scorpina's are rare." Mondo said.

"And poisonous." Katie pointed out.

"Cool you've been studying." Mondo said.

"Yeah, back in the last town I bought Sunshine League Pokegirls for Dummies."
Christina said.

"Ugghh. Please, please don't buy anything from Wayne Tech." Mondo said.

"Why not?" Christina asked remembering how Mondo had made such a big point of
not buying Wayne Tech pokeballs.

"Well back when I was first really getting into this taming stuff I went to
the Gothic Town tournament and watched the competition. Bruce Wayne one the
tournament with that team of his consisting of his Zubutts Cassandra and
Barabara, his Canary Dinah, his Amazonchan Diana Prince, His Catgirl Selina
and his Ivywhore Pamela. Well I hung out after the tournament and on his way
to his Limo I asked him for his autograph. He just walked past me and acted
like I wasn't even there. Bruce Wayne is a jerk." Mondo said.

"You are holding a grudge because he didn't sign an autograph for you years
ago? " Christina asked.

"Its tamers and Pokegirl fans that pay for his Limo's, helicopters, and
mansions. If he can't take a minute to sign an autograph then he's a jack
ass." Mondo said.

"Whatever." Christina said.

The group circled around the building and made their way to the door, which
lay open. The two scorpinas saw the tamers and their Pokegirls and lept into
action. Charging their opponents they prepared to use the stingers at the
end of their tails. Kandee acted first, she used her scare attack on one
Scorpina, causing her to hesitate that second of hesitation was enough for
Katie to knock her out with a flamethrower. Honey lept in the air and came
crashing down on top of the other scorpina then flipped away from the
stinging tail. Trini finished her off with a razor leaf attack.

The tamers each absorbed one into their pokeballs.

"Yes." Christina said looking at her pokegirls. "You guys so rule."


Bunny's loved eating vegetables. It was a known fact. Honey was no exception.
That was evident as she was obviously enjoying the taste of Trini's dripping
wet sex. The Bunny had been a little jealous of the other Pokegirl but
Christina had managed to assure her Bunnygirl that she was the Pokegirl that
Christina cared about the most. But everyone needed taming and as her alpha
Honey needed to help out with that. So the two found themselves with their
heads in each other's cunts and were eating each other out like there may be
no tomorrow. Trini had especially liked the idea. Trini's tongue, in fact
help noting back. Christina was not to be left out. She was being fingered
to orgasm by both Pokegirls. The sweaty, lust-filled women were atop their
bed rolls in the open desert sky, with Mondo and his girls behind a set off
rocks they seemingly had privacy.

* * *

Atop some rock far away Pierre gazed at the scene through his binoculars. He
wanted Honey. Lost in the desert and wandering aimlessly over the rocky sand
was Sam. He wanted some fresh water and some food. Or a Pokegirl with
water-gun, after that he wanted Christina. Riley just wanted her master to
grow a brain or to pay her a little attention.

* * *

"I WANT TO CUM!" Shouted Honey as she did just that.

The women collapsed into a sweaty heap.
_ _ _

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