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Pokemon: Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny
by Tricksterson

"Sweetie, I'm home!," said Officer Jenny, trying to sound less tired than she was. Some people just would not get it through their heads that Pokebattles were to be kept to gymnasiums, not fought out on the street. And this one had involved Toros. Fortunately noone had been hurt but property damage had been extensive and the complaints resulting from that damge had had to be dealt with and then filed. She was exhausted.

"In here hunnybunny," came the voice of Joy, her roomate and lover in a sing-song tone from their bedroom. Jenny knew that tone well and normally it would have thrilled her beyond limits. Tonight however she wasn't sure she was up to it but hated to dissapoint her girlfriend so she unbuttoned her uniform blouse, tossed it onto the couch then took off her hat and put it on the counter dividing the kitchenette from the rest of the apartment. and went towards the bedroom.

What she saw when she entered revived her spirits more than a little. Posed seductively on their bed, head propped on one hand the elbow of which rested on fluffy pillows, other hand propped on on her hip Joy wore, not her usual nurse's uniform but sik stockings, garter belt, thong and corset, all in gold, the stockings glittery but no bra so that her nipples, which were a pink nearly as deep as her hair peeked out over the top of the corset. One lush thigh was crossed over the other in a false modesty that was more provocative than if her legs had been spread wide open.

She winked slowly and seductively then licked her lips even more enticingly.

Jenny leaned against the doorsill, torn between lust and exhaustion. The spirit was more than willing, the flesh too for that matter, but the flesh was also very tired.

Nurse that she was, Joy was quick to notice her love's plight and her expression went from horny to sympathetic.

"Tough day, baby?"

"Yeahhh," replied Jenny with a sigh and proceeded to tell her of her day.

"Well come here and let Mama make it better," her lover said and the got off the bed and met her halfway.

"Honey, I'm so..." the blue haired officer started but was stopped by two fingers placed gently but firmly across her lips.

"Shhh. I said let mama take care of you," Joy said in soothing tones as she moved behind her girlfriend and pushed her towards the bed.

As she maneuvered her lover forward the fuschia haired nurse's hands pulled Jenny's undershirt up and over her head then cupped her breasts through the burgundy hued bra covering them, feeling the other woman's nipples harden through the fabric. By now they had reached the bed and Joy undid Jenny's bra, slid it off and returned to gently stroke and tweak the now bare and quite firm and round tits it had encased before pushing Jenny just as gently forward onto the bed.

The young law enforcement officer sighed and sank her face into the soft pollows as her roomate lifted her legs onto the bed, then aligned Jenny's body to her satisfaction with a combination of professional efficiency and loving tenderness.

The sigh became a purr as Joy got on her knees and straddled her girlfriend's hips and her skillful, surprinsingly strong hands started kneading the muscles of her back. First, after a playful squeeze to Jenny's firm young buttocks the sexy nurse's thumbs worked their way vertebrae by vertebrae up her spine while her other fingers massaged the muscles on either side. Eventually they reached the top and moved first to Jenny's neck, then her shoulders.

Just as she began drifting off to sleep she was wakened by the weight of her lover's breasts on her back and the poking of Joy's hardened nipples against her shoulder blades. Maybe she had dozed off a bit after all, she thought, because she didn't remember the massage pausing long enough for Joy to take off her corset but she was definitely topless now. She also realized that at some point her bra had been unhooked and the strap pushed down off her shoulders so she must have nodded off a bit.

Any thoughts Jenny may have had on the subject were swiftly derailed by the feel of the other woman's lips and tongue licking and sucking on the skin of her neck.

"Mmmmm," she groaned softly as she let herself be turned over, leaving her bra underneath her, to face the soft tits and hard, cherry red, cherry sized nipples of her partner.

"How did you get the corset off so fast without help?," she asked bemusedly

"There's this new invention. It's called a zipper," Joy replied with a smirk.

"That's cheating," Jenny retorted, her smile taking any sting out of the words.

Her lover smiled back, bent down and forward and started rubbing her now braless tits, which were smaller and pointier than Joy's, although still nicely sized, Bs to the other woman's Ds, with nipples of a much paler pink. The policewoman responded in kind, her hands reaching up to stroke and pinch then opened her mouth to meet the nurse's descending lips and tongue in a long, slow kiss.

Joy's hands slid down her paramour's body, unzipped her skirt and pulled it down as her lips came off Jenny's mouth to kiss it's way down her neck and chest to her tits.

While Jenny continued to fondle her breasts Joy's own hands slid between the lady cop's thighs and inside her decidedly non-regulation rainbow striped thong and rubbed her slit, bringing a soft moan from her lover. She reluctantly broke away from the other woman and kneewalked down the matress until she was in a position to hook her thumbs inside the thong and slide it down the law enforcement officer's long, shapely legs and, with the skirt, off leaving her completely naked except for her boots then bent down to kiss first Jenny's belly, loving the feel of soft skin over hard muscle . Finally she spread her lover's pussy lips and pushed her tongue inside.

"Unnnh!," Jenny moaned as she reached down and pushed her lover's head deeper between her thighs, her hand knotted in the other young woman's red-pink hair, her thighs coming up to wrap themselves around Joys head as she approached climax.

"Ohhh! Ohfuck!," she shrieked as Joy's tongue in her cunt was joined by a finger in her asshole. "Ohhhhh! OH FUCK!! CUMMING! I"MMMCUMMMMINNNNGG!!"

When Jenny'shead was more or less clear, she looked down her body at Joy and asked, "What about you? Come here and let me..."

"Oh, don't worry about me, just watch." As she said this the nurse was pushing herself up from her lover's strip of blue furred crotch then proceeded to straddle it with her own shaved one. Slowly she started to rub her cunt against Jenny's while leaning forward and bracing herself against the headboard so her lover could reach her tits. She started to accelerate but had to adjust as Jenny moved up higher so she could lick and suck her tits. Soon the were faceing each other, legs entangled, still rubbing pussies but with the blue haired slut's fingers also inside Joy.

"Oh1 Oh baby, that's wunnnderful! Oh fuck yes!" The two lesbian hotties' mouths fused and their arms wrapped around each others shoulders as they both came. Jennie fell backwards then Joy let herself collapse slowly on top of her.

"Thank you," Jenny whispered.

"I told you to let mama take care of you."

"And you do."

"Now get those boots off before you fall asleep."

"Yes, Mommy."


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