Pokemon: No Control Part 1 - Jesse's Domination
by Funny Kartoonist ([email protected])

James and Jesse been walking under the scorching sun for hours. Wandering
lost in a desert as Jesse became more ill-tempered. All they want is to
finally catch that annoying, yet powerful rat, Pikachu. They stumble upon
an oasis and all three Rocket member raced towards it.

They look over to a tall tree and saw that it bears clusters of coconuts.

"Hmmmm...." James look at them with tears in his eyes, "Finally, I can feel
myself up with their delicious white meat and drink the coconut milk."

"How are we going to get to it?" questions Meowth.

"Maybe you can climb it and cut them down."

"Are you kidding me, it's a long climb."

The two were at each other's throats in no time, but Jesse step in and push
them away.

"Will you two shut up for a minute," Jesse demanded, "James bring out that
wheezing of yours and let it headbutt the tree."

"Gotcha," he was finally catching on.

"Goo! Wheezing." shouted James, "Headbutt!!!!!"

"Return wheezing," James call back his pokemon as an object fell to the

All three members surrounded it.

"What the??" questioned Jesse, but it was too late. A pineco became alert and
self-destruct itself, sending all members flying.

Jesse lands on a remote forest without James or Meowth in sight.

"James!! Meowth!!" no answer she got up and wonder around until she bump into
something. It was a Lickitung. She remember when she use to have one of her
own and how many battles it fought for her. "Alright.. I might let the other
one slip through my fingers, but I guess you can replace him. Goo!!! Arbok."


Licktung came at it with a lick attack. Arbok dodges it.

"Poison Sting!"

Arbok unleashes countless numbers of poisoness spines at Lickitung.

"Go Pokeball!" after a few seconds Lickitung was caught.

* * *

Meanwhile Ash and company was strolling closeby.

"Wow I am finally going be in the Silver conference," proudly announced Ash.

"Well, I hope we can rest soon," Misty complained.

"What is it?" asked Ash

"My legs are killing me."

"Okay, we'll rest for the night."

They all unpack and settle down.

"Hey Brock since I'm going to need help traing for the championship can you
battle with me. You know to give me some experience." asked Ash.

"Sure, we'll be right back Misty," and off they went deep in the forest.

"Finally," Misty said and she took a 5 inched dildo as wide as a hot dog out
of her back pack attached with a wigglytuff vibrator. She pulled down her
shorts and rubbed the outside of her panties.

"Mmmmm..." her panties started to get wet. She took off her shirt and bra
revealing a nice set of small breasts, the auros was of pinkesh tint while
her nipples were darker she starts to rub them until each was in full erect.
She took the vibrator and place it against her pussy lips over the fabric.
Slowly she rubbed it back and forth, side to side. Each stroke making her
go faster. Finally she can't take it any longer and slide down her panties.
Her clit was very wet and her pussy lips was open revealing her vagina and
throbbing hole, she had little pubic hair above her pussy, but visible
mounds of orange sprouts can be spotted. She took the vibrator and insert
it inside of her, releasing a small whimper from her lips. She click on the
button with a igglypuff picture next to it and the vibrator slowly came to
life as it hums and vibrate to a constant shake.

"Ahhhhh...." Misty realeased a sigh of relief. She starts to move it in and
out of her hole to a rythmetic movement, not wanting to loose control. Her
hips swayed with her movements as she closed her eyes, imagining Ash was on
top of her. "Yeah Ash, faster, faster, faster," she whispers as she move her
finger and press a button with jigglypuff on it. The vibrator starts to
vibrate faster spinning while moving in a small circular motion. "Ahhh...
Yeah Oooooooh that's it Ash give it to me," her hips moves up and down even
faster and she slide it in and out to match her hip speed.

After five minutes she came and took it out of her. She look at the last
button with a wigglytuff on it and was anxious, she never use that mode
before. "Maybe I can be on top this time and let the vibrator do the work
and let's use a bigger dildo," she thought to her self. She took out a
dark 8 inches long dildo and it was as wide as her wrist. She attached
the vibrator to it and set it on the ground with the head of the dildo
facing up.

She slowly lowered herself on it and with a little push it was in her.
"Ooooooh," she letted out a sigh, "that feels good." She press on the
igglypuff button to get things started. At first the vibration startled
her with a sensation that she never felt. She closed her eyes and this
time imagined it was Brock. "Come on Brock I know you have more to offer
than that," she whispered as she press the jigglypuff button. "Oooo yeah,
keep it up oooo," as the dildo begins to stretch her. She thought of the
last mode of vibartion and became very curious as she pressed the button.

Suddenly the dildo completely stops and Misty have a concern look, she
know she just renewed the batteries. The dildo starts to vibrate at a high
rate and Misty screamed as she was taken by surprise. She cooed, "that's
it Brock," over and over. The vibrator began to rotate and she came with
the new movement. "Ahhhh yeah," she wasn't about to stop yet. Finally, the
vibrator begins to pump up and down about 6 inches every stroke. Misty lost
control and arch back. "Ohhh!!!! Ahhhhhhh feels so good," she whimpers both
in pain and pleasure as the dildo vibrates and spins in unison at the same
time the dildo pummels her hole. Both blood and her juices ran down the
dlido, but she don't want it to stop. Her screams became longer and her
body feeling numb as a sensation of ecstacy shoots through her body. In
less than a minute she came long and hard and her body limp to the ground
as she shut off the vibrator. Falling asleep not knowing she was naked
lying next to a dildo.

* * *

Nearby was Jesse messaging her clit as she was spying on the little girl
pleasing herself. "Hmmm... she's sound asleep maybe I can use this to
blackmail her," she thoguht as she rose up and walk to Misty naked body.
Misty awoken to a finger stroking her vagina.

"What the??" she yelled as she scooted away from Jesse.

"I saw you pleasing yourelf and imagining you were fucking Ash and Brock.
What will happen if they knew you was wishing to be fucked by them. Well,
you will be their sex slave for life," Jesse threatens Misty.

"What do you want?" asked misty with tears in her eyes showing signs of

"Well, for one night I want you to be my sex slave."

Misty can't find a way out of this and she agreed nodding her head in shame.

"Good!" Jesse said pleased with her response.

She sends all her pokemon out and remove her mini-skirt revealing a thong as
Misty wonders what was she upto.

"Come here and eat me out." she ordered, but Misty refuses to move. Wobbufet
walked up to Misty and slapped her. Misty slowly crawled to Jesse and slide
down Jesse's thong. Jesse had a bush of pubic hair compared to Misty, it was
full and very red, her pussy lips were apart from the times James spent
fucking her and times she finger banged herself, the auroma was strong and
kind of choked Misty. Misty begin to lick her pussy at a constant rate. Jesse
wasn't impressed with her skills and looked at Wobbufet. Wobbufet spanked
Misty three times followed by short screams from Misty. Misty took the hint
and begin to move her tongue faster and flicked Jesse pussy lips now and

"Ooooh yeah that's better, you're a natural just need motivation." Jesse
locked her legs around Misty's neck. Misty gasp for air when she can taking
in the odor of Jesse's pussy as well.

"Start tongue fucking me," demanded Jesse. Misty then move her tongue in
front of Jesse's snatch and then started to dart her tongue in and out. She
gagged everytime she stick in her tongue, but then got use to the taste.

"Ahhhh that feels so good, faster Misty, show me you can make me cum." Jesse
was overwhelmed even James didn't eat her like this. Her hips begin to move
adjacent to Misty's tongue-fucking. Jesse's body got tense and she started to
buckled and squeezed harder on Misty's neck as she came a stream of juices.
Misty lapped up every last drop.

"Good girl now time for a reward," said Jesse.

Misty quickly sat on the ground and spread her legs. Jesse gave a smirk and
call for her Lickitung.

"I'm not goin to eat you out, but Lickitung can."

Lickitung stretch out it's tongue and lap at Misty pussy. Misty body trembles
as the tongue send a shocking sensation inside of her. Misty body grew limp
and she was paralyzed.

"Jesse call him off, my body is completely immobolize, I can't move." She
pleaded with Jesse.

Jesse went to her and stuck a finger up her hole.

"Ahhhhh what are you doin," Misty screamed.

"Well, you still can feel pleasure, so Lickitung begin licking her dry."

Licktitung begins to lick Misty and she can't react, she only screamed in

"Ahhhhhh harder and faster," she was starting to like the idea of having no

"Licktitung insert you tongue," Misty eyes buldged as Jesse uttered those

Lickitung's tongue wasn't small and it found the mark. Misty winced as the
tongue intrude her hole.

"Oooh Ow Ow take it out," with tears rolling down her cheeks, but Lickitung
didn't care he starts to pump his tongue in and out, going in atleast 5
inches, until Jesse call her pokemon back. Misty just sat there with a gaping

Jesse now looks at Arbok and it inched towards Misty's crotch. Misty was very
worried cause it turned around and place it's tail inches away from her hole.
Arbok without warning jammed his tail 6 inches into Misty.

"Owwwwwww!!!!! What is it doing????" her tears now were gone. She was pissed
that she can't do nothing about it. Arbok continue until he have 15 inches
inside of her. Misty was getting dizzy from the pressure this was building.
Arbok pull his tail completely out and then quickly jam it back in.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!" Misty scream.

Arbok continue this and each time Misty let out a loud and long scream. Arbok
pick up the pace and Misty was in daze, while she was being raped a cobra.
Misty came long and hard follow with a lot of blood and juices, while Jesse
call back Arbok. Jesse came to her and slapped Misty's now very gaping hole
and rubbed the blood and juices acrossed Misty's breast and stomach.

As Jesse got up and was about to leave she was stop by Politoed and the
pokemon tackled her down. Misty went over to retreat Jesse's pokeballs and
stand over Jesse with her blood dripping onto Jesse's face.

"Now it's my turn."

To be continued...


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