This story is fiction, and is not meant to be read by any one under the age
of 18,or by people who don't like this kind of stories. Now that that is out
of theway, please enjoy this fictional story.

Pokemon: Misty Gets Caught And Ash Gets Off (b/g,mast,voy)
by Anonymous

One night while Ash, Brock and Misty were making camp for the night, Misty
discovered that a pair of her panties were missing, and she decided to find
out which one of them had taken them. Misty pretended to sleep and then she
saw Ash pull out Misty's panties and inhaled her scent. Misty watch quietly
as he undid his pajamas and pulled out his 8-inch-cock and started to jerk
himself off. Misty smiled as she stared at the biggest cock she ever saw in
her life. She slowly slid her hand in between her legs and began to finger
herself. She watched as Ash jerked off and she began to finger herself faster
as his hand began to go faster. He moaned as he shot his load and some of it
landed on Misty's cheek. She licked it off and loved the taste. She soon came
too. Ash was soon asleep, and Misty was still wide-awake.

Misty slowly got up about ten minutes later and she decided to see just how
big Brock's cock was and as she walked over to Brock's sleeping bag and
slowly pulled his shorts down and began to slowly massage his cock until it
reached its full length of 9 inches. She smiled and thought I wonder if I
could fit the whole thing in my mouth. Soon she was licking his cock, after
she got used tothe taste she gathered her courage and finally began to take
Brock's cock intoher mouth.

Misty slowly began to take his cock into her mouth and soon his cock was
pressing against her tonsils, she forced her throat to open up so she could
take the last 4 inches of his cock. Misty moaned as she sucked Brock's cock,
soon Brock was moaning as he dreamt that Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny took
turns sucking his cock.

Ash woke up and saw misty sucking Brock, and he was instantly hard. He
watched as she fingered her virgin pussy, he soon began to drool as he
watched her fingers go in and out of her tight pussy, and he began to jerk

Ash let out a moan and Misty's eyes widened and she slowly took Brock's cock
out ofher mouth, pulled his shorts back over, covering his still hard cock,
andturned around and saw ash massaging his cock. She quietly said, "Ash,
please don't tell Brock that I was sucking his cock in his sleep, and I
swear this is the first time I've ever done this."

"Shut up and finish the job or he'll wake up and try to fuck one of his
Pokemon. And I'm going to watch to make sure you swallow his come, or I'll
wake him up and the both of us will fuck your so hard your sister will hear
your screams." Ash said as he stood over Misty.

Misty was turned on by that thought but knew that one of them would have to
shove his huge cock up her tight ass, and she didn't want to be fucked up
the ass yet. She quickly began to suck Brock's cock and soon he blew his
load into her mouth, and she quickly swallowed as much of it she could, but
some trickled down her chin as she made sure that Brock had emptied his
balls into her mouth. Ash smiled and when Misty put Brock's limp cock away,
he said, "If youwant to keep that a secret I suggest you do something for

Misty looked up with a hint of terror in her eyes and knew exactly what he
wanted her to do. She took Ash's cock into her mouth, but he pulled it out
and pushed her onto her back. She landed on her sleeping bag, and Ash had a
clear view of hertight pussy. He smiled as she pulled off the rest of her
clothes. She opened her legs, leaned on her elbows, and motioned for Ash to
join her on her sleeping bag.

Ash pulled off his pajamas and laid on top of Misty, and said, "You have
no idea how long I've wanted to feel the inside of your pussy."

Ash kissed Misty and she slipped her tongue into his mouth, and he smiled as
they French-kissed, and he grabbed his cock and rubbed the head against her
cunt lips. She moaned as he teased her. Ash slowly made his way down to her
pussy, and looked up as he kissed her pussy, and she smiled as she felt his
tongue lick her pussy lips, and he slowly opened her with his fingers. He
took a good look before he slowly slid his tongue into her pussy. She moaned
as she felt his tongue explore her warm pussy. She began to grind her pussy
into his face, and he just massaged her left tit with his right hand and
played with he ass with his left. Misty was in heaven as Ash began to drive
her closer to an orgasm. He looked up and said, "Do you like this? Want me
to continue to tongue fuck your pussy?"

"Oh god yes, please (huh) make me come, I love (mm) your tongue digging into
my pussy (hmmm). Oh Ash don't stop please I want you to taste me as I come
all over your face." Misty stated as she looked down at him with pure
pleasure in her eyes.

Ash didn't need to hear anything else, he dove into her pussy with a
vengeance, and he wanted to hear her scream when he made her come. Misty
moaned louder andlouder as she got closer to coming. Ash shoved a finger
into her pussy andstarted to pound her with it as he ate her out, Misty
was moaning loudly by now and Brock was still asleep, and was dreaming
that Joy and Jenny were playingwith each other pussy as he watched them.

Ash pulled his dripping wet finger out of Misty's pussy and shoved it slowly
intoher tight little ass. She moaned louder as he forced his finger all the
way to his second knuckle, and then he pulls it out and added another finger
and shoves it slowly back in, hearing her moan in pain.

Misty's eyes widened as she felt Ash finger fuck her virgin ass, at first
it was painful then after a few minutes she forgot about the pain and moaned
in pure pleasure. Ash fingered and ate her until she came all over his face,
and then he got on top of Misty and kissed her, letting her taste her own
come, she smiled as she lick it off of his face, and Ash grinned as he
grabbed his cock and slowly guided it into her pussy, Misty moaned in both
pain and pleasure as the boy she secretly loved for over a year finally
began to fuck her brains out. Ash moaned as he felt the tightness of Misty's
warm pussy, he started slowand slowly began to go faster and faster. Misty
felt her pussy stretch and herhymen broke after the second deep stroke. Ash
was in heaven, he had dreamed ofthe day he would fuck Misty and now he was.
Misty grabbed a small package from her bag, and handed it to Ash, and said,
"Take some of us fucking!"

Ash took a picture of her rock hard nipples, and then he took another of his
cock slamming into her tight pussy. Misty took the camera and took another
of hishuge cock as she began to give him his first blowjob. Ash grabbed the
camera and Misty looked up just as he took a picture of her licking the tip
of his cock. He took a few more pictures and saved one for when Misty had her
face covered in his come. Misty went back to sucking his cock and Ash grabbed
her head and began to skull fuck her. He slammed his cock deep into her
throat as she choked on his massive tool. Misty quickly learned the routine
and she grabbed his ass and helped him fuck her mouth. Ash pulled out and
shot his load into her face, onto her hair, and all over her lovely tits.

Misty smiled as she rubbed his come all over her tits, and licked some off of
her face, and looked up at Ash as he took the final picture, and she wiped
off all of his cum, licked it off her fingers and swallowed. She licked the
come off of his cock, and worked it back to life. Brook wake up and saw Misty
sucking Ash's cock, and Ash noticed that their older friend was awake and
he motioned for him to join. Brook took off his clothes and he picked up
Misty and speared her tight ass with his nine inch tool. Ash shoved his cock
into her pussy, and they began to fuck her. Misty never knew getting fucked
in the ass could feel so good and she leaned against Brock as he pound her
anus, Misty moaned right into his ear, but he pretended that he was fucking
Nurse Joy, and that she was moaning for his to never stop.

Ash watched as Misty's tits bounce in front of him and he sucked on her right
nipple as he continued to slam his cock deep into her pussy. Misty felt both
cocks rub against each other as she was held up be her older friend. Soon
Misty came again, and again. Brock felt his nuts tighten as he fucked her
tight ass,and Ash was going to come soon too. Misty said, "Not in my ass or
pussy. I wantit in my mouth!"

They both pulled out and she began to jerk them off with her mouth wide open
waiting for them to shower her with their white cream. They shot their load
at the same time, and both of them got her eyes, and her hair. The next shots
landed on her tits, and then finally into her mouth, they quickly filled her
mouth, and their come was soon dripping down her chin as she waited for them
to finish. Misty wiped her eyes and looked up at them with a mouth full of
warm come and swallowed, and smiled as she lick the come off of their limp

Brock looked at Ash and said, "I don't think we are going to ever get bored

Ash replied, "Not as long as we got Misty with us anyway."

Misty looked up and said as she licked come off of Brock's cock, "Are the
two of you up for one more round?"


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