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Pokemon: Misty (MF,mF,mf,Mf,F-best,oral,voy,grope,BDSM,humil,cons,ncon)
by Centaurman


Welcome reader. I hope you've found your way to this story in good health
and state of mind, lets hope it will remain so during your reading.

This story will at best not make a lot of sense, at worst confuse you. That
is why we shall first adopt the following as being true:

For one, we will assume that there is a world in which everything is drawn
and all the animals in it have special powers and are called Pokemon. These
creatures can all think and talk and are so in every way more superior than
humans. Nevertheless, we'll assume that humans are the dominant life form
and the most dominating ones will be Misty, a cute redhead, Ash, a boy who
wants to be a Pokémon-trainer and Brock, who wants to get laid as much as
anyone reading this story. There is also James, Jessie and the Pokemon
Meowth, otherwise known as Team Rocket. They are the bad guys of the story.
This world will exist much as our world does. That is, it doesn't stop
existing when someone thinks its 20 minutes are up and the sponsors should
have their turn to have their world to exist for a few minutes.

Good. Let's begin.

Chapter 1: On The Road

Ash, Brock and Misty were on the road to the next gym (next adventure).

Their cheerful mood would probably be best explained by the lustrous meal
they'd recently enjoyed. Ash was singing a song about his Pikachu. It was
really lame, but Ash made it up himself and was proud of it. Because he was
a terrible singer Brock and Misty walked at the other side of the road,
pretending they never met him before.

Pikachu, little yellow Pikachu,
What would I be without you?
You're not my Pokemon, you're my friend,
It's you and me, right till the end.

Brock couldn't help noticing how sweet Misty's ass wiggled when she walked
and he began staring at it. Misty's shorts were very tight, and the lines of
her underwear were slightly noticeable. Brock is the type that dreams about
girls (asses) all day and night.

Suddenly, Ash stood still and called the others. "Just look at those
Nidarans, what are they doing?" Two Nidarans where in the bushes going at
it. Ash got out his PokeDex, but it kept very silent. Brock quickly said it
wasn't important and that they should keep on walking, but Ash was very
curious now. He noticed that Brock knew very well what they where doing so
he asked him. Brock turned red and replied that he wasn't the person to
explain the birds and bees to Ash. But Ash wasn't satisfied with that answer
and kept bugging Brock. Eventually Brock managed to get out of the situation
by promising Ash he would buy him a book about the subject in the next town.
Some time later, Ash forgot all about the Nidarans and continued his song,
two voyeur Nidorans were not enough to set his mind on anything else than
the greatness of his Pikachu.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket wasn't far away. They were slightly disorientated
(completely lost) and were lying in the grass, because they were too tired
to keep walking. James was the first to complain about his hunger. Jessie
joined him. "We haven't eaten in days. If we don't find food we'll be forced
eat each other!" Meowth sighed. Every day he had to put up with the same

With the humans complaining, Meowth got so annoyed he got up and walked away.
"Thats it! I have put up long enough with you two! I joined Team Rocket to
get rich and famous. But I haven't eaten in days, don't got any money and my
career stinks! I'm leaving you. I'm gonna start on my own. Soon, I'll be the
richest Meowth out there and don't you come begging me for some change."
Jessie and James were too busy complaining to care about Meowth and ignored
him (they couldn't eat him and he couldn't eat them, so it was unimportant.)

With Meowth gone, Jessie got an interesting thought: When was the last time
she ever fucked anybody? That would be the boss when she wanted to join Team
Rocket. It was already three years ago. Why did she get this thought now? She
focused on the answer so she could ignore the raging hunger. After awhile,
she made up her mind. They were all alone, no one would see her.

She turned over to James and said with a smile: "James, when was the last
time we were alone?" James shrugged and replied he didn't care. He grabbed
a twitch and tried to nibble on it. It didn't taste too bad. Maybe with a
little ketchup it could serve as a meal.

Jessie thought awhile of how to get James attention (to get laid.) She
decided to take a chance. Jessie grabbed James between the legs, making
James scream out "What the hell are you doing??!!" (don't stop) James sprung
up and stared at Jessie.

"I'm sorry James," she said, "my hand must have slipped. Oops, there it goes
again." Jessie smiled and slowly pulled down her skirt, revealing very cute
panties with little rockets on them. She turned over and winked.

James couldn't control himself anymore. He let himself fall next to Jessie
and kissed her. "Oh Jessie! This is what I always dreamed of. I can't resist
your sweet face, your big firm breasts and cute little ass."

"Take me James, we're all alone."

James kissed her again and cupped one of her breasts in his hand. He started
squeezing it. Jessie had huge breasts and she was very proud of them so she
leaned back to give James better access. When she thought it had been enough,
she pulled down James pants and his cock, hard as a rock, jumped out. She
told James to just lay back and enjoy. James excitedly ploffed down and put
his hands behind his head, ready for anything.

Jessie began to stroke his cock and finally took him in her mouth. She licked
the top of it, then up and down the shaft. James sighed happily, already
forgetting his hunger. Jessie thought he was ready and tried to take it as
deep as she could. Feeling like she was going to choke, she pulled through.
She pumped her head up and down, until she felt James was about to cum.
Jessie prepared herself, and when the hot cum splurt out of the cock she
swallowed it all. "Now it's your turn to please ME," Jessie said and opened
up her legs for James.

James got up and slowly lowered his head between the legs of Jessie. Her nice
pink pussy glistened in the sun, her clitoris swollen and dripping wet. He
stuck out his tongue and carefully touched her clitoris with it. Jessie
moaned and begged James to go further. James stuck his tongue in her pussy.
Man, she tasted good, he could do this all day! With long strokes, he began
to lick her pussy clean. Jessie began to struggle in pleasure and James had
to hold her down in order to continue. She began to moan very loudly and some
birds, who where sitting in a nearby tree, became scared and flew away.
Jessie felt the wonderful feeling coming nearer and nearer until it reached
climax. She had never came that hard. She looked up at James and smiled.
"James, I love you."

Chapter 2: Hidden Secrets

The sun was setting and the shadows grew larger. Ash, Brock and Misty were
still walking on the road. They were all beginning to get tired and were
relieved when the forest ended and a large city was ahead of them. "Finally,
a place to eat!" said Ash.

"Finally a place to take a bath!" was Misty's opinion.

Brock didn't say anything but searched the street for some woman to feast
his eyes on, incredible as it may seem, he had got a bit tired of Misty's
wiggling ass. They made their way to a hotel for a meal and a place to
sleep. The hotel was suited in an old farm, you could smell the fresh hay
and several animals were walking outside. Everything was clean though and
the hotel had a nice, romantic atmosphere. The manager was a short man who
most likely had eaten too many donuts. He showed them their room and said
dinner was at six. When the manager left, Ash ploffed on the bed and closed
his eyes for a moment.

Brock was the first to notice it, "Do we only got one bed?" he said. He
glanced at Misty and enjoyed himself playing with the thought of sleeping
with her in one bed.

Misty looked at Brock and said, "I know what you are thinking, but its out
of the question! I'm not going to spend the night in one bed with you. I'll
just rent another chamber."

"I don't think so," Ash said when he stood up. "We don't got any money. This
is all we could afford."

Misty closed her eyes, took a deep breath and said, "Ok, I don't suppose I
will be able to sleep on the hard ground. But don't try anything funny!"

Ash and Brock laughed and promised they wouldn't. Misty looked at them
suspiciously, but shrugged and started to look for a shower and bath. At one
end of the room, there was a door to the bathroom and behind it was a cute
little shower and a toilet.

She closed the door behind her and locked it. She undressed herself and
looked at her young breasts and noticed they where growing quite large. She
searched for a mirror, and was surprised to find one actually in the shower.
"Now, why would anybody put a mirror in a shower?" she asked herself. She
turned on the shower and a nice warm rain poured out of it. It really was
nice to wash all the dust and sweat off.

Meanwhile, Ash and Brock where exploring the room. They soon noticed the
large amount of mirrors, and they all were at such strange locations, there
was even one at the ceiling, facing down to the bed. Suddenly, Ash gave a
cry. He was checking the closet and found a seemingly secret space behind
it. Brock walked to the closet and tried to figure out what it was for.
"Let's go inside," was Ash's opinion. He pushed Brock out of the way and
climbed in, only to flee head over heels out of there again with a red blush
on his cheeks.

"From that room, I could just look into the bathroom!" he said, "and there I
saw Misty taking a shower, she was looking my way, she must have seen me.
How embarrassing."

"I don't think she saw you Ash," replied Brock, "If I know Misty a little she
would be yelling at you by now."

"But she must have seen me, I clearly saw her looking at me."

"I think I know," Brock said with a smile, "you see all these mirrors? They
are all one sided, behind it are secret rooms from which you can spy on
people. LET ME IN THAT ROOM! I want to check out Misty naked."

Before Ash could stop him, Brock climbed into the room and was happy to have
a good view at the beautiful Misty.

He looked at her pretty little face and followed her body down to her
breasts. Brock gasped, they were the most beautiful breasts (also the only
ones) he had ever seen, how cute little nipples! He excitedly went down to
her stomach, her bellybutton and finally, her pussy. Brock had never seen a
live pussy before and squeezed his eyes to the glass, staring intensively.
Now, Misty turned over and he could check out her ass too. He had spend
most of the day fantasizing about her ass as he watched her walk, but his
imagination had never come anywhere near to the real thing. He felt his cock
getting hard and he felt the need to masturbate...

Ash was now in conflict. He couldn't stand that Brock was abusing Misty,
but didn't want to betray him. He turned away and fell on the bed. All
that walking had make him tired and soon he was asleep, dreaming about the

Misty was done showering and began drying herself. Brock knew this was his
queue to leave and quickly got out of the closet and closed it. He laid
himself quickly on the bed and pretended to be asleep just like Ash, he would
grab his chance later. He had a better chance getting Misty on the same bed
as him as she would think he was asleep. Misty was surprised to see the two
asleep, still with their clothes on. "Men," she thought, "don't care a thing
about hygiene, or blankets. Oh well, when they are so vast asleep, what harm
can they do now? I don't like sleeping on the floor, so I guess I will join
them, the bed seems big enough. I wonder who would put a three person bed in
a hotel room, and what's up with all those mirrors?" She laid herself to
rest, pulled the blanket over her and was soon asleep. Walking all day is a
tough life, you should try it for a week or so (why don't they just take a
bike or the bus?). Brock opened an eye and smiled. His plan had worked and
now he had a Misty with only her pajama's on next to him in a deep slumber.
He would have to act carefully now, since he didn't know if Misty was a hard
sleeper or not.

He carefully placed his hand on her side. No reaction. He slowly let it slide
downwards under her blanket, still no reaction. "This can't be happening to
me, there must be a God after all," Brock thought. He began to remove the
blanket off her and after awhile he managed to let it slide off the bed
without waking Misty. She had her back turned towards him and he had a nice
view on her ass. "Let me see if it is still as sweet as ever," he said to
himself and laid his hand on it.

To his relief, Misty still didn't react. He started moving his hand up and
down, following the curves of her ass. Brock stopped for a moment while he
was collecting courage. If Misty would wake up now, she would never forgive
him. He tried not to think about what would happen and slowly slid down her
pajama's. Little by little, more of her ass became visible until Brock could
see the whole sight of it. He carefully examined her cute butthole and the
back side of her vagina. He put his hand on her again and started moving it
up and down, feeling every inch of her. He grinned, this was just too good
to be true, and slowly his fear began to ebb away. He bent over and laid a
gentle kiss on her buttocks, Misty moved a bit. Brock hastily pulled his
head back and faked being asleep again. He opened an eye again and when he
saw Misty hadn't woke up he carefully pulled her pajama's up. He couldn't
find the courage to continue, maybe tomorrow night.

Chapter 3: Things Go Bad

Ask woke up when he heard knocks on the door. He looked at himself, "Man,
was I tired yesterday. I fell asleep with my clothes on! Heh, it seems like
Brock was too and even Misty hasn't taken the trouble of getting a blanket."

More knocks on the door and a voice, "Breakfast will be ready soon! And I
got a letter for you!"

When Ash opened the door he saw the fat hotel manager smiling at him, holding
an envelope. "Thank you, sir. I'll go and wake the others. I bet they want
breakfast as much as I do!" Ash said to him. He took the letter and the man
left. When he opened the envelope and read it he turned pale...

Dear Ash, Brock and Misty,

First I want to thank you all for your excellent work
regarding the Pokemon show. Many children have enjoyed
your adventures and it was part of their lives. But as
the time went by, other things began to interest them.
I see it as my sad duty to inform you ratings have gone
too low for the show to make profit. I am afraid we no
longer need your services. Thank you again for your

D. Stoneberg
FOX Studios

For minutes he just stood there saying nothing. He couldn't believe this.
The show was his whole life and his only source of income. He woke the
others and they were just as surprised as he was.

"This can't be happening! I knew the show was becoming less popular, but I
never figured it would all end like this." Misty cried, "We should go to FOX
Studios right now!" Ash and Brock agreed.

* * *

Team Rocket received the same letter and were speechless as well.

"We didn't get paid as much as those brats, but at least it was a living!"
James said.

"Yeah, only one meal in two days isn't as bad is having nothing," Jessie
agreed with him, "And think of it, we can never be role models again, never
will all those children watch our adventures. We will never lose to those
brats again and have to mind about..."

"Hey!" James interrupted her, "you're right, we never have to lose to them
again! And we don't have to be so friendly anymore. Finally, we can make our
name worthy."

"As always, I've been one step ahead of you two." Jessie and James turned
around and saw Meowth coming out of the bushes.

"I thought you were leaving us?" James said.

"Well, don't bother that now. The important thing is that I'm back again and
I got a present." Meowth replied. Team Rocket gathered around. Meowth was
holding a cardboard box with black writing on it, unmistakenly Japanese. "I
hope you'll understand the trouble I've been through in order to get this."
said Meowth while he opened the box. It contained a shiny gun of black metal,
momentarily blinding them due the reflection of the sun. It was the first
time they had a real weapon in their possession, not that cartoon crap they
used in the show.

"Now the time for our revenge has come," said Jessie, grinning evilly.

She took the gun out of the box and pointed it to an imaginary enemy. It gave
a strange click when she pulled the trigger. "What's wrong?" she thought,
"Did I forget to switch off the safety?" No, the safety was removed.

"It isn't loaded yet you dumba..." Meowth received a painful smack in the

"I knew that! I was just testing if you were all still awake," Jessie said in
a irritated voice.

James found the ammunition in a black sack they hadn't noticed yet. He
received the gun from Jessie and carefully loaded it. "We'll need a target to
practice on." he said, "How about that odd looking tree over there?"

In the bushes stood a strange, grey, pear-formed shape. He pointed the gun
and pulled the trigger and a blast filled the sky and slowly echoed away.

An immense roar filled the sky and a red spot was visible on the back of the
tree that now turned around. It became clear the odd looking thing wasn't a
tree after all, it was a Snorlax, fallen asleep while still standing up. The
Snorlax proved he was just as fast in fighting as he was in eating and he
hit James with a well placed mega-punch. James flew through the sky and soon
disappeared in a typical Team-Rocket-lensflare. Meowth suffered the same
fate, although he put up a bit of a fight.

Now only Jessie and the Snorlax were left. Suddenly, Jessie noticed a large
roll showing out from underneath the belly of the Snorlax. She was staring
at a 15 inch cock in full erection! She tried to run away, but soon tripped
and crawled on hands and knees, giving the Snorlax a nice upskirt view. Her
black panties smoothly followed the linings of her wiggling ass, driving the
Snorlax crazy. He ran towards her and pushed her face down in the dirt. Some
drops of blood fell on her ever white outfit. Jessie could hardly breathe
due to the dirt in her mouth and she tried to free herself. But the awesome
grip of the Snorlax was just too strong.

A wet slobbering thing went over her panties and she could only hope it was
his tongue. With a quick hack of his claws, the Snorlax removed the panties
and gazed at Jessie's ass and pussy. Jessie panicked, it became harder to
breathe and the Snorlax had cut her with his claws. A burning feeling
starting from her neck down to her legs indicated he was now removing the
rest of her clothes. They were literally ripped off her body and flew in
shreds through the air. Soon, Jessie was naked and at the mercy of that
beast. The Snorlax turned her around and forced her to sit up. With a quick
chance to breathe, Jessie took a deep one.

When she opened her eyes she noticed the big cock was only a few inches away
and the smell that came off it was horrible. Too scared to scream or move,
she just kept staring at it. The Snorlax suddenly thrust forwards and Jessie
couldn't react fast enough, leaving her no choice but to deep throat the
huge cock. The now pumping thing filled her whole mouth, down to her stomach,
making it impossible to breath. In and out it went, harder and harder. The
Snorlax put a paw behind her head, keeping her from freeing herself. Just
when Jessie thought she couldn't stand it another second the Snorlax pulled
himself out. Jessie had to throw up. The horrible taste in her mouth made her
feel sick and miserable. But the Snorlax wasn't done with her yet.

He forced her down again with her face pressed in the dirt. He aligned
himself behind her and pressed his penis against her pussy. With a roar he
leaned backwards and trusted forwards. Jessie screamed in pain. The cock was
just too big! She felt like she was going to be split in half. The scream
scared the Snorlax for a moment and he stopped thrusting. With half his cock
in her pussy, he just stood there for a moment, enjoying the tightness
around it. Then he carefully pushed forward again. Jessie felt him fill her
up and suddenly felt his balls against her pussy. She couldn't believe she
just had taken that huge thing all the way up her shaft.

The Snorlax began pumping in and out, slowly in the beginning, but faster
and faster. It felt so good, fucking that beautiful creature. He would to it
more often if he got the chance. He accelerated his movements again and was
now roughly pumping in and out. The pain was ever present, but she was
getting used to it. Eventually, she opened her eyes as she felt a warm liquid
in her pussy. More and more, it was soon dripping out of her pussy. The grip
of the Snorlax loosened and he fell aside, deep asleep.

Chapter 4: Officer Jenny

Misty, Brock and Ash were still on their way to FOX Studios in their typical
formation: Ash looking for Pokemon, Misty looking for the next town and Brock
gazing at Misty's ass. Now that he had seen her naked, he could easily return
the sight of Misty's nakedness by watching her. The road they were walking on
was next to a steep slope. Ash spotted some Fearows in the sky. He knew the
pokedex description by heart: Bird Pokemon, shark beak, primary attacks: peck
and fury attack.

Suddenly, they heard a sound further down the road, followed by an
unmistakable cry for help. They ran forward and when they arrived at the
disaster scene, they saw a Jeep burning 100 feet below and officer Jenny
hanging on one hand on the edge.

"I'll handle this," said Brock with a formal voice and he grabbed Jenny's
hand. "Don't worry miss, I won't let you fall."

"Thank God, I thought I was going to die." Jenny cried, "Thank you so much,
err, what was your name?"

"It's Brock, Miss Jenny," Brock said proudly, "You were lucky I was nearby."

Now that she was in safety, Brock took the time to examine her (saying he was
just checking if she was hurt). Everyone knew, including Jenny, that Brock
had a crush for all officer Jenny's that inhabited the world.

"Are you on your way to Megalopolis?" asked Jenny.

"Yes, we want to pay a visit to FOX Studios," Ash replied, "They have
cancelled my show."

"OUR show," Misty interrupted him, "It is terrible officer, that show was our
only income."

"I know what you mean," Jenny replied, "the show was a nice bonus on top of
my police salary."

"Excuse me," Brock interrupted them, "but I have a question. Those police
Growliths? What do they eat?"

Soon, Jenny and Brock were in discussion about Growliths and Ash and Misty
about ways to convince FOX to put the show back on the air. Before they knew
it, they arrived in Megalopolis. Since they didn't have much money left, they
were forced to spend the night in a Pokemon center.

Jenny would sleep at her apartment, so they had to say goodbye. It was a
handshake goodbye for Ash and Misty, but Brock received a quick kiss on the
cheek and some whispering in his ear. With a red face, all Brock could do
was wave. It was getting late when Ash, Misty and Brock sat around a table
in the Pokemon center and discussed the things Ash and Misty had come up
with. After they were done, Brock announced he had some urgent matters to
take care of and left, leaving Ash and Misty dumbstruck at the table.

"Come in!"

Brock opened the door to Jenny's apartment and stepped inside. Jenny was
sitting on the couch in a beautiful dress. It was the first time Brock saw
her not wearing a police uniform. He sat down beside her and happily accepted
a glass of wine. "So, what was it you wanted to tell me about Growliths and
why couldn't you say it in public?" Brock asked.

"Actually, I didn't ask you to come here to tell you about Pokemon," Jenny
replied while she looked at Brock with her big blue eyes. "You saved my life
and I want to give you a very special 'thank you'. Now close your eyes and
don't move." Brock turned red again and did what Jenny said.

He felt Jenny's lips touching his and her tongue slid into his mouth. Two
tongues met and began a dance of love. Brock laid his hands on her back and
slowly let them slide to her ass. A soft moan escaped from Jenny. She broke
the kiss and beckoned Brock to follow her into the bedroom. Brock felt
himself tossed on the bed and Jenny landed on top.

She began to untie her dress and Brock noticed she didn't wear a bra. Soon,
he could feast his eyes on her lovely breasts. How much had he fantasized
about them. Just as with Misty, the real things were much better. Jenny had
now stripped off her full dress and now only wore panties.

Brock cupped a breast in his hand and he started licking the other one. A
long, soft moan came from Jenny's lips. "Now, it's your turn to get naked,"
she said and started to remove Brock's jacket.

After a while he was stripped down to his boxers. She bent over and laid a
gentle kiss on them. Brock put his hands behind his head and relaxed. Slowly,
Jenny pulled down the boxers and a large cock jumped out. She grabbed it and
gave it a jerk. Brock moaned loud and told her to continue. Bending over, she
began to lick it, short, quick licks at first, but slowly advancing to long
strokes. Brock sighed happily when she finally took it in her mouth. Up and
down it went, and the warm, soft feeling of her mouth and lips went from his
cock to his arms and legs. Ever faster, she went, deep throating it at last,
while pumping wildly with her head. Brock's cock exploded in her mouth, cum
dripping from her chin while she tried to swallow as much of it as she could.

"Now it's time for you to make ME feel good," Jenny told Brock while she
turned around and laid down on her belly.

Brock took a moment to feast his eyes on the figure before him, then laid his
hands on her shoulders and started massaging them. Slowly, he worked down to
her ass. He gently pulled down her panties and kissed her buttocks. Jenny
spread her legs a bit further, giving Brock access to her pussy. His tongue
slid in and he licked the insides of it in circles, avoiding her clitoris
until Jenny turned around and spread her pussy before him. Brock began to eat
her out, gently stroking his tongue against her clit. A large moan indicated
Jenny's orgasm.

"Now it's time for us to come together," Jenny ordered and she raised on
hands and knees, allowing Brock to reach her holes more easily.

Brock was happy to learn his cock was back in action again and thrust forward
into her pussy. Slow at first, but soon pumping hard in and out. One thrust
was so hard Jenny lost her balance and bent her arms while she fell on one
cheek into a pillow. She didn't bother to get up, but grabbed the pillow with
both hands. Meanwhile Brock's cock pumped in and out ever harder, but when
Jenny felt she was about to cum, Brock stopped.

Jenny turned her head to him and asked why he didn't continue. Brock, saying
nothing, withdrew from her pussy and placed his member against her asshole.

"Oh, no," Jenny said, "that is off limits my boy!"

"So then, what are you going to do about it?" Brock answered with a grin,
"Arrest me?" And he thrust with all his strength, driving his cock deep into
her ass. He began pumping again, ignoring Jenny's complaints. Soon, the
complaints stopped and after a while, Jenny told Brock not to stop, whatever

He felt her ass squeezing around his member. It was so good he immediately
felt he was going to cum, but felt Jenny wasn't ready yet so pushed back his
feelings, cramming his teeth together. At last, the relieving words came,
"I'm gonna cum!" Jenny cried, "I'm gonna cum harder then I ever came!"

"Don't hold back my dear, I'm ready too. Let's cum together!" Brock cried in
reply. And they came, Brock squirted his cum into her ass, filling her up,
while juice leaked out of Jenny's pussy. "Wow, that was intense, we should
do it more often." Brock said with a sigh. They embraced each other and fell

* * *

Ash and Misty were surprised Brock hadn't come back that night. They
discussed the matter at breakfast.

"It's not like him to stay away like that. He could have at least told us he
was going to be away for that long." was Misty's opinion.

"I don't like it one bit." Ash said, "Maybe something has happened? It's a
dangerous world out there." He looked out of the window. It was a beautiful
morning. The sun was shining and there were many people on the streets. To
his relief, he noticed Brock among them. He came inside, but didn't sit down.

"And where have you been?" Misty said angrily, "Leaving us worrying about

"I was with Jenny. She runs a training school for Growliths and she needs
all the help she can get." Brock lied, "In fact, she asked me to help her
out while you two go visit FOX Studios. I can't deny anything to a woman in
distress now, can I? Ok, bye now!" Brock left.

Chapter 5: The Revenge Of James

James stood up. He was tossed away by the angry Snorlax and was now trying
to get the dirt off him. He looked around and was surprised to find neither
Meowth or Jessie. Pain, hunger and sand in places he didn't even know he had
were irritating him. He started searching for the others, calling their
names. "Why do we always have this bad luck?" he wondered. "We have to act
unlucky because of the show, but also in real life, my luck stinks." Then it
hit him. He looked down at his hand. He was holding the gun, a real gun. A
very evil grin appeared on his face...

* * *

Ash and Misty left. They couldn't let the weird acting of Brock stand in
their way of reaching FOX Studios. They had worked out their entire story
they were going to tell to the executive. He would have no choice but to put
the show back on the air, at least they figured. The streets were crowded
and they amused themselves watching all the people working, shopping, talking
and walking. They looked into various stores. As Ash paid more attention to
all the differed foods, Misty noticed a cute little store crammed in a corner
of the street. She dragged Ash away from a display with fried chicken and
forced him to join her.

Inside the store there were all kinds of jewelry, all related to Pokemon.
Necklaces with a stone in the shape of a Starme, and rings with little
Bulbasaurs carved in. Misty took one of the necklaces and showed it to Ash.
"Don't you think this would look great on me?" she asked.

Ash mumbled something that sounded vaguely like, "Yeah, real nice..."

Misty walked over to a mirror and put the necklace on. The crystal Starme
scattered the light in all pretty colors, and look at that adorable Lapres
figure! She hurried herself to the other end of the room where glass figures
stood in behind a vitrine. With her fingers pressed to the glass she looked
at them.

Ash muffled himself into a corner with his hands in his pockets and his cap
deep over his eyes. "Girls..." he thought to himself, "we have an important
mission to attend to and Misty goes around trying jewelry on we can't even
afford to buy."

After what seemed forever, Misty said to Ash it was time to go.

Back on the crowded streets, they suddenly heard a man screaming, "I've been
robbed! Hold that thief!"

Ash and Misty looked around and saw behind them a man running off. Ash set
in a pursuit, bumping in all kinds of people and mumbling excuses, he ran as
fast as he could. Misty followed at a short distance. The man took a left
turn, then right, left again and finally he turned into a small alley. Trash
cans were along the sides of it and a hideous smell came from a huge
container with something burning in it. The man they were pursuing realized
he had been caught. The alley ended with a very solid looking brick wall. He
turned around and placed his back on the wall. Ash stepped forward, looking
very angry. Pikachu (who had been sitting on his shoulder the whole time)
jumped down and charged. Little yellow bolts of energy appeared on his
cheeks. Ash and Pikachu stood still when they realized they knew this man...

"I know what you're thinking, but you can forget it!" the man said, "I'm NOT
going to perform that STUPID little rhyme FOX always makes Team Rocket do!"
It was James, dressed in a brown with gray costume. He was almost
unrecognizable without his ever white outfit.

Now it was Misty's turn to step forward, when she recognized James, she
wasn't afraid anymore. "Return whatever you stole from that poor shopkeeper
immediately!" she said with her (very cute) angry voice.

"Ooh no," James said, "why would I do that? You have to ask me a whole lot
nicer just to...LET YOU LIVE!" James pulled out his gun and pointed it at

Ash screamed in shock. He knew Team Rocket was capable of doing anything,
but this? Misty was paralyzed with fear. Her eyes widened and little tears
appeared, she was shaking all over. Pikachu raised his voltage even more,
crackling bolts were now covering him. A short PIKA! was his way of telling
Ash "Just let me! I'll kick his ass! Just let me!". But Ash was wise enough
to tell Pikachu not to attack. He knew the games they played in the show
were a lot different from a determined James with a gun pointed at Misty.

"All right, put Pikachu in a PokeBall...NOW!" shouted James while pointing
his gun at Ash. Ash didn't have a choice.

"Come on Pikachu. I know you hate it, but I don't have any choice here.
Please work with me." Ash got a PokeBall and threw it at Pikachu, expecting
that Pikachu would bounce it right back at him. Luckily, Pikachu chose to
cooperate and let himself get zapped into the ball.

"Now, face the wall, hands on your back!"

Ash and Misty complied and James tied their hands together and blindfolded
them both. "You know what?" he said, "I am really gonna enjoy this. Now off
you go!"

He pushed them through a door in the wall. They stepped into a room and heard
James close the door behind them. Moments later they where pushed through
another door and up a stairway. Their feet made hollow noises on the wooden
stairs. They were forced to go through another door and were ordered to hold
still. James removed their blindfolds. Blinking, Ash and Misty looked around.

It was a filthy, dark chamber. The windows where concealed with wood, letting
only a little daylight shine through the cracks.

"Muhahahahah!" James laughed diabolically. "You are now at my mercy, you will
call me lord James from now on!"

"Never!" said Ash and growled.

"How could you do such a horrible thing?" Misty cried.

James took Ash's PokeBall. "Now, Pikachu, you're finally mine! What to do
with you...give you to the boss? Nah, I got a better idea," James said with
an evil grin. "I'm gonna have to leave the two of you alone for awhile now,
lord James has matters to take care of." He left, slamming the door shut and
locking it.

Chapter 6: Misty's Virginity

Ash and Misty laid there for a few moment, speechless. Ash was the first to
come to his senses, "Team Rocket has really outdone themselves this time."

"I know, Ash. I don't like this one bit. James is acting so weird." Misty
replied. It was amazing how the always tough Misty had shrunk into a fragile
little girl. "We must find a way to get out of here."

Ash tried to loosen the ropes. "I've got to hand it to him, he sure knows how
to tie someone up." But the silly thing with ropes is, when given time, you
always manage to get loose. Ash and Misty rubbed their sore wrists and took
some time to look around.

"Those wooden boards before the windows don't look too strong," Misty said
and walked over to them.

With combined forces, Ash and Misty managed to remove one board, but it
revealed that there where steel bars as well. There was no way they could get
out of the window.

"Let's try the door next." Ash said and began hammering his shoulder against

The door didn't even move. After what seemed like days they sat down again,
too tired to carry on with their attempts to break free.

James returned, carrying a plate with a few pieces of bread and some water.

Ash immediately jumped up and shouted, "What did you do to Pikachu?"

James dropped the plate in surprise. He had to dodge Ash's fist. He pulled
out his gun again and ordered Ash to calm down and sit like a nice boy. "If
you really wanna know, you darned brat, the stupid rat escaped me and ran
away. I was unable to find him. You'll probably never see him again."

"Way to go, Pikachu!" Ash said with relief.

James could do with him whatever he wanted, but at least Pikachu was safe.
James stepped forward and said, "I don't know how the two of you got loose,
but I'll tie you better this time, so you will have to eat your food like
the dogs you are."

He did as he said, and painfully tightened the ropes. Then he looked at
Misty. "You are a naughty little girl aren't you? I'll have to teach you
some manners soon." He grabbed Misty by the hair and sniffed it. "Hrm,

"You leave her alone!" Ash yelled at him and tried to attack James, but fell
down painfully.

Misty bonked James on the head with her tied fists, "PIG! You dirty PIG!"

James quickly backed away. "Now I'll have to punish you even harder, stupid
little girl." He left.

Misty sat down and started to cry, Ash noticed she was also shaking all over.
"Come on Misty," Ash tried to cheer her up, "You know we always beat Team
Rocket. We'll just have to wait for Brock and Pikachu to find us."

"Maybe," Misty managed to say through her tears, "but it might be too late,
too late."

"For what?" Ash asked.

Misty looked up at him and said, "Don't you get it? He's gonna, he's

"Gonna do what?" Ash, had no idea.

"You know..." Misty started, and very softly continued with " know...
rape me...."

Ash understood. Yes, he had seen the look in James eyes when he touched
Misty. He suspected for a long time James was in love with her. "That's not
gonna happen." Ash said firmly, "Not as long as I'm around." He stood in
front of Misty and shook his fist. Misty wasn't so sure.

"But what if he does? What if we can't find a way out of here. Ash, he's got
a gun! Ash, I...I don't want to lose my virginity to that creep."

Ash didn't know what to say, the only thing he knew was that he would never
let James fuck her, not while he would be able to defend her. After a while
he managed to get free of the ropes again and freed Misty.

Misty started again, softly, with obvious shame, "Ash, I really like you. I
know I never said it to you, but that's the truth."

Ash sat down beside her and laid his hand on her knee. "I love you too,

Misty turned to face him and said, "Would you make love to me Ash, so that
when, you know, James comes, I won't be a virgin anymore?" Ash thought a
moment about these words. Sure, he had dreams about making love to Misty,
but taking advantage of this situation seemed somehow wrong. "Ash, I
insist," Misty tried again. Finally, Ash made up his mind.

He leaned forward and saw Misty close her eyes. Her mouth came closer and
closer, until finally his lips touched hers. While still kissing, Misty laid
back and Ash moved on top. Ash was in ecstasy, he couldn't believe he was
doing this, he had always dreamed of doing this. Her lips and skin where so
soft he could hold her forever. He kept his arms wrapped around her with his
hands on her back, too uncertain to do anything with them. They laid there
for some time with their eyes closed. From time to time, Ash could feel a
slight shiver run though Misty's body, she was still afraid.

"If you want me to stop, please say so," Ash said, but Misty told him, "I
don't want you to stop, Ash..."

She didn't get the chance to finish her sentence, because Ash had placed
his mouth on hers again. Ash, encouraged by Misty's words, moved his hands
slowly. He could feel her shirt end and her skin begin until he reached her
shorts. Through them he could feel the form of her ass and got even more
excited. He withdrew his hands and began feeling her breasts. Still kissing,
he felt Misty wanted to make a sound, but couldn't. His hands went over her
round forms and he noticed her nipples were hard. Misty grabbed one of his
hands and broke the kiss.

Saying nothing, she guided it beneath her shirt and Ash cupped her breast.
Ash's breathing became louder as he squeezed a bit, Misty's breasts where
still small, but big enough to have a handful. Misty lifted her shirt so Ash
had the chance to get a good look, and he looked... for a moment he just
gazed at her, before continuing with his mouth. He kissed her lips, her chin,
her neck, her chest and slowly started moving towards a breast. He moved his
tongue in circles, closer and closer until it stroked a nipple. Misty let
out a soft moan as Ash sucked on it. Misty laid back and closed her eyes,
enjoying every second and almost forgetting the horrible situation they where

Ash stopped sucking her and began to pay attention to her shorts. He slowly
opened her button and carefully pulled her zipper down. White panties became
visible. He laid a kiss on them before continuing to undress her. Misty
cooperated with the process and together they pulled her shorts down to her
feet. Ash asked Misty to turn over, and she did. Her panties followed the
lines of her bottom, so Ash didn't need much imagination to picture Misty
without them. Her ass was firm and round, and just begging to be touched.
Ash laid a hand on it and slowly massaged it, then he began working with his
mouth again, starting on her back, kissing down all the way to her panties.
He slowly pulled them down, while still laying kisses on the just revealed
parts of her body, until her panties were at her feet as well. He started
licking her ass for a bit and then asked Misty, who kept very quiet, to turn
over again.

He started licking her clitoris and Misty finally made a sound. She was
moaning softy, and moved along with the strokes of Ash' tongue. The moans
became louder as her body began to climax and with a little scream, she

"It's your turn now, Ash," Misty said and sat up. She removed her shoes and
could finally free herself of her shorts and panties that were wrapped around
her ankles. She gently pushed Ash down and before he could object, started
removing his pants.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Ash asked her.

Misty stopped to think, but said, "I won't let James take anything from me.
I must go all the way." She smiled as she noticed Ash was wearing boxers with
pictures of various Pokemon on them.

When those were removed, she took Ash's cock in her hand and began jerking
it. Ash moaned loudly. He had masturbated many times by himself, but a girls
hand was far better then his. Suddenly he felt something wet stroke over it.
As he looked down he saw that Misty had began licking. Strokes of pleasure
flowed through his body. Misty took his head in and sucked slighty. This new
feeling made Ash have to try really hard not to come at once, he felt he
couldn't hold back much longer. When Misty finally deep throated him he
screamed'"Look out, Misty I'm gonna cum!"

Misty said nothing, but continued working on his shaft as deep as she could,
pumping wildly.

"Be careful," Ash began again, "I do not want to cum in your mouth."

Misty paused long enough to say, "It's ok Ash, I want you to," and continued

Ash, relieved by her words, could let it all go and shot his cum deep inside
her throat. Breathing heavily, he laid back with his eyes closed.

"Ash... Ash?" it was Misty's voice, "Get up."

Ash did. "What's the matter, Misty?" he asked. His eyes widened as he saw
Misty spreading before him.

"Do it, Ash." He noticed tears in her eyes. "I don't want James to be the
first, please..."

Ash gazed at her pussy, pink and tight. He moved himself between her legs
and positioned his member before her entrance. Misty held her eyes closed
firmly. "If you want me to stop, say so," Ash said and he pushed forward.

Misty felt her pussy split open. Deeper and deeper, she felt Ash's cock
penetrate her. A shot of pain went through her as he popped her cherry and
she couldn't surpress a quick scream. Ash immediately stopped.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"It's ok," Misty interrupted him, "go slowly."

Ash did. As careful as he could he pushed, deeper and deeper. He felt the
tightness surrounding him, driving him insane. At long last, his cock was all
the way in. Misty felt it burning, ripping, it felt like her whole body was
filled up with this huge roll of flesh. Biting her lip, she started moving.
Everything faded black for a moment. When things came into focus again she
saw Ash, moving faster in and out. Her whole body was being filled with this
moving object, that was slowly beginning to bring pleasure along with the

Ash moved faster in and out. He never could imagine how wonderful it felt,
fucking someone. He wanted to slam everything he's got into her, banging
her forever. He felt his orgasm build up already, and tried to surpress it,
without much luck. He couldn't control it, it was too intense. Without any
warning he came, filling up Misty for a second time with his warm liquid.
Ash couldn't go on anymore, he was too tired and his cock hurt, while Misty
felt the pain in her pussy ebb away.

That's it. Both were no longer virgins. They looked at each other and smiled,
they could finally be honest to each other about their feelings. Still a
little shaky, Misty gathered her clothes and got dressed. Ash pulled up his
pants and realized he was really hungry. He looked to the food on the ground.
It didn't look too dirty... maybe he could try some. Misty, fully dressed
again, walked over to the window and stared through the cracks. Night began
to fall and suddenly she felt really alone, at the mercy of James.

Chapter 7: James' Dungeon

James sat down at the table for dinner: hot dogs, fries and hamburgers. For
him, it was a king's meal. While stuffing his face, James went over the
things he had accomplished the past few days. He lost Jessie and Meowth, got
a gun, got fired by FOX, captured those brats Ash and Misty, and was now
building his own torture chamber in the basement using various things from
the local hardware store. Who said crime didn't pay? After all these years,
he would get revenge. Every episode, he was humiliated and beaten by those
kids. FOX said he shouldn't complain that much, "No one ever gets hurt in
cartoons," they said. Yeah right, like being blown away and flying through
the air wasn't painfull. But now, it was payback time. He would return every
bit of pain he got from those kids in ten-fold. It was a shame he couldn't
get Brock and that Pikachu got away. Oh well, who needed Pokemon these days.
He looked at his gun. Now, he didn't have to be cartoon evil anymore. He has
a gun which could really kill things, not some second rate Pokemon with
pitiful attacks that could only stun. After he finished eating, James smiled
and said to himself, "It's time."

Ash and Misty still sat in the dark. Ash was hungry. The little food they
got from James had not be enough to still his hunger. He looked aside. Misty
sat with her head on her knees, propably crying. He bent over to comfort
her. "What's the matter, Misty?" Ash asked her.

Misty looked up at him, her eyes red and swollen. "I'm so afraid. James is
acting so weird and there's no hope of escape."

"No, that's not true," Ash replied, "Brock and Pikachu are planning our
escape as we speak."

Misty fell in his arms. "I'm glad we at least have each other." Ash smiled.

Misty's attitude sure had changed being locked up. Misty quickly backed away
from Ash when the door opened. James stood in the doorway, pointing his gun.

"So, you managed to get lose again. Very well, it saves me the trouble of
untying you. Misty, you come with me. Ash, you stay here."

The mere thought of leaving Misty didn't even begin to consider crossing
Ash's mind. "You leave her alone!" he shouted and stood in front of her.

"Guess I'll have to shoot you then. It's ok with me. I'll enjoy it." James
pointed his gun it Ash's forehead.

Suddenly, everything became a confusing blur of events. James pulled the
trigger. Ash jumped aside, the bullet nearly hit Misty, but didn't. James
grabbed her and pulled her along with him, before Ash had a chance to stand
up the door was slammed in his face. Ash began pounding it, wild with
frustration, with every bit of strength that was in him, he was trying to
break free. It was no use.

Misty couldn't see very well in the dark and the stairs seemed longer then
before. They stopped in front of a door. James opened it and with a smile,
he said, "Welcome to my dungeon. State of the art and built in the latest

It was a dungeon alright. Chains hung from the ceiling and several devices
were scattered about the room. Though, the chains where blinking new and the
devices seemed a bit odd. James forced Misty to let herself be tied and
raised two feet above the floor. The wristshackles hurt, but Misty wouldn't
give James the pleasure of complaining about it. There she hung, completely

Now was the time to be strong, not to give in to this madman. James was no
killer, she knew he wasn't. Soon, this would be over and until then, she
wouldn't give in. She smiled. "Oh, a pretty little smile," James purred,
"You are such a sweet young girl, aren't you? I bet your mother was proud of
you, becoming a Pokemon-trainer. You know, my mother cried when I left. She
tried to stop me, but I pulled through. And look at me now. Look at me! See
what I have become! A thief with no honor, no self-respect. Locking innocent
little girls up in a dungeon. Oh, how sweet this will be. All my pain, not
meant for little girls like you who watch the show, all my sorrow I will
inflict upon you!"

Misty felt her cheek burning. James had hit her. It didn't hurt, it was just
humiliating. She lifted her head and smiled. She heared James hit her again,
and again. The pain grew, but she realised she could take it. Each time, she
could just life her head again and smile. She had to do something. She's
always been stubborn and she hated being controlled like this. But the
shackels were tight and the chains strong.

"Still smiling eh? Let me wipe it off!"

She felt the force of the blow. Her head bounced to the side. Inside her
mouth, she tasted a warm, salty liquid. That bastard had hurt her face. Now
she was really mad, this was mutilation! She kicked wildly in the air with
her feet. Then she heared James laugh.

"Ooh, a kitty with claws. All right, take your time, I got plenty, wear
yourself out."

James was right, she was beginning to feel tired already.

"That's better! Ok precious, time for me to have a little fun. I changed my
mind, I'm not gonna hurt you too much, no. I'm going to inflict some
psychological damage first."

Misty's thoughts raced through her head, "What was he talking about? Was he
gonna call her names or something?"

James came closer and bent over, close to her face. She turned away and
closed her eyes, expecting another blow. But instead, she felt him kiss her
on the cheeck. The bastard kissed her! She kicked with her feet again, now
also screaming. James stepped aside and laughed, waiting for her to wear
herself out again.

"Let's have no more of that," James said and he grabbed her ankle. Soon,
Misty's legs were tied so she couldn't move an inch.

"Much better. Ok, now lets take a look at what you got hiding under you

"What the... You pervert!" Misty screamed with all her might, "fucking
pervert! How dare you!"

James held his ears closed. When Misty stopped screaming he said, "Ok, no
more of that either. You're hurting my ears."

Misty cringed. "So what if I hurt your ears?! You're a fucking perv..."

Her mouth was being filled up with a rag of some sort. James tied it around
her head. Her screams were now soft, helpless. James rubbed his hands, "Lets

He took the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifted it. He started at her
bellybutton. Then moved upwards. Little by little, he saw more of her ever
sweet body. Right before her breasts, he stopped to look in Misty's eyes.
Her eyes were wide and wet with tears. He adored the look of fear. Then he
paid attention again to what he was doing. Slowly, the beginning of her
breasts were revealed, her nipples appeared and finally, the total. Quickly
he pulled her shirt up over her head, so misty couldn't see anymore. He
lowered his head and sniffed. Her body smelled a bit like peaches, he
thought. Her breasts were still small, much smaller then Jessie's, but it's
better then nothing. He toughed them and a shock went through Misties body,
ner nipples stiffened. "Look at them," he said out loud, "stiff and ready
to be sucked on. You really are a slut!"

Misty tried to tell him to back off or she would kill him. Of course she
didn't know how, but she would. But instead, a little muffle came out. James
laughed again. He massaged her breasts, feeling the soft skin. His dick rock
hard. Damn, he wanted her and he would take her... He took her nipples and
twisted them. Misty tried to give a scream. He twisted them harder, the
softened scream grew louder. Again he twisted them, knowing this would hurt.
Lowering his head, James brought his mouth to a nipple and stuck his tongue
out. Nearer and nearer his tongue came, until it stroked her flesh. Misty
tried to scream again, but to no avail. She was wearing out. He started
licking all over her breasts, giving special care to her nipples. He took
one in his mouth and sucked on it. After he was done, he left a drop op spit
on them. Somehow it felt good, leaving a mark on her young and fresh body.
He could almost feel his heart beat in his swollen member down in his pants.
Soon, he would free it, but not yet. First he had to play a little more.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asked her, "Of course you did. You are a worthless
slut aren't you? But your body is still young and untouched. Yeah, I bet
you're still a virgin." He started laughing again. "O, sweet little virgin,
what fun I will have with you." His hand reared back and forth, landing on
her buttcheeck. Misty tried to make noice once again. "What was that? You
wanted to say something? Too bad! No one here says anything unless I let

He spanked her some more, harder this time. Finally, he was slapping Misty's
ass with all his might. "That felt good. Now let's see what damage we have
done, shall we?"

He sat down on his heels and stared at her ass. God, what a fine ass that
was, soft and round and smooth, with her shorts tightly packed around it. He
sniffed. There was the odor of her body again, sweet as a flower. "You know
what? I think I'm just gonna sit here and gaze at your ass all day."

Misty cringed. This was insane. James had full control over her, she couldn't
move, talk or even see and this monster was humiliating her. She didn't care
about the pain. Her wrists were burning and her back was killing her, but the
fact he could look at her, touch her and disgrace her made her very mad.
Still, she couldn't do anything. James took his time, he could never before
look at a girl this way, like a 3D porn magazine.

He could just stare at her and mastrubate if he wanted to, even better, he
could touch and play. James moved in front of Misty and slowly opened the
button of her shorts. It sprung open like a winded spring and the white
cotton of her panties became visable. The shorts sat tight enough around her
legs not to drop on the floor. He took the zipper and moved it downwards.
More and more was revealed. James felt the urge to spank her, right in the
middle of that whiteness. So he did. His fingers toughed her cross as his
palm landed on her front, again and again.

When he got tired of spanking Misty, he pulled her shorts all the way down.
Her panties now fully his to look upon. They were tiny and didn't cover much
of the skin beneath it, though it covered enough. He couldn't remove the
shorts, because her legs were still tied, spread wide. Smiling, he reached
out and took a knife that he had placed in advance, not to use it to cut
through flesh, James couldn't stand blood very well, but through clothes.
And that was exactly what he was going to do. He cut the shorts off her
body. The knife hacked through her protective shell and bands of clothing
fell to the ground.

Now it was time to remove her panties as well, so he could look at her, at
all her naughty places. Yes, naughty, that's how James felt. His father
always told him he was such a naughty boy. He took his knife and carefully
cut a square in the backof the panties. Through it, se saw her butt crack.
He touched her through the hole. Her ass felt ever soft, much like her
breasts. With his fingers, he windened the hole, so more and more he could
see and touch. He ripped her panties apart. Pieces of it were flying through
the air and landed next to the remainders of the shorts. He could see her
pussy now, a little slit with some hair. Not the firm, hard pubic hair like
Jessie's. Misty shaved her pussy, but hadn't done so in a few days so it was
starting to grow back.

He opened her pussy to see inside. Misty's inside was pink and soft, and wet
as he noticed. Somehow Misty was turned on by him, how shameful. He saw the
black hole that led to her inner side and the clit above it. The clit tasted
a bit odd, he thought while he was licking it. Must be some sweat. He could
feel Misty's body shake all over, her pussy produced more juice. It was time
to do what he wanted to do to her. He didn't want to hurt her, no, she was
too valuable for that. But he would use her, she was his now and good for
only one thing: giving him pleasure.

James stood up and pulled a lever. The chains broke lose and Misty fell to
the ground. He grabbed her wrists, noticing how red and sore they were. He
should be carefull not to break his toy. Misty resisted with amazing
strength, for someone that had hung in that very unpleasant position for
quite a while. James was stronger though and led her to a device of his own
design. It was a block with shackles on two sides. He forced her belly on
top of the block, with her head down, and her ass high in the air. A very
humiliating position. ?And now, my precious. I'm going to take your
virginity. Not many can say their first sexual experience was rape. How I
will enjoy this."

Misty's response was a load of silent screams. Pure terror sprung from her,
now uncovered, face. But she couldn't make too much noice, the rag in her
mouth forbid it. She could only thank God that her virginity was already
given, to someone she truly loved. She braced herself and waited for the
things to come.

Chapter 8: Raping Misty

The dungeon was cold, Misty had goosebumps all over, but not just from the
cold. Soon, she was to be disgraced like never before, not even like the
past 30 minutes. She had the feeling of a patient, right before being given
a, known be be very painfull, injection. You're not afraid of the injection
itself, but of the pain, and of the fear to be afraid of the pain. Misty
braced herself while her whole mind and body became one in screaming in
terror of the next few moments. They had every right to be screaming.

A flash of flesh-ripping, skin-burning, body tearing pain went throught Misty
as James rammed his cock into her. She screamed. All the pain spread from her
pussy, through her inner to her mouth, into the rag. The part James received
was just another muffle. James laugh echoed through the dungeon, "Did that
hurt baby? I'm sorry, but this just feels so fucking good!"

And with that he thrust forward again, ramming his cock inside Misty's pink,
tight pussy. He saw it wrap around his cock, taking it in, deeper and deeper.
He felt his foreskin slide off and his helm probing into her depths. The
sensation was incredible, Misty's inside was warm, soft and amazingly wet. As
he withdrew himself to ram Misty once again, he noticed the milky white fluid
that stuck to his cock. This wasn't normal pussy-wetness, not even from a
horny slut like the cute girls he was fucking up.

A seed from deep within him started growing, taking form through James brain
with a final scream of completeness (this was sperm from another.) As the
thought was complete, it didn't have the chance to feel good about it,
because another thought emerged that needed space, too much space for this
thought longer to exist (it must be Ash's).

"You fucking, good for nothing, dirty slut!" he yelled, "You fucked him
didn't you? You two are fucking for a while now, of course. Was it good
little bitch? I bet it wasn't. That little brat could never statisfy you.
I can and I will show you. You have already given away the virginity of
your pussy, so I will take that of your ass."

Misty hadn't listened to James evil outburst, the pain in her pussy was
taking up all her attention, so she didn't know what fate was going to be
layed upon her within seconds.

James stuck a finger up her ass. It slid deep inside her and made Misty's
eyes widen with fear. "He couldn't possibly be thinking of fucking me there?"
she thought. It hit her that in his current condition, it would be probable.
She tried to free herself one more time, letting go of the fact that she
couldn't possibly break the shackles. She didn't care if it couldn't be done,
reason would have to step aside for a bit and give her a break. But of
course, the shackles held strong and reason was planning to stay a little

The touch of the head of James cock against her asshole drove away her last
hope, the world danced before her eyes. James grabbed her buttocks and forced
them apart. Misty's holes opened up, inviting his cock to enter and have a
good time. Who could resist such an invitation? James entered Misty's
backdoor. He felt his cock forcing it's through her inside. The tightness of
her ass was astonishing, more and more of his cock buried itself in her hole,
ripping through her anal virginity. At last he was balls-deep inside of her.
He moved slowly in and out, not paying attention to the muffled screams of
pain and horror of the cute little girl. He was hurting her like hell and he
liked it, every stroke made him feel terribly good and her terribly bad.
That's the way things worked down in this dungeon.

James finally had his revenge. He moved faster in and out of the poor girl,
driving himself mad with pleasure. He felt his orgasm build up and while he
banged Misty's ass at full might he felt his eruption was near. James bent
over Misty driving his cock in her as far as he could. There it exploded,
filling her up. His cum spurted through her inside, leaking out. James
gathered all his strength and withdrew himelf. Moments later he collapsed on
the floor, deep asleep, leaving Misty, face down, cum dripping ass up,
locked tight. Misty had lost conciousness somewhere between all the action,
overpowered by the pain.

Misty was the first to wake. Confused, she looked around. Memories of the
last few hours leaked back into her mind. Flashes of pain, humiliation and
an evil laughing James danced before her eyes. She shut them, shook her head
for a while and opened them again. She was cold, miserable and confused, but
alive. When she tried to stand up, she noticed she couldn't move, her wrists
and ankles were still tightly kocked to the massive wooden block. It was
then that the door swung open.

Ash, Brock and Pikachu were standing in the doorway. They didn't need much
imagination to know what had been going on in here. They freed Misty and
since her clothes were cut to pieces, dressed her with merely a blanket. In
complete silence they tied up James and left. James slept through the whole
thing. In order to ever get over this series of events, they decided never
to speak of it again and just get on with their lives.

Ash, Brock and Misty were on the read, as usual, to the next gym (next


Misty, Ash and Brock never made it to FOX Studios. This has a couple of
reasons. For one, they didn't want to be recorded for the show called Pokemon
anymore, because it would envolve meeting Team Rocket, thus James, again.
Second, FOX Studios doesn't exist in their world, it only does in ours and in
a world where everyone is made out of 0's and 1's which we call cyperspace
and in which this story exists and now finishes.

The End


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