Author note: This story is set in the fictional world of pokemon. The story is set just before Ash is leaving with Brock to visit the Hoenn region. Misty is leaving to start her duties as the Cerulean City gym leader. Their friend from their travels in the Orange Islands, Tracey, has joined them for their last few days together. This is my first

This is my first ever story. If you have any feedback, whether good or bad, please email it to [email protected], and if you do like it and have any requests please feel free to email them too.

Pokemon: Ash's Final Victory (mf,Mf,MMFF,oral,anal,first,slash,ncon,cons)
by Mr M W


Tracey Sketchit climbed out of the sidecar he had been riding in since Fuschia Town, the bike had been driven by the insanely beautiful Officer Jenny, who was coming up to Celadon to meet her close friend Nurse Joy. Tracey couldn't help but admire the policewoman, her honourable work, her ideas of right and wrong, and her sexy uniform. He could feel his cock bulge as he thought of the long journey up bike road as he could still picture her luscious ass wriggling under the thin strip of blue material that she called a uniform, begging to break free. He could make out the line of a thong, and since then he could see it every time he closed his eyes. He couldn't wait to jack off to that image. He snapped back to reality when he heard the call "Hey Tracey, how are you," It was his good friend Ash Ketchum. He smiled in anticipation of the night, he knew it would be a good one.


Brock woke with a feeling in his head that a hundred angry Beedrills were using fury attack at once.

"Aww shit," he moaned out load, "what the fuck happened last night?"

"You acted like a total ass, that's what happened," answered a female voice in an angry tone. He knew that voice, it belonged to someone who was cute when they were angry, but who?

"I can't believe you acted like you did. Why does every male figure in my life act like a cunt. Ash owes me a fucking bike, now you two get absolutely pissed and blow all our money!" And all of a sudden all his memories came rushing back to him like a dam breaking. The cute voice belonged to Misty, the smoking hot redhead who travelled with him and Ash on their adventures. Him and Tracey had had a bit too much to drink and had ended up spending loads of the money. They had gone to a strip club and paid for a dance, but had got chucked out when they pulled down their shorts and asked for a blowjob. They'd done that at three strip clubs, before paying some sluts to suck their cocks. Misty had left in disgust early in the night, and Ash had followed, sensing an opportunity to make a move. Obviously nothing had happened, or Misty would have been in a better mood.

* * *

Misty stormed into Tracey's room in such a mood, ready to continue her rant, but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw his unconscious body sprawled out on the bed, or more specifically his exposed cock peeking out from some shaggy black pubes. She gasped in amazement because it was the first real dick she had ever seen. She had heard other girls boasting about how they had seen tons, and even sucked them. She thought she had to try, just to see what it was like, and to get some practice. She really desired Ash, but she did not want to disappoint him, so she couldn't let an opportunity like this pass. She locked the door behind her, and crept to the flaccid dick. She wanted to be careful not to wake him, so at first she slowly and carefully touched it on its pink head, and nothing happened. Growing braver, and hornier, she wrapped her hand around the shaft. Still, nothing happened. She lifted the cock up so it was pointing to the ceiling, and put her tongue on his testicle. She slowly moved her tongue up his fast growing penis, savouring the taste. She held him with her left hand, so her other hand was free to do anything. It started on her chest, massaging her tits through the sexy little yellow top she wore. As she licked more, she became hornier, so she slipped her hand under her top, touching and teasing her erect nipples. She could not stop a moan of pleasure from escaping her lips, 'god this felt good.' She opened her mouth wide, leaned down, and stuffed his whole cock in her mouth. The amazing thing was that he was still lying passed out, not feeling a thing. She started to bob up and down, sucking as much of his dick as she could, flicking her tongue across his bell end. As she did this, she moved her hand from her tits to her pants. She slipped her hands down and pushed a finger into her warm moist pussy. The pace picked up, thrusting her fingers into her pussy. All of a sudden, unexpectedly, she could feel Tracey's dick throb much more than usual, then a mass of warm, sticky, white cum filled her mouth. She had no option but to swallow, and she soon felt an orgasm coming on. She started to shake uncontrollably, with her juices gushing out of her twat and pouring onto the tiled floor, 'fuck,' she thought,' he's going to recognise the smell of my pussy juice. There is only one thing for it, I'm going to have to lick it up.' She placed Tracey's body back where it was, bent down, and licked her own juices from the floor. They mixed with the remnants of Tracey's cum in her mouth to create an interesting flavour. Once everything was clean, she left.

* * *

Tracey woke with a smile, he'd had a good night. He'd dreamed that Officer Jenny had given him a blowjob, and it had felt so real. He checked the time, and swore under his breath when he saw it was 4 in the afternoon. He opened the door and was greeted by the noise of a vicious argument.

"Don't you think you are blowing this out of proportion!"

"Shut the fuck up! All I wanted was a nice meal in a post restaurant, but you fucked that up. Now we can only afford dinner for two in a decent place, or all four of us can eat in a shit hole. I am not going to suffer for you being a selfish bastard!"

It was Misty and Brock arguing again, typical.

"So me and Tracey don't get anything to eat then?"

"No, you don't. Me and Ash are going for the meal, I don't give a shit what you two do!"

Brock suddenly turned and saw Tracey.

"There you are. Come on, lets get out of here. I can't stay with that bitch any longer."
He grabbed Tracey's arm and pulled him out of the pokemon centre.

* * *

Ash had been talking to Nurse Joy when he heard the argument. No sooner had it finished than he saw an extremely angry Misty coming his way. He knew better than to get on her bad side, so he used the argument as an opportunity.

"Hey Misty, don't worry about them bums. We can have a good time, can't we?"

Suddenly Misty hugged him and started crying. She managed to blurt out a few words between sobs.

"I'm sorry Ash. I just wanted to have a good last night together before we leave, because who knows when we will see each other again?"

Ash sniffed. She smelt like he did after he tossed off. Strange, but he couldn't dwell on it. Here she was practically, and literally, throwing herself at him. He had to make use of the situation.

"Why don't we go and get dressed posh and go by ourselves? I can leave all my pokemon here."

"Sure" Misty replied. I'll go and get changed."

* * *

Thanks to Brock and Tracey spending all their money, they could only afford two cheap rooms, each with only one king sized bed. Misty and Ash shared a room, but she had made him sleep on the couch. This'd had its advantages though, as he had been able to plant his hidden cameras. Ash had been attracted to Misty for a long time, and had first seen her naked by accident. They had camped by a river in the middle of nowhere a long time ago, and Misty had gone to bathe by the river. She didn't believe that you could bathe with a bikini on, so she always went naked, after making the boys promise to stay away from the river. While she was bathing, Ash had needed a piss, but he had to go away from the camp or he could attract rattatas and weedils, so he had to go away from the camp. It was dark, so he chose a route which he had calculated would take him away from camp without taking him too close to the river. But his sense of direction had never been brilliant, so he ended up almost walking into the open where Misty was. 'Shit,' he had thought at first, 'if she finds me I'm dead.' But all thoughts left him once he saw her naked frame in the water. She was waist deep, the moonlight sparkled off her breasts, driving him crazy. She had a petit frame, with small firm tits that suited her perfectly, with beautiful small nipples erect from the cold water. She was washing her hair so her arms were above her head, with her tits being stretched and fully exposed. Just as Ash thought she couldn't get any better, she left the river and walked to the bank. He couldn't believe it, she was completely exposed. She had a nicely trimmed triangle of red pubic hair, and Ash fell in love with the sight of her pussy. He almost fainted when she propped one leg up against a tree and started trimming her pubes. Her cunt was wide open! He could see her clit, and vowed to see it more often. He quickly returned to camp and made some excuses to Brock for why he was so long, but never told him the truth. Brock was much hornier than he was, and we wanted to keep the truth to himself. In the next town he spent some of his victory money from his last gym win on a micro camera and a small screen, and since then whenever he could he spied on her. In the shower, getting changed in the tent when they camped, even on the toilet. Ash had vowed that one day he would taste that pussy, but now he was running out of time.

* * *

Misty stood in front of the mirror in her room, looking at the reflection. She was pleased with her work on Tracey, it was all part of the plan to seduce Ash. One night she had been sharing a room with him in a pokemon centre a while ago and had seen quite a sight. She had been lying in bed thinking about all her great water pokemon when she had heard a strange squelching sound, and a quiet grunting. Without letting Ash know she was awake, she turned to face him, still pretending to be asleep. The sound stopped for a few seconds, then soon started again. She opened one eye a little, and saw Ash with his pyjama shorts pulled down to his knees, stroking his 8-inch cock. Next to him was her bottle of oil she used to massage her legs, which explained why it kept on running out so quick. She was mesmerised by the sight, and couldn't stop her hand from moving down to her pussy. She quickly orgasmed, somehow without letting Ash realise that she was awake. Since then she had wanted to see that again, but never had. She couldn't forget the sight of his cum flying into the air and landing on his chest.

She was pleased with how her body was developing. She cupped her breasts in her hands, they were definitely bigger than they used to be. Though her body had developed, she had never changed her outfit, so now she really filled out her yellow cropped top and the tiny blue shorts she always wore. She hadn't changed because she tried to arouse Ash, but if it worked she could not tell. 'Right,' she thought, 'now I have perfected the blowjob, I need to work on stripping sexily.' She started by swaying her hips from side to side, and moved her hands all over her young body. She put her hands against the mirror and bent over, without realising it giving Ash's camera a great view of her ass. She started to shake her ass, and half slipped her shorts off, showing the top of her lacy panties. She slowly turned around, and pulled off the braces that held her shorts up. They fell to the ground, reviling her sexy underwear. She was wearing black panties which were completely see through at the back, and a bit at the front, so her thin line of neat red pubic hair was visible to the camera. She leaned forward and squeezed her arms together, making her tits bigger. 'Ugly,' she thought. 'Maybe it's the outfit, I should change into something else, something a bit sexier.'

* * *

Brock was furious with Misty, so he and Tracey decided to drink their troubles away. They were quite drunk when they stumbled on the Officer Jenny that had brought Tracey up and Nurse Joy. Neither was wearing their usual uniform, Joy was wearing a yellow mini dress with an extremely low neckline, so her ample breasts were plain to see. Jenny wore a purple dress that hardly covered the sexy ass Tracey was obsessed with.

"Hey ladies," Tracey called, "do you know how much a snorlax weighs?"

"No?" Joy replied.

"Me neither but it breaks the ice," Brock finished, he knew all the bad chat up lines.

"Jesus Christ that was terrible" Jenny said, but the boys ignored her, they were on a roll.

"Do you want a battle?" Tracey asked, "I'll make my metapod harden, then you can lickitung it, I'll beedrill you and to finish off I will squirtle all over you."

Joy chuckled, and said to Jenny "you have to admire their spirit."

"I'll tell you what," Jenny replied, "I'll go for a drink with you if you stop the embarrassing chat up lines."

Brock couldn't believe it. He was glad they were not with Ash and Misty.

* * *

Ash finished getting changed and came out of the bathroom where he had been forced to wait. He liked the sight that greeted his eyes. Misty was wearing a smoking hot form fitting blue dress that made her look hotter than usual. Her hair was let down and straightened, she looked less like a tomboy and more like someone who he would like to fuck.

"Do you want to get going" Misty asked, seeing that Ash was lost for words. That was perfect, just the reaction she had wanted. It was now her move, and she had a plan. She grabbed his hand. "Come on, we don't want to be late."

* * *

An hour after Brock, Tracey, Joy and Jenny had reached the club they were all very drunk. Brock and Joy went up to the bar to get some more drinks, and when they returned they saw Jenny sitting on Tracey's lap, with his hands on her ass. They decided to leave them to it and went to dance. Joy wasn't wearing a bra, so her tits bounced as she danced. This gave Brock a boner, which can't have gone unnoticed. It didn't, Joy saw it and pushed her body against Brock's, feeling it press against her pubes. Brock felt it, but he didn't have time to react, as Joy pushed her tongue inside his mouth as soon as it opened. Brock didn't complain, and used the chance to slip his fingers up her dress and massaged her clit through her thong. They did this for a while, until a security guard chucked them out, along with Tracey and Jenny, because he had got his cock out. All feeling horny, they quickly went back to the room at the pokemon centre.

* * *

Misty and Ash were walking in the park after there meal, and Misty's plan was about to spring into action. The day before she had paid some thug to pretend to mug her, so Ash could save her and she could 'thank' him. They were walking alone a dark path alone when a huge powerful man jumped out.

"Hey, red, give me your money!" he shouted. Misty screamed and jumped behind Ash, pressing her erect nipples against his back.

"Piss off you thug" Ash yelled reaching for his belt. He would defeat this guy with one of his pokemon. 'Shit they aren't here' he realised. 'What the fuck am I going to do?' He realised he had no other option, so he tackled this guy to the ground, punching his face until he felt his nose crack and break underneath his fist. Shocked by the ferocity of the attack, the man mountain turned and ran, pleased with his nights work. The fake blood looked good. Meanwhile Misty almost jumped at Ash, hugging him and kissing his cheeks.

"Thank you. That was so brave. Thank you. You are my hero!" she cried as she embraced him. She could feel his rock hard cock bulge and throb under his pants, but pretended she had not realised. "We had better get back to the room."

* * *

Once the four horny people were inside the room they quickly started to furiously kiss and feel each other up. They only stopped to swap partners. They quickly all stripped to their underwear. The boys had massive boners that they did nothing to hide.

"All right ladies," Brock said, "Which one of you wants a piece of the Brock first. Don't worry, you can both get a turn."

Jenny looked mischievous, "I have a better idea. How about me and Joy make out and strip each other until we're completely naked. Does that sound sexy?"

"Hell yeah," Tracey replied, "That sounds great!"

"One condition," Jenny said grinning, "You have to suck Brock's dick for a minute.

Tracey glanced at Brock, "Is it worth it?"

"Fuck off" was the reply.

"Look how hot they look though." Just to prove a point, Joy licked the back of Jenny's leg from her foot to her ass.

"Thirty seconds," Brock said, pulling off his underwear. His ten-inch cock sprung out, shocking everyone with its size. He closed his eyes and said, "Get it over with then." Tracey grudgingly sucked it, with only the thought of the girls keeping him going.

"There!" he said after thirty seconds. "Now your turn!"

"Fair enough," was the reply, and Jenny turned to Joy. The two women began to kiss furiously, making lots of noise and moaning as they each squeezed the other's tits. The sight was so arousing the boys could not help stroking their dicks. There were two fully grown women in revealing lingerie making out and fondling each other. It was the sort of stuff dreams were made of. Joy looked over.

"I think they are enjoying this."

"You think?" was the reply from Jenny. "Then lets turn up the heat a bit," and with that she picked up Joy and threw her onto the bed. Joy automatically spread her legs wide open and Jenny pulled down her thong. She regarded the pussy with admiration, looking at the beauty of the completely hairless cunt in front of her. She leaned down, stuck out her tongue, and flicked in back and forth against the lips of Joy's vagina. Joy moaned at the sensation, but Jenny stopped.

"Why the fuck have you stopped?"

"I'm taking it slow, and I don't want to wear all this clothing, I should take some off," and she took her bra off, showcasing her massive breasts.

"Fucking hell," said Tracey, "they're huge."

"Come here and have a feel then."

Tracey walked over and grabbed the big, soft tit in his hand. He nibbled on the nipple, which caused Jenny to gasp and moan, and then she leant back down and resumed her licking of Joy's pussy. Brock walked over to Joy, once she saw him she grabbed his cock and pulled it into her mouth. They continued like that for a while, with Tracey playing with Jenny's tits, who was licking out Joy, who was sucking Brock's cock. There was a fair bit of moaning, grunting and sucking sounds. Tracey was the first one to make a move, he walked behind Jenny, pulled her thong to the side and put his dick against her pussy. He started to slowly push it in, but was surprised when Jenny grabbed hold of his ass and pulled towards her, making Tracey thrust his dick right inside her.

"Oooh fuck yeah. That feels good. Don't stop. Keep going, shit this is awesome," Jenny cried out.

* * *

Next door it was a different scene, Ash and Misty had just got back into the room and sat down. Misty looked at Ash.

"You got blood on your shirt!" she exclaimed. "You'd better take it off so we can clean it." So Ash took his shirt off and sat there in his trousers.

"You have a scratch on your stomach," Misty pointed out, "it mush be from when you landed on the ground next to that guy. It looks bad, so I had better clean it. The only problem is that it goes down onto your leg. You should take your trousers off."
Ash went bright red. "I don't think that is a good idea," he stuttered, knowing that she would see his boner.

"We have to though, or it could get infected. I'll tell you what. Will you be less embarrassed if I take off my dress as well, then we will both be in our underwear?"

"Erm, sure, if you want," was the reply that she received. Ash couldn't believe his luck, she was stripping off in front of him voluntarily. She unzipped the back of her dress, and pulled it down to her ankles, stepping out of it. She was wearing some matching pink lingerie, a thong that had a small gap that showed her neatly trimmed line of red pubic hair, and a bra that had holes where her nipples were.

"Right then Ash Ketchum, lets take off your clothes." She made him stand up and pulled off his trousers, allowing his rock hard dick to spring up. Misty grinned at him, seeing his embarrassment. "Well I am afraid we are going to have to take off your boxers, there might be some bruising. Ash didn't complain, and just stood there as Misty took off the last bit of his clothing. It fell to the floor, and he was instructed to lay down. She said "this may hurt a bit, so I suggest that you close your eyes." Ash again did as he was instructed, and got a welcome surprise. He felt something touching his penis, and opened his eyes to see Misty leaning against his body, brushing his cock against her leg. He didn't complain, he was finally getting what he wanted.

* * *

Brock had changed to pumping his cock in and out of Joy's ass hole, she had joined Jenny in kneeling on all fours on the bed. They were both moaning, enjoying the pounding they were receiving. Tracey picked up the pace, going faster and faster, getting closer and closer to orgasm. Joy turned so she was lying on her back, and Brock put his cock up to her pussy, and slowly pushed it in. Joy's cunt was steaming hot and so tight that it feels like a thousand needles were massaging his cock. He repeated the slow sliding in and out until she was arching her back and raising her hips up to meet the strokes. His balls were slapping her ass as she grinded her clit against him. Suddenly he couldn't hold it any more, and began to cum. Spurt after spurt erupted from his cock into her pussy, he could hear Tracey doing the same.

After they had recovered for a while, they laid on the bed side by side, Jenny climbed onto Brock this time, and Joy went to Tracey. They started bouncing, and as they did that Brock was playing with Jenny's tits and Tracey was fingering Joy's asshole, as the girls kissed each other. During the course of the night there were many different positions, and they all orgasmed many times.

* * *

Misty decided to give the blowjob of her life, making the one that she gave Tracey look boring. "I want to suck your cock," she whispered. "I want to make you cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your cum and then lick you clean." Kneeling on the bed, between his legs, she leaned down, rubbing her tits along his thighs. Then, catching his cock in the valley between them, she slid her body forward. Her nipples grazed Ash's stomach as she slid higher until her nipples were touching his. She started kissing him and gently rocked her panty-covered mound against his cock. Her nipples were rubbing lightly up and down his chest. "I can't wait to taste you," she whispered and began kissing a trail from his chin to his chest. She sucked Ash's nipples into her mouth; first the left one and then the right one, nibbling them until they harden on his chest. She continued kissing down his stomach, planting a kiss on the end of his erect cock. It was rock hard and sticking straight up, but she bypassed it to lick all around his balls. Finally, she took one long lick, gliding her tongue from his balls to the tip of his cock. Slipping just the tip in her mouth, she ran her tongue over the end of it. "Do you like that?" she asked, lifting her lips from Ash's cock. "Would you like some more?"

"Fucking hell, Misty. That was amazing. Where did you learn to do it like that?"

"If you think that is good wait until you see the rest of it."

She started licking long strokes up the under side of his cock, nibbling the end, until he thought he would explode. Taking Ash's cock in her hand, she began stroking up and down, while her other hand caressed his balls. Slipping her mouth over the end of his saliva-coated cock, she started gently sucking. As he was wondering how long he would be able to hold out if she kept this up, her tongue flicked the underside of his cock, just under the head. That turned out to be the final stroke as he came. Long spurts hit her in her face, covering her in sperm. Ash laid there for a while, panting. Once he had recovered he rolled Misty onto her back, stripping her so she was completely naked. He had also had some practice at this kind of stuff, having enjoyed fucking several female gym leaders in his time. Whitney had been his favourite, but he had also enjoyed Erica and Claire. He traced a circle around her tits with his finger, then bent my head down and sucked her left nipple into his mouth. Massaging her tit with his hand, he took the nipple between his teeth, biting gently, as he flicked the tip of it with his tongue. After a while he gave the same treatment to the right one. While still nibbling on her nipple, he moved his hand down from her breast, across her stomach and into her panties. Combing his fingers through her blonde hair, he felt the heat even before he touched the moisture. He rubbed his finger up and down her juicy slit. She was soaking wet and his finger easily slipped inside her pussy. He started moving his finger in and out, while rubbing his hand against her mound.

"God, Ash! Yes!" She moved her ass off the bed, humping his finger and holding his head against her tit. He kissed his way from her tits to her chin, before pressing his lips against hers and slipped his tongue in her mouth. While twisting his tongue around hers, he slipped another finger into her pussy. She was humping hard against Ash's two fingers, as he shunted them in and out, creating a sloshing sound with her juices.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Ash! Ohhhhhhh!" she moaned. Bucking hard against his fingers, she clamped her legs together, trapping his fingers inside her. Pushing down hard against his hand, she worked her tongue deeper into his mouth. Finally, relaxing her legs, she dropped them back on the bed, her pussy quivering around his fingers. Ash moved his mouth from hers and she gasped for air.

"Misty, you're so hot," said Ash, "Can you suck me off again?"

"I don't really want to suck you off again, Ash," she said quietly, as she kept lightly stroking his cock. "I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me, Ash."

She moved her hand down from his cock shaft and started to play with his balls. He was as hard as a rock and he knew her pussy was as ready as it was ever going to be for her to lose her virginity with as little pain as possible.

"It might hurt a little at first," he told her. "It might be better if you're on top and lower yourself onto me, so you control how fast it goes."

"I trust you Ash, and besides it's like a swamp down there right now, after what you've been doing to me. I think you'll slip right in without much problem, don't you." He laughed at her description of herself and kissed her hard on her lips.

"I love you, Lisa," Ash whispered as he pulled his mouth from hers and looked her in the eyes. "I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you." He slowly slid his cock head inside her pussy. He had positioned himself over her as they were kissing, and now he watched her face as he gently pushed his cock in a little farther.

"You are the most beautiful, sexy, delicious girl in the whole fucking world," he said; pushing very slowly inside her well lubricated, little hole. She smiled at him and raised her knees off the bed, spreading her legs wider apart. She was extremely tight, but her juices helped Ash to slide about half way in.

She started kissing him again, as his cock head started to meet resistance. He was pushing against her hymen. He pulled back, sliding his hard cock along the narrow channel of her velvety pussy.

"This is it," he said, locking eyes with her. "Are you sure?" Instead of answering him, she raised her feet off the bed, wrapping them tightly around his ass. Pushing down with her heels and thrusting her hips upward, she plunged his cock down into her pussy the rest of the way.

"Arrgghhhh!" Misty cried, as Ash's cock broke through and his balls slapped her ass. He gently rested her back down on the bed and just held her without moving.

"You okay, Misty?" Ash asked, watching her face for signs of regret.

"Yeah," she smiled, although it was almost a grimace. "It surprised me mostly, but I'm getting used to it now," she said, wiggling around, trying to get comfortable. She was so tight, and the inside of her pussy was so hot against his cock, it felt like her juices were boiling.

"It feels pretty wonderful, Ash," she said, after a minute. "Your cock fills me up like your fingers never could." She relaxed her legs and moved her feet back onto the bed, keeping her knees up and her legs spread wide apart.

"Fuck me, Ash. I'm ready for you to really fuck me!"

Ash slowly pulled the entire length of his cock out of her snug, little pussy until just the head was inside. Then, just as slowly, he pushed it all the way back in. She was steaming hot and so tight that it felt like a thousand needles were massaging his cock. He repeated the slow sliding in and out until she was arching her back and raising her hips up to meet his strokes. It was like a dream. He was actually fucking Misty! His cock was sliding in and out of his old friend's tight, virgin pussy. No one will ever feel her pussy like he was feeling it right now. He started pumping faster.

"Yeah, Ash, faster like that. I want you to fuck me faster." Misty was now raising up her ass and matching him stroke for stroke. Her hands were gripping his back, pulling him tightly against her. His face was buried in her neck and his arms were under her shoulders. With his hands holding her body from sliding up the bed, he slammed his cock harder into her pussy. His balls were slapping her ass and she was grinding her clit against him as he plunged deeper and deeper into her hot, virgin hole.

"Keep going faster, Ash! Yeah, harder like that. Don't stop, Ash. Don't stop. Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh God! Ash! Ash! Pleeeeeeeezz don't stop!! Ohhhhhhhh." She was clawing at his back and screaming as they keep up the pounding rhythm of their lovemaking. She was getting close and he was trying hard to keep up with her, as she arched up and down faster and faster, pushing his cock in and out of her incredibly tight pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, Don't stop, Ash! I'm cumming!" She wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly to her. He pounded into her as hard as he could. His balls were slapping against her ass and he could actually hear his cock moving in and out of her slushy, wet pussy. When her fiery pussy walls clamped down on his rigid cock, it put him over the top and the first load of cum, to ever touch her virgin pussy, was squeezed out in spasmic bursts from his hard, throbbing cock. She bucked and shivered as their orgasms met each other in a climatic push and she wrapped her legs around him, holding him deep inside her.

They were both panting and he could feel her chest rise and fall against his. He turned his head and kissed her gently on the lips. They stay tensely pushed up against each other, waiting for their orgasms to subside. His cock was fully spent inside her and he could feel her pussy pulsating around it. He relaxed a little as he lay there on top of her, catching his breath. Neither of them said anything for a long time. They just held on to each other basking in the afterglow of their first time. Misty was the first to speak.

"That was wonderful, Ash!" she said, turning her head to look at him. "It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. You were so gentle and so loving. And of course, you had gotten me so hot." She was smiling up at him with her head tilted to one side. "So, still think being with your best friend is weird? Do you think what we're dong is wrong?"

"It isn't weird, Misty. What's weird is that you're so incredibly sexy; you make me forget about any girl I've ever fantasized about," He said, kissing her on her lips. "I really love you Misty, and I don't want to stop what we've started. But you've got to go to look after Cerulean gym, and I've got to go to Hoenn."


The next day they met up with Brock and Tracey, who seemed in an unusually good mood considering the argument that had recently happened, Tracey left first, going back to Palet Town to continue his research with Professor Oak. After he had left Ash showed Misty his gift for her, a new bike with a note attached saying, "thanks for all the memories. And thanks for last night. Until next time....'. Then they parted, not to see each other for a long time, but when they did, it was a night to remember.


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