Warning:Ladies reading this story may have side effects including multiple
orgasms, sex/sperm addiction, and the desire to be fuck silly by the author.
You have been warned:) PS - I'd like to thank my new editor for his help on
grammar and spelling.

Planescape: Abyssal Unicorn (MF,F-best,humil,magic,mc)
by Omega Phallic

"The legends never said anything about them being so very well, ah, male"
Princess Ilyonia Moonsprite muttered to herself as she stared at the
magnificent unicorn drinking from the stream just on the opposite bank.

"Come..come here boy, come on boy" the nervous Princess called, uncertain how
exactly to call to him. It had been over thousands of years since any Elves
had set a Kingdom up on this continent, before the original continent, the
original Fuarun, had ripped into so many smaller ones.

This beast was different from the Unicorns from old Kingdom, the Kingdom of
the Elves, for this one was completely red.

Goofther Uhdolducks, or Ducky as she called him, her Gnomish tutor told her
once of his theory of Punctuated Equilibrium, which he used to explain way
the Gnomes of this land looked so different from their brethren on Fuarun.
They looked more like old wizened human’s than Gnomes! Or at lest the males
did, the females were very beautiful, with multicoloured hair, and big tits.
They called themselves Gotill Gnomes.

The Princess was far from normal herself with beauty that outshone her rivals
and tits that would have been big on a human, but which looked huge on her
lithe form. Not mention long wavy turquoise hair that she pushed back around
her pointed ears.

The Princess knelt down on the ground to get a drink of the sweet stream
water herself, not realizing that she was baring an unseemly amount of
cleavage to the unicorn's gaze, finally catching its attention with her
massive tits without realizing it.

Kornixok was an Abyssal Unicorn, bred on this continent by Succubi to rape
young virgin females till they became addicted to cock.

For the longest time the pussy on this continent was piss poor. All he ever
captured were harpies. Those Gnome sluts knew to have Jade necklaces, which
had the power to drive his kind way.

This Elvish bitch on the other hand just wore a silver necklace around her
neck, with an Amber amulet, nestled deep in her cleavage. This Elven cunt
would be his in no time.

Princess Ilyonia grinned once she noticed that she’d captured his attention.
She blushed when she noticed him looking down her dress, and chastened
herself for being foolish. What interest would a Unicorn have in breasts, no
matter how big and beautiful they were.

It was then that she was telekinetically lifted off the ground. She didn't
have much time to wonder at this as the laces on her dress began undoing

Ilyonia shrieked in terror, called out for help, but to no avail. Her huge
tits burst free from her dress as her clothes were ripped right off her,
leaving her naked but for her Amber necklace.

Ilyonia gave the amulet a silent command to summon a hero to save her, cause
a tiny mote of magic to drift away upon her errand.

* * *

Far away, in a hell choked with Ash, the nameless one, was caught with his
friends Morte, Annaka, and Fall-From-Grace in battle against a Pit Fiend,
when a portal appeared, stealing them and the Pit Fiend into the Mortal
Realm, the Material Plane, just as the mote of magic had planned...

* * *

Meanwhie, looking the Unicorn in the eyes, Ilyonia knew it was behind her
humiliation, evil and lust radiated off it.

Letting her down, the Unicorn forced her to ford the stream, which came up to
her neck. Ilyonia held her hair up so as not to get it wet as her legs moved
of their own accord thanks to Kornixok.

Kornixok summoned his five Imp puppet slaves to help him break the Elvish
Princess along with his Succubus Mother, who'd reward him greatly for
inviting her. He needed to use the Imps to help rape her, to break her
spirit, twist her into his bitch, for like a vampire, he couldn't enter
unless invited. It was a cruel twist caused by the last shred of goodness
in him, from his Unicorn father, which couldn't be destroyed, no matter
how hard his mother had raped his father.

Forcing Princess Ilyonia onto her hands and knees in such away that her tits
were thrust out, the lead Imp grabbed onto Ilyonia's huge jugs, crudely
fondling the Elvish Princess. Kornixok used his psi powers to make her tits
ten times more sensitive; which, in conjunction with the Imp's hands on her
tits, left her within inches of a mind blowing titgasm, but then the Imp

"Beg for it you Elvish whore, beg to have those enormous melons of yours
played with!" the Imp demanded, beginning Ilyonia's training.

"Go buttfuck an Orc!" Ilyonia countered. She was an Elvish Princess of the
Moonsprite Royal house, legendary among Elves for their stamina and will. She
wasn't going to be easy to break, but she was worth it, in spades. Her beauty
was already a thing of legends, with ballads sung to it, even though she'd
just entered adulthood as Elves reckon such things.

One of the Imps moved a cauldron of water under her tits, which the Unicorn
heated up with his magic. He used his powers to force her shove her warhead
shaped tits into the hot water.

It wasn't enough to leave a burn, but the pain was still incredible,
especially given her enhanced sense of touch.

Ilyonia lasted longer then Kornixok had anticipated. He was about to pull
her tits out of the water, when Ilyonia finally broke. "Please, by the Gods,
squeeze my big tits master, I want you to grab me by my tits, please I'm
begging you to use me, I live to please you" Ilyonia pleaded, the pain too
much for her.

The water was removed and the lead Imp went back to molesting Princess
Ilyonia's ample chest. "Your going to make a great fuck slave won't you
Princess?" he asked, grinning a hideous smile that churned Ilyonia's

Ilyonia bit her lip, not wanting to say such humiliating words, but her fear
of the hot water was worse. "Yes master, I'm going make a great fuck slave,
the tightest, bustiest, and sluttiest bitch my master owns" she added, her
vanity getting the best of her. Ilyonia was a singer and a poet and as such
always embellished her words, even humiliating ones.

The lead Imp pulled off it's loin cloth revealing the massive beast
underneath, causing the Elf Princess to tremble in fear at the sight.

Covered in small bristles and with a set of nuts that wrapped around its cock
like a donut, it was a ghastly sight to see, yet some part of the Princess
thrilled at the sight, creating dragon sized butterflies in her stomach that
migrated to her cunt and tits.

"Tell me, in great detail how much you really, really, want my dick between
your soft tits" the Imp commanded the Princess.

Princess Ilyonia looked into his eyes defiantly, her will resolved against
this new assault.

The lead Imp cast his spell and tiny living motes of light swirled around the
Princess' tender tits, every time one them made contact with her delectable
flesh, it zapped her.

Such contact grew more and more frequent, the pain was astonishing, but so
was her response, her breath turned heavy again and an unquestionable look of
growing arousal was painted on her face along with the pain.

"Oh, oh, OH!" Ilyonia cried, trying to resist her growing pleasure. Ilyonia
was an incredible sight, her face was stunning, with a slightly upturned
nose, now scrunched up as she exerted her will, full pink lips, looking like
they would be at home around any man's cock, her beautiful green eyes a
window to her soul as it told the story of her body's own betrayal.

Ilyonia whimpered and clutched the ground helplessly as she started to cum,
sticky juice flowing down her legs, the explosion of heart stopping pleasure
in her soft, perfectly sculpted, gravity defying, flawless, gigantic tits,
breaking her resistence just enough to get her to do as she was told this

"Please, please master, I want that huge, hot, demon cock of your enveloped
in my soft mam meat, please master I need to feel your dick pumping hard
between my huge mountains, 'til you spray all your cum on me, I've never had
my tits fucked, but I need it so bad, please hose my beautiful virgin tits
with your glorious cum!" Ilyonia pleaded, biting her lip gently at the end.

"You do like my big tits, don't you master, they're so firm, yet so pillowy
soft, not a flaw on them, don't you think my tits are the most beautiful
things you've ever seen?" Ilyonia asked teasingly, knowing full well they
were the most stunning, glorious, and beautiful sight on the entire continent
of Gotill.

The lead Imp's smile was as hideous as a zombie dung beetle's, without the
beetle's dubious charm. He moaned from deep within his lungs, as the best
tits in all of Gotill were wrapped around his dick meat. Never had he
experienced anything thing as sublime, as heavenly, mind numbingly, breath
takingly, pleasurable, as the way Princess Ilyonia's Goddess worthy tits
felt around his huge, but worthless cock. If he died while Princess Ilyonia
fucked his dick with her royal grade mammaries, he'd have died the happiest
Imp in all the multiverse.

Looking up into the Imp's eyes as her huge pillowy boulders moved up and
down his shaft, her silky soft tits devouring his massive dick meat in their
rapturous heat, Ilyonia was actually getting turned on, not only by the
feeling of the enormous tool between her breasts, but by the utter and total
pleasure in the Imp's eyes at her touch.

Ilyonia felt guilty for getting turned on, she was being forced to commit
these vile acts after all, with an Imp no less, but she lied to herself,
telling herself that she was simply losing herself in the role so they
wouldn't torture her, but deep down inside, in the place hidden from the
rest of her mind, she knew she was just a big breasted slut.

The Imp, close to cumming, grabbed her tits himself, and started fucking away
like a crazed savage beast, his claws digging into the Princess' tit meat,
but not drawing blood, as he pumped away with the speed and power of a diving

"Oh gods, I'm cumming, oh Gods I must be the sluttiest fucking whore in the
realms for cumming on an Imp's cock!" Princess Ilyonia screamed at the top of
her lungs, almost in tears as a titgasm ravished her body, mind, and soul,
stealing away her reason, leaving only her ample chest, and her hunger for
the Imp's hot sperm, wanting the salty man butter to bathe her royal mam meat
more than she'd dreamed was possible in her worst nightmares.

Sperm erupted from the Imps cock like a volcano, flying high up into the
air, to splatter her gorgeous mammaries with the spunk of twelve men. The
goo dripped down her breasts, and onto her trim stomach, spraying up into
her pretty face, into her open mouth, even giving the defiled and debased
Princess the finest pearl necklace she'd ever owned.

In the mess of the Imp's orgasm Princess Ilyonia whispered the word that
triggered the magic in her amber necklace, a spell that would summon a
champion from across worlds to try and save her.

The ground shuddered under the Nameless one's feet as he battled his own
mortality, his friends dead at his feet.

He'd finally made it to his mortality's Keep on the negative energy plane,
had fought the shadows of the mortal's who'd died in his place, to face his
mortality in the hopes that defeating it would restore it to him, make him a
mortal again, save his mind from disappearing forever, only to find rogue
mortality had already slaughtered his friends.

Thinking that the small earthquake that shook the ground was a spell from his
enemy, he attacked, summoning the cannon of Mechanus, blasting his mortality
back, hoping to break the spell, but that did nothing to save him or his dead
friends from being sucked into the portal that opened at his feet, sweeping
him away.

The Imp struck Princess Ilyonia hard across the face as he felt the magic
from her necklace being released.

"So you've summoned a champion to stop me, as if a pathetic immortal could
stop me from breaking you till you beg for my horse like cock!" the Abyssal
Unicorn shouted in her mind, amused, but not frightened at the strange turn
of events.

The Elven tart wasn't the only one with friends in the planes, Kornixok
reached out with his mind to contact his brother, who was visiting their
mother in the Abyss.

"Brother, I need a favor of you, one I think you'll enjoy, I need you need
you to go to the Brothel of Intellectual Lusts and teach the busty sluts
there how a brothel really works" the Abyssal Unicorn sent, giving his
brother the detail as he plucked them from the Nameless One's mind.

Meanwhile the Imps were punishing the Princess, using their huge cocks as
whips, painfully lashing the lovely elf's tender breasts, backside, and face.
Tears were running down Princess Ilyonia's face, but she begged for no mercy.

Finally the pain was too much and the Elvish Princess caved in.

"Please let me suck your dick master, I've never sucked a cock before and I
want your huge Imp cock to be the first cock I ever taste" Princess Ilyonia
begged, humiliated beyond what she thought was possible, fearing the pain
too much to resist any longer.

The lead Imp grinned, smacking Princess Ilyonia in the face with his dick,
his way of offering his cock for her to feast on.

Ilyonia surpressed urge to shudder and sob in disgust, but she fail drive
back her curisity and growing arousal.

Ilyonia stroked the Imp's cock tentatively at first, giving the Imp's shaft
a long lick as she grew bolder.

Finally at the Imp's grunt of impatience, Ilyonia gathered her courage took
the head of the Imp's cock and started sucking on it.

It tasted slimy, but the wickedness of giving head to an Imp of all things,
had the Princess sopping wet, to her shame.

The Princess' lips slowly moved lower on the Imp's sour cock, getting a third
of the beastly dick meat into her mouth and down her gullet, when she moved
back up, before plunging down lower, taking almost the whole throbbing cock
down her throat. The third time was the charm and Princess Ilyonia found her
nose buried in the soft tissue of the Imp's donut shaped nut sack.

Princess Ilyonia moaned loudly around the dick meat lodged in her tight
elvish throat as she gave a messy, choking, world class blowjob to the
seriously ugly Imp.

The Imp grabbed the Elf Princess by her pointy ears so he had something to
hold onto as he fucked her face with everything he had, an all out cock
assault on her lovely mouth.

Ilyonia's disgust fell by the way side, losing herself in the please of her
defilement, her head bobbing worshipfully on the Imp's big twitching cock.

Ilyonia was in for a shock. One of Imps sniffed curiously at Ilyonia dripping
wet quim, before taking a lick, wondering what an Elf's pussy tasted like. It
was better than the Imp imagined, soon the ugly little bugger was rubbing
Ilyonia's clit, while lapping up her cookie juices, drinking thirstily of the
Princess' cunt cream.

Ilyonia was far too gone for the time being to be disgusted by the feel of
Imp tongue, instead she whimpered with uncontrolled lust as pleasure grew
brighter in her young cunt, her pussy milk flowing freeing onto the Imp's
rough tongue.

Princess Ilyonia's cheeks hollowed as she sucked on the Imp with all her
might, the growing pleasure in her wet cunt driving her to greater heights of
cock sucking prowess.

Ilyonia's strong cunt snapped close, trapping the Imp's tongue suddenly,
scaring Imp in the process, as the senstations in her pussy grew and
exploded into a multi-orgasmic supernova, driving out what was left of
the Elf's resistance, leaving only the need to please her well hung

"You like that, don't you bitch?" the Imp fucking her face asked as he
picked up the pace, as did the Imp slurping on her cunt like it was the
little fuckers last meal.

Ilyonia answered in the affirmative by caressing the Imp's donut shaped
testicles, while a third Imp shoved his tongue up her ass, leaving the last
two to suck and fondle her enomous tits.

Milk squirted from Ilyonia's tits in streams, sending ecstasy shooting
throughout the Princess' ample chest, to blend with the agony caused by
having two Imps gnawing harmlessly, but painfully, on her nipples.

"If you like this, you'll loved having our master pop your cherry with his
horsecock, won't you, fuck meat!?!" the lead Imp growled, as he pulled his
dick from her mouth to baptise the beautiful face that had inspired a
thousand ballads to its glory, with hot thick ropy wads of creamy white

"Oh Gods yes, I want my new master to rip my cherry away! Oh Henia Celi! I
want his cock to so bad!" Ilyonia screamed back, in a fit of lust, instantly
regretting her words as the Imp's cum continued to splatter against her face.
By agreeing she'd just sold her soul to the demonic unicorn and she knew it.

The Imps left Princess Ilyonia kneeling in the dirt, her head hung in shame,
and laughed at her defeat.

She was the property and slave of the Abyssal Unicorn for as long as the
immortal perversion of nature lived.

Leaving the drying sperm on her face and big tits, Ilyonia got on all fours,
raising her ass submissively into the air.

Princess Ilyonia felt the heat of Kornixok's cock, as the Abyssal Unicorn
hovered over her.

Princess Ilyonia whimpered and hung her head in shame at the growing wetness
between her legs, her mind and soul abhorred this creature, but her big tits
and sweet young pussy craved its dick.

Her pussy and tits won out, the elvish slut screaming out "Oh Gods, ram that
fucker into me master! Please have mercy, I can't take it any longer! By the
Gods! I swear my soul to you just for one long, hard fuck. Pop my cherry and
make me your whore for all eternity!"

Princess Ilyonia clawed at the ground futilely as the giant horse-like
immortal started to slowly take its time entering her, drowning out her cries
and feasting on her agony.

Kornixok pulled back for the final assault, this bitch would be his plaything
forever once her raped her and he wanted to savor the moment, before he
rammed his cock into her with the force of a war chager, ripping away her
virginity and her future in a single thrust.

Princess Ilyonia was screaming and sobbing in soul searing agony at first,
yet as time went by her screams turned to moans, and her sobbing turned to
pleas for more horse cock.

The Unicorn was pounding into the Princess' hot wet cunt like a dragon diving
from the sky, the pleasure he was causing the Princess making her his.

The Princess' head snapped up fast and her eyes almost glowed with animal
lust, the huge breasted elf surrendering to the all consuming lust that
burned between her legs with heat of a sun.

"Ooooohhhh master! Fuck my cunt! Fuck the living shit out of your cum sluts
cunt! Rape me with that horse cock! By the Elvish Pantheon! I love you
fucking me like an animal! I live only to be filled with cock, any cock!!!"
Ilyonia cried out loudly, the wet slurping sound of the Unicorn's cock nearly
drowning out her degrading pleas.

The Elvish Princess' cunt lips were streched tight over the Unicorn's cock,
leaving cunt juices all over the demonic shaft as they glided along the
beasts massive length.

It felt like she was being split open, but the pain only made the pleasure
that much more intense.

Her twin orbs bounced and jiggled with every thrust, frequently dragging
along the ground roughly.

"Oh Gods that cock's so fucking big! Pound my fucking cunt master! Turn this
spoiled rich Princess into a cum loving whore! Make me a cheap piece of fuck
meat!" Ilyonia wailed under the brutal thrusting of the Aybassal Unicorn.

The pleasure was so intense that Ilyonia was clawing at the dirt, going out
of her mind from the hard nasty fucking she was recieving.

She hated what was happening to her, but her body couldn't help trembling
with excitement at the big thick shaft sliding along her glistening passage.

The walls of Ilyonia's cunt sucked at the mighty cock thrusting between them,
the shear force of the fucking creating an air pocket which caused a vacuum
effect, which meant that the huge breasted Elf Princess' cunt was almost
blowing the demonic Unicorn.

Ilyonia screamed one more time as her multi-orgasmic explosion seemed to
devour every nerve in her body, leaving a drooling idiot, a living
giant-breasted sperm bucket for the Abyssal Unicorn to dump his seed into.

Sperm blasted the walls of her cunt, which had the unusual effect of making
her virgin cunt tighter, yet more elastic, as well as more pain/pleasure

Now that he had mastered and defeated the Princess, owning her completely
thanks to having destroyed her mind and identity, leaving only a cock
addicted pair of enormous tits, he could now turn his attention to the
Nameless One and his band of fellows as well as any allies they'd find
along the way.


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