Disclaimer: I do not own Pitch Perfect or Pitch Perfect 2, nor any of its characters or settings, specifically Beca, Kommissar and Pieter. I make no money from this act of fiction.

Summary: Beca is convinced by Chloe to use her connection with Kommissar, leader of Das Sound Machine, to the advantage of the Bellas. Beca whores herself to Kommissar for DSM throwing the World Championship and allowing the Bellas to win

Pairing: Beca Mitchell/Kommissar/Pieter

Codes: MF, MFF, Anal, DP, Creampie, Oral

Pitch Perfect 2: Reversal of Fortunes Part 3
by The Chemist

It had already been a hell of an evening for young Beca Mitchell. After resigning herself to listening to her best friend Chloe, she headed out to meet with Kommissar in order to save the Barden Bellas. The trade was simple, Beca's sexual willingness to become her slave in exchange for Das Sound Machine throwing the World's away and allowing the disgraced A cappella group to regain their status.

However, the night didn't go as planned, not thus far anyway. It wasn't just Kommissar that was to be her master, but also her right-hand in the group. Pieter was tall, handsome and was more than a foot taller than her. He also had a sexual appetite that appeared as large as his female counterpart's, but he was yet to act...until now.

"Pieter...I do believe it is high time for the gorgeous girl to do something about your needs," Kommissar commented.

"Why Kommissar, I must agree with you," he said with a wide grin.

The tall man was already on his feet and walking over to the side of the bed that Beca was kneeling on. Kommissar had just made her cum so hard that she'd squirted for the first time in her life then humiliated her to remind her of her place by making her drink the fluid that she dropped on the floor.

"Beca, it was very hot seeing you slurp your own cum but you know what else would be hot," Kommissar said, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her slave's ear.

"I think I can imagine," Beca replied.

When Pieter didn't make a move, the American girl took the initiative by using her hands to undone his belt buckle and pants. Once loosened, Kommissar reached down and pulled the flap wide apart before snaking her hand into his boxers and withdrew his erect cock. All while she did this her eyes never left Beca's face, whose eyes conversely never left Pieter's groin, staring with wonder at his his 10 inch member.

"Holy crap it's huge," Beca gawked.

Like a moth drawn towards the flame, Beca reached out her hand towards his good looking cock. Her small fist wrapped around his shaft and stroked it, lightly gliding along his length as though getting a tactile sense for his size.

As she got a feel for what he was working with, Pieter did likewise. Wanting to do more than look at her perky tits, the German reached for them and took them into his hands. They were too large for even his long hands to cover them completely and they felt heavy, which made him even more aroused. He could confirm now that they were real, though he wasn't too surprised since she didn't seem the type to get implants.

Beca moaned from his treatment of her sensitive boobs before she stopped jerking him off as she settled her fingers around his thick base to hold him steady. The much taller man watched in eager anticipation as he released her round globes and straightened up. Diving her head towards his groin, she took his head in her mouth and used her tongue to play with his slit while her plump lips sat teasingly on his sensitive crown.

"Yes," Pieter groaned as the feisty girl first move had its desired effect.

She hated the fact she was cheating on Jesse even though in her mind she was able to justify her actions. However it made what the Germans called her true, that she was a whore. She was pimping out her body in order to save the Bellas, not to mention hers and all the other girls reputations as legitimate musical talents when they applied for jobs in the industry later.

Pushing that from her mind, the petite singer pulled her mouth from his cock, licked her lips then lifted his rod upwards in order to run her tongue along the whole underside of his dick. It was soft as she ran her tongue along the thick vein running up the center, which was in stark contrast to the top of his member, which she then licked all the way down until back at his tip. Pieter grunted his appreciation then grunted again when she captured his tip in her warm mouth and applied the gentlest of suction.

"That's a good start little fairy," Kommissar encouraged her sex slave.

The talented cocksucker continued to orally service just his sensitive tip and proceeding inch of his shaft with short, lingering bobs while the blonde held her hair back out of her face. Finally to his relief Beca pushed her lips down his tool and took in more of his flesh into her moist heat. She allowed a little over 4 inches to slide inside before pulling back slowly along his length until the only contact her lips had with Pieter was on his pee slit. She repeated the action but this time she did it with more speed and continued to do so until she was bobbing at a fast pace.

"Mmmphm...ammmahhm," were the sounds being emitted by Beca's mouth as she noisily slobbered on his fleshy rod.

Kommissar stood back a short distance but her eyes never left the action. Much like she was thinking, the act of Beca blowing her fellow leader of Das Sound Machine was every bit as arousing as she envisioned.

"Stop teasing him and actually blow him," Kommissar instructed.

Beca wasted no time in opening her mouth as wide as possible and taking easily half of his good-sized length between her lips. The next time she worked her way down his cock she didn't stop halfway, instead she relaxed her throat muscles as his tip smacked the back of her mouth and took him completely down. Kommissar smiled down at her, pleased with how well the girl was finally embracing the spirit of the evening and accepting her slave role.

"Mmhmmm...much better," he exclaimed, moist heat working its way over all of his shaft.

Beca inwardly smiled with pride after his compliment of her oral skills but didn't grow complacent. She almost had an arrogance about herself when it came to sex given her wide range of abilities with the jewel of her crown being her blowjobs. Ever since she blew her first dick at 14 years old she realized how much satisfaction she took from them. This confidence grew over the years as she effortlessly learnt how to deepthroat, which made her boyfriend Jesse blow right down her gullet the first few times.

"If you liked that," she said with a glint in her eyes. "Then you should really enjoy this."

Beca took her hands from stroking the remaining portion of his cock to placing them on his hips so her fingers were pressed against his firm ass. Her small but toned biceps bulged as she used the new leverage to drive her face towards him with her mouth still on his cock. Without her hands in the way, it gave the DSM man the ability to have complete control over her.

Pieter and Kommissar were both impressed with the tactic of the busty girl and he was more than willing to take advantage of the unique opportunity. Beca had already showed off her gift of being able to take his whole dick in her mouth so he had no problem with face fucking her. He would have jumped at the chance to do this with anyone, but with this particular American girl made it all the better.

"Our little fairy has a very special talent it would seem," Kommissar commented while stroking the girl's hair.

Grabbing the sides of her head Pieter began pulling her towards him slowly until he felt her nose touched his lower portion of his abdomen. The feel of her lips gliding around the very base of his dick was beyond words and after taking a moment to marvel in the occasion he retreated her along his length until only his tip remained in her mouth.

He began the same method again but this time he felt Beca pulling his hips towards her. When he looked down he saw her flash him with her large eyes, consenting him to go faster. Whether it was her visual cue or the wave of horniness he got looking down on her with half his meat pole in her mouth but he retracted hard on her head and sent her face crashing into his stomach.

"Gggulllllggkkk," Beca coughed as spit gurgled in her throat.

When she didn't put up any signs of resistance or cues for him to stop Pieter pulled her backwards then immediately slammed her back down his length, instantly impaling his dick in her oral cavity. She continued to make her gurgling noises with each thrust but the redhead didn't try to stop him from abusing her throat.

Pieter was marveling in the occasion, unbelieving how such a girl who came off as a prude could exhibit such skill. Over and over and pulled her face towards him, watching as her nose poked his abs as her lips wrapped around his thick base. He'd reverse course then and notice the small well of tears building up in the corner of her eyes, a reflex from her nose bashing him rather than from pain.

Beca was so focused on maintaining a loose throat so that Pieter's cockhead didn't bruise the back of her mouth. She was unaware of her hair being let down or the blonde woman moving off the bed to her left, instead she was more occupied on sucking in breath when Pieter remembered that she didn't have gills and needed to use her throat to actually get air to her lungs.

"How about you pass her back to me before you cum too quickly," Kommissar said, standing beside her fellow German.

Kommissar had planned a few special things for the evening. The first was making her American whore squirt, which she had easily accomplished. The next of her 'gifts' for Beca was the dildo she had strapped around her waist having stepped into the harness while her co-leader ruthlessly face fucked the adorable girl.

"Whoa...I mean...whoa," Beca gasped, startled by the sight.

The fake cock that the taller woman wore was nothing too large, in fact Beca had almost an identical one in her drawer back at the Bella's house. Kommissar had selected this particular one for what she had in store for the beautiful girl with the big rack. The German was wielding a pink dildo of a healthy length measuring 8 inches, but slim with only a tip an inch wide that incrementally expanded towards the base.

"Not to get too possessive but I don't want to give up the whore just yet," the square-jawed man replied.

"Hmm...maybe fahrt und saugen," the blonde said in her mothertongue.

"Awh German, not exactly a sexy language," Beca jested in her characteristic way.

Pieter ignored the kneeling auburn-haired girl and nodded his approval to Kommissar and her plan. Like a well oiled machine they got into position, Pieter stepping closer to the bed before crawling onto it and flipping onto his back. Kommissar extended a hand and helped Beca up to her feet, kissing her deeply before easing her onto the mattress as well.

It was almost like a handoff, because as soon as the blonde's hands left her, Beca felt Pieter's much larger paws grip her, this time lightly around her hips. The sex puppet allowed him to move her petite yet curvy body into position with her helping out once she got the idea. Swinging a leg over his torso, the American straddled him with her amazing curvaceous boobs pointed towards him.

His hands immediately shot to her chest, squeezing them firmly but still with a degree of tenderness so that he got knead them without causing her pain. The look on his face of pure lust while staring at her pokey nipples portrayed to Beca that her great tits had another lifelong admirers.

"Wow you're huge," Beca said after sitting on his cock.

It may have only been a few inches she took into her pussy but it instantly stretched her out. She paused before going further down, instead reversing course and squatting down with building speed but at the same depth. As she got use to his girth she started descending further. Pieter and Kommissar waited patiently, him getting to massage her breasts and she watching her tight ass.

"Giddy up cowgirl," Pieter called.

It had taken a little bit of time but Beca's twat had accommodated to his pecker size, allowing her to get his length completely inside. How gushing wet she was helped undoubtedly but a big factor was time and now Pieter was reaping the benefits of his patience.

The German man couldn't help but grunt and groan underneath the bouncing girl. Her fantastic blowjob had taken its toll on him and now her extremely tight pussy was trying to milk him of his cum in record time. Determined to slow her down, Pieter shifted his hands from her pillowy tits down to hold her plump booty, kneading that now while watching her large boobs jiggle all about.

"Adorable," Pieter said, hands wrapping around her to squeeze her rump. "Such a cute little ass."

Beca was in a good rhythm now, constantly lifting her small frame to the top of his cock before allowing it to come crashing back down. His cock went deep inside her, filling and stretching her out...and it felt great. Pieter was both longer and thicker than Jesse, plus more experienced and as guilt as she felt thinking about Jesse, it was still the truth.

Pieter was just laying back and enjoying his ride, his hands constantly interchanging to groping her booty when he needed to slow her down or otherwise stayed glued to her round boobs. But now as he looked up he got an eyeful of Kommissar's bald pussy as she stood over him with her dildo in Beca's bouncing face.

"Open up and blow my fake cock," the German beauty told her lesbian love.

Beca didn't even slow down as she opened her mouth and guided the tool into her mouth before closing her eyes and focusing on the sensation of the veiny cock inside her, hitting all the right places. It required some coordination but the American singer was able to simultaneously ride Pieter while giving a good but definitely not her best suck to Kommissar's strap-on.

Her dual role only lasted for a few minutes until the curvy blonde stepped away from her and had the dildo make an audible pop as it left the seal around her lips. Beca could hardly care as it allowed her to plant her arms on Pieter's chest and get back to a more aggressive and fast ride that would be sure to having them both cum in no time.

However, Beca's energetic riding was soon interrupted when she felt a hand press against her low back. Of course it belonged to Kommissar, who had rounded behind her to ease the smaller girl downward so Beca was settled onto the tall man with her bouncing tits and head pressed against his chest.

"You do have a cute rump...and an even cuter bumhole," Kommissar commented.

If Beca had any doubt what she meant, that was soon clarified. She felt hands pull apart her bum cheeks enough to expose her starfish before the German's wet tongue placed a long, slow lick to it. Kommissar made sure to leave a good amount of spit behind, which she rubbed around with her index finger to lube up the area.

"Yup, that's my asshole," Beca stammered.

Kommissar steaded the base of the toy as her other hand held onto Beca's hips to keep them from moving. With a coordinated effort, Pieter allowed his cock to pull out of her twat while in one smooth motion she placed her dildo into the other girl's snatch, the combination of the American's spit and pussy juices allowing for her pussy to take the entire length.

Beca let out a low moan as her twat was occupied again, though after having Pieter's much large tool stretching her out, the thin dildo didn't quite match the same levels. However, Kommissar was no stranger to fucking another girl with her strap-on based on the evidence, as she slammed repeatedly into Beca with unparalleled quickness.

However, even though it didn't feel as good as the real thing, Beca was still upset when the toy was removed from her pussy altogether. But two things happened then, one good and one completely unexpected; Beca had her cunt stuffed by Pieter again while Kommissar was lifting her toy an inch upwards and placing the tip at her tiny asshole.

"Wait," Beca stated, though still very much into the tryst. "What are you doing?"

"Taking what's mine silly," Kommissar replied, her tip never moving from the outer surface of the petite girl's asshole.

"But...Pieter's back in me," she said as the German bucked his hips up into her at that very point. "So taking two at a time seems a bit much."

"Easy little fairy. Pieter fucking you will help distract and keep you loose back here," Kommissar answered with a wolfish grin. "This toy isn't as big as a lot of cocks so it's the perfect appetizer to get assfucked by."

"It's true...imagine mine being your first," Pieter aided.

The thought of taking Pieter's massive erection in her tightest of holes made her shudder...but also become wetter for some reason. But his statement and his cock buried in her snatch as her clit grinded against his hips was just the distraction that Kommissar required.

"Well...I guess if you think I can handle it," Beca stammered awkwardly.

"Then tell her where she can she put it," Pieter asked knowingly.

"Put it where you want it," Beca replied.

Beca didn't know if it was Stockholm Syndrome or whether she was being selfless and putting her body on the line for the greater good or even if it was the possibility that she wanted it. All she knew was that she was about to be fucked in the ass by the woman who had such seductive power over her.

Going slow as to not hurt the dainty creature, the blonde woman held her dildo firm and pushed her hips steadily forward until the thin head of the toy won out against Beca's tight sphincter. It fought her at first but the way she was able to cram 4 inches into her bowels in one go before it got shut down told Kommissar that the girl was no anal virgin.

"Ugh...awwhh," she groaned in discomfort.

"It'll pass," Kommissar told her, now making small and slow bobs into her bum.

"Focus on my cock in your tight pussy," Pieter added before reaching an arm down between their bodies. "And how good it feels when I do this."

When Pieter flicked out at her clit, which was already getting pressed when there bodies grinded against each other it sent a new wave of pleasure through her body. She questioned if they'd double teamed other girls before since they were so in sync, but that wasn't important right now.

Pieter dared not bring his hips upwards, allowing his blonde counterpart the freedom to work her slender toy into Beca's toy without any restrictions. His eyes stayed on Beca's gorgeous face and noted that it stopped being scrunched up in a grimace and was relaxing with each passing short thrust from Kommissar.

"It's getting better," Beca responded a few moments later.

The singer couldn't believe that she had spoke those words in regards to anal sex, especially as another much bigger cock was buried in her pussy at the same time. She had let each of her past 5 boyfriends going back to high school indulge in their fantasy of trying ass fucking the curvy girl, and each encounter left her sore and in pain for days.

"See. I told you it wasn't that bad," Kommissar said with her wide grin.

The blonde German was very happy with how it had gone. She thought that the anal may have been too much for Beca mentally and caused her to run out on them, but that was not the case. Nodding her head to her partner over Beca's shoulder, Pieter began to slowly buck his hips as the pair worked in rhythm so that as he moved up, Kommissar backed out. It was smooth motions and after seesawing her a few times they were getting very positive moans as a result.

"Mmm...yeah I like it," she admitted honestly, her almost hypnotic eyes closed tightly.

"Tell us how much you like it," he asked while pushing up into her snatch.

"Yes, say it little fairy," Kommissar prodded as she worked the full length of the thin toy all the way into her asshole for the first time.

"I...I'm into anal," Beca conceded.

"Wonderbar," the German smiled, thrusting into her again. "I knew you were a naugthy girl."

The size of the dildo undoubtedly helped matters along since it started very thin but by the end it was as wide as a regular cock. They were also aided by the fact that Beca had already cum like a freight train and was being distracted by Pieter who was currently gently thrusting up into her pussy and rubbing her clit simultaneously. The lanky man was multitasking further by using his free hand and his massive reach to currently have it squeezing Kommissar's thick ass and pushing in to help the blonde woman gain a good rhythm as she assfucked her sex slave.

"You're my little butt slut, aren't you Beca," Kommissar said to the other girl, holding her hips to gain more speed.

"Mmhmm," the Barden Bella replied, her brain overwhelmed by the bombardment of stimulation.

"I do believe she's going to cum again," Pieter said, noting her facial expression, change in tone and the way her pussy randomly squeezed down on his cock.

"Is this true," Kommissar said, the thought of the tiny American cumming from double penetration making her extremely pleased.

"Yes...close. So very close," Beca moaned.

She was sure she'd be ashamed of having this orgasm if it wasn't for the fact that it was going to feel so unbelievably good. With a cock thrusting into her pussy and a toy being skewered into her ass, Beca knew that her climax was imminent and she held nothing back as she neared it.

"Oh yes! AHHHHHHHH," Beca screamed out in a chorus of loud moans as she came all over his erect pole.

The two Germans slowed right down in accordance with the way Beca's body jerked and spasmed as her second orgasm of the night rocked her slender body. It took her a good 15 seconds to go still, resting all her weight on Pieter's chest as her orgasm let off, leaving her exhausted.

They used that time to move onto the final stage of their plan. Kommissar had already cum like a hurricane and was satisfied for the time being, but Pieter was yet to have his first and that needed to change. The blonde woman pulled her toy from Beca's asshole but didn't go far so that she could watch as the brown eye stayed gaped open for a handful of seconds before winking shut.

"Amazing," she commented.

"My turn with her sweet buns," Pieter stated excitedly.

Beca heard his words and started to get nervous since he was so much bigger than the toy fresh from her rectum. However his hands gripping her hips and rolling her onto her side helped to distract her, as his sudden movements left her head spinning. Opening her eyes she realized that Kommissar was nowhere to be seen while Pieter was standing at the edge of the bed, right in front of her booty.

"Pull your ass apart for him," Kommissar said, appearing in front of her face.

Beca did as she was told and placed a tiny hand on her plump cheek and lifted it up. Her asshole was now very visible to the horny man, but what was so noticeable was the gape in her backdoor, due to the toy Kommissar had been stuffing into it no more than 60 seconds prior.

"So wonderful," Pieter said, practically drooling.

Beca felt his tip but against her hole but at that time Kommissar clutched her feminine face and brought her in for a kiss. It helped distract her and also had a relaxation effect which allowed the hulking Pieter to step closer and push his hips until his tip succeeded in forcing its way into her asshole.

The second object in her ass that evening wasn't as painful as she was expecting but it was also a lot bigger then the first. Pieter was hung like a horse and the tiny girl was attempting to take him in her seldom used bum, but so far it wasn't bad. He was going as slow as Kommissar so as not too overwhelm her, meanwhile the blonde's tongue in her mouth helped her not focus on the discomfort of a thick cock moving in and out of her tightest of holes.

"I think he needs more lube," Kommissar said.

Beca felt Pieter thrust a few more times into her booty with calculated precision before he listened to the blonde woman and pulled out of her asshole. The American had thought that he was amply lubricated but she knew why Kommissar had done it. Beca wasn't surprised that when Kommissar moved back, Pieter took her place as he brought his throbbing erection right in front of her face. Knowing full well what he and the other woman wanted, Beca opened her mouth wide and accepted his cock to part her lips and rest on her tongue.

"So hot," one of the Germans groaned as the woman bobbed her head.

"I knew you love your asshole flavor so I was nice and allowed you to sample more," Kommissar added.

Pieter allowed the girl to taste test her asshole once again, bobbing a handful of times before he walked back around her, noting the strands of saliva decorating his skin now. With the combination of both her lingering pussy juices and fresh spit, the horny man found that it slide much better into his sex slave's asshole. In fact, he found he could fit half his length into her before reversing course so only the tip was left holding her backdoor open.

"Fuck her good Pieter," the woman ordered.

"Yes...fuck me," Beca said subconsciously, surprising the two Germans.

The tall man didn't know how long he could keep up the sheer amount of energy and endurance that was required as he continuously reared his hips forwards and backwards, impaling the thin redhead on his spear with glee. Having been regular fuck buddies for a long time, Kommissar noted the look on Pieter's face and his irregular thrusts and wanted to help elongate his session before spending his seed.

"Let me help you out," Kommissar told him, having crawled towards him.

Kommissar gladly took his big cock into her mouth and gave it her best and sloppiest blowjob. She simultaneously applied massive amounts of saliva to his dick while tasting Beca's asshole on his smooth skin.

Over and over he plowed into Beca's tight rear, succeeding now in getting all of his pole into her rear, including the thickest portion of his member right down at the base. After a handful of thrusts into the American girl he'd pull to allow his fellow DSM leader to lick deep into Beca's asshole, even spitting into the blackness. Eventually the Germans were just using Beca for their amusement, Pieter pushing himself deep before withdrawing completely so that Kommissar was able to lick as far inside her bowels as her tongue could reach.

Like all good things, he was about to come to an end. Pieter embraced it, reaching down to grab one of her wildly jiggling boobs and squeezing it mightily without slowing his thrusts down whatsoever. Her large breasts almost looked out of place on her thin frame, but no man would ever complain about her natural, round tits.

"Ugghhh...going to cum now," Pieter grunted before slamming his cock into Beca's well-used pussy straight from her ass.

"Not in condom," Beca moaned.

"I'm your master. He will cream inside you whore," Kommissar spat.


"You want to save the Bellas? Then let him cum in your unprotected twat," the blonde stated.

"Fine...cum in me," Beca resigned, making a mental note to go the 24 hour pharmacy right away and take care of the issue before any problems popped out 9 months in the future.

"Awwhhhh...uhhhhhh," Pieter groaned.

He had ignored her plea like Beca figured he would and spent himself inside her. She could feel him impale his massive cock in her one final time before squirts of warm semen pasted her inner walls. She wasn't on the pill due to medical concerns so having someone cum in her was uncommon, but she had to admit that she liked the sensation.

"Fuck," Pieter huffed as he was completely exhausted.

Rather than just sit with load of cum in her twat Kommissar appeared in front of the exhausted American and began fingering her pussy. Beca squirmed under the thrust into her well-used hole but calmed down after the blonde kissed her.

Kommissar broke the kiss and planted her mouth under the girl's pussy and did a combination of scooping and sucking. The move worked again for her and the puddle of salty brine flowed onto her tongue where she collected it then returned to kiss her gorgeous friend. Beca wasn't thinking as the blonde approached, she dipped her head backwards to kiss her back.

To her surprise, when they parted lips Kommissar pushed the mouthful of Pieter's cum into her mouth while continuing to kiss her passionately. With a flash of her large eyes to one German then the other, Beca swallowed down the salty load in one big gulp.

"Good girl," Kommissar told the other girl. "Now clean off our cocks."

Beca had grown into her submissive slave role and embraced it completely so she didn't even think, she only did. She slid off the edge of the bed onto her knees and crawled the short distance to Pieter's erect cock. The Barden Bella opened her mouth and greedily took his meaty shaft into her mouth, then became aware of where it had just been; her own asshole.

"Yes whore, so hot," Pieter encouraged, having seen a look of fright flash across her face.

Tasting someone's ass wasn't as gross as she envisioned it would be, in fact it had a somewhat pleasant flavor to it and made Beca feel really sexy and experienced. She opened her mouth wider and moved forward to take more cock into her mouth before dragging her lips over the portion that was in her mouth.

She repeated the bobbing a few more times before pulling her lips off his cock altogether. She wasn't done though as there was still dick that had been in her ass that hadn't been cleaned properly yet. Using her hand to clutch the tip of Pieter's member, she aimed it skyward and used her tongue to lick all four sides until she was satisfied she tasted every last bit of her bum.

"Don't forget over here," Kommissar reminded.

Beca didn't need the words as she was planning on visiting her female master in short order. Now that she realized taking something straight from an asshole wasn't disgusting, Beca showed no apprehension as she engulfed the plastic toy in one gulp. The toy slid down her throat before the Bella slowly dragged it out, running her tongue along the bottom to taste more of the slightly sour, metallic flavor.

"Wonderbar," Pieter said, laying back on the sofa. "Why don't you two go clean up and I'll order us some room service.

"I guess I could eat before leaving," Beca said, getting to her feet.

"No, no little fairy. You are bought and paid for. Every minute from now until the World's," Kommissar explained.

"Yes exactly. When we want, we will have," Pieter added.

"Ohh," Beca replied, the realization that she was in for a long night dawning on her.


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