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Summary: Beca is convinced by Chloe to use her connection with Kommissar, leader of Das Sound Machine, to the advantage of the Bellas. Beca whores herself to Kommissar for DSM throwing the World Championship and allowing the Bellas to win

Pairing: Beca Mitchell/Kommissar, Beca Mitchell/Kommissar/Pieter

Codes: FF, Anal, Oral

Pitch Perfect 2: Reversal Of Fortunes Part 2
by The Chemist

Beca Mitchell should have been on cloud 9 at the moment. She had the greatest boyfriend and was finishing up her college degree. Her job as an intern for a Grammy-winning producer may not have been everything she hoped for yet, mainly since running coffees to executives and taking lunch orders wasn't her idea of getting ahead. However, only hours earlier she finally spoke up and crushed her opportunity.

Using her experience with mash-ups, she combined Snoop Dogg's rather mundane version of White Christmas with another classic holiday song. The result was she and the Lion himself sounding fresh and amazing on a track that her boss loved.

However there was one small issue nagging at the back of her mind. Guilt. Guilt over cheating on said boyfriend. Although it was with a woman and most guys would give someone a pass for that, Jesse was the all-or-nothing type and definitely wouldn't be cool with it. She could wish and hope all she wanted but Beca was smart enough to know the truth.

"Okay so I was seduced by a blonde goddess, surely he'd understand," she thought.

However, it wasn't just the cheating that disturbed her, it was the fact that she felt something for Kommissar. Sure the woman was physically flawless but she was a bad person and yet Beca couldn't get her out of her dirty mind.

When her phone rang in her pocket, as she was mostly alone inside the work building, Beca looked down at the caller ID. Normally she wasn't the type to screen calls but she had a very good reason to do so lately and tonight proved to be wise again. She let the phone ring then heard the chirp of a voicemail ready to be listened to.

"Hello my little fairy. This is another call from your master. I want you again. I will be coming to town in the next few days. You can't ignore me forever pretty girl."

It was another brief, sexual fueled booty call from the blonde woman said in her typical German accent. It was at least the 10th message from the leader of Das Sound Machine, 7 the first time they'd been in the same town together after their sexual tryst and another 3 all in the last 36 hours. The nonsense had to end and she needed someone to confide in before she exploded with guilt.

"Hey Chloe, you around to grab a drink," Beca said after calling her best friend.

"For sure! At the house or at a bar," the perky redhead replied.

"House. Don't feel like getting interrupted when we get hit on. Be there in 15."

It was a short bus ride and could have been an even shorter car ride but she didn't want to use Jesse right now for his wheels. Instead the bus dropped her off on her street and she did a short walk back to the house all the Barden Bellas lived in.

Chloe was in her room, two glasses of vodka cranberry poured with the bottle of clear liquid ready for refilling sitting on her bar fridge. The pair weren't able to spend as much time together as they normally did lately because of their crazy busy schedules so Chloe was really excited for their time together tonight.

"Okay babe, spill. What's wrong," Chloe said, several glasses in.

"I need to tell this to someone and I'm not ready for Jesse to know," Beca started.

"Shit. You're pregnant! I thought those big tits of yours were looking even bigger lately," the redhead commented.

"God Chlo, no! These are all me," the auburn-haired beauty said about her natural D-cup breasts.

Beca explained the situation to her best friend. She told her about how she went back to her hotel with Kommissar after the car show and how they had sex all night long. She didn't even know she was attracted to girls and yet she had done all that with a complete stranger.

As she poured her heart out to Chloe, it felt like a massive rock was removed from her chest. She had been living with the guilt for more than 4 months and now it felt so much better to tell someone, especially since Chloe didn't judge her. Instead she rubbed her back and hugged her, telling her it was okay.

"And I know she's gonna call tomorrow. Every time I want to pick up and tell her to fuck off but I'm worried about the small part of me that will tell her I'll be her sex slave again," Beca finished.

"Listen girl, next time she calls, you give it to me," Chloe said, giving her best friend her toughest look.

"Thanks babe. Anyway it's late, we're drunk, we need sleep," Beca said, standing up. "I really appreciate you being there for me."

"Any time rug muncher," Chloe joked before quickly pointing out it was a joke when Beca didn't laugh.

* * *

Beca awoke the next morning feeling crummy and great all at the same time. Her hangover from the several alcohol-packed sugary drinks had her feeling like death but her spirit was so much better. Though it hadn't been to Jesse, telling someone had made the world of difference.

As did a shower and a bottle of water. It hadn't cured her hangover but it had gone a long way. After she toweled off she headed down from her third floor room down to the kitchen to get some fuel in the form of toast and a fresh cup of coffee. Most of the Bellas were out so as she walked into the kitchen it was only she and Chloe.

"Hi girl," Beca greeted, getting the coffee maker started.

"Hey Beca...listen, I think we should talk. I've been doing some thinking since our late night chat and I have an idea," Chloe told her.

"Sure, go ahead."

"Okay. So we know DSM is good...fine, really good," the redhead started. "What if we can use your connection with Kommissar to our advantage."

"How so," Beca asked, pouring her coffee.

"DSM is crushing every competition they've entered and though I have every drop of faith in your ability but they are better than us. Even if put together the best performance of our lives, they could still beat us at the World Championships," Chloe explained.

"Thanks for the pep talk there coach," Beca jested in her dry humor.

"Seriously though, it's the truth. And if that happens it means no more Bellas...ever. We would have ruined an institution and have to live with that shame. My goal is coach signing and it'll be a massive black mark on my record. Same to you as well, especially if your internship doesn't work out. You wouldn't be able to say you did the musical arrangements for a 4-time national winning A cappella group."

"What's your point," the petite girl asked.

"My point is that I'm hoping you'll take one for the team," Chloe blurted out. "Use that sexual attraction Kommissar clearly has for you and spin it against her. Get them to either drop out ideally or throw the competition. They can finish second but has to yield first to us."

Beca was silent for a long time, digesting the information and thinking it all through. She sat there and didn't even drink her coffee as Chloe didn't push matters either. Finally after 5 minutes of quiet contemplation, the redhead left Beca alone in the kitchen to think over her options. She had said her piece and now it was the petite girl's call to make.

* * *

Sure enough, Kommissar called a few hours later. Beca had been in her room that she shared with Fat Amy, but the blonde was out at class. Looking down, her finger hovered over the red cancel call button for a few seconds before she sighed and swiped to the other side of the phone to select the answer call option.

"Hello Kommissar."

"Little fairy! You remember me after all," her happy German-accented voice called out.

"What do you want," Beca asked, cutting right to the heart of the matter.

"I think you know the answer to that Ms. Mitchell. I want you and your little, hot body," Kommissar answered. "Das Sound Machine are in town for a performance tomorrow. I will text you the address and you will be here in 1 hour's time."

"And if I have plans," she shot back defiant.

"Then obviously you will cancel foolish girl," the German replied.

A long pause occurred followed by Beca finally responding. "Fine. But if you want me it'll cost you."

"I'm not surprised you've gone this route. After all you were good enough to charge for your services. How many Euros will this cost me," Kommissar asked.

"I'm not a whore," Beca fired back before she explained the situation.

"My dear, this does make you a prostitute still. It doesn't matter if it's for money or services, but a whore is a whore. I just want you to understand that," the blonde explained. "I can't make this decision on my own. I will talk to Pieter, our other boss. If you receive my text telling you the address of the hotel then you will know our answer."

The call ended and Beca threw her phone aside and buried her head in her pillows. She didn't know what made her listen to Chloe and whore herself out, but deep down she knew the answer to that. A big driving force of her decision was her commitment to Chloe and the rest of her team. She knew DSM would crush them and it wasn't even a debatable fact. However, another reason was of her attraction to the blonde German, which had left her craving more from Kommissar for months.

58 minutes after her all ended, Beca received a text message with only an address listed. She had her answer.

* * *

Beca was still doubting her choice and going over the consequences of it, but here she was getting ready for her 'date' anyway. And as much as she was doing this for her best friends that she lived and sang with, she was being greedy too. Working long hours as an intern for a music producer then using every other moment with the Bellas as they prepped for the Worlds left little time for Jesse and resulted in her sexually frustrated. Then there was the fact the first and only time she gave in and allowed herself to be used by Kommissar, she had the biggest orgasm of her life and had been thinking about it ever since.

With her choice already made as to whether to go to the hotel or not, the leader of the Barden Bellas just had to select an outfit. She wasn't exactly sure why she was pouring so much effort into what she was going to wear as an outer layer since it would likely end up on the ground in seconds of her arrival.

Knowing she needed to bring her A-game tonight, the petite co-ed stripped off her skinny jeans, sweater and boots before she headed straight for the shower. After being smothered by warm water for the next half hour then spending the same length of time drying and brushing her hair, Beca was halfway ready for the evening. The 5'2 wannabe producer now had sexy smooth legs and her long, thick light red hair was flowing down her back.

"What to wear, what to wear," she hummed in her head.

She hated that she had such classic girl tendencies of taking forever to get ready. It was such a clich‚ and she felt it set the feminist movement back decades but Beca always struggled to pick out an outfit other than when it came to performing, mainly because those were preselected for her. The heavy-chested redhead tried on several different outfits over the next 45 minutes until she found the right one.

"Holy boobs," Beca said out loud as she checked herself out in the full-sized mirror.

Though Beca's small stature and adorable face always made her straddle the line between cute and hot, the little black dress that Beca was wearing could only be described as being a show stopper. The straps came over her shoulders and plunged downwards to show off her massive amounts of cleavage that was surprising to find in a woman her size. After all the 22 year-old was a very petite build but was still able to possess an absolutely amazing rack that not only rivaled the woman she was meeting tonight, but actually surpassed Kommissar's equally impressive pair.

A quick glance at her watch told Beca that she needed to hurry the hell up. There was nothing wrong with being fashionably late but right now she was cutting it close to the time she was told and surprisingly the last thing she wanted to do was annoy DSM's leader. She threw on some black high heels and grabbed a clutch that had her I.D., money and a condom just in case the night took a turn for the wild side...well wilder side.

* * *

Beca knew the location of the hotel well, after all she'd been living in the city for 4 years now and it wasn't that big of a place after all. It took little time to navigate the streets and park, though as she walked through the hotel lobby she could feel people's gazes falling onto her. She didn't hate it, in fact it made her feel sexy and confident, especially when some greasy businessman hit on her in the elevator.

"So we meet again my special fairy," Kommissar addressed her smaller counterpart.

"Kommissar," Beca greeted.

"You look nice," she said in her thick accent. "Won't you join us?"

"Us," Beca asked, the comment catching her off guard.

However, the German didn't answer her question right away, instead she stood with the door in her hand to hold it open while her body language told the smaller girl to enter the room. Beca wanted to know whom the other person was first, but a look at Kommissar's face told her she'd have to enter the room first to find out.

Sighing in defeat, the Barden Bella moved past the taller woman and walked into the room. It was a similar hotel room to their last encounter, with a couch against the near wall, a window straight ahead of her and a bed to her right, just past a pair of windowed French doors. The only difference was a vaguely familiar man sitting on the couch, staring hungrily at the American girl.

"Kommissar...what's going on," Beca asked. "Who's this?"

"Well you put me in a tough position. I couldn't make such a wide-scale decision without the approval of my second-in-command. This is Pieter, my right-hand man with DSM. You may remember him from the car show performance," Kommissar told her.

"You were the one who insulted Fat Amy," Beca realized.

"That would be me, yes," the man said, rising from his seated position.

Pieter literally towered over the smaller Beca, his 6'3 body more then a foot taller then the American singer. He was also very good looking with the whole tall, dark and handsome thing working for him with a strong, masculine jaw line and a muscular torso.

"Being with you is one thing, but with another guy is a completely different matter Kommissar. I have a boyfriend and this would really be cheating," the intern producer shared.

Kommissar had come up from behind Beca and placed her hands on the smaller girl's shoulders, rubbing them. Beca turned to face her and just like last time she found her will starting to evaporate before the blonde woman. All the German did was stare down at her with her piercing blue eyes and it was slowly turning the tide.

"Listen my little fairy. You want your pathetic Bellas to beat my superior DMS and you also want to be with me, but to do that you will have to be with Pieter too. We are a package deal, right," the taller woman described.

"Really," she practically pouted as she turned to the woman.

"Really," Pieter confirmed, replacing Kommissar's hands on the smaller girl's shoulders.

"And let's save time in the future as well. We are your masters, you the pathetic whore slave. You listen to us no matter what we tell you. We could tell you to fuck some stray dog with rabies and you will do so or we crush the Bellas at the World's. So how about it," Kommissar pressured after a few seconds silence.

Beca was really in a pickle with her thought process currently. On one hand she really, really wanted to be with the tall German goddess once again, consequences be damned. However, the flip was that she loved Jesse and he was the one who really understood her so she didn't want to fuck things up with him like she had done during their first year at Barden.

"How about I break the ice," Kommissar spoke again.

Sensing that Beca was close to giving in but still required a push, the German woman was more than happy to apply the added pressure. The blonde's hand grabbed gently the back of Beca's head and stared in towards her own eyes. Kommissar could see the look of recognition flash on her fuck buddy's face mere inches before their lips touched, but all she did was close her eyes and pucker her lips.

The kiss was amazing, and this time Beca knew her answer. She would become the prostitute that everyone needed her to be, at the risk of possibly driving away Jesse. She needed to not disappoint her friends and knew that she was there only she'd get another night with Kommissar out of the bargain. She broke the kiss and did a resigned nod.

Pieter watched on with intensity that was his trademark as the two gorgeous girls donning sexy lingerie made out with one another. With their heads cocked to the side like they were, he could see tongues poking out on occasion as their lips smacked with some familiarity with one another. The squared-jawed man added rubbing his hand along Beca's bare shoulders as he observed.

Beca felt his strong hands on her skin before Pieter started to trace his way down her petite body. She tried to ignore it and be absorbed fully in the kiss but when he grabbed two handfuls of her skinny but plump ass she was reminded of his presence. She rolled with it until he went under her small dress, hooked under the waistband of her tiny thong and immediately began rubbing through the folds of her dripping wet slit. Her arm coiled up in a reflex to hold the side of his square jaw as she continued to kiss her new friend until the whole thing got too intense and she squirmed out from his touch.

"I think your little fairy needs to be relaxed," Pieter commented, not taking offence.

"Good idea. I think eating some pussy will accomplish that...don't you Beca," Kommissar said with her intense stare fixed on her.

"Yes Kommissar," the subservient girl replied.

"Yes Mistress...or Master. Which ever," the blonde shot back.

"Yes Mistress," Beca said, her will broken.

Kommissar took Beca's dainty hand in hers and started stepping backwards. She had an acute layout of the room and knew where she was so after 4 steps she felt the bed and laid back before crawling into position with her head in the pillows. She'd let go of the redhead's hand so that she could spread her legs in the middle of the mattress to reveal her naked sex, waxed smooth for the occasion.

"Come eat," Kommissar demanded in her honey-liquid tone.

Beca didn't know if it was her compulsion to listen to her master or her burning desire but she listened to the request without further prompting. She looked down and observed the girl's bright pink pussy then licked her lips in anticipation as she climbed onto the bed. Rather then lay beside Kommissar though, Beca headed straight to her wet folds.

The petite American was pleased with herself as she heard Kommissar moan while dragging a finger through her very wet slit. Getting into it now, Beca made her mistress let out another moan, albeit this time louder when she leaned in, extended her tongue and proceeded to plant a long lick on the upper half of her folds The blonde stretched out to run a hand through Beca's hair, tightening it into a firm fist when the other girl's wet tongue rode higher and flick out at her sensitive clit, also causing her to scream loudly into the hotel room.

"God you're tasty," Beca commented as she slurped in the other woman's twat.

Kommissar released her hair so that she could grab the bottom of her own nightgown and pull the silk garment over her head. Pieter gave her a wide smile seeing her beautiful naked body lying supine on the bed, the eager red-haired girl between her legs eating her out.

Without the hand controlling her head anymore, Beca took a mount to admire how wet she had made the German from only briefly lapping in her folds. So turned on at this point, Beca couldn't be stopped in dipping her tongue into her new lover's pussy and tasting her sweet nectar again.

Using her small hands to pry Kommissar's legs further apart, the skinny redhead craned her neck so that her tongue had access to her folds. Without hesitation Beca did one long lick from clitoris to the entrance of her hole then paused to lap around the slightly depressed area. Once she had collected all of the blonde's juices from the exterior, the bi-curious girl dived back inside her pussy and began getting acquainted with the warm, wet environment.

"Such a sweet pussy," Beca commented, using her tongue to speak rather then eat her pussy for a moment

For a good long while, Kommissar lay in the pillows and enjoyed herself as Beca happily and greedily used her clumsy but eager tongue to please her singer rival. Pieter was very much happy with the show, an enormous erection present in his pants, but Beca didn't know that the man was no longer sitting behind her on the sofa.

"Let me give you a hand," Pieter said, appearing above Beca's head.

"Ummm...sure," the American said, a layer of juice surrounding her lips.

Beca went back to digging deep within Kommissar's pussy like it was her job while the German settled onto the bed with the two ladies. Beca really didn't think she needed help to get the woman off, after all she'd done it a few months ago plus it sounded like she was doing a pretty fantastic job currently as well.

However, she couldn't help but open her eyes as the lanky male pressed two fingers together and used them to sub her clit. Beca knew that it was a very sensitive spot on the German woman and the combined efforts of her tongue and his fingers had Kommissar singing a louder, more frequent tone.

Though she was new at the whole lesbian thing, Beca was pretty sure she could recognize an orgasm when she saw one. And right now, she was willing to bet dollars to donuts that the German goddess was gonna cream herself any second her. Beca decided to finish her off strong and make it an orgasm to remember so she dug deep in the girl's cunt and curled her tongue to lap at her G-spot while Pieter furiously rubbed her clit

"OH SCHEISSE," she swore as she came.

Kommissar had in fact came so hard that she actually squirted. She knew that it was coming, as it was a common occurrence when she came this hard from Pieter's skilled fingers. Beca, however, was unaware of what was coming. With her face literally right at her opening, the extremely beautiful 22 year old was smacked in the face by a wave of fluid as it erupted from Kommissar's twat. The auburn-haired beauty barely had time to shut her eyes as her face was drenched in the somewhat sweet tasting juices, getting her brown hair wet in the process as well.

"That was like a tidal wave hitting your little slut," Pieter laughed.

Beca was in utter shock but managed to ask the question that she was afraid to know the answer of. "Was that...urine?"

"Oh you prude Americans don't know about squirting? No it's not urine," Kommissar replied, seeing relief wash her wet face.

"Not that there is anything wrong with that," Pieter added.

Beca shot him a shocked look with disgust in there as well, but was surprised to see Kommissar nodding to Pieter's comment. She could hardly trust her eyes however it was for sure happening. She barely paid attention when the man got about and left for the bathroom, but he returned seconds later and passed her a towel.

"Thanks," Beca said, drying her face of the cum but there was still more wetting her hair

"Now you do her," Pieter practically ordered, lust in his eyes.

Though equal partners for the evening, Kommissar didn't mind the man giving her orders...for now at least. She quickly propped herself up onto her knees and helped Beca into the same position and kissed her deeply to taste her own cum. Her goal though was getting the girl naked, so she lifted her little black dress overhead then reached around and unclasped her bra.

"Great tits," Kommissar acknowledged.

Kommissar was seeing them for a second time while Pieter was gazing at the natural beauty with a flat tummy and relatively wide hips for the first time. For such a slender woman, Beca's full, firm cups were very large for her size, with the experienced man speculating that they were a full D cup. Just as important was the fact that her perfectly rounded boobs were flawlessly perky, standing right in front of her chest without a hint of sagging.

"Truly wunderbar," Pieter added.

Up until now the pair had been babying the American coed into the whole extortion thing, but Kommissar thought it was high time that changed. Leaning in, the blonde hooked a hand on the back of Beca's head and pulled her in for another kiss with more force this time around. Kommissar could taste her fluids on the other girl's lips still and savored the deliciousness of her cum as she was always a fan of her own liquid. She kissed the younger girl until she could feel her start to pull away, at which time the German woman grabbed a handful of her thick hair and yanked back sharply.

"Ouch," Beca winced in pain.

Kommissar had pulled her hair backwards and to the side so that the German was now in a position where Beca had to look up at her. She liked the look of shock and disbelief on the normal self-assured singer, in fact it turned Kommissar on even more. She had to hide a smile as she watched the smug look wash off the slender girl's face as a mixture of discomfort and shock replaced it.

"Such yummy tits," Pieter told her, swooping in from the side.

"Mhmm...yes," Beca moaned as his tongue swirled around one of her small erect nipples.

"Agreed," Kommissar added, releasing the tension on her hair to do likewise to her other boob.

Beca didn't exactly like the situation she was in, but she made her bed and now she had to lay in it. The hair pulling was painful and the squirting of female fluid in the face was shocking, but so far she got to taste Kommissar's great pussy and now had two attractive people sucking on her tits. Life could definitely be worse.

"Lay on your back now," she heard one of them say, though didn't know who.

The younger girl got into position on the king-sized bed and immediately felt hands go straight to her waist. Kommissar zeroed right in on Beca's only remaining clothing, hooking fingers in the waistband of the pants. The Barden Bella took the hint and hiked her hips skyward to allow the curvy German to yank the skimpy thong from her lean legs.

By the time Kommissar was done twisting to throw the panties with a big damp spot behind her to Pieter, Beca had spread her legs in the direction of the kneeling girl, allowing the demanding woman to have full view of her hairless cunt. As Beca looked down between her gaped thighs, she was greeted to image of hunger and longing etched onto her master's beautiful face.

The blonde weighed her options about starting slow but she didn't want to give Beca the false impression that there was anything loving or tender about this encounter. So instead she dived right in, sticking her tongue out to swipe all the way down her smooth pussy until reaching her opening. Her wet muscle sliced inside the coed's snatch but she could feel the walls holding her tightly as she was that tight.

"Oh my God," Beca screamed.

Kommissar didn't stop her relentless assault for a good ten minutes. Over and over she crammed her tongue as far into Beca's twat as she could and proceeded to lap at her inner walls. The auburn haired girl thrashed and moaned on the bed below her, but Kommissar stayed focused as she ate her out from her knees on the floor below.

"That feel good, American whore," Pieter asked the thrashing girl.

Before the other girl could reply, Kommissar used her hand to smack lightly down on her cunt. Though it wasn't overly hard, the contact between her pressed fingers and the girl's extremely wet pussy made a loud, resonating slapping noise heard echoing the small room. Since she had adopted the attitude of a dominating figure, Kommissar figured she should remind the fellow singer who was in charge.

"Fuck," Beca swore, squirming on the bed as the whacking got harder towards the end.

"Want me to stop little fairy," Kommissar asked with a mocking tone, using the break in action to lick her fingers and taste more of the American girl.


Kommissar was done with the mild punishment anyway and wanted to get back at what she did best, eat pussy. She had more tricks up her sleeve for the big breasted singer acting as her sex slave, and was eager to use her refined tongue back on her. Over and over she made Beca thrash above her, bringing more and more screams from her while Pieter watched with a rock hard erection beside them.

At some point Beca had cum, though the slender 22 year old tried to hide it from Kommissar, out of fear that it would cause the more experienced lesbian to stop pleasuring her, though the older woman had no intention of stopping any time soon. Of course Kommissar had known that she creamed herself, she could taste the acute difference as her juices became sweeter, but she was more than happy to keep going as she had something special planned.

"How about you nibble her arschloch," Pieter suggested, hand rubbing over his own crotch.

Beca had no idea what arschloch meant but clearly Kommissar did, based on the almost sinister look the Germans exchanged. She felt a pang of nervousness about the glance they shared but when Kommissar swiped her tongue back through her folds she forgot all about it.

She felt her legs pushed wider apart but she could care less as long as the blonde kept up the good work. Of course, when her cute yet decently plump ass was pulled apart from underneath and a determined tongue gave her less-than-well-used rosebud a lick, she was very surprised.

"What are you..."

"Shhh," Kommissar simply replied, reaching up to press a finger against her lips.

Beca supposed she'd give the lesbian the benefit of the doubt and within no time she was glad that she did. Though ass play wasn't exactly new to her, it clearly was even less so for Kommissar as the veteran made her moan and scream in delight. Over and over Kommissar lapped at her opening and occasionally even dipped the tip of her skilled tongue past the sphincter to lick her inner rectal walls.

"Mhmm...oh yes," Beca moaned in appreciation.

"Say it. Say what you want," Kommissar goaded.

"Yes...lick my ass," the American singer demanded.

And that was exactly what Kommissar did to her younger counterpart. Her tongue repeatedly took long, steady strokes over the girl's puckered bumhole. With each passing lick, the German couldn't help but be amazed at the tightness of every orifice of the youthful girl. Her asshole was no different as it stayed seal shut despite hands pulling Beca's plump little tush apart.

"Such a slutty little lesbian liking her bum rimmed," Kommissar poured on the dirty talk.

"So good," Beca moaned in agreement.

Not becoming predictable, Kommissar went back to lapping inside her twat for a spell before aiming her tongue higher to repeatedly flick at her exposed clit. This got the biggest reaction from the tough talking American as the constant stimulation of her sensitive nub had her writhing on the bed in ecstasy.

"Put the poor girl out of her misery Kommissar and make her scream for us," Pieter advised.

"I suppose you are right," she replied.

The German singer moved her mouth south again to lick deep within the sweetness of Beca's wet pussy. It was a struggle to get her tongue into the tight hole but the slickness of the passage helped. She wanted to get one good last taste testing of the American girl's nectar before finishing her off. While eating her out deeply, flicking her tongue against her G spot to cause the auburn-haired girl to squall, Kommissar reached her hand up to squeeze each of Beca's round boobs with pointy little nipples.

She figured now was as good a time as any to make Beca cum...but this time with far more power. Kommissar pulled one arm away from groping the fellow A cappella singer's flawless body for use on her pussy. She started with one finger and when the solo digit was flying easily into her snatch she pressed a second finger inside.

"Shit," Beca swore as two fingers fucked her tightness.

The American was tighter than she had thought, given to the fact her and Jesse were on a dry spell. It took little time for Kommissar to get back to quickly finger blasting her lover even with the addition of a second finger though it was eased by lowering her mouth to the girl's clit, creating a vacuum seal around it with her lips then sporadically flicking the bean with her tongue.

"Oh yeah, come on Beca, cum for us," Pieter cheered in her ear.

Two fingers continued their relentless assault on the fellow singer's pussy as to get more speed the blonde had removed her mouth. Kommissar was a veteran of hundreds of lesbian trysts and knew full well what she was doing and her handiwork was on full display now. As her fingers curled continuously to hit Beca's G-spot, she used her arm to also drag forward, causing her palm to always be rubbing her clit.

"Fuck...gonna cum...gonna...cum," Beca said, eyes closed shut, mouth gaped.

And that's when Kommissar realized that not only was her sex slave gonna cum, but she was gonna squirt, just like she had planned and hoped for. In her experience only 1 girl out of 4 or 5 that she bedded were squirters, but the odds were in her favor tonight. It made her especially happy since it meant that she'd be able to use it to further remind Beca of her place in this situation.

"Do it! Cum baby," Kommissar said, muscles throughout her body tensing in preparation.


In the moments before Beca came loudly, Kommissar sprang into action. While her right hand was keeping the American busy, the blonde pulled both of them off the bed. Beca's lower body was over the edge altogether when her orgasm first arrived, and by the time she was squirting her fluid all over the floor she was in a deep squat along with Kommissar.

The German waited until she was sure the busty girl was completely finished before moving. First she straightened her fingers then slid them out of her still tight pussy, her vice-like grip making Kommissar jealous of Pieter and how much pleasure he'd derived from it. With her fingers now free, Kommissar whipped her hand downward to the puddle under Beca's cunt and allowed the juices to drip from her hand to make the puddle grow.

"Good girl," Kommissar told her, stroking her tired looking face.

"Mmhm," was her only reply.

"But look, you made such a mess of my floor," Pieter informed.

"Wha...what," Beca asked, opening her eyes and looking down. "I...I did that?"

"That's right," Kommissar replied in her trademark predatory smile.

"Wow," she replied, dragging her hand through her hair. "I've never done that before."

" gonna clean it up?"

"Um...sure. With that?"

"Silly girl. Your mouth of course," Pieter replied, looking her right in the eyes as she said it.

"Wait. No," Beca said, though with not the same conviction as either German.

"Trust me, you'll like it," Kommissar told her. "See...look."

Beca did as the older girl asked and watched as she dropped to the ground and hovered over the very wet spot, mere inches from the puddle. Kommissar looked up to make sure the auburn-haired girl was watching then placed her lips in the middle of the puddle of cum and slurped some up.

"Yummm," Kommissar smiled. "Now your turn."

When seeing the continuing uncertainty on the American girl's face, Pieter added. "Remember that you not only made the mess but that you agreed to be our plaything. Now get down on the floor and drink up your pussy juice."

Beca still wasn't sure about the idea though she had accepted her fate. Sure, she had very much enjoyed the taste of the only pussy she'd ever eaten and reasoned that this couldn't taste worse then men's briny cum, but this was still different. Sure she'd tasted her pussy on the lips of both Kommissar and Jesse in the past, but this was literally drinking her own juices.

Knowing there was no point holding off any longer, Beca lowered herself to the floor then hovered her face just above her squirt fluid, just like Kommissar had done earlier. She risked another look up at her German masters, hoping they would put a stop to it this, but that wasn't about to happen.


Beca did as she was instructed and began to drink up her cum. It was different then in the past, less concentrated she supposed but given the sheer amount of fluid on the floor it shouldn't have been surprising. Like normal though, it still was a sweet flavor, in fact Beca couldn't but actually enjoy the degrading act.

"That's it sweetie. Drink it all up," Kommissar ordered in a pleasant tone this time.

As the pair watched, they doubting whether she even needed to encourage Beca further. Though the American started off apprehensive she was definitely into the clean up now as she hungrily drank down the liquid with vigor. It only took her another 10 seconds to be done with the main puddle, then went in search and licked up any loose droplets of her squirt.

"Whoa," Beca smiled.

"That was...super duper sexy," Pieter told their sex slave.

"Yes...incredibly slutty but seriously, what's the word, hot," Kommissar added.

Beca was worn out by this point and as she rose to her feet she understood that now. The second, insanely strong orgasm of the young night had left her drained and yet a quick look over at the pair from DSM seated on the bed let her know that there was still a lot she needed to do tonight.


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