Pinnochio: The Unfamily Version Part2 - Cricket And Fox
by Hamster

Pinnochio aka Pina Okyo was enrolled at the middle school where Joe worked
the next day. He wanted to keep her occupied while he worked. Faking her
records was ridiculously easy, now he just hoped she could keep people from
being suspicious. Pina however was having problems right out the gate. She
was wandering the school as she looked at her class schedule and scratched
her head. Feeling that she needed to use the bathroom she headed straight
for the girl’s room. Inside there was an attractive red-head and a pair
of blonde girls talking. They stopped when they saw Pina enter.

"Who the fuck are you?" Demanded the Red haired girl as her two blonde
friends looked on with their hands on their hips.

"Umm hi I'm Pina, I just transferred here from..." She looked at the paper
that her Poppa had made for her that told her what to say when asked
questions about who she was. "...Osaka, Japan."

The three girls laughed.

"My name is Fox." Said the Red-head. "I run things and this is my private
bathroom. If you want to use it you need to pay the toll."

"But I don't have any money." Pina said.

Fox's two friends flanked Pina and grabbed hold of her.

"So you are trying to get out of paying the bathroom tolls huh? We'll have
too teach you a lesson!!!" Fox said.

Fox slapped Pina hard across the face. The girl's boobs shrank slightly.
Tears welled in Pina's eyes and she struggled against the blondes who held

"Strip the damn bitch." Fox ordered.

One of the blondes put Pina in a full nelson and the other ripped open Pina's
blouse. After that she pulled off Pina's skirt and pulled down her panties.

"No please! I'm only supposed to have sex with poppa!" Pina begged

All three of her attackers stopped momentarily and just stared at each other.

"You got problems girl." Fox said almost sympathetically.

Fox went under the sink and retrieved a plunger.

"You are going to see what it's like when you cross me." Fox said while
laughing demonically. "Spread your legs slut."

"No please." Begged Pina.

Fox slapped Pina across her tits as hard as she could. Pina's tits shrank a
cup size. Fortunately Fox did not notice this. Pina sniffled and did as she
was told. Fox took the handle of the plunger and rammed hard straight up poor
Pina's pussy who.


Fox visciously began to push the plunger up into Pina, in and out. The poor
girl writhed and moaned.

"Ohhh, ohhh please...oh please don't...oh please don't, stop. Please don't
stop." She begged.

"I think this freak is liking it." Fox commented.

The two blondes nodded in agreement.

"Yes, yes I like it." Moaned Pina, "Do it it harder."

Fox needed no more encouragement than that. She began to slam it up into Pina
as hard as she could over and over as Pina bucked wildly. Fox mercilessly
plunger fucked the former puppet until her arm was exhausted from the effort
and Pina's tits had ballooned to the size of cantaloupes.

"Holy shit!" Fox said as she pulled the sopping wet plunger from the girl's
cunt. "Your tits grew!"

"Ohh my boobs grow bigger when I am sexually stimulated. Please fuck me
more." Pina said.

"Forget it. You enjoyed it too much. Besides I feel like pissing and your
mouth makes a handy toilet." Fox said evilly.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!!!" Said a girl who had just entered the bathroom after
unlocking it with her key. The keys were special and only the principal's
"favorites' got them. The girl had green hair and some kind of bug tattooed
on her upper arm. She had a pierced nose, eyebrow, tongue and belly button.
Along with her school uniform she wore combat boots instead of the standard
mary-kays. "You leave that poor girl alone."

"Goddammit Cricket we were just having some fun with the new girl why are
you always trying to be every ones conscience?" Fox demanded with a hint of
fear in her voice.

"Fun? You were going to piss in her mouth. Just because you blow the
principal you think you can do whatever you want? I got news for you honey,
I blow him too and I'm a lot better at it. Beat it before I kick your ass."
Cricket said.

Fox did just that. She fled with her two cronies in tow.

"Hi I'm Cricket Jimney." the girl introduced herself. "Are you ok?"

"Yes, I think. I just wish she had fucked me a little more." Pina said.

"Oh you do huh? I think maybe I can help you with that. Ever get eaten out by
another girl?" Cricket asked.

"No? Is it like getting fucked?" Pina asked innocently.

"Just spread your legs kid I'm sure you'll like it." Cricket assured her.

Pina did as instructed and Cricket knelt in front of her and began to lick
the girl's pussy. Her tongue was like a rapier in the hands of a skilled
fencer, it danced and stroked with ease and grace. Pina responded well and
was very vocal with her encouragement. She was squeezing her own tits as
she screamed for more! Finally she came and Cricket was rewarded with Pina's
sexual fluids which gushed out in a wild torrent.

"Oh thank you Cricket that was so good!" Pina said.

"No problem sweetie. Better get dressed, you shouldn't be late for class."
Cricket said in her I'm-everyones-conscience-tone.

"Oh no!" Said Pina.

"What's wrong?" Cricket asked.

"My shirt will never fit now my boobs grew way too big." Pina announced.

Cricket looked at her. Her boobs did look a lot bigger. They were now double

"What the hell?" Cricket asked in obvious confusion.

"They grow when get sexually stimulated. There's only one way to shrink them
back to normal. Can you help me please." Pina begged.

"Sure how?" Asked Cricket.

"Can you give me a spanking?" She asked hopefully.

"That will make them shrink?" Cricket asked skeptically.

"Uh-huh." Replied Pina.

"Well OK." Said Cricket.

Cricket marched over to the spacious handicapped stall, put the seat down and
then sat on it. She patted her lap and Cricket laid down across it with a
smile on her face.

"Thank you so much for having sex with me and spanking me." Pina said

"Uh sure no problem." Said Cricket.

Cricket lifted her hand and brought it down across Pina's butt.

"More, harder!" Pina demanded.

Cricket shrugged.


After the last spank Pinnochio's breasts had shrunk to a manageable size.
Pina got dressed and left hand in hand with Cricket for her first class.
_ _ _

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