The material that follows is adult in nature, containing
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This story is based on the TV show Picket Fences. I got the idea
from an episode where Kimberly, the 18-year old daughter of the
main family in the show, has a brief flirtation with her best friend.

I was always disappointed that nothing more came of this, though
of course I knew it couldn't on network TV. So I decided to write
my own follow-up story.

Here it is.

If you like the story, please let me know via e-mail. And if
you have any similar stories to share, please send them to me.



"What's happening to me? I never had this problem before. I'm so confused!"

These were the thoughts going through Kimberly Brock's head as she sat
alone on her bed. In the next room, her two brothers were, as usual,
arguing about something. Her father, Sheriff Jimmy Brock was still at work,
but her mother, Jill, was downstairs, having come home early from her
medical practice.

Kimberly wanted to talk to her mom about this, but she knew that was
impossible. She would have a panic attack, the same way she did when the
issue first arose several months ago. No, her mother was not the person to
confide in, not for this problem.

But who? Certainly none of her friends. The only one she would even
consider telling was Lisa, and she had already denied it all to her at the time.

"That damned Lisa", she thought. "She's the one that started all this. Her
and her 'experiments'. If Lisa hadn't talked me into kissing her that night
on this very spot, I wouldn't be in this predicament."

Kimberly thought back to that night and the days immediately following.
Lisa Fenn, her best friend, was spending the night, and the two of them
were lying in the dark talking about lots of things, including sex. "Kim",
she said at one point, "have you ever wondered what it would be like to ...
to kiss a girl?" This really startled Kimberly. In fact, she had NEVER
thought of that. It just wasn't something to be considered. But now she was
thinking. "Not really", she answered, wondering what her best friend had in

Lisa went on. "I just wonder what it feels like, you know? I mean, kissing
a guy is so nice, but a girl would be so different- soft, exciting,
maybe..." Lisa's voice lingered off in the darkness. Finally, she said, "Do
you want to try?"

Kimberly was startled. For a while she said nothing. Then, realizing that
she was just as curious as Lisa, she said, "Okay."

The kiss wasn't much, at least on the surface. It lasted maybe ten
seconds. Still, Kim could feel herself getting excited, especially when
Lisa slipped her tongue into her mouth and swirled it around. Afterwards,
they were both silent, until Lisa said, "Well, that was interesting".

Kimberly replied nervously, "Yeah ... interesting." Interesting indeed.
Kim found it more than interesting. She could feel the beginnings of
arousal between her legs. It scared her.

Neither girl said much about the incident for a couple days. Finally,
Kimberly brought it up. They had to talk about it, or it would just be
there like a cloud between them. So they talked, and both said it was
exciting probably because of the taboo. Both girls were confused by the
emotions that the kiss provoked. But finally, they both agreed that they
were not attracted to each other, not in "that way". And the subject had
not come up since, except for the harassment Kimberly got from her
then-boyfriend when her darling brother found out about it and blabbed
around. And of course the panic from her parents.

She weathered that storm, however, and eventually convinced everyone (or
at least everyone that mattered) that it was just a little experiment,
nothing more.

Everyone, that is, except herself. For despite what she told Lisa, she
really was aroused by her kiss. Not that she wanted to start a
"relationship" with Lisa. No, that would be too weird, sort of incestuous.
Besides, she didn't want to endanger their friendship over what she thought
was just a passing fancy.

But part of it was more than passing. Ever since that night, Kimberly had
found herself thinking about how good it felt, how soft Lisa's lips were,
how sensuously her tongue moved in her mouth. Sometimes it took all her
self control to keep from masturbating as she thought about that feeling
and about other, even more erotic things involving other girls. What would
it be like to stroke a breast, to run her hands over the round cheeks of
another girl's butt, to feel soft, naked flesh pressing against her own? A
couple of times, she

Kimberly didn't know what to do about all this, but she knew she had to
talk to someone. Finally, it came to her - Rachel! Yes, the town's
ex-mayor was a friend of her mom and around her mom's age, but Kimberly had
always been able to talk to her about absolutely anything, and she was sure
she could trust her not to tell. And she remembered the scandal that hit
last year about Rachel being in a soft porn flick when she was young. From
what she had heard, it had even included a light lesbian scene, which of
course was just for the cameras. Rachel would understand her problem! At
the very least, she would listen without judging.

The next day, Kimberly wandered over to Rachel Harris's shop as she was
closing up. "Hi", she said cheerily as she entered. Rachel responded with
a big smile. "Kimberly! What brings you here?"

"Oh, I don't know. I just hadn't seen you in a while, and I thought I'd
stop by."

"So what's new, dear?" Rachel had always liked Kimberly. She was so
mature, so thoughtful, much more than the typical high school senior. But
she could see there was something on her mind.

Rachel locked up so they could talk without being disturbed. After some
small talk and hemming and hawing, Kim told Rachel her story. As she had
hoped, Rachel was open and understanding.

"First of all, Kimberly, you're not a 'pervert'. It's very common to have
some attraction to the same sex, especially at your age, when everything
about sex is still new and exciting. It doesn't mean you're a lesbian."

"But Rachel, I can't seem to shake these images I have, these ... these
fantasies. I feel like I need to do something about them or they'll never
go away!"

"I see", Rachel responded. She struggled for a moment with what advice to
give. "Well, do you really want to act on these fantasies? Maybe if you
just talked about them it would get them out of your system. Do you feel
comfortable talking about it?"

"Well ... I guess it's worth a try. It can't get any worse, I guess."

"Okay, sweetie. Just sit down here and we'll talk." Rachel pointed to a
high-backed easy chair to here left. "Now, what kind of fantasies do you have?"

"Well ..." Kim paused, readying herself. "For example, sometimes when I'm
standing really close to one of my friends, I get this urge to kiss her
neck, or put my tongue in her ear. I think about how she would respond ..
you know ... I imagine her moaning and quivering from my doing those things
to her."

Rachel looked Kimberly in the eyes as she spoke. "I see ... what else?"

"Sometimes at school, I find myself looking at another girl's boobs. A
couple times I thought they caught me looking, but that was probably just
my imagination. And ... well, some of the 'looser' girls wear these really
short skirts, you know? That show off their legs? And when I look at them,
I think about kissing them..." Kimberly looked down, embarrassed. "Like
... here", she said, pointing to a spot high on her inner thigh. The,
staring off in the distance, she added, "And there are times when I think
about this at home that I ... I ... I really want to .. to ...well ...

Rachel was silent, gathering her thoughts. She could see that Kim was
troubled by these thoughts, and she wanted to help her. But this did sound
like more than just typical adolescent curiosity. Maybe Kim really did like

But there was more going on in Rachel's mind. Besides wondering what
advice to give, Rachel found herself confused by her own feelings. For she
did in fact have some bisexual tendencies. And she had always liked
Kimberly very much. Listening now to Kim confess these feelings, she found
herself becoming slightly aroused.

"My God, Rachel", she told herself, "Get it together! This is Kimberly!
Don't do something stupid just because you're horny."

But she was horny, very much so. It had been over a year since she broke
it off with Kenny, and she really had not had any sex since then, except by
her own hand. The fact that the sex they'd had was incredible made it even
harder, but her experience with Kenny had actually turned her off to men
for a while. And now here was sweet, beautiful Kimberly telling her how she
has these lesbian fantasies. God, she was making it so hard!

"Well, honey", she said, trying to stay calm, "if these feelings are that
strong, maybe you should do something about them." She couldn't look
Kimberly in the eye. She knew if she did, she give herself away.

Kimberly thought about this. "Oh", was all she said. She, too, could only
look down as she spoke.

There was a long silence as neither knew what to say. Then Kimberly looked
at the older woman and said, "Would you do it with me?"

Rachel's heart skipped. "Oh no", she thought, "I can't do this ... Can I?
... God, but I want to!"

"Kimberly.... I .. I don't think ..."

Kimberly got up from her chair. "It's okay, Rachel. I mean, I just want to
see what it's like. And I would feel so comfortable with you." Kimberly's
eyes pleaded for understanding, for help.

Rachel couldn't answer. Her head and heart well filled with conflicting
emotions, with unwanted desires. She turned away for a moment to gather her
thoughts. Then she felt the soft touch of Kimberly's hand caressing her
cheek. The hand moved slowly down over her neck, then ventured lower, over
her left breast, down to her stomach. Rachel could hear Kimberly's
trembling breath and felt its warmth by her ear.

"Kimberly..." Rachel's words were cut off as Kimberly covered her mouth
with a warm, wet kiss. No longer able to resist, she returned the young
girl's passion. Her arms circled the thin waist, her hands resting on
Kimberly's hips. Kimberly reached up to hold Rachel's face in her hands
while she pressed their bodies together, thrilled by the feel of the
woman's ample breasts against her own. The kiss went on long and deep. Two
tongues explored each other, accompanied by little cries of joy and lust.
Kimberly was the one to finally break the spell, pulling back to look into
her new lover's eyes. Their breathing had changed now, each of them panting
with the excitement of what they were doing and were about to do.

Rachel was the first to speak. "Let's go in the back." Kimberly nodded in

On a sofa in the office, they sat down and continued their necking.
Kimberly loved the feel of Rachel's lips on hers. It had been nice with
Lisa, but this was much better - so hot, so intense, so incredibly erotic.
She moved to Rachel's neck, placing little kisses there as she began to
unbutton the woman's blouse. Rachel, in turn, pulled on Kim's shirt and
sweater, trying to get them off.

Stepping back, Kimberly allowed both garments to be removed, then returned
to her own work. She knew from her earlier exploration that Rachel was not
wearing a bra. As she undid one button after another, she looked down to
take in the sight of those gorgeous mounds. When the blouse was fully open,
she reached behind her back to remove her own bra, dropping it on the
floor, showing Rachel her firm, youthful breasts. Then, unable to resist,
she placed both hands on Rachel's full, soft wonders as they again met in a
soulful kiss.

Only now did Rachel realize just how horny she was. It had been so long
since she'd had another person's hands on her breasts. God, it felt
wonderful! To be wanted by another woman, especially a pretty young girl
like Kim, was so gratifying. She had almost forgotten the thrill of this
kind of sex. She moved one hand to Kim's perfect breast, loving the smooth
feel of her youthful skin.

For her part, Kim was living all her fantasies. She moved her mouth down
to one of Rachel's large, reddish-brown nipples and began to suck it into
her mouth. At the same time, she pulled the blouse off the rest of the
way, then reached for the zipper at the back of Rachel's skirt. Rachel
raised her hips to let Kim slip the skirt off. Kim felt a rush of arousal
as she saw the garter belt and bikini panties underneath. She sucked harder
on Rachel's' nipple, feeling its hard nub in her mouth, contrasting with
the lush softness of the breast itself.

Rachel gently pushed the girl away, so she could undo her jeans. She
wanted to go slowly with the inexperienced girl, but she couldn't hold back
too much. She quickly pulled Kim's jeans off, then reached for the pale
blue panties. Removing them, she got her first glimpse of Kimberly's soft
brown pubic hair, so sexy against her pale skin. She placed a soft kiss on
her belly, swirling her tongue into the hollow of Kim's navel.

Kim returned the favor, taking down Rachel's bikini panties with trembling
hands. This was just as it was in her fantasies, even the garter belt,
which she left in place, framing the patch of auburn hair between Rachel's legs.

The two women lay down together on the couch, Kimberly slightly on top as
their hands explored each other's bodies. Kim's mouth was soon back at
Rachel's lovely breasts, which she found irresistible. Both nipples were
very erect, sticking up a good half inch, and her attention had drawn
little goosebumps within the aureoles. Her soft tongue worked over them

Rachel's hands were on Kim's pert young bottom, softly caressing the
smooth skin, searching. Her right hand reached between the girl's cheeks
and gently moved back and forth, teasing Kim with the promise of more to
come. Reaching down further, she found the warm wet spot that was Kim's
pussy and worked her finger slightly inside. Kim groaned in response,
sending a pleasant vibration through the nipple between her lips.

Rachel decided to take it slowly this first time. Her fingers could do
wonderful things for a young girl, and she didn't know if Kim was ready yet
for the even more wonderful pleasures of oral sex. Keeping her finger
moving slowly inside the girl's wet channel, she moved her other hand
around so that she could work on her clit. Her middle finger quickly found
the hard little nubbin, making Kimberly cry out and move her hips. Rachel
delighted in the feel of Kimberly's wet mouth on her breasts as her expert
fingers did their magic between the girls legs. Kimberly could not keep her
hips from moving now as Rachel's hands roamed over her most sensitive
spots. One, two, sometimes three fingers entered her vagina while another
teased her clit. For variety, Rachel would occasionally move her fingers up
to tease Kim's rear hole, running a finger over and around her sensitive
anus with gentle pressure.

Kim's orgasm was very close now. She was moaning almost continuously, or
crying out Rachel's name in response to the erotic pleasures she was giving
her. No longer able to concentrate, she removed her mouth from her precious
prize of Rachel's boobs and once again locked into a deep tongue kiss with
her lover. Sensing she was close, Rachel lightly pinched Kim's clit between
her fingers. At the same time, she pushed her middle finger and thumb as
deeply as possible into Kimberly's pussy and asshole.

That did it. Kimberly erupted in orgasm. Never before had she come so
intensely, crying out, shaking, her eyes rolling back in her head. "OH! ...
OH! ... OH GOD! ... Aaaaaaahhhh! Rachel! Oh my god! Please, more

It was almost as exciting for Rachel as for Kimberly. Seeing the look of
abandon on that sweet young face, hearing her cries of ecstasy, feeling
Kimberly's cunt and asshole spasm around her fingers as her juices coated
her hand, Rachel almost came herself. This was better than anything she'd
had with Kenny.

They both lay there for a while recovering. Rachel, of course was still
very horny, but she didn't want to push it. Perhaps Kimberly would have
regrets now that she had gotten off. In any case, she knew that Kim would
need some reassurance and guidance in making love to a woman.

Little did she know. As soon as she caught her breath, Kimberly began
again to play with her favorite toys - Rachel breasts. Rolling each nipple
between her fingers, she made sure they were nice and hard before taking
each one in her mouth. Gentle bites drew yelps of pleasure from her lover.
But Kim wasn't going to be satisfied with that.

Moving off Rachel's tits, Kimberly slowly dropped down to the woman's soft
belly. Gentle nips and kisses sent thrills up Rachel's spine. "Oh god", she
thought, "Is she going to do it?" Her heart beat faster at the idea of what
happen next.

There was no such doubt in Kimberly's mind. Ever since she removed
Rachel's lacy panties to reveal that reddish bush, she knew she was going
to go for it. She longed to feel those soft hairs tickle her upper lip and
nose. By now, her head was down below Rachel's navel, tracing little
circles with her tongue as she help those wide, womanly hips in her hands.
She moved down further, passing by Rachel's very wet crotch, to the smooth
softness of her thighs. As in her fantasies, she spent a long time kissing
and licking along the inner thighs, driving Rachel crazy with lust and

Looking up from between Rachel's legs, Kimberly treated herself to a
luscious sight. Rachel's full figure lay before her, her hips wide and
sultry, her breasts full and soft. "No hard body here:, Kim thought. "She's
so mature, so feminine!" Inches from her face, Rachel's vaginal lips
beckoned to Kimberly with their crimson wetness.

"Oh God", she thought, "I'm really going to do it. I'm going to eat
pussy!" Kimberly was excited by the idea of this, of "eating pussy",
almost as much as the act itself. The anticipation was exquisite, but she
could wait no more. Leaning forward, Kimberly placed a long, wet kiss
directly on Rachel's inflamed vulva.

Rachel cried out. "Oh ... Kim... Oh, yes, please!"

Kimberly smiled to herself. Yes, this was what she had been waiting for,
hot sex with a woman. The fact that this particular woman was so much older
than her, and a good friend of her mother's at that, made the whole
experience even more exciting.

Encouraged by Rachel's passionate reaction, Kimberly began to eat her out
for all she was worth. She moved her tongue slowly over the sensitive
flesh, making Rachel moan and twitch repeatedly. The long abstinence from
sex and the excitement of seeing Kim come had Rachel at a fever pitch.
Kimberly could not believe how wet she was. She was taking long, sensuous
licks at the woman's pussy, and each time she did, she came away with a
thick, full coating of juice on her tongue. She took each serving into her
mouth, savoring the taste of Rachel's hot femininity. "Oh, it tastes so
good," she said to herself. "Well, not so much good, as intense, exciting,

She placed her lips back in Rachel's folds and sucked on the sweet fruit.
Then she pulled back a little to take a closer look at the prize before
her. Surprised by the pause, Rachel looked down, and Kimberly looked up
and smiled, her lips shiny-slick with pussy. For Rachel, the sight of that
sweet young face between her legs, her mouth covered with sex fluids, was
unbelievably sexy. She couldn't help but react, pulling her legs up and
out, giving Kimberly complete access to her private parts. "Oh Kimberly!",
she moaned, "Do it, please, Oh God, do it! Eat me now."

If Kimberly needed any encouragement (and she didn't), this open display
of lust was more than enough. With a little cry of her own, she leaned
forward again and began licking everything that Rachel had exposed. Using
her whole tongue, she roamed over Rachel's thighs and buttocks, licked
briefly between the cheeks of her ass, and finally took one long, slow
swipe up the center of Rachel's crotch, starting down at her anus and
ending on her very sensitive clitoris.

Rachel spread even wider now, doing anything to get more of that wonderful
tongue on her. Excited by the wide open sight before her, Kimberly pushed
her whole face into Rachel's open crevice. Kimberly's nose rubbed against
Rachel's clit and she felt the warm wet cuntlips press against her cheeks.
Trying to get even further inside this sexy place, she thrust her tongue as
deep as possible into Rachel's pussy. The vaginal walls spasmed around her
tongue and more thick fluid dropped onto it. Then, remembering what Rachel
had done, she reached underneath her buttocks and found her tender asshole.
As it easily opened, she slipped one long finger all the way up Rachel's
ass, as she tongue-fucked her and rubbed her clit with her nose.

Rachel's hand reached for Kim's head, pulling her face farther into her
hot cunt as she came. "OOHHhhhh, baby, baby, baby! SO GOOD! Oh Kimberly!
OHHHHH!" Kim's head bobbed up and down with Rachel's wild bucking, until
finally the orgasm subsided. Gently removing her finger from Rachel's
asshole, Kim continued to lick her pussy until Rachel had to push her away.
"Too much right now, hon", she said.

Suddenly, Kimberly realized how late it was. She had missed dinner! Her
parents would be worried, maybe even out looking for her. Apologizing to
Rachel, she quickly gathered up her clothes and threw them on. Rachel gave
her a washcloth to wipe her face and finger clean of any evidence of their
tryst, and with a good-bye kiss from her new lover, she sped out the door
on her way home.

On her way home, Kimberly thought back about the experience. It was by far
the best sex she had ever had in her life. And while boys could still be
fun, she knew that she had answered one question for herself: This was not
idle curiosity or a passing fancy. She was already thinking about her next
encounter with Rachel, and wondered what other women in town might provide
new adventures.


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