Perry Mason: Travels Of Joshua Long Part 9 (MF)
by JH

Joshua had found a way to enter the reality of movies. It had taken him
more money and time than he had expected but after a number of attempts he
accomplished it. Now, however, he found himself watching another TV show and
fantasizing about the characters.

The show was Perry Mason and the object of his fantasy was Della Street,
the efficient brunette secretary/assistant to Perry Mason a lawyer/dective
created by Earl Stanley Gardner but made famous in a TV series starring
Raymond Burr. More to the point for Joshua, however, was the character
portrayed by Barbara Hale, Della Street.

Joshua rolled to the table and placed the headgear in place. The world around
him began to bend and the light dimmed.

He found himself standing at a doorway marked Perry Mason, Attorney at Law.
Opening the door he walked to a reception desk and addressed the blonde.

"Mr. Mason, please."

The woman looked at him and began to operate the switchboard. It took a
moment but Joshua remembered that this was 1960 and the machinery was from
the same period. She spoke into the microphone and then back to Joshua.

"Miss Street will be with you in a moment."

From another door a trim brunette walked over to him. "I am Della Street,
Mr. Mason's secretary. May I help you?"

He turned to her and smiled warmly. "I would like to talk to you in private."

"Of course." She gestured him through the door.

They were standing in a small waiting room but she continued to walk until he
found himself in an office. There was a desk and, three chairs and a couch.
Along the walls were bookcases filled with various law texts. She closed the

"Now, what can I do for you."

Della Street was wearing a tight, but professionally cut gray business suit.
Her skirt came to mid calf and she on dark nylons and black high heels. He
looked her over. She had dark hair, cut short framing her face, a wide mouth
with dark red lips and high cheek bones. In the movie Higher and Higher she
had played a character, Katherine Keating, who had worn her hair to her
shoulders and lace gloves but the most memorable aspect was the low cut gown
the showed her bustline to great advantage. (He guessed at a 34 or 36 C.)
Now, however, she presented as a total professional.

He moved towards her until he was directly in front of her. Her 5'8" height
still had her looking up to him. Her eyes widened and her lips parted. He
bent over and kissed her. She pressed into him and her tongue slid into his
mouth. Her arms encircled his neck and they began to kiss passionately. Their
mouths pressed together and tongues were wrapped around each other. He moved
his hands down her waist and hips to her ass. He could feel the tight girdle
underneath the material of the skirt.

She pushed him away, walked to the door, locked it and turned back to him.
She dropped her jacket on the floor. Never taking her eyes off him she undid
each button of her white blouse and it followed the jacket. Reaching around
she unbuttoned then unzipped the skit and it too lay on the pile of clothes.
She pulled up the full slip and pulling it over her head dropped it on the
floor. She stood in front of him in a lacy black bra, black girdle, dark
nylons and black high heels. Her smile was at once inviting and wicked. She
walked to him and pulled him to the couch.

Pushing him down she got on her knees in front of him. He watched her unzip
his pants and pull his cock out. She never took her eyes off his as she began
to lick the head. Her tongue swirled around the tip and began to lick the
entire shaft. Her tongue lapped at him in long slow movements. She wrapped
her hand around the side not covered by her tongue. She continued to lock his
eyes with hers as she slowly pulled his cock into her mouth. Her lips grasped
him as his cock slid deeper and deeper until it was completely covered by her
mouth. She began to bob her head letting the shaft slip almost out with just
the head captured by her pursed lips then slowly sucking him deep. Her cheeks
sucking in as he was drawn into her mouth. This process went on until he was
on the verge of cumming. She pulled his cock out and stared at the drop on
the tip. The tip of her tongue reached out and licked the tip. She closed her
eyes and smiled.

He pulled her up and sat her next to him. He kissed her and began to squeeze
her breast through the lace of the bra. He felt the nipple harden and pulled
the strap off her shoulder. She leaned back and he pulled the soft mound
free of the lace covering. He leaned forward and his mouth covered the pink
nipple. He sucked it into his mouth and let his tongue swirl around the
nipple. Della pulled his head into her chest. He took his hand and placed it
on her knee. She opened her legs in an invitation. He slid his hand to the
inside of her thighs and began to slide it up her leg. He could feel the
warmth of her legs and the smooth texture of the nylons. She opened her legs
wider. He found the top of her nylons and could feel the hard clasp then the
soft skin of her upper thigh. His hand hit the leg of the girdle but he could
feel bare skin between her legs. He pushed his hand until he felt the soft
hair covering her cunt. She was wearing a pantyless girdle allowing him to
rub the soft wet crack of her vagina. His mouth had engulfed her tit. He was
sucking it turning the nipple hard and red. Della was moaning and had spread
her legs wide apart. He used two fingers to open the folds of her cunt then
inserted first one then the second. She was pressing against him. He felt her
pull at his cock. She was rubbing him as he finger fucked her. She whispered
in his ear, "Fuck me. Stick your cock in me."

She pushed him away and turned around and faced the back of the couch. Her
cunt was framed by the pantyless girdle and nylons. She still wore her high
heels. Her breasts were pulled up above the bra. He stepped behind her and
slipped his cock deep into her cunt. He reached around and began to squeeze
Dellas tits. She pushed back against him. His cock was sliding first deep
into her then pulling out until only the head was in her cunt. She moaned,
"Thats it. Fuck me. Make me cum."

She was pressing against him as he pistoned in and out. Her juices began to
drip down her leg. He had her tits in his hands. His cock buried deep in her.

She began to shudder at the same time he shot his load deep inside her. The
world began to blur...

Joshua found himself back in his lab.


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