Perry Mason: Della (F-solo,MF,oral,anal,toys)
by JH

She sat at a make-up table looking at herself in the well lit mirror.

She had taken a long hot bath and after drying herself she had wrapped the towel around her body.

She was ruminating on the past and why she was at this point. Almost a year ago Perry Mason had taken a job defending an old friend, Beth Sandover, of murder of a woman, Lita Krail. As it had happened the deed was done by her husband, a wretched little man named Clem Sandover. During the investigation Perry and his detective friend, Paul Drake, had her put on a blonde wig and act like a woman Clem Sandover's boss, Steven Banks, with whom he was having an affair.

Unknown to Perry and Paul this had awakened something in her. She thought back to that night and after she had gotten home had laid in bed with her vibrator rubbing the wet lips of her cunt to a series of orgasms. She had even taken the vibrator and slid it deep into her ass and with her fingers rubbed herself to another series of orgasms. From then on she seemed to be in a permanent state of arousal. To date she had not involved anyone else but she had obtained two more vibrators. One she would use in her ass and one in her cunt. She used the third to practice oral sex. She had no experience in the past but now found she could take the entire shaft down her throat.

She had been building up to this point since then. Somewhere along the line the fantasies and vibrators were not enough. So tonight she was going to see if she could take it to another level.

First she put on blue tint eye shadow. The effect was to open her eyes and show off the blue in the hazel of her eyes. Then eye liner on the edge of her eyes. Finally an eye brow pencil to emphasize the arch in her own eye brows.

She used a small amount of powder to set the make-up on her cheeks.

She chose a deep red for her lipstick. The effect was to give her a mouth most men would find irresistible - to kiss or wrap around their cock.

Getting up from the table she had laid her clothes out on her bed.

First she picked up the lace low cut bra. She normally wore a 34C bra. This one was 34C but was cut tighter and lifted her breasts up. The snap was in front and she had to position it to get the effect she wanted. Her nipples showed through the small lace holes in the middle of the bra. She rubbed them and the effect was for them to darken and harden.

Next was the 6 strap garter belt. She snapped it around her 23 inch waist and settled it on her 35 inch hips. She sat on the edge of the bed and one after the other slid the seamed black nylons up her legs. Standing she attached each of the garter snaps and smoothed and straightened the seams running up the back of her legs.

Reaching over to the black lace panties she slid them up her legs settling them on her hip. Like her bra these panties had an opening that exposed her vagina and ass.

She looked at herself in the full mirror on the door before sliding into her black cocktail dress. She had bought the dress to be tight enough to show the garter straps as they ran form hip to nylons and short enough so if she bent over at the waist the tops of the nylons and clasps would show.

Before putting on her high heels she placed the blonde wig over her auburn hair. It took a moment to fit it on her head but with practiced hands it look natural.

She had a pair of stiletto high heels with ankle straps. It took her a moment but buckle them but in a minute her 5 foot 5 1/2 inch height was elevated to 5 foot 11 inches. Once finished she slipped on black satin opera length gloves.

Taking a mink stole and wrapping it around her shoulders she left her apartment.

* * *

It had not taken her long to settle in at a corner table in the darkened bar.

Over the past few weeks she had been looking for the perfect place to sit anonymously. The down side to working for a man like Perry Mason is his reputation was her reputation and it was difficult to find a place where she was not instantly recognized.

She had finally settled on a dark hotel bar a few miles from her apartment. Since she had been there a few men had approached her but none of the interested her. Then he walked in. In point of fact she didn't know why she felt like she did about him but there was a building ball of flame between her legs. She began to feel wet and her nipples hardened.

He sat at the bar and then began to look around the bar. As he saw her she met his eyes with hers and she smiled. That was all it took and he walked towards her table.

"Hi. Mind if I sit down?"

She nodded yes and he slipped into the booth next to her.

"Can I order you a drink?"

She smiled. "A scotch on the rocks."

He signaled to the waitress. Gave her their order and as she walked to the bar he turned towards her.

"I'm Nick."

She was facing him. "Della."

As she spoke she put her hand on his thigh. If this surprised him he gave no indication.

In return he placed his hand on her knee and began to slide it up. She could feel the heat of his hand and opened her legs to let him slide his hand higher.

She slid her hand to the bulge in his pants and rubbed. As she did so the bulge got larger and larger.

His hand slid to the top pf the nylons and he felt the smooth skin above the welt.

She took the hand in hers and moved it to the slit in her panties. He felt the soft moist hair and pressed until he could feel the lips of her cunt. He rubbed up and down gently allowing the wetness to increase.

The shifted in her seat allowing him more access. He slid a finger into her. This was followed by a second and a third. His thumb pressed against her clit. She opened her legs wider.

The reached for his zipper and slowly pulled it down. Once open she slipped her hand in and grasped his hardening cock. She began to stroke him from base to head. She loved the feel of the hardening shaft..

They worked in unison masturbating each other.

He whispered in her ear and as he did the tip of his tongue ran across her ear. "Do you have a room?"

She nodded and removed her hand letting him zip himself up. He removed his hand leaving her frustrated.

As he slid out her skirt rose and showed the garter straps on one leg. "Room 823"

She gathered her stole and walked to the elevator. He watched as her ass moved under the material of the dress. The seams of her stockings forming a line from her heels to the hem of her dress. The heels making a "clicking" sound on the floor as she walked.

He caught up with her and they both entered the elevator. As the doors closed she turned and they began kissing. Their tongues danced in each others mouth. He slid his hands down and cupped the warm globes of her ass. He could feel the straps of the garter belt under the dress.

She ground her pelvis into him. He was getting harder as a reaction.

The doors opened and they moved to the room.

As soon as they were in the room her overpowering lust took over.

She pushed him onto the bed and straddled his lap. She unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. She guided it between the folds of her crotchless panties and into her cunt. He penetrated deep into her and she let out a sigh of satisfaction. His hands found her breasts and he gently squeezed them. She was allowing her legs to push her up and hen lowered herself back down. She kept this up as the fireball in her groin grew. Suddenly she felt him shooting deep inside her and this pushed her over the edge. The orgasm swept over her and she gave a yelp.

She slid off him and down his body. Before he could move she engulfed his cock in her lips. She tasted both of them mixed and closed her eyes. She sucked him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the cock. He felt her pulling him in until she was at the base the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat. She began to lift her head up and he felt his prick sliding out of her lips until only the head was in her mouth. She reached around and with gloved hands gripped the cock. She began to jack him off into her mouth. After a moment she began to suck the shaft back into her mouth. She continued the alternate process of her mouth and her gloved hands. His cock was rock hard and he began to feel his orgasm building. She could feel his cock begin to throb and as he shot his cum in her mouth she deep throated and swallowed each load. When he was done shooting off in her mouth she lapped at his cock clean.

She stood up and moved around to the foot of the bed. She knelt on the bed and pulled her dress up to her hips. He moved behind her and grabbed her hips.

She looked back at him. "My ass.....put it in my ass."

He rubbed his cock against her cunt getting the moisture to coat the head. He then slid it up the crack and found the opening to her ass and began to slowly insert it.

She let out a low moan as his cock went deeper and deeper until it was fully in her. She pressed back against him. He began to piston in and out. She reached down and began to rub her clit as his cock was moving in and out her ass.

He reached around and began to squeeze the breasts under the material of her dress. Her nipples poked through the openings in her bra and showed though the satin of the cocktail dress.

She was building up to an orgasm on the three stimulations.

His movement became more and more rapid until in cascade he shot a torrent of cum deep inside her ass. At the same time she felt a tsunami of an orgasm sweep over her. She moaned more loudly and as he stopped pumping inside her she fell forward onto the bed.

Neither of them had even removed their clothes.

He looked down at her.

She looked at him. "Go ahead and leave." She smiled. "It's fine."

He smiled back understanding and left.

She lay there and thought about the next time.....maybe a vibrator in her ass when he fucked her. She felt the cum leaking out of her ass and cunt soaking the material of the panties and thought about the next time and what she could do....and smiled.


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