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Pearl Harbor (MMF)
by CT ([email protected])

Rafe, Danny and Evelyn sat quiet in the still warm sand. Rafe hat just
found out that his best friend had fucked the love of his life and was
really pissed! He had drunk a lot, Danny and Evelyn tried to calm him
down. He started to yell at them. "Did he fuck you good? Ha? Did he
fuck you good bitch!?"

"Rafe please." Cried Evelyn.

"Rafe you are drunk." Said Danny getting between Rafe and Evelyn.

"What do you expect me to do? My best friend fucked the woman I love and that
she supposed to love me too! Tell me Danny boy was she a good fuck? Ha? Was

"Asshole!" Screamed Danny and tried to punch Rafe.

Rafe was drunk but even so not a match for the smaller Danny. The two men
started to wrestle in the sand while Evelyn yelled at then to stop. They
didn't hear at her.

Suddenly Evelyn falls down. Rafe was the first to notice. He ran to her Danny
close behind him.

"Evelyn, what's wrong baby?"

Rafe took her in his arms trying to make her wake up.

"Rafe? Whats wrong with her?" Asked a worried Danny.

"I don't know Danny I just dont know." Whispered Rafe.

"Its us! Right? We and our fight." Trembled Dannys voice.

"Thats right!" Answered to both of them the angered voice of Evelyn!

"Oh god you scared us to death!" Cried Rafe out and hold her in his arms.

Danny stood there and knew he had lost. He was turning away when a hand
stopped him. Evelyn's hand.

"Please dont go! Your friendship is more important then me. I go!" She
turned away now.

"Evelyn! My friendship with Danny is important but I can't live without you.
And I dont think Danny could live without you either." Rafe looked at Danny
who nodded at his words and then at Evelyn.

"And what are we supposed to do? You know I love both of you too!" Whispered

"There is not much we can do. We have to split apart and never see each other
again. Everything else would be painfully for one of us." Talked Danny.

"No Danny you are wrong. At the time I was with the French resistance I
noticed something very interesting." Talked Rafe with a smile. Danny and
Evelyn hung on to every word. "The Maquis to prevent their men to go to
whores and say something wrong by mistake they ordered the women already
in the organization to sexually satisfy them. But! They are too few women
and they have to satisfy a lot of men. I think this is our solution!"

"Are you talking to share Evelyn with you?"

"Yes Danny or you want to take the risk and lose her? I don't want to!"

Rafe and Danny looked at Evelyn and waited for a respond from her side. She
looked at Rafe and then at Danny. Then a big smile lightened her face. "Its
okay with me. I don't want to lose some of you either!"

They walked close to each other. Evelyn stood to her toes and kissed them,
first Rafe and then Danny. Then she did a step back, undo her dress and let
it fall to the sand. She removed her bra and then started to remove her
panties. Rafe and Danny looked each other and started to ripe of their
clothes from their bodies.

The three of them stand naked at the beach Evelyn walked close to them and
kissed them. First Danny and then Rafe. The two men started to fondle her
breasts and pulled her even closer. They had a hand in her breast and one
on her ass. Evelyn was breathing heavily. She reached out and took their
hard cocks in her hands. She started to stroke them and both men groaned
from pleasure. Rafe left her ass and placed his hand on her shoulder. He
told her he wanted to try something he saw in France.

Evelyn submitted at his pressure and go down at her knees. She knew what
Rafe wanted. Oral sex! She had heard of it but she always thought of it of
something dirty. Then she thought about her situation. She was about to have
sex with two men, something she thought as dirty as oral sex few hours ago.

She was on her knees, their cocks still in her hands. She thought what to do,
she knew that cocks were very sensitive and knew she should keep her teeth
away but her tongue seemed suitable. She reached out and gave Rafes cock a
long lick, from base to head. His loud groans prove to her that her action
was right so she licked Danny's cock too. He groaned too.

Evelyn started to lick them alternating between them. Rafe and Danny stand so
close to each other that Evelyn was capable to lick their cocks in the same
time. Her hands kept stroking them all the time.Rafe asked Danny in he wanted
to stay there or go behind her. Danny answered that he liked oral sex and
that he wanted to enjoy it.

Rafe walked behind Evelyn and kneeled. He probed her pussy with his fingers
and smiled as he found out that she was soaking wet. He aimed his cock and
slowly penetrated Evelyn. She groaned around Danny's cock from the pleasure
he received from her first time with two men simultaneously.

Rafe reached and grabbed her swinging breasts squeezing the soft flesh. He
pounded her faster and faster while Danny placed his hands in the back of her
head and started to really fuck her pretty face.Evelyns face turned red. Not
from lack of air but because of what she was doing. Her hand was on her clit
and she was rubbing it like crazy making the pleasure Rafe and Danny was
giving her grow even higher. But doing that somewhere else then her private
room was what make her turned red.

She felt Danny's cock spasm and wasnt sure what to do. Rafe who saw Danny's
face and knew he was about to come leaned in her ear and told her to relax
and swallow. Evelyn's eyes opened wide but she obeyed. Danny started to
shoot gallons of sperm in her mouth and Evelyn did her best but she was
inexperienced and lot of it run out of her mouth to her chin and her neck.
Danny pulled out of her mouth and sat on the sand breathless watching as
Rafe speed up his pace fucking Evelyn harder and harder. Danny looked at
Evelyn. Face smeared with his cum and a big smile at it. Eyes closed and
hand blurring at her clit.

Rafe felt his balls tightening and new he was at a point of no return. He
shoved a finger in her ass and started to shoot his load in her womb. Evelyn
opened her eyes at the sudden intrusion and screamed as that and Rafe's hot
seed inside her pushed her to a huge orgasm. Her body trembled and as her
orgasm subdued she fall face first to the sand beside Danny. Rafe shot a few
spurts at her back and then fall beside her.

After few minutes they had found their breath again. Suddenly Evelyn felt a
hand at her right breast. Rafe's hand. She looked at him and he smiled. "You
arent tired, aren't you?"

Evelyn shake her head no. She leaned at him and kissed. Danny was surprised
that Rafe wasn't disgusted by his sperm on Evelyn's face. He surely saw a lot
in France. Danny reached out and pulled Evelyn to him and kissed her too.

Evelyn broke his kiss and saw at his crotch. He was already hard as a rock.
She leaned back and spread her legs. Danny moved fast between then and was
ready to penetrate her when Rafe stopped him. Danny looked at him as Rafe
took his shoulders and pushed him away from Evelyn and with his back down
to the sand. Danny tried to stand up but Rafe stopped him with a hand at his
chest. Rafe reached out to Evelyn. She gave him her hand and he pulled her
up. He guided her over Danny and helps her sat on his cock! Danny and Evelyn
groaned as they melt together.

Rafe took hold of Evelyn's waist and move the beautiful women up and down at
his friend's cock. Then Evelyn understood the idea and started to move on
her own. Her breasts bounced up and down and she half opened her mouth heavy
breathing. She used her tongue to lick her lips and take the fever away.
Then something slapped her face.

She opened her eyes and saw it was Rafe with his cock in his hand. She took
it and started to suck at it. Rafe was impressed by her newly discovered
eagerness to suck. He started to fuck her face while Evelyn humped up and
down on Danny who thrust with his hips upwards. But Rafe never took his eyes
away from his real target, Evelyn's ass!

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and moved behind her. He told then to
stop moving for a moment. Evelyn and Danny looked at him trying to guess what
he was planning. Rafe pushed Evelyn to Danny's chest and then he spread her
ass cheeks. Evelyn looked him in the eyes, scared a little, but Rafe relaxed
her with a smile. He spit at her anus and probed her with his finger. Danny
looked surprised at her as she moaned with pleasure to this new experience.
Then Rafe slowly pushed his cock in her ass.

Surprisingly even for him Evelyn took it easy and enjoyed her first anal
time. The two friends started to fuck Evelyn harder and harder. They groaned
and moaned filling the night with sound. Evelyn came and her screams covered
those of Rafe and Danny! They moved faster and faster. Their breath shorter
and shallow. Rafe felt his sperm cumming and asked Danny if he was ready to
come too.

When he answered yes. Rafe pulled out of Evelyn's ass and lift her up. Danny
couldn't understand why. Rafe ordered Evelyn to stay kneeled, he pulled Danny
up and they both stand in front of Evelyn. Rafe took Evelyn's hand and made
her stroke him. Danny did the same.

Soon they both came spurting hot sticky sperm all over her beautiful face!
They covered her face and clenched her hair with their seed and Evelyn kept
smiling at them. Rafe told her to scoop the sperm with her fingers and
swallow it. Evelyn obeyed and when she finished the two men lift her up and
run to the water cleaning their bodies from sweat and their juices.

Then they laid down in the sand they had Evelyn in the middle. They hugged
her and they all fall to a deep sleep. The two friends happy that their
friendship was strong enough, and Evelyn because she didnt had to make a
choice anymore.


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