Partridge Family: Giving Lessons (Ff)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

While school was in Shirley Partridge was giving music lessons to young kids.
One was Gina Hogan, a girl of fourteen. She had straight black hair, blue
eyes. She asked Shriley if she would teach her. Soon they was in the spare
bedroom which she turn into a music room for herself.

Gina arrived from school. She went to a private school still in her uniform.
They both sat on the bench. She showed her how to place her hands. Shirley
felt Gina's hand touch hers.

"Like this?" Gina smiled spreading her hand along the keys.

Shirley laid her hand atop of Gina's touching each key.

"This is fun," Gina said.

Before they knew it the time was up and Gina left. Shirley sat there but
soon shook off the thought that was in her head. She found some easy music
to start with.

The next day Gina arrived her hair in a long pony tail. Shirley was feeling
strange again. Gina was going over the scale Shirley had given her. She
walked behind her, she looked at her posture and seen her firm young ass.
Shirley shook her head. This young girl was turning her on.

Gina was playing well when she felt a cramp in her hand. Shirley held her
hand massaging them, "Feeling better?" she asked.

Gina smiled. Shirley then held her hands up to her lips and kissed them. She
then kissed the palms and each finger. She sucked gently on each finger
running her tongue between each finger.

Shirley then stopped, "I CAN'T DO THIS!"

Gina looked at her.

"Please leave," Shirley asked.

That night in her bed Shirley was tossing and turning. Her night gown was
raised. Her fingers working her pussy over. Three fingers in her pussy, one
in her asshole. She bucked as she came again. She soon fell asleep waking
late the next day.

All the kids were away when a knock came at the door. There stood Gina
wearing her uniform. Shirley let her in not knowing what was going to happen.
They sat on the couch.

"I am sorry about yesterday," Shirley said.

"It's okay," Gina smiled, "It did make the cramps go away." Gina moved close
to her. "Do it again, please."

Shirley took hold of her hands began to kiss them, sucking on her fingers.

"Can I do yours?" she asked Shirley.

Taking her mouth licking and sucking on her fingers, kissing her hands. Gina
then kissed Shirley's mouth. They held each other close. Their tongues
finding each other's.

Shirley took her to the music room Gina began to play while Shirley kissed
her neck, unbuttoning her blouse and opening it to find her bare breasts.
Her hands made it's way down her blouse rubbing her nipples. Soon her blouse
was off. Shirley licking the young hard nipples.

Gina rose too feel the cool air as her skrit was raised. Shirley admired the
young ass. Her hand roamed all over it. Pulling her panties to one side
Shirley began licking her cheeks and running her finger along her wet slit
before pushing one finger in. Sucking on the finger tasting the juices she
then offered her finger to Gina, who tasted her own pussy.

Gina was soon naked and Shirley on her knees licking the girl's pussy.
"OOOHHH!" was coming from Gina's mouth. She jerked as she came again filling
Shirley's mouth.

Kissing Gina, filling her mouth with her juice, Gina began to undress
Shirley, her shirt removed Gina licking her nipple. Shirley's nipples poking
thru the sheer bra she wore.

Gina kissed her way down her body pulling off Shirley's pants to find wet
panties soaked. Gina enhaled the smell before she began to lick the wet
pussy. Gina found the spot she wanted and sucked on the hard clit.

"OOOOOHHHH GOODD!" Shirley screamed.

Her pussy was on fire and comming like a train. Shirley bucked and wiggled
til she fell limp.

Gina laid atop her kissing her. Her pussy was rubbing against Shirley's.
Gina began to fuck her with her pussy Shirley's clit was throbing once again.
They went into the sixty-nine position feasting on each others pussy and

In the weeks to come Shirley took Gina's cherry with a strap-on dildo.
Then took her ass cherry next. Gina would play while Shirley ate her young

The End


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