PARTRIDGE FAMILY: A Whole Lot of Lovin'

By Uncle Mike

Keith was one fried Partridge.

First of all, he was supposed to be in a rock band. But his
band's rhythm section was little kids who could barely count,
let alone keep up a beat.

And he was supposed to be the singer of this band, belting
out lyrics about love and kissing and that kind of stuff. Not
too hot, maybe, but he was supposed to put some feeling into
it, wasn't he? But to whom does he sing this lyrics? To his
sister Laurie, on keyboards. OK, she had a pretty cute face,
with long swinging brown hair, but she was skinny as a straw
and flat as a board. Lots of motivation there. Or he sang to his
Mom. His Mother, for cripe's sake. Yeah, she was pretty, and
she had a good body, what anyone could see of it underneath
the jackets and pants she always wore -- but she was his

Oh, and he was supposed to be the heartthrob, too. The one
the girls swooned over. Only they seemed to spend an awful
lot of gigs singing to old folks or preschoolers. And when
they did get an audience with at least a few girls who were
somewhere between almost old enough to drive and not quite
old enough for Social Security, Mom says he's got to stay in
the motel room with his little brothers and curfew's at 10!
Boy, the groupies really go for playing Go Fish with your
whole family. Yeah, right.

But this was it. This was the rule he couldn't take. Their
manager, Reuben, tells him he's been, what was it? "Wearing
the shirts kinda wild, there, Keith. Can't you button them up?
You know, all the way? You'll look a lot better, then, kid.
Trust me!"

Keith didn't even bother to argue. He could tell Reuben was
just passing along another one of Mom's rules. But, for crying
out loud, it's not like he was wearing a codpiece or sticking
out his tongue like those British groups did. A couple of
measly buttons open! He didn't even have any chest hair, what
was she afraid of?

He was determined to have it out with Mom over this one.
But that was one of the many problems of being in a family of
five kids: When could you ever get someone alone to have a
real discussion? Without Danny sticking his sarcastic nose in
or one of the twerps whining about something?

He tried all day, but either they were all in rehearsal or
Mom was talking about stuff with Reuben or it was dinner or
something. Finally it was bed-time; luckily they got to spend
that night at home because the gig was so close. Keith put on
his pajamas -- better button those up to the top, he thought
to himself -- and sat in bed listening as everyone else
washed and got into bed.

When everything was quiet, he peeked down the hall. It was
dark, but he could see a thin strip of light underneath his
Mom's door. She still used the big bedroom down the hall, the
one she and Dad had used before he died. He padded down the
hall, barefoot, being careful not to wake anyone along the

He was thinking about exactly what he was going to say,
rehearsing it in his mind the way they rehearsed those sugary
songs over and over again. On auto pilot, he opened the door
without knocking, while debating to himself whether to
mention that part about the chest hair. He took a step into the
room -- and stopped cold.

His mom was sitting at her dressing table, facing away
from him. With the angle of the door and the mirror in front
of her, he realized she couldn't see him unless she looked
very carefully.

But he could see her very clearly. She was brushing her
short blonde hair, smoothing down the 'do that made her look
like a pixie. A very beautiful pixie, though, with cute dimples
and bright blue eyes and a full mouth, still shiny red with

A very sexy pixie, too. Because Mom had nothing on but a
pair of pink panties. Keith could see his mother's breasts
reflected in the mirror -- proud, full breasts, still as firm as
a teenager's, capped by small brown aureolae. Around the
short, curving back of her chair, he could see the smooth
curve of her back, dropping into wide hips and long, supple

She was leaning in close to take off an eyelash when Keith
approached, walking silently on the thick blue shag rug. She
didn't notice him until he put a hand on her milky white

Startled, she turned around and gasped. "Keith! What are
you doing here? Why didn't you knock? If you expect me to
respect your privacy, you have to..." Abruptly she dropped the
outraged mother routine as she realized her state of undress.
She pressed her breasts into the back of the chair, pushing
her cleavage into a deep valley. "Get out of here this instant!
I'm not even dressed!"

That reminded Keith of his purpose. "Dressed? That's why
I'm here. You told Reuben to make me button my shirt, didn't
you? How do you like this?" He quickly undid the buttons of
his pajama tops and flung the shirt aside.

"What are you talking about?" Shirley Partridge,
misreading her son's gesture, rose from the chair and backed
away from him. She held her arms out to keep him away,
affording him a close-up, unimpeded view of her slender,
shapely body. Forgetting his anger, Keith drank in her beauty.
His eyes roamed up and down: the gentle slope of her breasts,
rising above her smooth, hard belly; the promise of a few
curly blonde hairs peeping above the lacy waistband of her
panties and around the sides of the silken fabric so closely
sculpted to her vulva; deeply tanned legs. As he gazed, a very
natural reaction took place, one that didn't escape his
mother's horrified look.

"This has gone on long enough," she said, in a voice stern
but softened by a slight quaver. "You have to ... Oh, my God,
Keith, look at you!" He followed her eyes to his crotch, where
his cock had stiffened and grown, tenting out several inches
and straining the combined forces of his briefs and PJ
bottoms. The full magnitude of what was happening seemed
to hit him then, but it didn't pull him back, it only made him
bolder. Without a word, he advanced on his mother, brushing
aside her defenses. He took her in his arms and kissed her
hard, his tongue pushing between her lips and muffling her
protests. He felt her breasts warm against his chest. His
cock, still confined by his clothes, pressed against the silk of
her panties. His right hand slipped down to her butt,
caressing and squeezing. He brought it up again to the small
of her back and then eased it into the gap between the
panties' waistband and her skin, rubbing her cheeks and
pushing a finger into the crack between them. All the while
his mom pushed at his shoulders and tried to maneuver her
face away from his hot kisses.

When at last he broke the kiss, she burst into protest.
"Keith, how could you! I'm your mother! Get out now, and we'll
talk ..."

Instead of moving away, Keith had kept his left hand behind
her back. Reaching down with his right, he slipped it behind
her knees and brought it up smoothly, lifting his mother off
her feet and cradling her in his arms. "You won't let me go out
with other girls, Mom," he murmured to her. "I guess I'll have
to get what I need at home."

In seconds he had carried her to the bed and tossed her into
the middle of it, shucked off his remaining clothes and ripped
her panties off, yanking them down her legs and tossing them

Shirley tried to roll away but her son grabbed both her
hands in his and jumped atop her, using his greater strength
to hold her at bay while his legs forced hers apart.

Looking down, he saw her fully exposed now, the tumble of
hair atop her mound, the pink of her pussy lips. His mother,
naked and at his mercy.

"You know what's going to happen, Mom," he said through
teeth clenched by the effort to hold her down. "You should
have expected this. How many love songs have I had to sing to
you? How many times have I had to look you in the eyes and
sing about kissing you and holding you close? I'm going to
fuck you now. I'm going to fuck my mother's pussy. It's no use
fighting. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna put my cock inside you and
fuck your ass off. Come on, Mommy."

Tears were rolling down Shirley's cheeks and her breath
was shallow and irregular. "Please!" Her forehead furrowed as
she begged her son not to rape her. "I'm your mother, Keith!
Think about what you're doing. You don't want to do this. Stop
now, and we can deal with this in the morning! Oh, please,
Keith, no!"

Ignoring her pleas, Keith stabbed at her pussy with his
thick, hard dong. "Damn," he said, "you're dry. Come on, let me
in!" He pushed and poked, but only irritated the head of his
cock as it scraped along his mother's unwilling cunt.

He let go of one of her hands and brought his right to his
lips to lick the fingers. Shirley tried to push him off, but she
couldn't budge when she pushed on his chest and he twisted
his face away when she reached for him there. Meanwhile, he
put his fingers down to her crotch and rubbed her pussy. To
her dismay, her juices soon began to flow and her son was
able to stick a finger inside her, stroking her until she was
well lubricated.

"It's not too late," she sobbed. "Please, oh, please, stop
now. Keith, please, don't do it! Don't..." She sighed as she felt
his cock slip past her entrance and slid deep into her cunt.

"Yess! Yes, Mom, I'm doing it! I'm fucking you! Feels good,
doesn't it? Fucking your son? Mommy likes to fuck her little
boy, doesn't she?" Savagely Keith slammed his cock into his
mother's hot, wet box, burying it to the hilt and pressing her
ass into the mattress. "God, Mom, you're still so tight! I can
feel you all the way in! God, that feels so good!" He bent down
and pressed his lips to hers; her resistance weakened and he
stuck his tongue all the way into her mouth. Pressing down on
her body, he could feel her nipples now standing erect as they
rubbed against his smooth chest. At first she used her legs to
try to buck him off, but it was futile and Shirley gave up. She
held herself as stiff as she could while her son plunged into
her. The unfamiliar sensations got to him quickly and he shot
his wad inside her. "Oh, no! Oh, Keith, no!"

Within seconds his cock had deflated and he collapsed on
top of her sweaty body, nuzzling her neck lazily.

"Keith, get up. Get up, honey," she pleaded. Tears were
running down her face as she begged her son to go. "Oh, Keith,
please, it's over now. Please let me go. Oh, God, honey, what
you've done!"

He whispered in her ear. "I don't regret any of it, Mom. It
was great. Oh, it felt so good!"

"Keith, don't say that! Please!" Her voice broke. "I don't
know what I did to make you hate me so, but we can talk
about that. We'll work things out. Now ..."

"I don't hate you, Mom. I love you. No, I really do. I -- I'm
sorry if I was rough, but you turned me on so much. You're the
most beautiful woman I've ever seen." Even as he said it,
Keith felt himself growing hard again. Shirley could feel it
too, her son's cock expanding within her, once again
stretching the walls of her cunt and pressing into her. "Oh,
no, not again! No, Keith, please!"

But her son resumed the rhythm of his fucking. This time
he took it slowly, lovingly, easing his rod out and slipping it
back in past the caress of her tight pussy lips, ever so slowly
pressing it into her as the pillowy wetness of her cunt gave
way to his gentle pressure. Shirley moaned as her son
tenderly licked her breasts, taking a nipple into his mouth
and sucking. Warmth flooded her body as his cock brushed
past her clitoris, sending a shudder of excitement through
her. "No, no, this isn't right," she murmured, almost to
herself. "I'm your mother, Keith! A mother can't make love to
her own son! No, we should stop, now. This is all wrong." The
last words came out as a gasp as her legs parted and Keith
pushed even deeper into her. She spread himself for him and
Keith released her hands.

Steadily he pressed his cock into his mother's now willing
cunt. She embraced him and kissed him hungrily, their
tongues meeting in an electric shock of delight. Shirley began
to match his rhythm, her hips rising to meet his thrusts. Her
own pussy juices and her son's cum matted their pubic hair as
their crotches ground together.

Shirley raised her legs into the air, bringing her heels
down onto her son's ass, urging him into her. "Deeper, Keith,
deeper! Yes, that's it. Keep it slow. You're so good, sweetie.
Oh, I've missed this so much. You're the best lover I've ever

Keith pulled his cock out all the way, drawing a groan of
dismay from his mom. He teased her lips with it, rubbing up
and down, pushing just the very tip past the slippery folds
and then withdrawing. Then all at once he pressed it home.
"Aaaaaah! Yes, that's it! Harder, now, harder! Fuck your

Keith slipped his arms behind her thighs and lifted his
mother's legs higher, giving him total access to her fiery

Shirley bucked wildly as wave after wave of orgasm
wracked her body while Keith kept plunging his cock in and
out. She was on a roller coaster of delirium. Her legs flew out
of Keith's grasp as she began to flail about, her feet bouncing
up and down on the mattress, her head wildly thrashing on the
pillow. Suddenly she closed her legs around her son's slim
hips and hugged him to herself tightly. "Aaaaah! I'm cumming,
Keith! Yesssssssss!"

As her orgasm subsided they clung to each other, breathing
hard, sweat pouring off them and soaking the crumpled

"That was fantastic, Keith," Shirley cooed. "The best I've
ever had. Mmmmmm, you're still so hard!" Tenderly she pushed
him off her, motioning him to lie on his back. She squatted
above him, her soaking wet pussy poised above his cock, still
stiff as a flagpole. "Now I'm going to do all the work, Keith,"
she told him. "You just lie back and enjoy it." Using her left
hand for balance on the bed, she reached down with her right
and stroked his slippery rod. "Mmmmmm, that feels good. Do
you know how long it's been since I've had a stiff cock in my
hands? It's been far too long, Keith. But we're going to change
that, aren't we?" Holding his cock straight, she lowered
himself onto her son.

Keith watched as his mother's pussy lips parted easily and
his rod slipped inside. Shirley slowly eased him all the way
in and held him there. He began to buck up at her, but she

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wagged a finger at him. "Don't move. I'm going to do
everything." It was a commanding but nurturing voice, one
he'd heard all his life telling him to eat all his vegetables or
put on his mittens or stay away from strangers. But now it
was teaching him about sex, incredible sex with a beautiful,
hard-bodied woman who happened to be his own mother.

He groaned in surprise as he felt her pussy walls contract
around his cock. "Like that, huh?" his mother asked. "That's
just one of the tricks you'll learn." She held him inside her
and squeezed and released his cock with her cunt muscles,
massaging him until she heard his breath began to quicken.
"Not quite yet, young man," she said, releasing her grip. Giving
him a minute or two to recover, she then began to raise and
lower herself on him, rising until he was almost out and then
pushing down. His cock bent slightly before it slid into her
hole all the way, up and down, up and down.

She wiggled as she lowered herself, sending new frissons
of delight through her son's body. "Not bad for an old lady, am

"God, you're great!" Keith took in huge gulps of air and let
them out in shuddering gasps. Doing as his mother instructed
him, he reached up and took her breasts in his hands, kneading
the firm flesh and feeling the stiff nipples rub across his
fingertips. Still his mother kept up her rhythm, driving
herself down onto his cock. She played him like an
instrument, always stopping just before he plunged over the
edge to orgasm.

When he thought at last she would finish him off, Shirley
instead lifted off his cock completely. Swinging a leg over,
she then squatted over her face and began to lower her
steaming cunt to his mouth.

"Time for a new trick," she said. "Now, you'll have to be
very gentle. Don't worry, it won't bite. Put your tongue out.
Lick me. Mmmmmm, that's it. Keep going. Now push it
insi...aaaaaahhhhh. Bring your hand up. Rub me. Can you feel a
little button? Just a big higher...yessssss! Yes, lick that! Suck
it. Suck it!"

As Keith lapped away at his mother's pussy, she bent down
and took his cock into her mouth. He let out a deep, deep groan
as she pressed her lips around his shaft and tickled the tip of
his cock with her hot tongue. Soon she was sliding up and
down his cock as he was licking her pungent cunt, holding her
ass in both hands as he pressed her down onto his face.
Shirley took her son's cock all the way into her mouth,
feeling the tip press against her throat as the bristly hairs
on his balls tickled her nose.

Again she stopped just before he came. She crawled off
him on her hands and knees toward the head of the bed and
motioned him to come up behind her.

Reaching back with her right hand, she guided his cock into
her cunt again. On his knees behind her, Keith slid it home and
bent over her, grabbing his mother's tits in both hands as he
passionately drove his rod into her burning hot pussy.
Knowing nothing could stop him now, Shirley matched his
fast pace as he slammed into her cunt again and again. Mother
and son bucked in unison, shaking the bed back and forth with
the force of their passion. Shirley's hands dug into the edge
of the mattress as she moaned in ecstasy. Keith felt an
explosion inside him and shouted out, "I'm cumming! I'm
cumming, Mom, I'm cumming!" Jets of jism throbbed through
his cock and blasted into his mother's cunt. As the first hot
spurts flew out Shirley joined his shouts. "I'm cumming too!
Yess, Keith, give it to me! Give it all to me!

When it was all over they lay next to each other on the bed,
nestled in a sweaty embrace. "Next time we go out on the
road, Keith," Shirley whispered, "I'm going to tell Reuben
you're old enough to have a room of your own. ... And I think I
deserve one, too, don't you?" She smiled at her son as he
nuzzled her breasts. "Mmmmmm. And I think I'll tell him to
let you wear your shirts however you like, too."


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