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Parenthood: A Twisted Family Tree - Coda (FF,oral,cons)
by Tricksterson

Kristina Braverman could feel a migraine coming on.

Sometimes it was all too much. Dealing with Max, her reentry into the workplace, which also, in her case meant involvement with politics and, even though it was a fairly amicable one as these things went, wrapping up the final details of her divorce from Adam.

There was only one thing that helped and fortunately it was almost time for it.

Back when she and Adam were still trying go keep her marriage together they had engaged a therapist named Gaby for their son. She had worked wonders and continued to do so now that Kristina had custody of Max. She had also become something of a confidant, s shoulder to cry on. And in the last six months, something more.

After one particularly trying day she had found Kristina sobbing on her bed. Before the MILF had even been aware she was there soft yet strong hands were rubbing her temples.

"Mmmm," Kristina had purred. "That feels so nice."

"I minored in massage therapy," the younger woman had said. "If you'd like I can do this for you on a regular basis. I'd have to charge but since I already work with Max, I can give you a special rate." By this time her hands were working on the older blonds neck muscles. It felt so good that Kristina had happily agreed. Thanks to a generous alimony and child support settlement as well as the PR consulting work she'd started to get money wasn't a major problem.

Since then, things had started to...develop. The massages had grown more and more...intimate. Currently Kristina was lying face down, wearing only a white towel wrapped around her and as she waited she contemplated a proposal she'd been considering for some time.

She heard soft footsteps enter and the door close and looked up and back over her shoulder. Gaby was there, brown hair in a ponytail, wearing a pale blue, spaghetti strap top, trimmed in pink with matching shorts. They smiled warmly at each other and the therapist straddled the older woman's still narrow waist to undo her towel.

Gaby started at the base of the spine, hands spread, thumbs working their way up, pressing and working the muscles and joints while the spread fingers played more gently but still firmly on Kristina's back to either side. Finally the thumbs reached the base of her skull and the fingers started rubbing her temples.

"Mmmm, oh yesss," the older blond purred as the pain melted away but also in anticipation of the "special" treatment that she knew was coming up next and for which Gaby charged extra.

Kristina felt her hair being brushed away from her neck and, as her masseuse started her fingers back down her spine she felt her soft lips working their way down as well, covering her back in gentle kisses. When Gaby reached the base of the spine there was a pause and the hands went away for a moment. The older woman knew why but looked up anyway just to catch the beautiful sight of the young brunette taking off her top, revealing nicely shaped, medium sized tits topped by pale brown nipples.

The younger woman retreated up the older womans legs and now her hands had reached Kristina's still firm ass and went to work there provoking several small sighs and moans. In anticipation of what she knew was coming Kristina spread her legs and Gaby moved from straddling them to squatting between them. The hot brunette started at the foot of the bed and with the feet, lifting first one, then the other and massaging the toes, arch and heels, kissing the soles then moving onto the ankles, first the right, then the left. Switching back to the right she worked her way up to the knee, bent down to give it a quick kiss then continued up Kristina's milky white thigh, stopping just short of a rapidly dampening pussy before switching down to the left ankle and repeating.

By the time Gaby had reached Kristina's pussy region again the MILFs breath was coming in ragged gasps.

"Pleease!," the blond said in a begging whine. The masseuse smiled, spread the other woman's pussy lips with two fingers of one hand and entered her with two fingers of the other,
"Mmmm, yeah, that's nice!," Kristina purred. The purring got louder as Gaby lay her topless body alongside the blond MILFs. The older woman turned on to her side to face her and her hands started caressing Gaby's tits, moving into the next phase of their session. They kissed, all pretense that this was just a massage gone, their tongues sliding along each other, in and out of each others mouths.

Gaby felt the older woman's pussy and thighs clamp around her hand as she started to come.

"Oh, OHHHHH! FUCKTHATSSOGOOOOD!," Christina screamed as she came.

After a few seconds of shaking and catching hr breath, the blond MILF smiled and pushed Gaby down onto her back. "TIme for *your* massage", she said.

"Really, you don't have to," Gaby said in what she knew was a futile protest silenced by two fingers pressed gently but firmly against her lips.

"That's right, I don't *have* to. I *want* to," Kristina said then proceeded to massage the therapists front, starting with the neck and shoulders and working her way down to Gaby's perky tits. She wasn't quite as good as the brunette but more than good enough. When she reached Gaby's globes her mouth joined her hands then stayed here, licking and sucking while her hands moved down her partner's taut belly and onto her thighs, teasingly skipping over her pussy. Soon her mouth also started a slow, lingering path down the younger woman's body, ending at the shaved slit the hands had ignored.

"Mmm," Gaby purred as Kristia's tongue entered her. "Ohhh, yes mommy, that feels sooo good!" Her hands reached down and wrapped themselves in her client's thick blond hair. When first one, then two of the MILFs finders joined her tongue inside the slutty young therapist her orgasm burst. Her hips arched up off the bed and she howled like a wolf as she came.


Afterwards, they lay facing each other, sweat drying on their bodies. Kristina rached up and stroked the younger woman's face. SHe looked pensive, chewed her bottom lips then asked, "Gaby?"


"Am I...the only one you do this with?

"The only client? Right now yes." The therapist knew what was coming. What she wasn't sure of was what to say. She never was, even though she should be ready, have a patented answer to fend things off.

"Have you thought about making me your only client? For this I mean. Or even...moving in."

"I...have." She wasn't lying, she always did when she started giving a customer her "special service".


"Let me think about the first part. And you should too. Never make decisions just after you came, that's my motto."

Kristina looked like she wanted to say something then thought better of it. "Yeah, okay, that's fair." They kissed again and the younger woman got up to dress while her employer/lover watched contentedly.



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