Legal Shit:

(C) 2001 HaRkOnIn All rights reserved.

This Series Is Based On Disney's 1999 Movie The Parent Trap, Starring Lindsay
Lohan In A Dual Role As Annie James And Hallie Parker, Dennis Quaid As Their
Father Nick Parker, And Natasha Richardson As Their Mother Elizabeth James.
This Series Is In No Way Intended To Infringe On Any Of Disney's Copyrights,
It Is Simply A Fantasy.

The Parent Trap: Part 1 - The Twins Meet (gg,inc)
by HaRkOnIn ([email protected])

Nick Parker and Elizabeth James were 2 young people when they first got
married. It all started so fast. Each with different dreams. Elizabeth
James always dreamed of becoming this great big clothing designer. Nick
Parker, always dreaming about owning his own wine vineyard. They thought
they were in love when they first met. But something happened, sometime
after they had kids. Elizabeth just one day up and decided that she wasn't
going to take anymore of Nick's shit and threw a hair dryer at his head
and walked out. Nick was devastated. And the worst part about it, was
that they had 2 twin girls. It was decided that so there would be no more
problems, they split the two kids up, each took 1 and went their separate
way. Elizabeth James took Annie and moved to London, and Nick took Hallie
and moved to Northern California, and they each started their dream careers.

Camp Walden

It is a beautiful Saturday morning, and all the buses are parked inside the
entrance to Camp Walden, an all girls summer camp. Camp Counselors are
walking around with clipboards counting kids, and nothing but young girls
are pouring out of the buses screaming for their friends and running after
them. Hallie Parker is standing in front of a large pile of duffel bags when
she sees her yellow nylon bag being thrown into the pile. She stands up and

Hallie: OKAY! Found my duffel...

She reaches out and grabs the handles of the bag and begins to pull when all
of a sudden about 10 more big heavy bags are thrown on top of it. Hallie lets
go of her bag and stands up and walks around the pile.

Hallie: Now the question is... How do I get it out?

She walks around to the other side of the pile and grabs it again and tries
furiously to pull it out.

Hallie: Okay.. I can do it...

But the bag still won't budge.

Hallie: Okay.. So I can't.

Just then, another girl walks up behind her.

Girl: You must be new.

Hallie: How'd you guess?

Girl: Because you didn't know how to grab your duffel, before the apes
tossed it into the heap. You look like you could use some serious help.

Hallie: (Backing off) Thanks.. It's the big yellow one.

Both girls grab the bag and begin to pull with all their might, but it still
won't move. Just then, another dark haired girl walks up to the pile of
bags, reaches in, and rips a huge dark blue bag out and begins to walk away
with it.

Hallie: (Looking) WOW! Now that's my kind of woman.

Girl: Hey!

Dark Haired Girl: Huh?

Hallie: Could you help me with my duffel? It's the big yellow one buried
way in there.

Dark haired girl: Sure.

She walks over to where Hallie and the other girl are standing and looks into
the pile.

Dark Haired Girl: Oh that one? No problem.

She reaches into the heap and grabs the bag and pulls hard and it slides
right out. She then turns and hands it to Hallie.

Dark Haired Girl: Whoah, you're from California? Do you like live near the

Girl: Do you like live near a rock star?

Hallie: (Smiling) What are you two Lucy & Ethel? I live in Napa, that's
Northern California. I live next door to a Vineyard.

Dark Haired Girl: A Whatyard?

Hallie: A Vineyard. It's where you grow grapes to make wine? That's where
we live, my father and I own a vineyard.


Hallie: (Jumping up) Right here!

Counselor: Arapaho!

Dark Haired Girl: Hey that's where I am.

Hallie: (Slapping hands with the other two girls) YES! Come on girls, let's
go. So.. Do either of you know how to play Poker?

Girl: Nope.

Dark Haired Girl: Nope, never played it.

Hallie: What a shame. So, how much cash did you guys bring with you this

Just then, a black stretch limo pulls up and honks the horn.

Hallie: Whoah! Who is in there?

The Limo

The limo stops and a tall older man in his 40's steps out and looks around.
Behind him, a young pair of legs hang out and a little girl steps out and
stands up. Annie James and her Butler Martin have arrived at Camp Walden
from London England.

Martin: Here we are... Camp Walden for girls. We traveled all the way from
London for this?

Annie: It's rather picturesque, don't you think?

Martin: (Taking her bags while dodging a fly) Not.. Exactly the term I
would have used. Okay.. Shall we review your mother's list?

Annie smiles at him and nods. Martin pulls out a note book and a pen and
begins calling off the things on the list and marking them off.

Martin: Vitamins?

Annie: Check.

Martin: Daily allotment of fruits and vegetables?

Annie: Check, check.

Martin looks up at her confused.

Annie: Check for fruits, check for vegetables.. Go on...

Martin: Lipstick, stationery, and last but not least, photographs of your
mother, Grandfather, and of course your trusty butler, me.

Annie: That's all I think.

Martin: Oh, and one last thing. This is from your grandfather. A spanking
new deck of cards. Maybe you can actually find somebody on this continent
who can whup your tush at Poker.

Annie: (Smiling) Well I doubt it, but thanks. And thanks for bringing me
here Martin.

Martin puts the list away, looks at Annie for a moment, then throws his arms
around her and gives her a hug.

Martin: Now, if you change your mind, and want me to come down here and pick
you up at the end of camp, you know I'm only a phone call away.

Annie: Thank you Martin, but I don't think that will be necessary. Well...

Martin: Missing you already.. Queen of my heart..

Martin then bent down and gave Annie a big hug, and kissed her on the
forehead and waved at her and turned and stepped back into the limo and drove
away. Annie looked around, picked up her bags and walked away.

Later On

It is later on in the afternoon. All the camp counselors and kids are
gathered in the cafeteria, dancing and music goes on in the background while
a few girls at the buffet table fill their plates with food. They don't
notice it, but Hallie and Annie are now standing right next to each other, a
gap between them for 1 person, puting food on their plates. As the two of
them reach for a piece of bread and put it on their plates, the camp
coordinator, Marba Senior steps between them with a plate.

Marba Senior: Excuse me girls, I've just got to try some of these delicious
strawberries. How about you? Would you like some?

Hallie stands there for a moment and looks at the strawberries and then looks
up at Marba Senior and shakes her head.

Hallie: No thanks, Sorry, I'm allergic.

Marba then turns to Annie.

Marba Senior: Okay, how about you. Strawberries?

Annie: Oh no thanks, wish I could but I"m allergic.

Marba Senior: Yes. Alergic. You just told me that, how... did.. you..
get.. over there?

Marba Senior looks around and smiles.

Marba Senior: First day of camp, you'll have to excuse the old girl.

Annie smiles and takes her plate and leaves, and another young girl takes her
place in line.

Marba Senior: Well, at least I'm not puting salt in the sugar shakers... I
mean sugar in the salt shakers. (Looks around) Now where did she go?

Scene Cuts Away To The Fencing Yard

It is a little later on in the afternoon, the sun is just getting ready to
set in the mountains at Camp Walden. Two girls are running around the
fencing yard in pads and helmets clanking fencing swords back and forth.
Just then, one of them shouts "TOUCHE!" and stabs the other girl in the
chest and knocks her to the ground. She removes her helmet and looks down
at the girl she just beat.

Girl: Touche!

Hallie reaches down and helps her up. The camp counselor assigned to monitor
the fencing stands up with her clipboard.

Counselor: All right! The winner, and still undefeated champ, from Napa
California, Ms. Hallie Parker!

The crowd of girls cheers her on. Hallie goes to her two friends whom she
had just met at the pile of duffel bags when she first came to camp and slaps
hands with them.

Counselor: Okay, anybody else?

Nobody speaks.

Counselor: Oh come on girls, let's not be damsels in distress here.

Just then, Annie and a couple of her friends walk up holding tennis racquets.
Annie looks over at Hallie who is still slapping hands with her friends and

Annie: I'll take a whack at it.

Counselor: Alright! Looks like we got ourselves a challenger.

Annie goes to a group of girls and gets outfitted with pads. She turns
towards Hallie, helmet in hand and looks at her for a moment, then she puts
her helmet on and walks towards her. Another girl runs up behind her and
hands her a sword. Annie throws it in the air and catches it one handed and
approaches closer to Hallie and gets ready.

Counselors: Alright, everybody ready?

The two girls approach each other, touch swords on the ground, and then stand

Hallie: Ready.

Annie: (Flipping her sword up to her hand with her foot) All set.

Counselor: FENCE!

And it begins. The two girls fence. The clank swords together rather
professionally for a few minutes. Annie leans up against a bale of hay and
continues to fight Hallie one handed and puts her hand to her mouth and yawns
as if she's bored. Just then, Hallie changes tactics and comes after Annie
even faster, knocking her sword out of her hand. Annie jumps out of the way
just in time as Hallie's sword stabs into the bale of hay. Annie climbs to
the top of the bale of hay and reaches up and catches her sword and

Hallie: Nice catch!

Annie: Thanks!

And the two girls fence some more. They end up on the deck of one of the
cabins. Annie has Hallie cornered at the edge of the deck, and finally
decides to take the opportunity at a lunge, and shouts "TOUCHE!" and her
sword connects with Hallie's chest, and knocks her over the railing, and
she ends up landing into a horse trough full of water.

Hallie: AAHH!!!!


Annie: (Leaning over the edge reaching down) Sorry, let me help you.

Hallie: (Grabbing her hand and pulling her in) No! Let me help you!

Annie falls over the railing and into the horse trough with her. Both girls
are soaked and furious with each other.

Annie: What did you do that for!

Hallie: Me? You pushed me in!

Annie: I did not!

Counselor: Alright! Looks like we've got ourselves a new camp champ from
London England, Ms. Annie James!

The crowd cheers as Annie and Hallie get out of the horse trough and turn
their backs to each other as they remove their helmets. Nobody notices the
resemblance between them yet, because they have their heads turned sideways,
but what everybody is about to find out, is astonishing.

Counselor: Shake hands girls.

Both girls sigh and face each other and their mouths literally drop to the
ground as they stand there and look at each other for a moment. Hallie
extends her hand, and Annie shakes it. When they both realize they have the
same hands, they pull away. There is a moment of silence before Hallie tucks
her hair back and looks around.

Hallie: What's everyone staring at?

Annie: Don't you see it?

Hallie: See what?

Annie: The resemblance between us.

Hallie: Resemblance?

Annie nods.

Hallie: Hmmmm, lets see.... Turn sideways.

Annie turns sideways.

Hallie: Now the other way.

Annie turns sideways again facing the other direction.

Hallie: Hmmm, well your eyes are a little bit closer together than mine.

Annie stares at Hallie wide eyed for a moment as she continues.

Hallie: Your ears... Well don't worry, you'll grow into them.

Annie is about ready to punch her.

Hallie: And your teeth are a little crooked... And that nose! Whoah! Do
you want to know the real difference between us?

Annie: (Cutting her off) Let's see... I know how to fence and you don't?
Or I have class and you don't... Take your pick.

Hallie: (Walking closer to her) Why I oughtta....

Counselor: (Stepping between them) Girls! I think it's time to break up
this little love fest! Annie... Hallie.... I mean.. Hallie, Annie.. I
mean.... Whoah...

Navaho Cabin

It is later on at night, and several girls are gathered around a table in the
Navaho Cabin. A poker game has just finished. The winner? Annie James of
course. She's gathering her winnings as she looks up.

Annie: So that's it then.... (Looking around) No more takers?

Just then, everybody hears the door slam and looks back. Hallie walks in
wearing a cool outfit. Shorts, t-shirt, hat, and sunglasses. In her hand,
she's wielding a sock full of change.

Hallie: I'll take a whack at it!

Annie looks up and smiles.

Annie: Take a seat... Parker..

Hallie empties the entire contents of the sock onto the table. A pile of
quarters are now in the middle of the table. She sits down and removes her
sunglasses and looks at Annie.

Hallie: Deal me in.

Annie deals the cards and Hallie picks her cards up and looks at them and
immediately puts on a stiff poker face. Annie picks up her cards and does
the same, and the two of them smirk at each other. Annie picks up a dollar
bill from her stack of money she won previously and places it in the pot.
Hallie does the same. Annie smirks at her again, and picks up her entire
stack of money and throws it into the pot. Hallie does the same. The hand
has gone on for about 10 minutes now. In the pot is a load of bills and
change, plus some nail polish, lipstick, and other things. Hallie looks up
from her cards and sighs.

Hallie: Tell you what... I'll make you a little deal... Loser jumps into
the lake after the game.

Annie: Excellent.

Hallie: Butt naked.

Annie: (Smiling) Even more excellent... Start unzipping Parker... (Lays
her cards down) Straight! In diamonds. Read em and weap!

Hallie looks at her cards for a moment and puts on a fake sad face.

Hallie: You're good James...

Annie smiles.

Hallie: But.... Just not good enough... (Turning her cards so Annie can
see them) In your honor... A Royal Flush.

Annie's jaw drops as she looks at Hallie's cards.

At The Lake

All the girls are standing in a group at the edge of the lake holding
candles, some of them snickering to themselves, but just loud enough for
Annie to hear.. Annie is standing butt naked at the edge of the boat dock.
She turns around and faces the group and salutes Hallie, who in return
smiles and salutes back to her. Annie then turns around, looks up and sighs
and then does a dive into the lake. The group behind her scatters. Hallie
grabs Annie's clothes and they all run back to their cabins. Annie emerges
and suddenly gets angry as she sees that her clothes are gone, and all the
girls are gone. She swims to the shore, gets out of the lake and goes to
where her clothes were, only to find her shoes.

Annie: Fine.. If that's the way you want it, then let the games begin...

The Next Day

Hallie Parker and her 2 other friends are walking towards their cabin,
returning from a long hike. Hallie is riding on the back of the dark haired

Dark Haried Girl: I swear I heard her evil woes all the way accross the

Hallie laughs.

Hallie: That's it for me. I am going back to my cabin, taking a shower, and
going straight to bed.

Dark Haired Girl: (Dropping her and staring straight ahead) That does not
seem like a possibility babe.

Hallie: (Looking at her) Why not?

Dark Haired Girl: (Pointing ahead of her) That's why not?

Hallie looks to where the dar haired girl is pointing and her jaw drops to
the ground as she sees that all their stuff, beds, trunks, and end tables
that were previously inside their cabin have now been placed on the roof.

Hallie: (Disbelief) No way!

Later On That Night

It is very dark. Several of the girls from the Arapaho cabin are walking
towards the Navaho cabin carrying duffel bags and string, and bottles of oil,
apparently planning some sort of prank.

Hallie: (Whispering) I hope they're sleeping.

They go inside the cabin and do their thing. String is strung all over the
place, shaving cream is sprayed on one girl's head, giving her kind of like
a 60's hair-do look, water balloons are filled, and even a bottle of honey
is emptied all over the body of one of the girls. And right after they get
finished, they put the last touch on the whole thing. A big 5 gallon bucket
is hung by a string right above the screen door of the cabin, and filled
with chocolate syrup. The string is then tied to the handle of the screen
door. The girls then leave laughing and giggling as quietly as possible as
they run back to their cabin.

The Next Morning

The sun shines brightly through the cabin windows. Annie James is the first
one to wake up. And when she opens her eyes and looks over her head and
realizes that there is string dangling all over the place, she suddenly sits
up and inhales rather loudly. She swings her feet over the edge of the bed
and stands up, only to find out that she's standing in oil. Her feet are
now soaked with oil.

Annie: Eww!

Annie screams as loud as she can and wakes the whole cabin up. Everybody
sits up in their beds and realizes they've been made fools out of by Hallie
Parker's latest prank to get back at Annie. Outside the cabin, Hallie and
her 2 friends are looking in the window laughing as they see water balloons
dropping on Annie, who manages to dodge all but one huge balloon which
landed right on her head, soaking her completely.

Annie: AHH!!! That girl is without a doubt the lowest, most awful creature
that ever walked the planet!!!

Hallie: (Snickering to her friends) Thank you, thank you very much.

Just then, Marba Senior and her daughter Marba Junior pass them. Marba
Senior looks at them and smiles and speaks into her megaphone.

Marba Senior: Morning girls.

All Together: Good morning Marbas.

They look back into the window, and suddenly realize what's happening and
look back towards the two camp counselors.

All Together: MARBAS!!!

Marba Senior: Attention! Surprise inspection! (Turning to where Hallie and
her friends are) Navaho!

Marba Senior and her daughter walk up the steps to the Navaho cabin and get
ready to go inside, but Hallie stands in front of the door holding it shut
blocking their path.

Hallie: You.. Don't wanna go in there Marba, trust me... One of the girls
got sick last night, and it's a complete mess.

Marba Senior: Well, if someone's sick, then I must go in.

Marba Senior grabs the handle of the screen door and begins to open it, but
Hallie leans back and it shuts again. Marba Senior looks at her.

Hallie: No, I insist, you don't want to go in there. She's highly, highly

While this is going on, Annie is watching and listening to the conversation
from the window next to the door. She then gets up and stands right inside
the screen door.

Annie: Actually, we're all quite fine in here. Unless.. Hallie Parker
knows something we don't. I insist.. Come inside and see for yourself

Marba Senior: Stand aside dear!

Marba Senior grabs the handle and opens the door. Hallie Parker jumps out of
the way just as the bucket of chocolate syrup empties all its contents onto
Marba Senior's head. Her daughter pushes her forward and gets soaked with
chocolate syrup as well, and the two women slide across the floor into the
cabin and hit the wall on the other side. Hallie walks in just in time to
see Marba Junior reaching up and grabbing a teddy bear hanging on a string as
leverage to pull herself up off the floor.

Hallie: NO!!!!

Just then, the ceiling fan activates and the room is covered in feathers.

Hallie: I told you it was a mess in here.

Annie: (Angry) She should know! She did it!

Marba Senior: YOU! And YOU! Pack your bags!

In The Forest

Marba Senior and her daughter lead the entire group of girls through the
forest to a cabin, way off in the woods, isolated from the rest. She turns
around, and takes the megaphone from her daughter and blows her whistle.
Everybody stops and looks at her.

Marba Senior: The rest of you! Return to your activities!

Everyone cheers and splits up and runs back to the camp. Marba Senior looks
at Hallie and Annie.

Marba Senior: You two! The isolation cabin.

Marba Junior twirls her finger in a circle briefly and points up the hill to
an old broken down cabin. The two girls look at each other with angry smirks
on their face and walk toward the cabin.

Later On That Night

Annie is sitting up in her bed writing her mother a letter. Hallie tosses
and turns in her bed for a moment and grins as she looks up and realizes
the light is on. She looks over at Annie and sees that she's busy doing
something, and decides to be rude and mean, and reaches up and shuts the
light off. Annie looks up at her and reaches up and turns the light back
on. Hallie sits up and turns it back off. Annie turns it back on. This
goes on for a few minutes until the scene cuts outside showing the lights
flickering outside the cabin. It begins to rain and several girls are seen
in their bathing suits running and screaming trying to get out of the rain.

The Next Morning

Hallie is tacking pictures of her family and friends onto a board next to
her bed. As she picks up another tack to put up another picture, she looks
over at Annie, who is sitting on her bed playing Solitair. Hallie sighs
and continues to put up her pictures. Just then, the window flies open and
a gush of wind comes in, blowing papers, pictures and magazines everywhere.
Hallie shouts out as she runs to the window and tries to shut it, but it
won't move. Annie looks up and realizes what happened and gets up off her
bed and runs to the window with her and tries to help her shut it.

Annie: Oh gosh, it's stuck.

With a few more tries, both girls manage to get the window shut. Hallie
looks on the floor and realizes that all her stuff got blown on the floor.

Hallie: Oh man!

Annie gets down on her knees and helps her pick up her stuff.

Annie: Any of your pictures ruined?

Hallie: (Holding up a magazine) Only the beautiful Leo DeCaprio.

Annie: Who's he?

Hallie: You've never heard of Leonardo DeCaprio? How far is London anyway?

Annie: Well from here, it's 3000 miles away. Sometimes it seems much
further. How far is your home?

Hallie: Oh, California is way on the other side of the country. Actually,
here's a picture of my house.

Hallie hands a picture of her house to Annie. Annie looks at it and sees a
man with his back turned walking toward the house and suddenly gets a shiver
down her spine as she thinks she recognizes the man.

Annie: Who's that?

Hallie: Oh, that's my dad. He didn't realize I was taking the picture,
otherwise he would have turned around.

Annie crosses her arms on her chest and stands up and goes to her bed and
sits down.

Hallie: What's the matter?

Annie: Oh, nothing. I'm just cold, that's all.

Hallie digs in her bag and pulls out some Oreos and holds them up.

Hallie: Want one?

Annie: Oh sure, I love Oreos. At home, I eat them with.... I eat them with
peanut butter.

Hallie: (Surprised) You do?? That is so weird. (Holding up a jar of peanut
butter) So do I.

Annie: (Surprised) You do? Most people would think that's totally

Hallie: I know, I don't get it.

Annie: Me either!

Both girls laugh, and Hallie sits down on Annie's bed next to her and sets
the Oreos between them and unscrews the lid off the peanut butter and takes
an Oreo and dips it in and begins to eat it.

Hallie: So is your dad like one of those people who works all the time and
says "Sorry honey, I'll talk to you later?" I hate that.

Annie: I don't have a father. Well I did once I suppose, but my parents
split up. Mom doesn't talk about him much.

Hallie: How old are you?

Annie: I'll be 12 on October 11th.

Hallie: (Caughing) So will I!

Annie: Your birthday is on October 11th?

Hallie: Yeah.

Annie: How weird is that?

Hallie: Extremely.

Hallie looks out the window and realizes that it stopped raining.

Hallie: Oh look! It stopped raining! (Getting up and walking toward the
door) Do you wanna go get a popsicle or something?

Annie follows her out the door and stands there for a moment.

Annie: Hallie.. What's your mom like?

Hallie: I don't know, I've never met her. My parents split up when I was
real young, maybe even before. But I know she was really beautiful.

Annie: How do you know that?

Hallie: Well, my dad caught me looking through his sock drawer at an old
picture he had of her all the time, so he decided to give it to me. Are
you sure you don't wanna go down to the cafeteria and get a lemonade or

Annie: Hallie! How can you think of your stomach at a time like this?

Annie goes back inside and Hallie follows her in.

Hallie: At a time like what?

Annie: I mean, think about it! You don't have a mother, and I don't have a
father. You have 1 whole picture of your dad, and I only have 1 whole
picture of my dad, although yours is probably at least a whole one. Mine's
a pathetic crinkled up turn thing right down the middle and...

Annie notices Hallie rummaging through her things.

Annie: What are you rummaging through your trunk for?

Hallie stands up holding something close to her chest.

Hallie: This... It's a picture of my mom. And it's ripped too...

Annie: Right down the middle?

Hallie: Right down the middle.

Annie goes to the night stand near her bed and pulls out a small cigar box
and looks through it for a moment and finds the picture she had of her dad
and holds it close to her chest and turns around and walks back torward

Annie: This, is so weird.

Hallie: Yeah.

Annie: Okay, on the count of three, we'll show them to each other. Okay?

Hallie nodds in agreement.

Annie: One

Hallie: Two

Together: THREE!

Both girls show their pictures to each other, and finally for the first time
figure out why there's such a close resemblance between them. They put the
pieces of their pictures together to complete a whole one. Their mother and
father sitting at a dinner table aboard the Queen Elizabeth the Second.

Hallie: (Looking at Annie's picture) That's my dad.

Annie: (Looking at Hallie's picture) That's my mom.

The bell rings.

Annie: That's the lunch bell.

Hallie: (Wiping tears) I'm not so hungry anymore.

Annie: Me either.

Hallie: So if your mom is my mom, and my dad is your dad.. That makes us
like... Sisters..

Annie: Hallie! We're like Twins!

Hallie: Oh my god, so I'm not an only child, there's 2 of me, two of us.
It's like...

Annie: Mind boggling.

Hallie: Totally.

Annie: Completely.

Hallie: Oh my god...

Annie: Oh my god...

The two girls hug each other, and when they pull away, Hallie reaches in her
shirt and pulls out something on a golden chain and begins to hold it.

Annie: What's that you're holding?

Hallie: It's my locket. I got it when I was born. It has an H on it.

Annie reaches inside her shirt and pulls out the same thing.

Annie: I got mine when I was born too, except mine has an A on it.

Later On That Night

The two girls are laying down in their own beds, which have now been pushed
close together. Above their heads, they have their ripped pictures of their
parents taped together, tacked on the board.

Hallie: Tell me... What's mom like?

Annie: She designs wedding gowns. She's doing very well. A Princess in
Greece just bought one of her gowns... Do you know what's really strange?
Neither of our parents ever got back together again. Has dad ever gotten
close to remarrying?

Hallie: No. He always says I'm the only girl in his life.

Annie: Hmm... Mom's never gotten close either.

A few moments of silence go by when suddenly, Hallie shoots up in her bed.

Hallie: I have a brilliant beyond brilliant idea!

Annie looks at her.

Hallie: Serious! I am a total genius! You wanna meet dad right?

Annie: Right.

Hallie: And I'm dying to know mom. So what I'm thinking is... Don't freak
out okay?

Annie nodds.

Hallie: What I'm thinking is, the two of us should switch places. You go
back to California as me, and I'll go back to England as you.

Annie: What?

Hallie: Oh come on Annie, we can pull it off. I mean, we're twins right?

Annie: Hallie! We're totally and completely 100% different!

Hallie: So? I'll teach you to be me, and you can teach me to be you. Look,
I can do you already!

Hallie reaches behind her head and puts her hair up in a pony tail for a
moment and looks at Annie and speaks in an English accent just like her.

Hallie: Yes, you want to know the difference between us? I have class and
you don't.

Annie laughs a little bit.

Hallie: Come on Annie, I gotta meet mom.

Annie: The truth is you know... If we switch... Sooner or later, they'll
have to unswitch us...

Hallie: And when they do, they'll have to meet again... Face to face...

Annie smiles.

Annie: After all these years.

Hallie: Thank you. I told you I'm a genius.

Hallie closes her eyes and begins to drift off to sleep, but is suddenly
awakened as her twin sister rolls over closer to her and puts her arm around

Hallie: Annie?

Annie: What?

Hallie: What are you doing?

Annie: Puting my arm around you, is that okay?

Hallie: I... Guess...

Annie: (Sitting up) What's the matter Hallie?

Hallie: Nothing, it just seems a little weird that's all.

Annie: Hallie... Have you ever done it? With another woman I mean?

Hallie: Done what?

Annie: You know! Sex!

Hallie is silent for a few moments, but then she suddenly realizes what's
going on, and why her twin sister is asking her this. She is about to get
sick and start puking at the thought of having sex with her own sister, but
then she stops and thinks about it for a moment. Then she decides to
confess a deep dark secret that she has never told anyone before.

Hallie: Once.

Annie: Did you like it?

Hallie: It was okay I guess, why are you asking me this?

Deep down, Hallie knew what Annie was after, but she wanted to see if she
could get her to say it.

Annie: Who did you do it with?

Hallie: (Thinking for a moment and smiling) Well... When I was 8 years old,
Jessie, my nanny caught me looking at some nudie magazines that I took from
another girl at school one time, and... I guess she was into sex with little
girls at the time, and wanted to teach me how it was done, so that night,
while my dad was away on a business trip, the two of us went into my bedroom,
took our clothes off, and did it. She fingered me, I fingered her, she ate
me out, I ate her out... *groan* It was quite passionate actually.

Annie: Did you two ever do it again after that?

Hallie: No. We've never talked about doing it again, ever.

Annie: Never?

Hallie: Nope.

Annie: You have got to be kidding. Mom and I do it all the time, it's like
one of our nightly rituals.

Hallie: (Surprised) You had sex with mom?

Annie: (Looking at her) Yes, all the time.

Hallie: (Squinting her eyes) What was it like?

Annie: Quite beautiful actually. She has wonderful hands. When she touches
me, I just melt in her arms. She's so gentle. Anyways, I figured I'd let
you know this, because when you go back to England as me, you'll be expected
to do this on a nightly basis. I wonder if I can get Jessie to do it with me
when I go back as you.

Hallie: I don't know. Maybe.

Annie lets out a sigh and snuggles up closer to Hallie. Hallie just lays
there for a few minutes pondering what to do next. Thinking about what she
should teach Annie about herself in order to make an impression on dad, show
him that she has changed. Just then, she felt Annie's leg wrap around her,
and her lips pressing on hers. Hallie was about to pull away but when she
felt Annie's tongue slide into her mouth, her eyes went as wide as silver
dollars, and she let out a soft moan and just laid there and let it happen.
Annie pulled away for a moment and looked deep into her eyes.

Annie: Do you like this Hallie?

Hallie: Mmmm..hhhh... Oh yes, I love it, very much.... Don't stop.

Hallie reached up and put her arms around Annie's neck and pulled her on top
of her as hard as she could. Annie let out a scream of joy as she laid on
top of Hallie and continued kissing her. She let out a soft moan as she felt
Hallie's tongue sliding into her mouth. She wondered where Hallie learned
how to kiss like that, but then she remembered that Hallie had sex with her
nanny and probably learned it from her.

Scene Cuts Away to The Two Girls Standing In Front Of Each other In Their

Hallie and Annie were standing at the foot of Annie's bed in front of each
other in their underwear. And underwear was all they were wearing since the
two of them were still too young for bras. Their breasts were just starting
to develop, so they were very very small. Hallie began looking Annie up and
down. The strange thing is, nothing about her turned her on. Her body
looked the same as hers, only she was wearing white underwear. She looked
down at her own underwear and saw that they definitely were totally different
from each other. Annie apparently liked to wear white cotton panties, while
Hallie on the other hand preferred silk.

Annie: What are you staring at?

Hallie: Nothing, I was just noticing how different we are in some ways, and
how alike we are in other areas.

Annie: Don't you wanna touch me?

Hallie: Mmm I thought you'd never ask.

Hallie stepped forward and put her arms around her twin sister and began to
rub her ass, feeling her up and down, even sliding her hands down the back of
Annie's underwear and squeezing her butt cheeks. Annie put her hands between
their bodies and began to feel Hallie's chest. Then she slid her hands down
lower and began to rub Hallie's tummy for a moment until Hallie pulled away.

Annie: What's the matter?

Hallie: I'm ticklish there.

Annie: (Smiling) Sorry.

Hallie went back to what she was doing as Annie slid her hands down lower.
With her left hand, she put her finger into Hallie's panty line and pulled
the elastic out, and slid her right hand in and began rubbing her clit.
Hallie let out a slight moan as she felt Annie's finger sliding inside her

Hallie: Mmmm Annie, you've got such good hands.

Annie: (Smiling) Got them from mom.

Hallie: Mmm I can't wait to feel her hands on my body.

Annie: Soon Hallie.. Soon... But first, you and I are going to have the
orgy of our lives.

Annie pushed Hallie back onto the bed and jumped on top of her and laid on
top of her and began kissing her neck wildly and passionately. Hallie had
never felt anything like this before, so naturally, she was shocked. She
had no intention of pushing her twin sister away, because what she was doing
to her felt too good to stop it. Just then, her thoughts were interrupted.
Annie was now pulling her panties off. When she got them off of her, she
threw them behind her in a corner and began to finger her again. Hallie was
in total extacy now. Her eyes widened and she began to scream loudly. Since
they were out in a cabin in the middle of the woods, far from camp, there was
nobody around to hear them, and that's what Hallie liked.

Hallie's thoughts were interrupted as she suddenly felt something land on her
face. She looked up and realized that Annie hand positioned herself so that
her pussy was right in her face, and her head was right down between her
legs. Hallie had never seen anything like this done before, but she suddenly
knew exactly what to do when she felt her pussy being licked wildly as Annie
burried her face between her legs, pulled the crotch of her panties aside
with one finger and began shoving her tongue deep inside her. As she did
this, she lowered her own pussy onto Hallie's face, and let out a scream of
joy as she felt Hallie's tongue bury deep inside her.

Annie: Oooooh!!! Oh Hallie, you're so good at this!

Hallie: It's my first time.

Annie: (Smiling as she buried her face between Hallie's legs again and
continued) Could have fooled me.

And before the night was over, both girls cummed at the same time in each
other's mouths. It was a rather wonderful experience for it being their
first time together. After camp was over, Hallie went to England as Annie
James, and Annie went back to Napa California as Hallie Parker.

-=The End=-


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