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Part 1

Officer Cori Macnamara was patrolling the beach with her partner tailing her
about fifty feet behind. When she saw a young hispanic man in what appeared
to be gang colors. They had been told to keep an eye out for gang activity
so she turned towards him. He took off at a run and Cori increased speed to
catch him, she thought about calling for backup but felt it would be silly
to get backup for one kid, and she was getting close. Her partner broke off
and moved to head him off. Suddenly he ran into an old warehouse, she turned
her bike to follow him and went through two big doors that were open just
enough for her to fit through easily. As soon as she passed into the darkness
of the warehouse she ran into something that threw her off her bike. She went
down in a heap, but came up reaching for her gun.

"I wouldn't!" Someone called to her from the darkness. She felt the coldness
of a pistol barrel against her head then someone came up beside her and
pushed a syringe into her arm, just before she blacked out she saw her
partner riding into the same trap. She tried to call out but nothing would
come out as she passed out.

She didn't know how much time had passed before she came too,but when she did
she was scared. Her hands were handcuffed above her head and she was hanging
so that she had to stretch to put her feet on the floor. Her arms were sore
but not that bad so she couldn't have been hanging here long. Her eyes and
mouth were covered with tape. She heard voices talking but she couldn't make
out what they were saying. She heard people coming towards her.

The blindfold was removed but she was still gaged and handcuffed. She looked
around and saw at least a dozen gang members around her, all armed, a couple
with shotguns. As she turned to her left she saw her partner was strung up
the same as her but he was still dead to the world. She worried he was dead
for a moment, then she saw him flinch as one of the gang bangers punched him.

"Listen up bitch." One of the gang bangers pulled her hair from behind.
"We've been having a bit of an argument about you lousy cops. Our plan was to
take two of you and torture you ,cut you into little pieces and send those
pieces to all you're cop buddies. I think that would get them to lay off our
drug operation." Cori was terrified all she could hope for was a rescue. Her
fellow officers must know she was missing by now and have started a search.

"Don't be expecting help bitch. While you were out we shipped you almost a
hundred miles out of the city. They won't be coming for you.but after seeing
you're body we're undecided." He grabbed her tits and pinched them."You see
some of the boys want to fuck you and we're gonna do that but there's a bit
of debate. Some men just want to beat the shit out of you then when you're
beyond caring rape you're fucking ass and then kill you're partner and then
you. What do you think of that?" He pulled off her gag.

Cori tried to speak right away but had to exercise her mouth muscles a little
first. "You bastards." She managed to squeak out. "Now for your other option.
If you do everything we want, if you beg and plead for us to fuck all you're
holes then maybe we'll just all take our turns and then let you and you're
partner go. If you do a good enough job. Now are you willing to preform for

Cori thought it over she was going to be gang raped no matter what. The
choice was whether she humiliated herself first or got physically beaten up,
not a good choice. "Alright I'll do it, Fuck me."

"Very good, get that other cop outta here." Cori watched as his hook was slid
out of the room. "Now lets hear you beg for it."

Now that she had made her decision, she had to go through with it. "I want
you to fuck me." The man slapped her ass and motioned for her to continue. "I
want you're cocks inside of me. I want to taste you're cum and feel you're
hard rods up my ass." As she said the last she saw one of the gang members
walk around her front with a video recorder. "What the hell is this?" She
called angrily.

"Just a bit of insurance honey." The man massaged her ass cheeks and felt
between her legs pinching her ass. "You see if you ever talk about this we'll
sell the tape it would be a big hit on the internet. Now back to you're

Cori knew she was defeated . "I want you everywhere, fuck me now, do it
hard." One of the men moved closer to her. She gasped as he pulled out a
large knife. "No please," she begged. He started to cut away her clothing
first came her shirt followed quickly by her bra. As her tits came into view
she heard calls of appreciation from the men. He then quickly cut off the
rest of her clothing. Once she was naked two of the men lifted her so that
the handcuffs came off the hook. She was forced down onto her knees, her
hands were re cuffed behind her back.

"Alright cop suck it."

Cori was pushed before a very large cock, its owner slapped it against her
cheeks and then pushed it into her mouth. She tried to just suck on the head
but the man grabbed her head and forced more of it into her mouth. She felt
it going down her throat her instinct was to bite down but she was afraid of
what they'd do to her. She tried to control her breathing but she could only
get so much air until the man started to pull out and fuck her face. As he
pulled out she gasped for air before it went into her throat again, after
what seemed like an eternity she felt the man cum down her throat, he held
his cock in place forcing her to swallow it all. She sagged to the floor as
he withdrew.

"Not bad bitch, but you're falling behind."

Someone pulled her up from behind and she was face to prick with a half dozen
pricks. She took one into her mouth as the others started to rub their pricks
in her hair, against her cheeks anywhere that was open. The second man filled
her with his cum and he was quickly replaced by another man. She must have
swallowed a dozen loads of cum before the last of them had cum in her mouth.

One of the men pulled her arms up behind her. Painfully forcing her to stand.
He uncuffed her hands. "Okay now the fun really begins." He pushed her face
down onto a mattress, a man lay down on top of her he pushed her head into
the foul smelling mattress with one hand and then pushed her legs apart
forcing his prick into her cunt.

She screamed as the man assaulted her cunt, she was so scared there was
hardly any lubrication. The man forced his prick in and out of her cunt,
after only a few strokes he filled her with his cum. She then felt another
man penetrate her the early mans cum lubricated her pussy so this assault
wasn't nearly as painful.

Another man came over in front of her. He slapped her hard across the face.
"We want to hear you bitch and you better seem like you're enjoying our
attentions." She looked up at him with hatred and he slapped her again. "If
you want it rough we can get rough. What do you say?"

The man behind her continued to pump into her cunt. As the man talked down to
her he reached around and grabbed her nipples and started to turn them she
screamed again as it felt like he would rip them off of her body. "No, I'll
be good." Cori tried to regain some composure as the man in her cunt filled
her with his cum. She looked back and saw the next man taking position behind
her with a large prick standing at attention and heading for her cunt.

"Fuck me, whose next?" She moaned trying to keep her captors happy. "Yes,
yes!" She cried as the man penetrated her, after only a few strokes she felt
his fingers penetrating her ass. "No, not there I've never," she moaned.

The man was in front of her this time, he was holding a whip of some kind. "I
think you meant to beg him to fuck you're ass. Didn't you?" He held her chin
in his hand and pushed the end of the whip into her mouth forcing her to suck
it as she would a dick.

"Yes, right." Cori was afraid of the whip the man carried. She couldn't
imagine the pain he could inflict with it. "Yes, please fuck my ass, stick
you're hardness into my tight ass."

"Here comes," the man laughed as his prick penetrated her tight anus.

Cori tried to stifle a scream and was only partially successful as the man
pounded at her ass. "God, yes "she moaned as his whole length penetrated her
ass. He fingered her cunt as he pounded away at her ass. "Fuck my ass, take
my virgin ass." She moaned, her body was betraying her, she was really
getting into being fucked. As the man filled her ass with his cum she felt
another take his place. "Yes more," she moaned. Suddenly, a large prick was
offered to her face and she took it into her mouth. He started fucking her
mouth, she tried to use her tongue to get the man to slow down but it was a
lost cause as he continued to fuck her face fast and furious.

As each man filled her mouth with cum, he was replaced by another. She was
swallowing load after load they wouldn't give her time to spit it out. She
could feel cum running out of her ass as each man pounded away at her.
Finally, there were no more man at her face. "Hey baby, look what's coming
you're way." She looked behind her and gasped a man with the biggest cock
she had ever seen was coming up behind her. "Its too big," she begged and
tried to stand but hands grabbed her holding her in a kneeling position. As
she got a closer look she guessed the man was over a foot long and thick the
thickest she had ever seen.

Cori felt him kneel and push his huge prick to the entrance of her ass. "No
please," she moaned as she felt the huge head penetrate her anus even with
the abuse she'd taken this huge prick was making it feel like her first time.
He rammed his cock up her ass and she screamed in pain. "Its too big," she
complained but he started to hump into her ass harder and faster, she was
crying in pain now. After what seemed forever he slipped his cock out of her
ass and pounded it into her pussy, the size of it caused her pain again. She
felt him pound away for a minute then shoot his load into her pussy. As he
withdrew she collapsed and fainted from exhaustion.

When she awoke she found that she was handcuffed and hanging from a hook
again Although this time she was naked and had cum all over her body. She
tried to free her hands but her feet only just barely touched the floor.

Two men walked into the room with her. "Bitch is up. I guess its time for
the cleanup before our next surprise." The man leered at her and laughed.

She was chilled by the thought of their next surprise and wondered what
cleanup meant. She didn't have long to wait as the two men pulled out a
garden hose and started it up. The water was cold as they ran it over her
body, the spray was almost painfully hard. They let the water run over her
body, at one point they hooked it above her and left her for awhile with the
shower running over her.

They came back and pulled the hose away from her head. "Time to clean inside
and out." One man grabbed Cori's legs as the other one shoved the hose into
her pussy. The spray was painful but it also excited her as she felt the
water swishing around and then running out. The man pushed it in and out of
her pussy as if it were a cock after what seemed to her to be an eternity she
orgasmed and he pulled the hose out of her body. She was relieved until he
walked around behind her and inserted the hose up her ass. Here there was no
pleasure only pain as the water filled her, she was surprised her ass was so
stretched that it wouldn't hold the hose and water ran freely from her ass.
After what seemed like an eternity they pulled the hose out of her ass and
she felt great relief. After that they untied her and threw her in a room
with a mattress and some food. She was starving and gobbled down the poor
food and then slept.

After awhile she awoke hoping it had all been a nightmare but as she came
awake she was still on a filthy mattress. She knocked on the door and begged
to be allowed to go to the bathroom. After a little while a man brought her a
bucket and some toilet paper she was forced to use the bucket as a bathroom,
it was humiliating. She went back to the mattress and waited. A large man
finally entered the room. "What do you want now?" She asked completly beaten.

Part 2 Chris's Torments

Police officer Chris Kelly was furious, she had been out trying to rescue her
friend Cori Macnamara when she was knocked off her bike drugged and now she
was hanging from the ceiling in her own handcuffs. Now the bastard in front
of her was telling her it would go easier on her if she submitted to their
lusts. "Fuck you asshole!" She spit in his face.

A man behind her grabbed her short blonde hair and pulled her head back
painfully. "Get ready for it bitch!" He snarled at her. Two men grabbed her
legs and pulled them apart her uniform was quickly ripped from her body. The
hook lowered and she was now horizontal she felt her pussy and ass probed
with their fingers.

"No you can't!" She screamed as she felt a cock penetrate her ass. "NO!" It
was incredible painful the man was large and was ramming into her without
letup. She felt some liquid in her ass she bet it was her own blood. Then she
felt the man shoot his load up her ass a second dick quickly penetrated her,
this time the pain was a bit less. She felt the next couple shoot quickly up
her ass, she could feel cum dripping out her asshole. The next few pounded
away at her pussy shooting their loads deep inside her.

A man positioned himself at her head. "You ready to suck me off bitch?"

"I'll bite it off." She cried defiantly but the man started to jerk off right
in front of her shooting his load right into her face. He was quickly
followed by several others soon she was having trouble seeing through the
layer of cum. After they had abused her in this fashion for a while they
repositioned her so she was hanging from the ceiling spread eagle about three
feet off the ground, this time her face was up and her back was to the floor.

The men were quick to go for her tits in this new position, groping them
mercilessly. It wasn't long before a man pushed his cock between her tits and
was pounding away as more men took her pussy and ass. They would shoot
between her tits and on her face. Finally, they seemed to finish with her.

One of the men came and stood next to her. "I want this bitch to swallow my

"NEVER!" Chris screamed but one of the men laughed and then she saw him pull
out a funnel. They tried to force it in her mouth but she held it closed.
Then one of the men punched her in the stomach as she gasped the funnel was
forced inside her mouth. They held her head as they forced the funnel into
her throat. She almost hoped they killed her with this but they got it in and
she could still breath through her nose. She was then lowered almost to the
floor, she could see three men standing over the funnel jerking off seconds
later she could feel a salty liquid sliding down her throat, it seemed to go
on forever each man taking his turn.

"Now for something different." One of the men slapped her awake as he stood
over the funnel. She noticed he didn't have a hard on and wondered what he
was doing, then she heard him start to pee and then she felt the liquid
running down her throat, it burned. A second then a third took turns peeing
in her throat. Then they peeed all over her body and inside her ass and
pussy. It disgusted her to be used as a toilet like this, eventually she
passed out.

When she awoke most of the men were gone and so was the funnel. Two men were
using a hose to clean her off. They shoved the hose in all her openings
occasionally taking the hose out to fuck her again. She passed out again and
when she awoke she was laying on a filthy mattress untied in a locked room,
she ate quickly then tried to find a way out. After an hour of searching she
realized how exhausted she was and couldn't wait any longer, she went to lay
on the mattress.

After awhile Chris felt herself being pick up and carried out into another
room. She was to beaten up to even resist. She was strung up with her hands
handcuffed over her head. As she looked around she saw her friend Cori
hanging next to her, she was naked too her body showing signs of abuse.
Although she didn't look as bad as Chris felt. "Cori you okay?"

"A bit rough around the edges but I'll live." Cori looked over her partner,
she had black and blue marks all over her body ,she looked to be in a lot of
pain. She was about to ask about it when the gang members funneled into the
room and they were soon surrounded. They pushed two TV's in front of them.
She watched as they played the tape of her getting screwed and heard herself
begging for it there was no sign on the tape that she had been forced. Then
Cori looked over at the other TV it was her friend being fucked the pictures
left no doubt that she was forced.

The leader of the group stood before the two naked lady cops. "You've put on
a fine show for us ladies, the only thing left is the grand finale. That can
happen in one of two ways, being a generous man I'll let you have the
choice." He paused letting it sink in. "The first choice is we all fuck you
again, this time both of you had better satisfy us completely or else we move
onto choice two. Choice two, we take you back to the city take you to an out
of the way alley we know, tie you naked allowing anyone access to you're
holes. We'll let anyone who comes along screw whatever hole he likes, do
anything. It would probably only be a few hours before you're friends find
and rescue you. U'm sure you won't have to take on more then a hundred or so
men there aren't that many bums around and you may not even pick up any nasty
diseases. Now what do you say?"

"If we go with choice one. What garuntee will we have you won't leave us
naked in the city?"

"OH, we're going to leave you naked in the city no matter what. It's just a
matter of whetherwe tie you up or not. As for garuntees we want you in our
power we'll make tapes of our encounters. If you ever bother us or our people
we'll release the tapes. If we go back on our word I doubt you'll cover for
us. Now my patience wears thin what's your choice?"

"Number one, I guess." Cori stammered out and looked over at Chris, she
looked daggers at her. "I don't want to be fucked by homeless bums no telling
what diseases we'd pick up, please Chris."

Chris saw the pleadings in her partners eyes. As she ran over possibilities
in her mind the idea of being helpless again really scared her. "Okay we'll
do it."

The leader grabbed Chris's face. "Don't even think about it bitch," he had
seen her looking around as if to escape. "You try anything we'll do things to
you're body so that nobody ever wants you again. Understand?"

"Yes," Chris looked down in defeat knowing most of these men had already
screwed her. They lowered the two women down and uncuffed them. Chris started
towards one of the men but he pushed her away.

"Not right now baby, we aren't up for you yet. I want you to put on a little
show." He grinned evily. "That's right, I want you to do each other NOW!"

As he shouted Cori turned toward Chris. She was terrified but wanted to
survive this. Cori ran her hands over Chris's smaller breasts. At the gangs
urging the two officers shared a passionate kiss, then Chris was pushed down
to her knees her eyes level with Cori's cunt. She started using her fingers
on it and then started to use her mouth on Cori's pussy, she opened her up
and started to play with her.

Cori was laid down on her back as Chris continued to tongue and tease her
pussy, she couldn't believe her body was reacting with pleasure to this but
it was. Chris started using her fingers on her now not so tight pussy the
gang kept urging her to use more. Finally she had most of her hand up Cori's
pussy. "Fist fuck!" The gang called out.

Chris heard them calling for this and balled up her fist and started driving
it deep into Cori's cunt, driving it in and out the guys called for her to
fist fuck her ass. Chris quickly balled her other hand and started fucking
her asshole surprised that it slipped in fairly easily. She couldn't believe
it as Cori seemed to be having orgasms, waves and waves of them, as she drove
her fists into her cunt and ass. This got Chris really pissed off and she
started pounding into her trying to actually hurt her friend without really
realizing it Chris started shouting at Cori calling her a bitch a cunt and
every other nasty name she could think of.

Suddenly hands were pulling her away from Cori, she was fighting them. She
was forced onto her knees, she was surrounded by hard cocks. She took one
into her mouth and started sucking him off, she used her hands to start
stroking two more.

Cori felt Chris leave her but she was empty for only a moment. A huge prick
quickly filled her cunt, she immediately started reacting to it humping it
back. "OH yeah fuck me." She screamed just before another cock was shoved
into her mouth. She started sucking on it knowing their lives depended on
giving the gang members pleasure. She heard the one in her cunt pull out and
exclaim, "fucking bitch is too loose, turn over maybe you're other hole is
tighter." Cori turned onto her hands and knees and felt the man penetrate her
ass. Another cock was shoved into her mouth.

Chris sucked what seemed to be an endless string of cocks. They each either
blew their loads down her throat or all over her face and tits. They enjoyed
making her beg for each new cock. She was then moved over on top of a man and
started riding up and down on a hard cock as she continued to suck cocks.
They all seemed to want a turn in her mouth. "Here bitch this was just in
you're friends ass clean it up." One of the men slapped her with his cock she
took it into her mouth and started clean it off. She was pushed forward and
another cock was forced into her asshole, after the previous abuse it was
much less tender.

Cori found herself on her back again as a man started to drive his hard cock
between her massive tits. She reached up with her tongue and licked the tip
of his prick as it came between her tits the man blew his load all over her
face. As he got up Cori noticed a man was fucking her just before another man
took position between her breasts and started fucking them.

Chris swallowed load after load she guessed she took every one of the gang
members into her mouth. She was relieved to notice that a few of the men were
dropping away exhausted.

Cori took another load right in her face. She looked around to see who would
be next and was shocked and a bit disappointed when no one was coming to fill
any of her holes.

"Alright ladies get up." One of the men commanded, he quickly put blindfolds
on them and led them to the van. He pushed them onto the floor in the back.
They drove the cops back to the city, they drove around for awhile looking
for a good spot. Finally they hit it he opened the back doors. "Alright
ladies get out here." He pushed them out onto the roadbed, "and if you
bitches give us any trouble we'll release your pictures now good luck." They
drove away.

Cori pulled off her blindfold and looked around, it was the middle of the
night. "My Gd we're 10 miles from my place."

"12 from mine but," she looked down at her naked and cum covered body. "I
don't have a key handy what about you?"

"A hide-a-key in my yard, so I guess we head for my place." With that they
started off, both of them sore, naked and covered with cum.


I'm leaving the story here although it seems its open to a sequel I won't
write it but if anyone else wants to feel free.


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