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Power Rangers - Wild Force:
Power Rangers Spanking Stories - Wildforce Part 1 (FFF,BDSM,spank)
by Darkjac ([email protected])

Taylor tried to block out the prattling of fellow Wildforce Ranger Alyssa.
She was complaining to Princess Shayla the 3000 year old protector of the
animarium. Although she was so old she still appeared to be a young woman
in her twenties. Alyssa continued to complain as Taylor moved as far away
as she could and still be near the fountain which was currently keeping her
cool as she finished some paperwork.

Alyssa had just returned from another meeting with her father. Although he
had figured out her identity he still insisted on weekly lunches with his
daughter in which he put her down for her career decision. She had yelled
at him during this lunch and he had told her to leave, he had been
dishonored and he wasn't happy about it.

"Oh Honey!" cried Shayla gushing and overcompensating for Alyssa's feelings
as usual. "I know just how you feel, my parents were disappointed in me all
the time years ago."

"Really?" Sniffed Alyssa pathetically.

"Yes, in fact one time I was pu........" Shayla trailed off obviously looking
a little uncomfortable.

"What?" asks Alyssa expectantly awaiting the answer.

"Well, this may seem a little strange to you," Shayla said fumbling for
words, "but 3000 years ago we were punished by a public whipping for yelling
at our parents."

Taylor looked up, now this conversation was getting interesting! Alyssa was
blushing and looking quite nervous about the whole conversation but Taylor
detected some small signs of arousal in her posture.

"This way the parents felt like we understood that we should respect them.
The other reason we were punished was for our own benefit, we always felt
less guilty after being whipped," continued Shayla really warming up to the

"Could...." Alyssa seemed reluctant and embarrassed to ask the question they
all knew was inevitable. "....You punish me, Princess?, Please?"

Shayla looked downcast at the ground, "No," said Shayla.

Alyssa was very disappointed. "Why not?" she asked.

"Because I never was able to really play the part of the punisher, I
always felt a little uncomfortable being in a position opposite of what I
felt like I should be in," Shayla confided much to Alyssa's even further

"I could do it!" blurted out Taylor excitedly jumping into the conversation.
"I mean...Err.....I might be able to help you Alyssa," Taylor said curving
her enthusiasm.

"Really? you would do that for me!" Alyssa gushed.

"Yeah, no problem," Taylor said grinning inwardly, she was SO looking forward
to this, her body was so hot right now, and she couldn't wait to begin.

"I know the perfect switch!" called Shayla hurrying off into the woods
leaving the two girls alone.

"Alright Alyssa," began Taylor. "I think you should be naked for this."
Taylor grinned feraly at Alyssa's discomfort. "Strip naked now!" ordered
Taylor every bit the airforce trainer.

Alyssa began by taking off her jacket, she pulled it off her shoulders
and tossed it onto the rocks sitting next to her. As she watched Taylor
impatiently tapped her foot waiting for the good clothes to start coming
off. Conscious of her body Alyssa began to pull her shirt up over her
head, as she pulled it up over her breasts, Taylor got to see the first
peak of her very sexy, and very revealing low-cut pink lace bra. Pulling
the shirt off she shook her hair out before bending over to slowly slide
her skirt down her yellowish tanned thighs.

Standing there in just her bra and matching thong panties made Alyssa very
self conscious of her body and prompted her to cross her arms across her
breasts hiding the barely exposed nipple from taylores view. Taylor for her
part was licking her lips at the sight of Alyssa in her underwear, and when
she crossed her arms Taylor frowned a little angry about her trying to cover
herself up.

"How fitting for a pink ranger to be wearing pink underwear you dirty Asian
slut," commented Taylor insulting Alyssa. When Alyssa didn't respond and
didn't look like she was going to remove any more clothing Taylor got
frustrated. "Lets finish Alyssa!" she yelled.

Blushing furiously now Alyssa reached down and slid her pink and white lace
panties down her long legs exposing her pussy to the gazes of the other
woman. She was obviously a natural Brunette as her pussy was still slightly
covered in pubic hair that made Taylor's mouth water even more.

Taylor imagined being on her knees in front of the Asian beauty, her legs
spread wide and her slit glistening with juices. Taylor imagined herself
leaning into that lovely slit, her tongue sticking out to taste the Asian
juices that were salty yet sweet.

Taylor was pulled back to reality as Alyssa reached up and unsnapped her bra,
Letting her beautiful breasts bounce free of their confinement. They were not
large breasts but more than adequate when worn on such a small girl such as
Alyssa. Alyssa had unnaturally large nipples that stood straight up like twin
pinpricks, once again betraying how aroused she was.

Taylor continued to stare at her breasts and the embarrassed and self
conscious Alyssa once again crossed her long thin arms across her breasts
temporarily hiding them from the Soaring Eagles Gaze.

"Go stand between those trees over there," ordered Taylor sternly. Alyssa
complies without hesitation and Taylor smiles. "Reach out and grip the
trunks so that you are spread between them" again Alyssa complied this time
with a slight hesitation.

Taylor grabs some plastic coated rope from her supplies box and lashes
Alyssa's left wrist to one of the trees. Pulling tightly until Alyssa gasped
Taylor made sure the knot was solid and that Alyssa was secured before she
lashes the other hand. Alyssa was now completely helpless, held by the two
trees so that her back was exposed for the whip. Alyssa had to stand with her
legs slightly spread in order to relieve pressure on her tightly tied wrists,
this was an ulterior motive for Taylor, who wanted Alyssa's pussy and breasts
nicely displayed while she was enduring her punishment.

Shayla returned from the forest carrying a long and thick vine. She walked up
to Taylor holding it gently with her hands and held it out to Taylor who took
it in her hands and ran her fingers along the smooth yet hard plant. This was
a perfect lash, it would bend like a whip but was as hard as a paddle. Taylor
who had some experience with spanking and bondage admired this natural sex
toy. Swinging it experimentally she swung the vine hard against a nearby
rock, the explosive crack noise that followed startled all three girls,
especially Alyssa.

Alyssa jumped in her bonds at the cracking sound of the lash. She knew that
soon the crack would be on her back and it would be accompanied by pain. For
her part Taylor smiled at Alyssa's reaction, she was really looking forward
to this...

Taylor walked over to the naked beauty and gently ran the thick vine across
her deliciously smooth muscles in her shoulder. Alyssa slightly shivered at
the touch, unconsciously pushing her body backwards into the sensation.
Taylor could almost feel the thick lash on her own shoulders as she continued
to lightly tease Alyssa.

Taylor took a step back and drew back the strong vine. With all her strength
she brought it down onto Alyssa's back. She was rewarded with a loud scream
and lots of thrashing, but Alyssa was helpless, she was tied tightly and had
no escape from the whip. A thick red line began to form across Alyssa's back
were the vine had hit, Taylor planned to make many of those lines on her

Alyssa felt the pain blossom on her back and she screamed in pain. She
couldn't believe that it hurt so much. She was truly being punished! This
wasn't just some game Taylor and Shayla were playing! As much as it hurt
underneath the pain there was also a strange heat that traveled through
her body. Taylor delivered a second stroke diagonally across her back and
Alyssa screamed again, But this time she clearly felt the arousal building.

As she continued to rain down strokes across the gentle flesh of the young
Asian. Taylor began to get more and more horny. She was so aroused by
Alyssa's cries and squirming that she wanted to start letting up on the
strokes, but she knew that wouldn't be right, so she focused all her anger
on the young beauty. Everyone Taylor had ever disliked or hated came to her
mind and her hatred was transferred to her arm which brought another hard
lash to the back of Alyssa.

Shayla was starting to breath very heavily as the lash fell on the beauties
shoulders over and over again. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, went
the switch as Taylor continued to lay down blows across her back. Then she
walked around in front of Alyssa, putting the whip under her throat she
forcibly pushed her head up and looked her in the eye.

"This is for your own good young lady," said Taylor sternly before aiming a
blow right at her large bouncing breasts. Alyssa was a little surprised at
Taylor's comment and even more surprised when her breast felt the first of
seventeen blows. the first blow struck her across both breasts just above the
nipple. The pain was immense and Alyssa once again screamed.

Alyssa was in so much pain but it was just beginning. Taylor delivered ten
more blows to her exposed breasts before aiming specifically for her erected
nipples. CRACK the first blow struck her across the nipples and a scream
quickly followed. Alyssa couldn't believe the amount of pain. CRACK the
second blow fell and Alyssa thrashed as hard as she could in her bonds,
CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, four more blows and four more screams.

Taylor loved watching Alyssa wiggle trying to escape the lash knowing that
it was futile but trying to escape purely on instinct. Taylor noted her cute
little hands gripping the trees with all her strength, with her ranger powers
she was leaving finger indents on the bark and her hands were almost white.
Taylor once again moved to her back this time focusing more on her bottom
CRACK, Alyssas Bottom was on fire. She cried softly tears running down her
face, and yet there was also a strange arousal continuing to creep up inside
her lower depths.

Shayla begins slightly masturbating herself while Taylor continued the
whipping, She hiked up her skirt revealing her uncovered slit which she never
kept covered and inserted two of her fingers inside of herself as the loud
cracks filled the air. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK.

Alyssa was feeling very horny and she began thrusting her but up to meet the
lash with every stroke. Her sex like motions were not lost on the domineering
Taylor who began to hit her in the same rhythm prompting a squeal from
Alyssa, that was accompanied by a small trickle of juice that traveled down
her leg. Taylor was getting so hot watching. She drew the lash back again and
again while she imagined she was licking that juice from Alyssa's thigh.

Shayla continued to masturbate, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, as the whipping
continued she began to hump herself to the same rhythm as the strokes that
were falling. With every strike she felt like it was her back that was being
punished and she could imagine the pain as if it was her own. Breathing
heavily Shayla began to pump faster off rhythm now as she neared her orgasm.
She came with a loud cry and a squirting of juices all over her hand and the
rock she was sitting on. The other girls didn't even notice her cry so intent
on their fun, and Shayla leaned back against the rock, she continued to pump
herself lightly as she recovered, while preparing to Cum again.

CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, Taylor was starting to get a little
tired now but she continued the whipping knowing how close Alyssa was at this
point and wanting to continue until she came. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK.

Alyssa was starting to get real hot her juices were flowing almost constantly
now, the pain could be barely felt over her red welted back and bottom and
she was feeling only the pleasure now. She began to gasp louder and louder
with each stroke as she approached her orgasm and right before she came she
let out the loudest scream yet making Shayla cum a second time and forcing
Taylor to clench her muscles to prevent herself from wetting her panties. Cum
splattered down her leg and onto the ground and she slumped forward almost
uncounciouse in her bonds.

Taylor stopped the whipping and happily untied Alyssa who collapsed onto her
knees in pain and pleasure. She recovered in only a few minutes. She was
severely embarrassed that she had cum during the whole ordeal and continued
to apologize for her behavior. Shayla said it was all right but Taylor wasn't
going to let her off the hook that easily.

"That was very naughty of you," said the stern Taylor to the embarrassed and
submissive Alyssa, "You will be punished again latter for your bad behavior."

"Yes Taylor," responded Alyssa embarrassed, "Can I go swim to clean off now?"
Alyssa asked.

"I think that's a good idea," Taylor responded.

Shayla also mumbled something about leaving hurrying off into the bushes, but
Taylor wasn't even paying the slightest attention.

Taylor, now left alone pulled down her pants and panties which were soaked
with her own juices and perspiration and jammed three fingers into her tight
hole. As she furiously masturbated herself to orgasm she dreamed of a day
that she might be put under the lash as well.

To Be Continued... Hopefully...


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