The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance to fictional or real
characters is strictly coincidental. Due to sexual situations no one under 18
should read this _ go away. My tribute to the "Zapped" episode.

Power Rangers - Space Patrol Delta: Sapphic Zapped (FF,mc)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

Dr. Katherine "Kat" Manx had been working hard for many months at the Space
Patrol Delta headquarters creating gadgets to help the Power Rangers combat
the evil Gruun and frankly was looking for a chance to blow off some steam
and have some fun.

Her planet was a bit different than Earth, she looked like a striking
light-brown haired human female with some feline qualities, but her race
enjoyed its social life - and particularly a sex life - as much as Earthlings

This thought came to the forefront as Manx was in her lab working on some
projects with the help of one of the female Power Rangers: Sydney Drew.

Syd, as she was called, was a beautiful blonde with cascading curls, pretty
blue eyes and a lovely heart-shaped face. Her body was equally striking,
although usually covered up in the SPD jumpsuit. Even her voice was cute, a
breathy quality to it that was quite seductive.

Syd was as dedicated a member of the force as anyone and her bravery and
courage under fire was unquestionable, but she did have a bit of a 'tude. She
was 'all that' and knew it, even recording a song called "Me" where she sang
about how great she was.

It was a rare slow time at headquarters and Kat had asked Syd to come by and
help log some of the weapons they had gotten from their battles with Gruun's

"I'm yours all afternoon doc but tonight it's date time for me," said Syd as
she wrote down some readings. "In a hour or so I'll have to go back to my
room for a brief break, listen to my messages and see what guy is lucky
enough to get a date with me for tonight - as long as my jealous roommate "Z"
doesn't erase them of course. Like it's my fault she never has a date."

Z was Elizabeth Delgado, a tough girl from the streets who was the newest
Power Ranger. Although she was quite attractive herself, a very tall, willowy
brunette, she had not had the privileged background of Syd and sometimes they
butted heads.

"I'm grateful for any help you can give me Syd," said Kat as she looked at
Syd's clipboard from behind. "With your ability to have your hands turn into
anything it touches, it makes my job go twice as fast. You're doing great
work there, keep it up."

While Syd looked down upon the table to gather further readings, Kat went to
a cabinet on the other side of the room. When she opened it, she took out a
black stick with white tips on both ends.

It was the magic wand of Mysticon the Magician. He had been one of Gruun's
agents and, working undercover, Syd had become his assistant. However, when
he found out she was SPD he had put her under a spell for a brief time and
made her his mindless servant.

"Syd, turn around, I want to see if this still works," said Kat smiling as
she approached the young Power Ranger.

"I wouldn't play around with that," said Syd in a concerned voice. "It's
plenty powerful, believe me, I know."

"I'm counting on it," said Kat as she waved the wand in front of Syd's face.

Several beams of light sprang from the tip of the wand facing Syd. Her face
showed worry but she had no time to react. The beams swirled for a second and
then made a beeline for Syd's eyes and poured in perfect fashion straight
into them.

Syd's eyes slammed shut and Kat marveled at the beautiful blue eyeshadow Syd
had on - she did know how to work it, Kat thought.

Syd's body began to weave a bit as the effects of the magic began to take
hold. Kat was glad that Syd's eyes were keeping closed. That meant the magic
was encased in her head with no place to go but do its intended job on her

Syd's body finally stood straight and stiffly. Kat figured the spell had
finished its work on her and it was time to go to Stage 2.

"Syd my darling, on my planet the greatest sexual experience is for two
females to make love to each other," Kat said with a Cheshire-like grin.
"This cat has been a good worker and now its time for me to play, and I
want you to be my ball of string.

"You now have a massive sexual craving for women. You think I am the most
perfect-looking female in the universe and every thought in your mind will
be about having sex with me. You now consider yourself my sex slave and you
would not want to be anything else. Understood?"

Syd just stood there ram-rod straight for a few seconds, her cupid's bow
mouth slightly apart. Her eyelids finally parted and Kat instantly saw the
look of total defeat and subjugation in her eyes.

"Understood, my mistress," said Syd as her eyes flashed red, the magical
spell that now controlled her totally showing its power.

Kat had been planning this for weeks; she had been so hot for Syd's body.
She had shocked the group leader Dr. Doggy Cruger with the demand for shag
carpeting for her lab. Now the reason for it would be used.

"Take your clothes off and begin worshipping my body," said Kat as she began
discarding her own clothes.

Kat laid down on the floor and began to wriggle her body in a suggestive

The now-naked Syd bent down on her knees next to her. Kat noticed that Syd's
eyes had completely changed. From blank slave at the start they now showed a
raw animal lust she had only seen before in the most sexually aggressive
species in the universe.

Syd moaned as she jammed her tongue down Kat's throat and began French
kissing her. Syd's body undulated and moved all over Kat's body.

Soon, both their pussies were rubbing against each other and Kat felt a
orgasm about to blow. Having turned the super-hot Syd into her mindless
lesbian sex slave, Kat was already turned on even before they began having

Syd was now mauling Kat's pert breasts with her hands in addition to the
kissing and Kat was now giving off shrieks of delight - this was everything
she had hoped for!

When Syd moved down and latched her mouth onto one of Kat's nipples, while
her hand squeezed the soft but firm mound, that was it for Kat. She let out
a sound that was literally out of this world but the meaning was obvious,
she was cumming like a gusher.

Syd continued to lap at the nipple and to have her free arm rub all over
Kat's upper body but did move her hips away from Kat's now bucking violently
own hips as pussy juice began pouring out.

When Kat let out a small squeal signaling she was done, Syd immediately went
down below and began licking up all the cum now pooled all around Kat's lower
body. She then took a mouthful and deposited it on Kat's stomach and began
smearing it all over and licking it off.

Syd for a moment did pick her head up and looked at her new owner. "Your
juices taste so good," she said. "I love interstellar pussy juice." And went
back to lapping away.

Kat's pussy was quickly again on fire. Not only was Syd gorgeous, but she was
a virtual sex machine Kat now knew, wondering how much 'practice' Syd had put
in to get these moves down.

Syd moved her hands down and began rubbing Kat's clit in her hands firmly but
gently. Kat let out a shudder, the clit was even more sensitive with people
of her race than human females and her mind was now melting under the massive
sexual assault Syd was giving her.

Kat's body began shaking as she felt another orgasmn coming on but all she
could say was "Keep it up slave, more, more, ahhhhhhhhhh, shit yeah, that's
it baby, right there, more, don't stop, ahhhhhhhhh!!!"

Kat pushed Syd aside as her body began convulsing. Her shrieks were constant
and her pussy felt like a garden hose and liquid gushed out of it. She rolled
on the carpet for what seemed an eternity to her as the orgasm refused to
relent and sexual pleasure ran up and down her body.

Syd just stood there nude on her knees. A small smile on her face as she
saw her mistress was receiving so much pleasure from her work, as a good sex
slave she was happy to have done her job.

Kat felt like her body was about to snap when the orgasm finally began to run
out of steam. Kat's body lay on the now soaked carpet, quivering slightly as
she tried to recover her senses.

Kat's eyes were now even more glazed then the girl she had entranced. As she
regained her senses somewhat, a thought entered her mind.

"Syd my fine sex slave, I have been a bit selfish," she said in a dull croak.
"You have given much pleasure to your mistress. I order you to play with
yourself and have a huge orgasm. And you may use your special powers too if
you like."

"Yes my mistress," breathed Syd, who immediately began laying on her side
and dipped her hands into her sopping, wet blonde snatch as her hands began
glowing in transformation.

Kat's eyes widened as she saw Syd's powers at work. One of her hands became
another pussy and the other became a clit as she had started rubbing herself
there as well.

Kat was almost hypnotized herself at the sight. One pussy plunging into
another pussy and two clits rubbing against each other as Syd worked herself
into a sexual frenzy.

With this much sexual excitement, it took mere minutes for Syd to cry out
in glee as she had her own orgasm. More physically fit since she was a Power
Ranger than the scientist, Syd's body was more flexible as it writhed in glee
as the orgasm coursed through it.

Kat had now enough control of herself to have propped herself up with her
hands to watch the show.

As Syd mewled like a cat for her cat-like lover as the orgasm ran to a close,
Kat gasped a bit as she went through a small orgasm just watching Syd's
amazing frigging of her sumptuous body.

"Well, as much as I'd love to have more sex with you, particularly with your
new double-pussy, you've wiped me out Syd," said Kat with a big grin. "I'd
keep you as my sex slave forever but your services are too valuable in
fighting evil so back to the SPD you go."

"No!" cried Syd. "I am a sex slave. I must have sex with women. Please let
me remain your sex pet. I am nothing when not having sex with girls. My body
must feel another woman's touch at all times."

Kat wasn't sure if this was the real Syd talking or the spell she was under
but she knew her duty as a loyal member of SPD. Mysticon's hold on Syd had
been broken when she was tricked into morphing into the Pink Ranger, with
Syd having no memory of what occurred during the time she was in his power.

Kat let out a large sigh.

"Believe me, Sex Slave Syd, this is not the last time you will 'help me in
the lab'," she said. "There is plenty of magic left in the wand. Now, put
your clothes back on and go to the position you were in when I first hit
you with the wand and become the Pink Ranger. When you awake you will think
I had just asked you to morph as part of the work we're doing. Your mistress

Syd put on a pouty face that Kat thought was adorable but knew Syd had to
obey a direct order from her mistress no matter how disappointed in having no
more girl-on-girl sex she was.

There was a brief flash as Syd became the Pink Ranger.

"Hey, how close are we to being done, for some reason I feel really spent,"
said Syd. "I need to rest up before my date tonight."

"Yeah we're done for the day, that was the last experiment, thanks for all
your help Syd," said Kat who had quickly put on her own clothes. "I know we
make fun of you sometimes, call you 'Princess' and stuff. But I'm really,
really glad you are a part of SPD. It wouldn't be the same without you."

"Thanks," said Syd. "And anytime you need help, just ask. I actually enjoyed
working with you today Dr. Manx."

"And I you," said Kat.

Syd began to leave the room when she quickly turned: "Hey, since I have to
walk past the maintenance department on the way to my room, do you want to
tell them about that huge wet spot in the middle of the floor, have them
take of it."

"No, thanks anyway Syd," said Kat with a smile. "I'll take care of it myself.
Have a good time tonight, and that's an order."

* * *

When Syd entered her room, Z was there on her bed flipping through some

"You have 28 messages Syd, 23 of them marked Urgent, and all from men," said
Z a bit sarcastically. "Don't worry, I didn't erase them. The Princess has
to see her Prince Charming tonight, as soon as you figure which of the 28 is

Syd was about to say something sassy back to Z when she turned to her and
got a good look at her, almost like she was seeing Z for the first time, even
though they had been roomies for several months..

No longer in the SPD jumpsuit, Z was laying there in some tight Lycra shorts
and a crop top that showed her firm stomach and perky breasts. Her black hair
fell over her eyes as her head was tilted.

Syd instead sat down next to Z, who put her manuals away and looked up at the
blonde quizzically..

"Look Z, I don't want to fight, we're both SPD members now, a team, and I
want us to have good chemistry between us," said Syd as she stared into Z's
brown eyes. "To be honest, I think you’re a pretty girl, very pretty in fact.
There is no reason you shouldn't have lots of boys after you as well. I must
admit I'm surprised how every Saturday night you don't have a hunk of your
own lined up."

Z then sat up in her bed. Tears were now in her eyes.

"Well, you had to find out sometime Syd, as my roommate and fellow Power
Ranger, it's time you knew the truth," said Z between choked-up sobs. "Didn't
you every wonder why you found me living on the street? It's because my
family found out I was a lesbian and threw me out of the house.

"I like girls. I'm not Bi- or anything. I just like to sleep with girls. Jack
tried but he couldn't even convert me. I'm 100-percent pussy-licker. A dyke
Power Ranger doesn't really fit the image so I've kept it to myself, made
easier by the fact you're the only other female Power Ranger and you are the
most het girl possible.

"Believe me, seeing you in those babydoll nighties right before you go to
sleep drives me crazy. If you slept in the nude my head would probably
explode. I can't have the active social life you have and that's why I'm a
bit catty sometimes..."

Z then buried her head in Syd's chest and began bawling wildly.

Syd ran her fingers through Z's hair and tried to comfort her the best she
could. She had been handed everything on a silver platter her whole life, she
knew Z had gone through harrowing experiences she couldn't even imagine.

The "catty" that Z had said before dissolving into tears bounced in Syd's
head. She couldn't stop thinking about the word.

Suddenly, a wave of emotion caught Syd by surprise.

It felt like it came from the back of her brain, from a place so deep she
couldn't even reach it consciously. She decided to act on her impulse. It
seemed so right and good and she felt a tingle go up her body that made her
know she had made the correct decision.

Syd smiled and took Z's head and patted it as she got her off her chest.
She then stood up and unpeeled her jumpsuit and stood in front of the now
wide-eyed Z in just pink panties and a pink frilly bra.

Syd then pulled down her panties. One hand touched her pussy, creating a
second pussy, and the other hand reached her clit, making a copy of the love
bud. Seeing this, Z was now in a state of shock - and totally turned on.

Syd smiled and laid down on top of Z, pushing her pussy-replica into Z's
mouth while her clit-hand began going down Z's shorts and the buds began
rubbing each other.

"Z, I always have fun on a date," said Syd right before she began Frenching
Z. "And tonight so will you."

Six hours later, Syd noticed her answering machine now had 92 messages. She
hit "erase".

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