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Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Tori The Slut Part 8 (FF,anal,lesbian,oral)
by Darkjac ([email protected])

After such a tremendous Orgasm, Kelly felt a little cheep at not returning
the favor so she decided to repay Tori in kind. "Stay on your knees Tori"
declared Kelly, "I've got a little surprise for you."

"Ooohh I love surprises!" Replied Tori with a twinkle in her eye.

Obviously she knew just what she was preparing to do and Kelly was more than
happy not to disappoint the deliciously naked blonde chick kneeling at her
feet. Slowly and carefully, Kelly lowered herself to her own knees until she
reached the same height Tori was at, she spread her bent legs slightly so
that she mirrored Tori's position on the floor. The two girls stared into
each other eyes, each waiting for the other to make her move. Finally Kelly
gave in with a sigh.

She had a mute smile on her face as she reached out her arm and began to
gently explore the twin globes that rested on Tori's chest. Tori was very
excited by this turn of event's and wanted to enjoy the full range of
emotions, by not getting involved with Kelly's playing. She placed her
hands behind her back and sat on them slowly, she figured there was no
point in cutting off her circulation while the rest of her body was in
the throws of ecstasy.

Kelly began to lightly caress the nice sized globes hanging in front of
her, tantalizing her lesbian side with their round juicy looks. She lightly
caressed the right breast first, moving her hands in small circles around
the tender flesh of the nipple, causing Tori to take sharp intakes of air
as she struggled to maintain her composure. Kelly switched her tender
ministrations to the other breast and repeated the same circular massage
around the nipple that she had given to the other breast. Finally Kelly
moved her hands directly onto the nipple.

"Don't Stop" moaned Tori in Pleasure

Kelly had no intention of stopping, she planned to kick the pleasure up a
notch though. She grabbed Tori's entire left breast and began to squeeze
the small gland, flattening it into a pancake shape than releasing it and
squeezing once more. Tori was crying out in pain and pleasure as her breast
moved through the ringer that was Kelly's hands. As Tori closed her eyes,
Kelly reached out and began the same rough treatment of the other breast.
She could tell by Tori's reaction that she was really enjoying the sensation,
and was glad that the girl was not turned off by the pain.

Kelly began to knead the breasts as if they were nothing but dough, she
grabbed and mauled the twin globes, as Tori shook with pain that faded
quickly to an overwhelming pleasure. Kelly was pleasuring her breasts so
painfully and skillfully that Tori felt like she could cum just by having
her breasts played with, she was enjoying every moment of pleasure Kelly
gave to her, and was even more thrilled when she moved to Tori's nipples.

Kelly's fingers gently pinched the erect buds, until she realized what kind
of girl she was playing with here. She grabbed the nipples as hard as she
could rolling them roughly through her fingers as Tori moaned in absolute
pleasure. The rock hard nubs seemed to get harder as she punished them, and
she was kind of worried they would burst as she twisted the right one
clockwise and the left one counter clockwise. Tori felt an overwhelming wave
of pleasure wash over her, the legs and knees holding her upright started to
give out as Tori approached an orgasm.

Sensing Tori's weakness, Kelly quickly released the breasts from her loving
touch, and moved her attention lower, bending her body down she placed her
head deeply between Tori's legs, her tongue and mouth pressed into her best
friends crotch, as she savored the delicious scent coming from her nether

Kelly's large and firm ass stuck up in the air, facing the camera and giving
a delightful view to all who stumbled onto the webcam showing this outrageous
display of sexual prowess. As the men stared at her nude body she began to
give Tori what she wanted, her wet tongue slowly and gently began to lick
the inner thighs of the beautiful specimen in front of her. Tori moaned in
pleasure, arousal and anticipation as she waited for what was to come, she
spread her knees further apart as Kelly teased her senses with her skilled
mouth and tongue.

The probing wet tongue of her friend neared her slit, and Tori began to get
a little irritated, she just wanted to get on with it, Foreplay just seemed
like a big waste of time, but Kelly was still moving like molasses on her
journey to Tori's slit. Tori reached down and placed a hand at the back of
Kelly's head and began to push it further into her crotch, hopeing to speed
up her pleasure.

kelly immediately stopped her licking and sat up startling the pleasure
hazed Tori, She drew back her hand and slapped the blonde girl hard against
her exposed breasts. Tori was startled but immediately returned her hands to
under her but and drew her gaze to the floor away from Kelly's piercing angry
gaze. Tori was ashamed at her impatience and also was extremely aroused by
the domination Kelly was handing to her.

Kelly reveled in the submission she had caused, she loved this feeling and
was glad she was able to finally let out her anger and frustration on this
obedient blonde bitch. "Don't you dare interrupt me again!" Commanded Kelly,
Tori nodded in response.

Kelly leaned down again, moving her skilled tongue and wet mouth back to the
teasing that was at hand. Tori had really pissed her off with that head push
and now she was going to pay for it. Twenty minutes later Tori was so close
to Orgasm, yet so far away as Kelly teased her mercilessly. Finally sensing
her willingness to give anything for a lick, Kelly moved in closer. With one
smooth motion she plunged her tongue deep into the pussy that lay spread out
before her.

Tori gasped in pleasure as Kelly began to lap up her sweet juices, her toes
to her fingers shook in pleasure, happy that she was finally receiving some
attention. Kelly could taste the sweet juices of Tori as she licked and
sucked at the deep inner folds of the blonde chick in front of her. She
begins to lick as deep as she could, tasting the slick lubricant her body
was producing as she neared the girl ever closer to orgasm. Kelly began to
tongue fuck the blonde, plunging her tongue in deep to her G spot than
pulling it out all the way, before plunging it in once more.

Tori's juices were flowing uncontrollably and were running directly into the
young redheaded businesswoman's mouth. She swirled them around hr mouth as
she savored the exotic taste before swallowing big gulping mouthfuls of her
friends pre cum. Like a sports star sucking on a water bottle she began to
suck as hard as she could, pulling up more and more juices from the deep
inner chasms of Tori's body.

Having explored Tori's pussy so completely, Kelly knew just were the clit
was located, finding it now she moved her mouth and tongue onto the most
sensitive of parts for a woman, and gently bit down. Tori shrieked an
incredible scream as the pain shot through her body causing her young frame
to jerk and spasm with pain, a pain that quickly shifted into pleasure as
the full effect of the delicious torture made itself known to Tori's young
mind. Once more her juices shot forth onto Kelly's face and the floor as she

As the juices from the intense Orgasm continued to shoot across the surfaces
of Storm Chargers, men everywhere were watching at home, greatly enjoying the
show the two girls were putting on for their audience. The Internet page were
the Webcam was being shown was receiving hundreds of hits, the webserver
overloading and crashing the site, leaving hundreds of young men horny and
panting for more.

Kelly and Tori moved their wet lips together and kissed passionately, Tori
could taste her own juices on Kelly's luscious lips as she hungrily forced
her tongue into the other girls willing mouth. Kelly broke the kiss and
pulled away from Tori, much to her disappointment, only to feel her spirits
lighten again as Tori pulled a 10 inch long strap on dildo out from under
the counter.

Kelly had always kept the dildo hidden in her store, ever sense the last time
she used in back in junior high. Kelly was a closet lesbian who's first and
last encounter had been with a cheerleader in junior high, she has allowed
Kelly to tie her up and fuck her senseless with the Strap on. Afterwards she
had allowed Kelly to keep the toy as a memento, now Kelly was almost moments
away from using it once again, and the thought made her pussy water

Kelly strapped the sex toy on and looked over at the grinning Tori. "What
Hole" asked Kelly innocently with a wicked grin on her face

A mirrored expression on her own face, Tori responded "Choose one" She
than got down onto all fours kneeling like a puppy on the floor, waiting to
receive her present. Her sexy ass was sticking up in the air, her breasts and
hair trailed to the ground pulled by gravity and giving the young blonde a
very submissive and sexy, wild thing look.

As Kelly gazed at the glorious nude body in front of her, she could feel
her body start to give in to the heat that was growing between her legs,
and fought with all her mental will not to cum before she finished fucking
the young blonde girl. She slowly approached the teasingly plump ass stuck
straight up in front of her and moved the long fake plastic cock to the
entrance of her pussy.

"Here we go than" Kelly announced as she prepared for the cock to take the

Tori shut her eyes tightly excited over the fact that she would soon be
filled completely by another woman. As the thought passed through Tori's mind
Kelly drove the cock deep into her pussy, sliding past her formerly broken
hymen and burying the plastic phallus deep in her bowels. Tori cried out in
pleasure and pain as the cock went in and then settled down into gentle moans
of pleasure as Kelly pulled it out.

Tori was disappointed as the cock left her pussy, thinking it was over, but
she was proved mercifully wrong as Kelly drove the cock home again just as
voraciously as before. Tori moaned in pleasure and fought to stay on all
fours as the pleasure built from deep within her, moving her towards what
seemed like an impossible orgasm after the many times she had done so

Kelly was fucking her best friend. She had wanted to fuck her for as long as
she could remember and now she was driving her precious strap on dildo deep
into the girl's pussy, making her lover and herself wet with pleasure. Kelly
was very horny as she fucked the innocent girl in front of her and knew that
she would not last long at the rate her pussy was wetting.

The young blonde girl beneath her trembled with excitement as the brutal
fucking continued. Kelly loved the way Tori had submitted completely to her
will, and she loved the feeling of forcing her to take this dildo. She had
read about the Sado Masochistic lifestyle and decided that she was clearly
a dom to Tori's Sub. The only question was, did Tori feel the same.

As the dildo continued it's assault, Tori felt her consciousness slipping
into a world of bliss, a world were she was nothing, a world were she was
just a piece of meat receiving pleasure, doing everything she could to
please her beautiful dominant mistress, a mistress named Kelly. She loved
the feeling of being a slave to the businesswoman's demands, being forced
to do things against her will, or at least appeared to be against her will,
for how could anything be against her will if her will to do anything her
mistress asked for?

"I love this" she said out loud moaning between the words, "I want to do
this again sometime."

Kelly was very happy were events were taking themselves. "I think that can
be arranged, you Slut."

The dildo pushed it's way back into Tori's passage as Kelly grabbed a thick
handful of Tori's luxurious blonde hair. Kelly thrust her hips forward and
drove the faux cock deep into her pussy, than she pulled out leaving Tori
panting for more. As she drove the cock in again, Kelly used her tight grip
on Tori's hair to viciously pull her head back as she let out her moan of
ecstasy. The sounds filled the acoustically perfect room and echoed back to
the ears of the participants, spurning their pleasure driven activities into

Tori couldn't contain herself any longer, her entire body was drowning in
waves of intense pleasure, her pussy muscles contracted spasmodically over
the plastic phallus invading her snatch as her body came with spectacular
force yet again. Kelly felt the pussy juices run down her legs, but she
wasn't about to stop fucking the young beauty now, she continued to fuck
her late into the night, Sounds of moaning and groaning could be heard
coming from Storm Chargers for many months to come.

The End

This is the Final Chapter of this story, at least for now...... Because the
Show is over and I am currently writing several other Fanfics, but I may come
back to this story, maybe have one were Kelly dominates Tori on camera for
money. Thanks for Reading Darkjac354


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