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Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Tori The Slut Part 7 (FF)
By Darkjac ([email protected])

Kelly, the young redheaded owner of the Storm Chargers extreme sports store
stood almost nude, in only her underwear. Her best friend Tori was standing
nearby, looking her lovely body up and down, as Kelly appreciated Tori's own
nude body. Tori smiled as her mouth watered with the sight of the nearly nude
Kelly, The cute physic of the girl in front of her was almost enough to
propel her into yet another Orgasm.

"Well?" asked Tori expectantly, "Are you going to finish?"

Kelly blushed in embarrassment and excitement as she prepared to finish
her striptease. She reached up to her large breasts and began to unzip the
sportbraw that held the two large gloves up. Than she gripped the straps
and began to slide them down her shoulders, slowly taking the denim material
with them. Slowly her nipples appeared to the camera as Kelly's large breasts
bounced free of the confining material and swung freely in the open air of
the store.

Kelly's breasts were much larger than Tori's and had generous sized nipples,
The breasts were the perfect size and weight for a woman her age and size,
not to big so that they looked unnatural, and not tiny like some sort of
water Balloon. Her nipples and aerole were very large, and were colored a
dark brownish hue, a hue contrasted by her pure white skin and shiny red

Tori gazed in wonder at the twin globes hanging in front of her, tantalizing
her secret fantasies, and overwhelming any doubts she might have had at the
situation. She leaned in for a better look at the objects of her intoxication
and moved her hot mouth within inches of the large mammary globes. Gently she
moved her hands out and touched the twins, her soft hands were gliding over
the mounds as Kelly moaned at the feather light touch.

Kelly shuddered in delight at the continual attention delivered to her
sensitive tits. Tori continued to gently run her hands over Kelly's breasts
and moved in slow methodical circles towards the center, until finally she
brushed against the nipples. Kelly sucked in a breath as Tori gently pinches
both nipples at once, sending a wave of mixed pleasure and pain throughout
the body of the young businesswoman. Kelly cried out in pain and arousal at
the assault on her nipples and Tori was enjoying every second. Tori gave a
slight twist to the pinched nipples causing more pain and a howl from deep
in the throat of the lovely redhead, although unrestrained she seemed
unwilling to fight Tori because of the pleasure caused by the abuse.

Tori released the breasts and leaned in close to the twin spheres, her hot
breath gently caressing the cold naked skin of her partner. Moving her hot
mouth down to the nipple, she gently began to suck on the hard pinprick of
a organ. Slowly her wet tongue and hot mouth brought the nipple to full
erection as Kelly moaned in pleasure, a pleasure that was building with very
second. Tori felt the Breast quivering in excitement beneath her talented
mouth as she continued her oral ministrations.

Tori moved on to the right breast, her saliva glistening on the abandoned
nipple, the light shimmering on the moist pleasure she had just given to
Kelly. As her lips left the nipple a wet trail of saliva trailed onto her
breast, like mozzarella cheese from a juicy pizza. Her mouth moved to the
other breast and completely engulfed the nipple.

Tori gently sucked harder and harder as the nipple became as sharp as a
pencil point in her warm soft mouth. Kelly felt The pleasure building in her
twin globes, her nerves heightened by the wet mouth on her nipples, and they
were transferring shots of pleasure throughout her body.

Tori pulled back from the breast and gently sunk to her knees, her hands
on Kelly's hot ass and her face even with the redhead's sweet panties. She
leaned forward sniffing the salty musk coming from under the material as
she used her teeth to catch the waistband of panties. Slowly she used her
talented mouth to pull the panties down to Kelly's knees.

Looking up Tori discovered to her delight that Kelly was not quite a natural
redhead, her hairs were a Brunette-Blonde hue that betrayed the confidence
of her hairdresser. With her sexy lace panties pulled to her ankles, Kelly
daintily stepped out of her last covering and gave the web cameras a full
frontal view of her delicious bod.

As Tori kneeled at her feet, she slowly reached her hands up and placed them
on her friend's ass, Slowly moving her hand sup and down the gentle curves of
Kelly's babyback. Tori leans forward and places her head near the entrance of
Kelly's sweet pussy, she takes a deep breath in through her nose, getting a
healthy whiff of the musky scent of Kelly's longing.

Tori slowly stuck out her long wet pink tongue and began to lick the soft
outer folds of Kelly's pussy. As the oral attention began Kelly began to
moan and swoon, and Tori was afraid she might collapse before her orgasm
even hit. Juices began secreting from the pussy before Tori, and she gladly
began to lick them up, relishing the sweet taste as Kelly worked her way
up into a bliss filled state of unawareness.

Tori decided that Kelly's juices were much tastier than her own and she
greedily stuck her tongue and face deeper into the pussy hopeing to suck up
as much of the juices as she could before the young beauty came. Kelly was
moaning and groaning as the pleasure built inside her tanned body, unaware
she placed a hand at the back of the blonde girls head and forcibly began
pushing the licking machine deeper into her crotch, causing the pleasure to
become almost unbearable.

Tori was licking and sucking like a mad woman, she was unable to pull out
but didn't mind a bit as the sweet and salty taste of another woman's pussy
was as close to heaven as she had ever been. Kelly suddenly orgasmed, her
cream shot out of her deep cavernous womb and sprayed and squirted all over
Tori's face. She smiled and made a purring noise as she licked up and
swallowed the cum that was flowing from Kelly's inner womanhood.

When she was finished, Tori lay back on the floor resting, wondering who
would be ready to continue first, herself, or Kelly...

To Be Continued.....


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