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Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Tori The Slut Part 6 (FF,F-mast)
By Darkjac ([email protected])

The surfing board completely disappeared inside Tori's cunt as she moaned in
extreme pleasure. She was currently putting on an incredible show for a loyal
group of viewers on the Internet, and was loving every minute of it.

There was a huge pain in her pussy making her even more horny as the waxed
surfboard tip moved in and out of her tight almost virginal pussy tissue. As
she removed the board completely she felt an intense aching in her bottom
region as if something is missing. She needed to fill the void desperately
and was more than willing to jam the surfboard deep into her pussy again. She
moaned in pleasure and pain as she pressed the board deeper into her body
than it had been in before.

Tori's sensitive clit gently rubbed against the waxy board, causing more
sensations shooting through her body than she could handle, she cried out in
pleasure, and pain as the pressure on her pussy reached the extreme and she
began to cum. Her creamy juices ran out of her pussy and shot down onto the
surfboard, creaming the counter yet again and leaving her exhausted once

Kelly, the owner of the shop and great friend of the naked blonde girl was
watching through the window. Her hands were stuffed under the waistband of
her jeans and panties and were furiously rubbing her clit and pussy folds
in an attempt to relieve the pressure being caused by the spectacle in front
of her. So close to Orgasm now, Kelly doesn't even mind creaming her panties
as she cums.

That girl in the window sure is hot, you know who she is? Tori was surprised
by this comment on the computer, she had just recovered from her orgasm and
was reading what she should do next. Tori turned to see what he was talking
about only to see the frozen face of Kelly who was as shocked at being caught
as Tori was about being watched.

Tori feels shame about a familiar friend seeing her naked before that
emotion was gradually overcome by anger. Who the hell did Kelly think she
was? Looking in on a friends private masturbation session when she
specifically promised not to? Than she saw the computer and realized she
wasn't having a private session, and what better voyeur to be watching her
than her own friend. Looking at the web cameras she suddenly had a very
hot idea...

Tori sashayed naked over to window and stood in front of the frozen Kelly
who was reacting to Tori's approach with intense fear. But as Tori approached
Kelly couldn't help watching the naked girl's large and firm breasts, Her
nipples were erect and as sharp as diamonds and mirrored Kelly's own nipples
that were hidden by her limited covering.

Tori beckoned seductively asking Kelly inside, She was still frozen in awe
but her legs moved as if of their own accord to stand in front of the door.
Tori unlocked the door from the inside and moved to stand next to the buxom
redhead. She slowly moved her face closer and closer to Kelly's her luscious
lips moving closer and closer to the purple lipstick on Kelly's. Until their
lips met.

Tori's blonde locks and red lips mashed against the purple lips and red hair
of her best friend, As the hot lesbian kiss continued Tori thought about
giving her tongue, but decided not to move to fast. Kelly was shocked by the
kiss, and also deeply aroused as the soft red lips gently caressed her own.

Tori pulls back from Kelly and looked her straight in the eye, "Relax" Tori
whispered gently "you'll enjoy this."

Kelly finally started to relax as Tori lead her inside the store and locked
the door behind them, She than walked over to the windows and shut the
blinds which she forgot to do earlier, she didn't want anyone else peeking
in without permission. She than turned back to the redhead standing nearby.

Tori moved in closer to her friend and planted another wet kiss on her lips,
as the two continued their hot lesbian kiss, Tori gently stuck her long wet
pink tongue deep into her friends mouth. As she moved her tongue she felt
another tongue join hers in her mouth as Kelly reciprocated.

"Why don't we get you out of those clothes" Tori said with a hint of teasing
in her voice. Kelly stood still, shell-shocked, as Tori reached down to her
waist and pulled her shirt up over her head. Kelly lifted her arms
dispassionately as the light material cleared her head and neck and left her
feeling a slight draft on her naked skin. Her long red hair fell down across
her shoulder blades and slightly obscured her sportsbra covered breasts.
Kelly's undergarment was rather ordinary and plain considering she had just
stripped off her shirt, it consisted of a typical blue sportsbra you could
buy at any Walmart.

Tori gently grabbed Kelly by the shoulders and turned her towards the web
cameras, a still shell-shocked Kelly just submissively stood there. Tori
gently moved Kelly's hands to her waistband and finally Kelly began
participating again. She gently moved the waist of her jeans down her thin
long legs and let the denim material pool at her ankles. Daintily she
stepped out of the clothing and revealed to the cameras her sexy black
lace panties.

The black lace was beautifully designed like freshly budding roses and
beautiful vines. The almost transparent lace pattern showed an incredible
amount of skin, without showing to much. The tantalizing picture of the
budding rose represented to Tori the Lesbian flower she was about to take.
Kelly for her part, blushed furiously.

Upon seeing the lacy panties Tori asked the burning question on all the
viewers mines... "Are you a slut too?"

To Be Continued...


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