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Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Tori The Slut Part 5 (F-mast, voy)
by Darkjac ([email protected])

Tori was sitting nude in the extreme sports store Storm Chargers fucking
herself up the ass with a large plastic dildo, Her sweaty nude body undulated
with each stroke as she played her pleasure to the cameras filming her every
movement. The Website that was hosting her little show was getting massive
hits and she was enjoying every minute of her exhibition.

Tori felt a mixture of pain and pleasure as she continued to push and pull
the dildo in her ass. She was feeling wetter by the second and her probing
fingers could feel the movement in the other passage. With gasping breath
Tori gulped down air greedily as she approached her massive orgasm, the cum
spilt from her pussy and onto the counter as the naked teen collapsed,
exhausted and satisfied.

Tori was breathing hard, her chest heaving, pushing her breasts up and at
the camera in a spectacular view. She slowly sat up and looked at the
computer screen to see the praises and requests given to her by fans. Gently
Tori lifter her sexy ass off the counter and winced as she removes the dildo
from deep up her ass, taking a seat she began to read a few more requests.

Why don't you ass fuck yourself again Tori quickly discarded that request
as stupid and redundant. Find a guy and have sex with him. Tori quickly
discarded that request as well, a little disappointed she pulled up another
request, this one worded a bit more forcefully. Get down on your knees you
stupid fucking whore, and take that dirty fuck toy and clean if off with
your mouth, NOW!

Tori liked being told what to do and so this suggestion interested her, plus
licking the dirty dildo was going to be very humiliating, just the way she
liked it. Tori picked up the filthy dildo that was covered in her anal
excrement and moved it towards her mouth. Tentatively she stuck out her
tongue and lightly licked the filthy plastic object, her nose wrinkled at
the scent and taste but she was determined to finish her chore. Tori began
to lick and suck on the plastic dildo slowly cleaning it of all foreign
materials, she could taste her ass on her tongue as she lightly sucked the
head of the fake cock.

Tori set the dildo straight up and down on the counter than bent her head
low so she could continue to suck and kiss the dildo. She slowly moved her
head and mouth down over the entire length, letting the fake dick slide to
the back of her throat. She could taste all her ass now as she began to gag,
not only from the taste, but because of the thick plastic dildo in her
throat. Tori was so hot, as she enjoyed her utter humiliation, her ass
sticking high in the air as she cleaned off a dildo she had just used there.

* * *

Kelly parked her car outside her store and silently creeped to the window
were she could see her blonde friend. Kelly peeked into the Storm Chargers
window and took her first glance at the naked Tori, She was kneeling on all
fours deep throating a dildo as if she was giving a blowjob.

Kelly began to get hot as her pussy began running and her nipples poked
eagerly through her shirt as she gazed at Tori's dangling breasts, sexy
throat, and exposed pussy. Tori was rhythmaticly going up and down on the
plastic phallus, cleaning it and unwittingly giving Kelly a spectacular
view of her faux sex act. Kelly was just barely looking in the window, and
thought she was out of view, but unbeknownst to her, she could be seen by
the camera taping the proceedings.

Tori was just finishing her deep throating experience, her throat clogged
with the dildo and her tongue swirling around the plastic base. She had
nearly cleaned the entire thing and was looking forward to her next
humiliating act. With one final lick she cleaned the entire plastic phallus
and slowly pulled herself up off the dildo.

Tori looked up at the web camera, licking her lips, smiling, and greatly
enjoying herself as hundreds of men jacked off to her online. "MMMM....,
Tasted great!" gushed Tori in her sweet voice.

Kelly almost came in her pants as she heard this comment, she couldn't
contain herself any longer and reaches down into her pants and panties.
Kelly could just see her cute ass as she began to masturbate, she was a
little nervous about being caught but the show was turning her on greatly.

Tori sat up fully and read the next request, she obviously liked it for she
smiled as she hopped down off the counter and walked over to the lockers
in the backroom. She soon returned with her freshly waxed surfboard. She
brought the board back to the counter and gently set the surfboard at an
angle leaning against the counter. Tori moved her sexy body over to the
counter and gave a little jump as she settled her smooth ass onto the
counter and pulled her body into position, straddling the surfboard.

Tori slowly slid her body down the surfboard until the sharper edge of the
board touched her bare pussy, the waxed board easily slid against her skin
and into her pussy slightly. Tori moaned in pleasure as the board entered
her pussy, so she slid herself down further, impaling her pussy on the thick

Her body began to buck in pleasure as she moved herself up and down on the
board, she had never surfed this way but was enjoying her session surfing
the high tides of her pleasure. Tori was fucking herself on the sharp point,
crying out in pain and pleasure as her body began to build to yet another

Nothing can top this, thought Tori as she continued to fuck herself on the

To Be Continued...


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