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Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Tori The Slut Part 4 (F-mast, anal, voy)
by Darkjac ([email protected])

Tori brings the long plastic dildo to her mouth, the clear pink colored
plastic sparkling under the florescent lights of the extreme sports shop. She
Smiled as she gazes at the cock like implement she was holding in her slim,
untrained hands.

Gently producing her wet pink tongue, Tori began to slowly and tentatively
lick the long pink plastic phallus. Tori's shiny saliva glistened on the
dildo as her tongue wet the toy from top to bottom, her tongue sliding along
the plastic easily, giving the appearance that Tori was giving a blowjob to
this inanimate object.

Tori opened her throat and lips as far as they would go as she engulfed most
of the fake cock with her soft lips. Her long wet tongue slowly moved around
the shaft, wetting it with her saliva. Although the viewers couldn't see her
effort, they understood that she was giving her all to this dildo, and they
appreciated it none the less. Tori gently pulled out the dildo and let the
trail of saliva fall down onto her chin as she licked her lips clean.

Tori than slowly placed the fake cock into her mouth once more, she took the
entire length, slowly sliding it down into the back of her throat. Tori was
gagging slightly but was working hard to fight the gag reflex as she deep
throated the plastic phallus.

Tori gently shoved the phallus down just a little further as her throat
continued to constrict and she made gagging noises. Tori liked the feeling
of having something down her throat and looked forward to having a real cock
there someday. Tori pulled the dildo out of her mouth and set it on the
counter as she turned back to the computer.

Tori began reading the many requests sent to her, she realized she could not
fulfill them all, and so decided to choose 1 at random to complete. As she
decided she absentmindedly reached down and began playing with her erect
nipples, giving the viewers an unintentional show.

Why don't you stick that plastic toy up your ass slut? Was the request that
greeted Tori's horny eyes as she looked over her computer notes.

Tori began seriously thinking about her perfectly round ass cheeks and how
utterly hot she was. She wasn't trying to be vain or egotistical, but her ass
was incredibly hot, and she knew that others thought so to, otherwise they
would not have made this request.

"Well, I've never done anything like this before" Tori admitted to the
audience, "But I'll give it a shot even though I'm a bit nervous."

Your cute when your nervous. Wrote one of her online fans, Prompting her to
continue the show. And your ass looks really hot, it will look even better
with something up it.

Tori was rather flattered by this statement, "Well, I do have to admit my ass
is hot." Her statement clinched her decision, Tori picked up the wet dildo
and moved it down to her ass. Gently she began to prepare to ass fuck herself
for the pleasure of others.

Tori took the index finger of her other hand and moved it to the entrance of
her pussy, she gently began to finger herself letting light waves of pleasure
wash over her body. Tori stimulated herself while she prepared herself for
the coming test, than without warning, Tori shoved the dildo all the way into
her tight ass. Tori let out a scream of pain as he dildo buried its way into
her abdomen, her muscles contracting on the hard plastic trying to remove it,
but Tori was determined to let the situation play out.

Slowly Tori began to fuck herself silly with the dildo, moving the plastic
object in and out of her young, tight, virginal, ass. The pain was almost
unbearable, she felt like she was driving a pile driver into her abdomen with
each thrust, but slowly the pain began to change to pleasure. The moans of
anguish began to fade into moans of pleasure, her fucking gained intensity as
she approached her highest thresholds of pain.

Tori couldn't believe how dirty she was, she couldn't believe what a slut
she was, but most of all she couldn't believe how much pleasure she was
taking from degrading and humiliating herself in front of perhaps thousands
of people. Tori began to pant like a dog as she neared the next climax, her
free hand continuing to stimulate her clit as she began loosing control of
her regular breathing patterns. She was going to cum soon...

Meanwhile across town at Kelly's humble little shack, the young redheaded
owner was deciding if she should return for her cell phone. She didn't want
to ruin her friendship with Tori by being caught spying on her most private
moments, but as she thought about what Tori was doing to herself in the shop,
she felt her pussy begin wetting itself.

The thought of seeing the naked blonde in front of her overrode any of her
self preservation instincts as she lost all control of her emotions. She
hopped back in the car and was soon driving down the interstate back to
Storm Chargers and her date with destiny...

To Be Continued...


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