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Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Tori The Slut Part 3 (F-mast, voy)
by Darkjac ([email protected])

Why don't you spread those sexy legs of yours and give us a show? asked one
of the viewers of Tori's exclusive little strip show. Tori smiled at the
thought of doing one of the most private things she could think of, right
here in the openness of the Internet.

Tori moved back to the counter and leaned back on it, her naked body was
displayed for everyone to see, her long slender legs stretched out from
under her body as she slowly and sensuously sat down on the hard wooden

Tori stretched her arms languishly over her head, stretching her young and
ripe body in all the right ways. Her breasts were pushed outward at the
camera and her delicious midriff was arched like a cat stretching. Tori's
nipples could be seen clearly erect, while her wet and pink tongue stroked
her lips in anticipation.

"I said I was a slut" Tori said to the screen, "and now I'm going to prove
it!" Slowly and seductively Tori spread her legs, exposing her young and
cute slit. Her small amount of blonde pubic hair glistening with the morning
dew of arousal.

Tori moved her hands to her crotch, and gently massaged her inner thighs,
her sensitive nerves spasming as her hands traveled ever closer to her golden
area. Tori pointed her index finger and gently began to massage the outside
layers of her gentle folds. Her pussy was wet, and already juices were
flowing down her leg as she began to probe deeper with her outstretched

Tori moaned in pleasure, as she stuck her finger all the way into her deep
cavernous pussy. Her tight almost virginal tunnel quickly contracted around
her finger and she took a sharp breath to stop the scream that would be
inevitable. She slowly began to slide her finger out, moaning again as the
pleasure filled her body. She then stuck it all the way in again, feeling
the deeply passionate pleasure filling her body. She was now running her
fingers in and out of her tight snatch and for all intents and purposes she
was fucking herself silly.

Tori closed her eyes and slowly became lost in the sensation of fucking
herself, she lost all awareness of cameras, and boys watching her every move,
and went right to the pleasure zone between orgasm and awareness.

The pleasure built like the ocean's waves: The farther out you went, the
harder it was to compete with the ever increasing force. Her tanned white
skin flushed a shade of red as she continued her ministrations. Tori was
sweating heavily, the small beads of moisture covering her smooth skin and
making her body glisten with wetness. It was true that women glowed, the
sweat made her look like a goddess, on the verge of her most private act.

Tori began to breath deeper with each delicious stroke of her finger, her
pussy walls contracting and releasing her finger as if it were a cock
waiting to be pleasured. She was literally humping her own finger as she
sweat and moaned in ecstasy, climbing ever upwards to orgasm.

Tori removed her finger, only to replace it with two fingers, as she
continued her simulated fucking. She was pumping harder now, harder than she
had ever fucked herself in the past, the thought of being in front of so many
people making her horny and slutty. The pleasure was building, and Tori was
moaning and groaning freely as her fingers began to pump deeper and deeper
into her inner recesses. Tori soon added a third finger, jamming them into
her pussy, up to her knuckle, and feeling the sharp blast of pleasure from
the large penetration.

"Oh fuck" Exclaimed Tori as her fingers pumped in and out, causing her to
moan profanities again "Oh Fuck, Fuck." She was closer Now, closer to the
most powerful Orgasm she had ever had. "FUCK" she screamed as her pussy
began to tighten and contract around her probing fingers, and as her pussy
juices started to squirt from her slit.

Tori screamed even louder as she came, her voice echoing through the
deserted shop as her girl Cum squirted out over the counter. Tori could not
believe how powerful and pleasuring the orgasm she had just had was. She was
exhausted, yet she was still horny and ready for more.

Her juice went absolutely everywhere, splattering across the garishly colored
counter and slowly ran down the sides, pooling on the floor in a puddle that
gave off a musky odor. Her hands were covered in juice from being so near to
her pussy, and her legs were equally covered in the drenching liquid. Tori
slowly leaned back on the counter to recover, her legs still spread so the
camera could see her sweet pussy completely exposed.

Tori slowly moved her hand down to her snatch and scooped up a small amount
of girl cum on her fingers. Smiling suggestively she brought the fingers to
her mouth and deep throated them like they were a cock. As she tasted her own
sweet girl cum, Tori began to get hot again, preparing herself for the next

Tori grabbed some more cum from off her leg, slowly sliding her fingers
down her smooth calve to collect it, than moved them up to her mouth. She
tentatively stuck out her tongue and began to lick her fingers dry of her
own juices.

Tori continued her hands trip up and down her body, slowly cleaning her
smooth skin up of it's juicy covering. Tori brought another finger full of
cum to her mouth and smeared it across the soft red lips that adorned her
sweet face, she than used her tongue to lick the sweet juice from her own
face. She ran her hands up and down her smooth and well toned legs, her
tanned body glistening as she lapped up the remainder of the cum.

Tori returned to the computer in order to read her next request, she sat and
stretched languishly before settling in and reading the request. She smiled,
and clicked close on the message box. Tori stood up and bent down to the
floor to retrieve a toy from under the counter. Her ass, still rosy from the
spanking making a nice view for the viewers at home. Tori rummaged through
some of her boxes until she found it, standing up and turning to the camera
she showed off her favorite toy.

A 10 inch long thick red plastic dildo......

To Be Continued.....


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