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Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Tori The Slut Part 2 (f-mast)
by Darkjac ([email protected])

The bright blue sports bra fell to the floor, the camera caught the action
from behind the half naked coed Tori who had just stripped off her shirt and
jeans, and had even treated the web cam viewers to a self spanking session.
With the bra on the floor every person watching the Internet wanted to see
what this surf girls breasts looked like.

Tori turned back to the camera and bared her breasts to the world, Men and
Women everywhere watched the young girl stand without any shame, in front of
a computer and web camera that was beaming her breasts across hundreds of
computers worldwide.

Tori's breasts were the perfect size, as least in her opinion. Many people
were enamored by large breasts, so people of that mindset probably weren't
impressed by her small firm petite breasts. But they were quite beautiful
for those who didn't mind them a bit smaller. Her nipples were small and
brown and were placed perfectly on her young breasts.

"I know they're a bit small" Tori conceded almost depressed, "But I hope you
like looking at them anyway!" she said more cheerfully smiling at the screen.

I think they're beautiful, especially on a normal looking girl like you. Was
one of the responses from the viewers. Tori liked reading encouragement and
loved this message.

Standing there only wearing her lacy panties, Tori was once again hot and
bothered. She began to use her soft sensuous touch to massage and caress her
body. She started at her thighs moving her fingers along the smooth skin of
her thigh, even drifting to her inner thigh area once or twice.

Moving up she brought her hands to either side of her waist and moved them
along her waistband of the panties, showing off her soft skin. She once again
moved up to her midriff and ran her long slender fingers across her tight and
smooth stomach muscles. She ran her hands upwards to her breasts and began
playing with them.

Tori cupped her twin globes and moved them upwards, accentuating her twins
voluptuousness. Using her hands, Tori kneaded her breasts slowly, waves of
pleasure passing through her body. A moan escaped her lips as she gently
pinched her small nipples to full size. Tori's nipples were completely
erected and she began to play with them more Energetically. She flicked and
pinched her nipples and mauled her medium sized breasts in her small hands.

Tori moaned in pleasure as she reached down to the waistline of her panties.
Hooking them in her fingers she suggestively scooted them about a centimeter
lower on her hips. She began to tease the viewers lowering and raising her
panties as they watched.

"You wouldn't want to see my pussy? Would You?" Tori asked innocently as she
wiggled her hips back and forth teasingly. Her eyebrows were raised as she
asked: "Maybe if you encourage me, I would take my panties down for you!"

Sitting down at the computer she read some of her fans messages.

I would love to see your hairy little sex bush, it would make you look
even more sexy! said one note, while another complimented her on her thin
physique. I like your skinny physique! Also, there was a note admiring her
hair Your sunshine lighted hair turns me on so much!, can I please see your
hair in your pussy. You are so hot! said another, while still another
ordered her out of her panties, Get naked NOW SLUT!

"Thanks guys!" Tori gushed as her cheeks blushed at the flattering
encouragement written to her. She quickly reached back down to her waistband
and pulled the lacy underwear down.

As the underwear cleared her pussy lips her sex was exposed to the viewers,
her naturally blonde bush sparkled with the droplets of dew freshly made
after the spanking and strip show she had just put on. Unconsciously she
spread her legs even further allowing the peering eyes even closer access
to her most private area. Tori stepped out of the panties and stood naked
in front of the camera.

Tori raised her arms high in the air to further display her naked body.
Brushing back her hair so the audience could see her smiling face and slowly
turning to give the viewers the best view possible.

Meanwhile across town Kelly pulled her van into her garage while thinking
about her friend stripping. The entire way home she had been getting hotter
and hotter and was ready to finish calling her supplier so she could spend
the night watching the DVD she had programmed her computer to burn of Tori.

Kelly reached back into the car to grab her cellphone only to discover it
missing. She realized that it was back at the shop, were Tori was having a
private moment. She really needed those supplies but did she really want to
interrupt Tori?

Back at Storm Chargers Tori turns to show the camera her sweet naked ass.
The white skin was a rosy red color from the spanking and this made hundreds
of guys watching cum right there.

With her back to the camera showing off her ass, Tori slyly asks the
audience: "What's next?"

To Be Continued.....


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