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Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Tori The Slut Part 1 (f-mast, spank)
by Darkjac ([email protected])

Tori, the blue ninja ranger, was sitting behind the counter at her favorite
hang out: The extreme sports supply store known as Storm Chargers. Filled
with shelves of equipment and displays of motorcycles and surfboards made
this the perfect hangout for a surfer chick like Tori. It was also the
perfect place for another hobby, which she was about to start tonight.

The store owner Kelly was just finished checking the merchandise and locking
up. She looked over at Tori who was sitting behind the counter on a stool.
The cute blonde was tapping her fingers almost impatiently as she waited for
Kelly to finish.

"Are you sure your up to this?" Kelly asked inquisitively.

"Yes, I've always had fantasies of doing this," Tori responded with a smile.
"Thanks for letting me use your store and computer though.

"No problem," responded Kelly, "I don't mind the publicity at all, and
anything for a friend," Kelly picked up her purse and grabbed her coat as she
headed for the door, "Have fun," she said over her shoulder as she closed and
locked the door behind her.

Tori took a moment to compose herself then walked purposively over to the
computer and switched on the webcam. Logging onto the proper site Tori logs
herself into a room at the Cyber Sluts site. The site was designed for
showing off to horny guys, or girls, and you could put restrictions on who
could view your picture, you could also imput key words for searchers to
look for. Tori typed in 5 keywords: Slut, Naked, Obedient, Interactive, and

Logged on live on the Internet Tori walked over to the counter and smiled at
the camera. She was wearing a snug pair of jeans that showed off her shapely
legs and a tight blue T-shirt with bright yellow letters saying surf girl on

"My name is Tori," Tori began introducing herself, "I'm a resident of Blue
Bay and attend a local community college, I am 19 years old and love to surf
and hang out with friends." She smiled and leaned back against the counter
still standing, "Obviously I'm here for you viewers, so why don't you tell me
what you want me to do?"

Tori began playing absentmindedly with her long blonde hair, twirling it
around her fingers seductively as she looked at the camera slightly rocking
back and forth. "Did you want to see my ass?" Tori asked almost innocently.
She spun around showing her clothed ass to the cameras. The tight jeans
bending around her cute curves.

"Do you think I'm sexy"? she asked coyly after turning back to the screen. "I
hope you do," Tori continued, "Because I'm a slut, I'm a slut who likes to be
watched and jacked off to." Tori leaned in closer to the screen, "I love to
strip naked for men and women, as I do my pussy gets wetter and I get hotter
and hornier. I love when men watch me in my bikini as I walk on the beach,
cocks getting hard as they dream of doing things to me."

With that she reached down and grabbed the bottom edge of her Surfgirl
T-shirt. Smiling she pulled it up and over her head in one fluent motion. Her
long blonde hair fell freely down among her shoulder blades and her bra was
instantly revealed.

Her blue sports bra was not what most people would consider sexy, but it did
fit her extreme sports image of being in a sports shop. the bra was cotton
and easily covered her cleavage and showed just the tops of her globes.

"So, do you like my underwear?" Tori asked the guys, smiling like a lovesick
schoolgirl. Tori continues her show by running her hands down the straps of
her bra and across the cotton. The tinniest peaks in the material betrayed
her arousal.

Running her hands down her sides and over her midriff Tori closed her eyes
enjoying the sensation, She moved her arms back up and over her bra gently
pushing on her rock hard nipples as her hands passed by. Moving her hands up
to her neck she caressed her skin than moved them down to her midriff again
slowly and seductively stretching. She moved her hands to her cute belly
button and caressed her midriff before moving her hands lower.

Tori puts her fingers into the waistline of her jeans and pulls them down her
hips slowly. As the denim left her skin and revealed more and more of her
tantalizing flesh, Tori bent further and further over, her ass sticking high
into the air behind her. She was clad in lacy blue panties that easily
covered her snatch and ass, and made her even more desirable.

Tori never wore a thong, dispite how much she professed to be a slut. She
felt more comfortable in panties and for some reason she felt like it showed
her innocence, even though she didn't have much. Tori stood back up clothed
only in blue underwear, her Sportsbra and lacy blue panties looking vastly
different on her petite frame. The Sportsbra showed her more wild and
adventurous side while her panties showed a more feminine side.

Tori smiled as she read her first suggestion, a guy from Michigan wanted to
see her bend over and spank her ass. Tori slowly slid back to the counter and
turned away from the camera slightly. She was now at an angle which allowed
the viewers to see her face and her ass in one shot. She bent over the
counter at the waist and prepared herself.

"You think I've been a bad girl, don't you?" Tori asked the camera looking
like a doe caught in the headlights. She licked her red lips seductively
wetting them with her saliva then asked: "You think I need to be spanked?"
What a rhetorical question of course they want to see me spanked thought
Tori with an inner smile.

Tori drew back her hand as far as it would go, than brought it crashing down
on her exposed backside. She had slapped her ass as hard as she could and she
breathed in deeply upon impact. The pain was intense but surprisingly made
her feel hotter than she already was.

She drew her hand back again and slapped her ass hard. She let out a small
moan this time as the fire blossomed in her backside. She drew back her
hand and slapped herself over and over, Harder and Harder as her pleasure
intensified. Tori began to pant like a dog, or like a girl wanting sex, her
pussy was getting wetter and her panties were soaked as the spanking

"Do I need to be punished?" she asks as she slaps her butt hard. She strikes
again and again as she started to pant harder and harder. Underneath her
panties her tender skin was becoming red, as her hand continued it's assault.

"I've been a bad, bad, girl," says Tori slowly and seductively, once again
slapping her ass on each bad. "I deserve to have my butt blistered," Tori
declared as she slapped her butt again, Reaching back she delivered a strong
blow to her left cheek, than drew her arm back to deliver the strongest blow
she could manage to her right.

"I'm sorry that I've been so bad," Tori whined as she brought her hand up
again. Three slaps latter she ended the spanking with a few light love taps
on her behind. She stood up and turned her back to the camera. Looking back
at the camera over her shoulder and hidden among her hair, Tori winked

Just before she unsnapped her bra...

To Be Continued...


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